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Sunday, March 20, 2022



The weather yesterday (Saturday, 3/19/2022) was mostly cloudy. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I did usual errands and chores. Amazingly, she “felt her oats” well enough to shop vacuum the basement condominium for Molly (our ol' puppy)! She even helped a cousin set up his new semi-intelligent phone (similar to ours).

After another best clip haircut, at Tony's Best Clips, my '06 Frontier had a good hand washing, at Synergy Auto Wash – Halls. Then, I managed to find enough items for Molly, at the Tractor Supply. I had to use one of our bricks of gold, to fill up my truck. Even at the half full mark, it cost me a brick of gold! “I am not kidding, folks.” (Who says that? Isn't it the first President of the USSA?)

Un-United States Post Office ( Email

The Un-united States Postal Service (USPS) website gives you an option to sign up for free emails, to inform you of postal mail that you will receive. I signed up months ago.

Yesterday, at 8:37 AM, USPS emailed me, about the mail we'd be getting that day. Mail arrives as early as about 11 AM or as late as about 2 PM. The mailman comes around, usually, about 12 PM. The time varies for some unknown reason.

The email indicated a piece of junk mail and, which excited me, a USSA government mailing that would tell us how to get free at-home COVID-19 tests! I was very excited! (Don't worry! My sarcastic tongue is placed firmly in my sarcastic cheek!)

I kept wondering when the mail would arrive. We'd been home, from errands, a good while. The mailman appeared, finally, at 4:29 PM exactly! That set the record for the latest delivery time ever! The USSA advertisement for free at-home COVID-19 tests wasn't there! I thought we'd been robbed!

I opened the USPS email again. I'd forgotten to read the fine print. Do you see it? The image below is from the USPS email to us, at 8:37 AM!


We were not robbed! The USPS email had contained a USSA government advertisement, to offer their free made-in-China test kits, to test for the China virus!

Okay, y'all keep laughing! Laughter is good for the soul!

Sunday, January 30, 2022



This will be a brief article. My article of Sunday, January 23, 2022, mentioned what we did, on 1/22/2022.

Brownstone Institute 11/30/2021 Article

On 1/22/2022, a good friend sent several of us, on his email mailing list, his comments and a link to The Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research (Austin, Texas) article, “More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory COVID Interventions,” by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, November 30, 2021.

Dr. Alexander spent a great deal of time, in research and in writing his article. It may take a person almost three hours to read it completely. I haven't yet taken the time to read the article in full, but I do not doubt the scholarship and the evidence that Dr. Alexander cites, in his article.

I will encapsulate, here, his Table 1: “Evidence showing that COVID-19 lockdowns, use of face masks, school closures, and mask mandates were largely ineffective and caused crushing harms.” His Table 1 is detailed, as follows, on the website article:

Lockdowns: links to 170 website articles.

School Closures: links to 84 website articles.

Masks - Ineffectiveness: links to 97 website articles.

Mask Mandates: links to 9 website articles.

Mask Harms: links to 61 website articles.

Dr. Alexander writes, citing 421 total website articles, to support his evidence that lockdowns, school closures, face masks, and face mask mandates have done “crushing harms.” He does not address, in as much detail, the emotional, psychological, moral, and spiritual damage.

The Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research (Austin, Texas) has a List of Senior Scholars and the Founder and President. The institute has a variety of articles on various topics – not just on COVID-19.


The facts, just the facts, are pertinent. This “new cold virus,” as I call it, is a new, manufactured in China, strand of the common cold. Many have died, legitimately, due to the virus – for various reasons, including their age and health. Statistics have reported, illegitimately, folks whose death was blamed on the new cold virus, but whose cause of death involved more immediate factors. Many folks have had the new cold virus, with common cold symptoms, and recovered. I may have had this new cold virus, in February 2020 and again in early December 2021. Some type of cold virus made me feel sickly, a few days, those two times.

I am grateful that my good friend emailed the link that I have cited in this brief article. Don't forget to use those made in China test kits, to see if you have the China virus! The USSA government will even send those made in China test kits to you, for free – once they get around to doing so. Do a search by “USA free COVID-19 test kits made in China.” You will find several articles, as I did today.

This is my 38th article on “Corona Myopia.” I need to stop writing on this topic! The topic needs to be in my rear view mirror!

Saturday, December 11, 2021

“LIFE, SUCH AS IT WAS” 11-29-2021 to 12-4-2021 (published 12-11-2021)


On 12/11/2021, Saturday, for my readers in the Tennessee area, are you enjoying the summer storm, on this “winter” day? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are. For my readers in other nations, the weather has been unseasonably warm. A strong low pressure system brought the storm and rain today. The various media have updates on the tragic damage west of here.


I took the above photograph, which includes Molly (our ol' puppy), this afternoon (12/11/2021). The large cedar tree near the house lost a branch, in the wind and storm that passed through here, about 11 AM. I have some work to do.

I am finally finishing and publishing one of my three other articles. My 12/5/2021 article mentioned the other three, on which I have been working. This article is one of the three at least. The delay is due, mostly, to my unfortunate current employment status.

If y'all know a fine company that would like to hire the type of writer and editor that I am, please either send that company my contact information or send me that company's contact information! I want, urgently, to transition from my insane state government job to a work-at-home writing and/or editing job! Thanks, if you can help in my networking effort here. You are welcome to use the “Contact Form,” to send me an email! Call, if you know my phone number!

This article is about “life, such as it was,” from 11/29/21, Monday, to 12/4/2021, Saturday, before the SEC Championship football game. The SEC Championship Game article will be brief, sadly, once I publish it.

11/29/2021 to 12/4/2021

11/29/2021, Monday: a usual work day for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. I still work from home on Monday through Wednesday and at the office Thursday and Friday – doing the exact same job that I can do, more easily, at home. I'm tired of it.

11/30/1892 and 11/30/2021: My paternal grandmother, Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, was born on 11/30/1892. You may search, to find other articles that I have written previously. Granny Ferrell was a fine grandmother – except for the time that Papaw Ferrell obstructed her from whipping me! I've written about it, somewhere in my archived articles.

The eldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife is on her high school girls basketball team. That team played our local high school girls basketball team, on 11/30/2021. We had known about it. We both had planned to attend. The game started at 5 PM.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman returned home, from work, early. She attended the game. She saw out sister-in-law and our niece. She was at the local high school at 4:40 PM. She arrived home at 7:45 PM. Our niece's team won, both junior varsity and varsity games. The image above has the scores and the times of each game! Our niece played in the junior varsity game.

Sadly, I worked, on unpaid overtime, at home, from 4:30 to 5:40 PM. I could not attend physically. I was present in spirit! Once again, my job interfered with my personal life.

Granny Ferrell will be glad to know that her great granddaughter won a basketball game, on Granny's birthday. I look forward to telling her – eventually, once I join Granny, at Home.

12/01/2021, Wednesday: winter began. Meteorological winter is from December 1st to February 28th. Astronomical “winter” is from about December 21st to about March 22nd. Russia marks winter starting December 1st. I had done the same, before our mission work (10/1/1994 to 9/30/1999) in Russia. I, however, have digressed into the mundane.

I had awakened with a sharp pain at the back of my neck, upper respiratory congestion, gastrointestinal “strangeness,” and a lack of my usual “bionic man” energy. I worked at home, well enough. I was improved but still sickly, on Thursday and Friday, so I arranged to work at home those days also!

My article “CORONA MYOPIA” (published 4/26/2020) articulated the definition of Corona Myopia. I stated the meaning of “corona.” I had a new-to-me common cold virus. I got over it. The sharp pain at the back of my neck caused me to wonder if I had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that was leaking. In November 1999, Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) was misdiagnosed as having influenza, at first. Her arteriovenous malformation (AVM; birth defect) that had been asymptomatic had leaked. That started the details that my still unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” have recorded. The record remains in my mind, with temporal sadness.

That same day, I had posted a tribute on the website of the funeral home that served the family of the deceased mother of one of my high school friends. (He is still my friend. Miles separate us, but we are friends.) The initials of my friend are C.G. His mother, at age 89, had gone Home, on 11/26/2021, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Her visitation and funeral were on 12/4/2021, Saturday. The illness or passing of a beloved family member, around Thanksgiving or Christmas, is not pleasant. My still unpublished book will have details. My mind retains the temporally sad details.

My last article, “RIGHT-TO-LIFE, BORDER, INFLATION, SSA TRUST FUND, & VIOLENCE (published 12-5-2021),” commented on the “Supreme Court” case. I hope that the “Supreme Court” follows God's Supreme Court. The murdering of unborn children should not have started. It needs to stop. May it stop, dear Lord!

12/02/2021, Thursday: What is a “palindrome?” What is an “ambigram?” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary links (previously) will answer. I learned. We have two good friends. They are husband and wife. The wife, whom I have known since New Years Eve 1980, attained age (not given), on 12/02/2021. She had a birthday on a palindrome and an ambigram day!

On that day, I received postal mail from the Knox County Clerk, reminding me to renew my '08 Frontier license plate tag, before 12/31/2021. That Clerk's office had emailed me, on 11/6/2021, about my tag renewal. I had paid for my new tag, on 11/13/2021. My 12/2022 expires new tag has been on the license plate on my new ol' truck, since 11/20/2021. I wonder if the Knox County Clerk office could understand my sarcastic humor.

12/03/2021, Friday: huh? What? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had endured another work week. We work for a living, as we were raised to do so. Some folks have forgotten their raising. Some folks never learned it.

12/04/2021, Saturday, before the SEC Championship Game: I'd hauled trash. Afterward, I decided to look, for the fifth time, for basic sweatshirts, at Kohl's this time. (My four prior efforts were on 11/13/2021, Saturday, at Target, then on 11/20/2021, Saturday, at Hammers, Rural King, and Dollar General Store – where I had surprised Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. See my “11/20/2021, SATURDAY: 'LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS.')

At Kohl's, I met a husband and wife, both about my age or a little older. He was hunting sweatshirts also. The three of us talked a while. I am glad to know that some folks out there think as I write here. Either the USSA (1/6/2021 start) needs to return to the godly values that built this once great nation (despite its many errors), or the Good Lord needs to return soon! Come soon, dear Lord!

One of our good neighbors and his wife had come down with a variation of the “Corony.” He called me, later that afternoon. As of 12/11/2021, Saturday, his wife and he are recovering at home now. He has been getting out and about, driving, some. His wife had a worse case. Both of them will be recovered fully soon. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers in the affirmative – this time! The various versions of this new cold virus are either mild or severe – depending on various factors. Search my website by “Corona Myopia,” to find way too many articles that I have written.

On that morning, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman -- apparently having contracted my 12/1/2021 started cold virus – “enjoyed” the start of her two days of the less bothersome version of the virus she'd decided to get from me. I'm glad that she recovered in two days. It had taken me four days to recover.


We had a summer storm in winter today (12/11/2021). I still feel the storm of the SEC Championship Game, of 12/4/2021, Saturday.

My next article will be a brief comment on that game.

Saturday, October 02, 2021



This morning, the “bionic” Appalachian Irishman had the bedroom TV on, as I stretched around a bit, for my “bionics,” before getting up. I flipped TV channels, as usual.

I found a bit of sarcastic humor. I hope you laugh a little. I laughed quite a bit. Laughing loosened up my “bionic” joints!


I started punching the channel down button on the remote. I landed on “Comcrap” TV channel #186. (Why are there so many channels, with nothing much to watch?) Channel 186 is the ShopHQ channel (800-884-2212; ShopHQ; Attn: Customer Service, 6740 Shady Oak Rd., Eden Prairie, MN 55344;

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman (once I told her) and I enjoyed several minutes of humor, as we watched, while laughing, their Program Guide, “COVID Delta Safety: KN95 Masks,” hosted by Melissa Miner, on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 7 to 8 AM.

Melissa Minor and some guy were trying to work for a living, by hocking made in China face masks. The details were at ShopHQ: “Powecom Breathable Authenticated KN95 5-Layer Protective Face Masks for Personal Use,” with the image on ShopHQ.

Do you see “Made in China?” I do!


Y'all feel free to contact ShopHQ channel (800-884-2212; ShopHQ; Attn: Customer Service, 6740 Shady Oak Rd., Eden Prairie, MN 55344; – to rip them a new backside. They are selling Corony masks made in China, to help folks be safe from the China virus!

I won't waste my time to “devil” them a bit. Y'all have fun with it – if you are bored!



Howdy, y'all! This is the first of three “shotgun blast” articles today -- on a too warm, cloudy, and humid Saturday, 10/2/2021. It's in the context of “life, such as it is.”

We have a few minor jobs that need to be done around here. I wonder if the man, whom I met today, will get the job done, to be paid well. We will see. Wasn't this weeks' work insanity enough? I agree.

It's was football time for Georgia Bulldogs fans -- at 12 PM. It was football time for Tennessee “Vowels” fans also -- at 12 PM. The unranked Tennessee “Vowels” beat the unranked Missouri “Kitty Cats” 62 to 24. I was surprised that the “Vowels” didn't lose. Well, that's good. The latest TN “Vowels” coach -- in the coach carousel, whom I have nicknamed “He Fell” -- seems do be doing okay -- finally.

My Georgia Bulldogs (#2) beat those Arkansas “Hogs” (#8) 37 to 0. That was a great game! I watched or listened to most of it -- as I did the usual chores and started working on my three articles today. Go 'Dawds! (Molly, our ol' puppy, is happy also.) That's the way the #2 team shows the #8 team its place! The Georgia Bulldogs (#2) are hungry for the (#1) Alabama “Elephants.” I think this is the year that my 'Dawgs destroy the “Elephants.” We will see.

Let's get this first of three articles written! Shall we? We shall!

Knox County Schools Mask Mandate

I will not bore you with the mundane details. If you are interested, two website sources involve some Greene County Tennessee judge (J. Ronnie Greer, Senior United States District Judge, United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee), who should have retired by now, his forced mask mandate in public schools (United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee at Knoxville, Case 3:21-cv-00317-JRG-DCP, Document 35, Filed 09/24/2021), the Knox County “socialist” (i.e., public) School District's response, and the still free folks, in a once free and great nation.

The local TV media (“New Knox County Schools mask mandate brings tension among parents,” on WATE TV, by Lexi Spivak, 9/28/2021), the local newspaper (“Return after mask mandate goes smoothly at Knox County Schools with few protests,” on Knoxville News Sentinel, by Isabel Lohman, 9/28/2021), and the national media (“Two federal judges rule local Tennessee school districts can mandate masks,” on The Hill, by Celine Castronuovo, 9/25/2021) have made hay with this insanity.

Protesters voice their opposition to a federal judge's mask mandate on the corner of Kingston Pike and West End Avenue in Farragut. Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel.” (in “Return after mask mandate goes smoothly at Knox County Schools with few protests,” Knoxville News Sentinel, by Isabel Lohman, 9/28/2021).

9/30/2021 and 10/1/2021 (Thursday and Friday)

On Thursday and Friday, I had the “great honor” to drive the 16.4 miles one way, to the “Hadean Realm” office -- to do the same work that I had done at home Monday through Wednesday. The heat/air temperature was set better, at least.

Driving to work, both days, I saw the free people -- in a once free and great nation -- who protested the illegal and unconstitutional “mask mandate” in Knox County schools. Several were on the sidewalk at the entrance to the new grade school. They were holding the usual signs. I waved at them. They were doing the best that they could. I wish that the “local yokel” media had a photograph of them. I was driving, so I couldn't take a photograph.


Well, this is the first of the three “shotgun” articles today. I'm glad that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I do not have school-aged children, in the Knox County school system. If we did, I would be far more vocal -- in defense of our freedom, in a once free and great nation.

How can some Greene County Tennessee judge act so foolishly? Doesn't he have any constitutional or common sense? He should have retired years ago.

Sunday, September 26, 2021



I will blame this waste of my time article on the “Wise Golden Original Potato Chips” that I acquired, while working at the “Hadean Realm” on 9/24/2021. On 9/25/2021, after having hauled trash, I decided to eat that little bag of stale potato chips. That was not smart! Last week, while working at home, I had a rare craving for potato chips. (It's the Irish in me.)

Side note: since 2/1/2021, I have been doing the same job, by working at home Monday through Wednesday but at the “Hadean Realm” office on Thursdays and Fridays. The “thermostat gods” at the office can't figure out how to not make the setting either too hot or too cold. I endure. I control the thermostat at my home office.

The bag of chips was from the TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System). TCRS tries a few cheap and superficial ways to market itself to state employees. The chips were in a TCRS plastic bowl of junk food that had been on the kitchen area table a few weeks. All the junk food was gone, except the bag of chips. I brought the bag home. My mistake was to eat those stale potato chips. I won't do that again!

So, instead of getting my first hike of the season on House Mountain this afternoon, I stayed near the porcelain throne, to write this article.

The Numbers (If Credible)

(1) The CDC ( My emphases and/or comments are in green. The other details are from the CDC website.

The CDC Director is Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH. Her face and voice are in the various news media.

TABLE. Provisional* number and rate of total deaths and COVID-19–related deaths, by demographic characteristics — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2020

No. (rate)

Total deaths 3,358,814

COVID-19 deaths§ 377,883 (11.25%)

* National Vital Statistics System provisional data are incomplete. Data from December are less complete due to reporting lags. These data exclude deaths that occurred in the United States among residents of U.S. territories and foreign countries.

† Deaths per 100,000 standard population. Age-adjusted death rates are provided by sex and race/ethnicity.

§ Deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 as an underlying or contributing cause of death, with International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision code U07.1.

FIGURE 2. Provisional* number of leading underlying causes of death† — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2020

* National Vital Statistics System provisional data are incomplete. Data from December are less complete due to reporting lags. Deaths that occurred in the United States among residents of U.S. territories and foreign countries were excluded.

† Deaths for which COVID-19 was a contributing, but not the underlying, cause of death are not included in this figure. (The yellow is from the CDC website.)

Citation: Ahmad FB, Cisewski JA, Miniño A, Anderson RN. Provisional Mortality Data — United States, 2020. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021;70:519–522. DOI: icon Page last reviewed June 17, 2021.

(2) JAMA Network Viewpoint


March 31, 2021

The Leading Causes of Death in the US for 2020

Farida B. Ahmad, MPH1; Robert N. Anderson, PhD2

Table. Number of Deaths for Leading Causes of Death, US, 2015-2020a

USSA total deaths: 3,358,814 (same as the CDC)

20.569% USSA deaths by heart disease: 690,882 (CDC doesn't include)

17.831% USSA deaths by cancer: 598,932 (CDC doesn't include)

10.281% USSA deaths by COVID-19: 345,323 (lower than 377,883 CDC states)


Do you see what having eaten a stale bag of potato chips did to this Irish American? I would have rather been hiking this afternoon!

The various media sources are rife with “breaking news” about the various mask-on-or-off wars (especially in Knox County recently) and about the vaccine-or-not wars. Other news includes the lack of USSA southern border security, the spending of Monopoly money, the inflated (and shrinking) value of Monopoly money, and so forth.

At least my Georgia Bulldogs won an easy game against a junior college SEC team yesterday! I regret that my TN “Vowels” readers had to endure an almost “double stomp” by the Florida Gators. To my friend, JC, I close, with this comment: JC, please explain to my readers what a “stomp” and a “double stomp” are! My readers would like to know – well, maybe.

I can see the clear blue sky, as I conclude. Be wise, don't eat stale Wise Potato Chips – ever! Also, be wise – by standing as free people in a once free and great nation! I will continue to do so. I hope that my next article will be about my House Mountain hike #179 (#43 bionic).

Saturday, September 25, 2021

CORONY MYOPIA PSYCHOSIS UPDATE: 9/25/2021, SATURDAY (published 9/25/2021)


I had started this article after 6 PM, on 9/23/2021. I am updating this article for publication, while listening to my Georgia Bulldogs whip the daylights out of the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors!” It's great! To my Tennessee “Vowels” readers, I regret your forthcoming sorrow, once the Florida Gators abash the “Vowels” this evening.

My “Topic Sections” (lower right side of page) indicates that 32 articles include “Corona Myopia” as a topic (or sub-topic). I have written 14 primary articles on Corona Myopia – ten in 2020 (4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/14, 5/15, 5/17, 5/20, 5/24, 8/16, 9/6) and four, not including this one, in 2021 (1/17, 1/18, 2/23, 8/22).

I did a Norton Safe Search by “Corona Myopia Psychosis Photographs.” I regret that I found no pretty images to enhance this brief and sarcastic article. I chose the following.


Myopia is an English transliteration from Greek, μυωπία (μύειν "to shut" + ὤψ "eye"). Literally, we all have myopia, when we sleep or shut our eyes. I remember having learned this when I studied Koine Greek, starting in 1983. The now deceased Dr. Roy Deaver well-taught Koine Greek to us “preacher boys.” I was age 23. He was then about my age now.

Norton Safe Search presented, as top result, a 9/14/2021 research article abstract, in PLOS ONE, titled, “Influence of coronavirus disease 2019 on myopic progression in children treated with low-concentration atropine.” Apparently, COVID-19 “influences“ myopia in children.

I have often stated that I would not waste my time, by writing another article on Corona (or Corony as I prefer) Myopia Psychosis. I am eating my words by writing now.

Tennessee Corony Statistics, Effective 9/25/2021, Saturday, 2:45 PM

On 9/23/2021, Thursday, while awaiting supper, I checked I don't know why I checked. I just did.

Exactly at 6 PM, the total number of 2021 Tennessee deaths was 49,493. The number keeps increasing. It will be different when you check. For example, 9/24/2021, 6:07 PM, total 2021 TN deaths was 49,679. On 9/25/2021, 11:24 AM, total 2021 TN deaths was 49,814. On 9/25/2021, 2:45 PM, total 2021 TN deaths was 49,840.

On 9/25/2021, I updated my original 9/23/2021 check, on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Unified Command Tennessee State Government. The data, as of 9/25/2021, was from 9/22/2021 (Wednesday). That's the latest data on the website. I checked the data as it was on 1/1/2021 (“Select a Date” function). On 1/1/2021, the cumulative total of TN deaths by COVID-19 was 6,947 (as main or contributing cause). On 9/22/2021, the cumulative total of TN deaths by COVID-19 (main/contributing cause) was 14,740. 14,740 minus 6,947 means: 7,793 total 2021 TN COVID-19 deaths (1/1/21 - 9/22/21 as main or contributing cause).

7,793 total 2021 TN COVID-19 deaths (main or contributing cause, as of 9/22/2021) divided by 49,840 total 2021 TN deaths (by any cause, as of 9/25/2021, 2:45 PM) means that approximately 15.63603% of all TN 2021 deaths are by the new cold virus (as main or contributing cause). The approximation is based on the unknown, as of this publication, number of TN COVID-19 deaths from 9/23/2021 to 9/25/21 at 2:45 PM.


The Georgia Bulldogs have 62 points. The Vanderbilt “Commode Doors” have zero points. The game was winding down, as I typed this sentence.

I wonder what the percentage of 2021 Tennessee deaths (so far) are by cancer, heart disease, stroke, automobile accidents, etc. No numbers are available for those statistics. That is the myopia of the Tennessee government. That is the myopia of the USSA government. I suspect that the approximate 15% of all 2021 Tennessee deaths (so far) by COVID-19 (so far) is an inflated percentage. I will not go into the detailed proof to establish the commonly known truth that COVID-19 deaths are inflated. (Facts are available that indicate that deaths by vehicle wreck, gun shots, etc., are being counted as COVID-19 deaths – across the nation.)

Well, I still feel sorry for the Tennessee “Vowel” fans out there. It's much easier to enjoy a Saturday as a Georgia Bulldog fan!

Did I waste my time on another Corona Myopia Psychosis article? Yes, sadly, I did. I am tired of the mask-or-no-mask war, in schools, etc. I am tired of the get-the-vaccine or don't-get-the vaccine war. I am tired of being a free man – in a ONCE FREE and GREAT NATION. Aren't you?

GO DAWGS! Great win, over the “Commode Doors!” The final score was 62 to zero! I regret that the Tennessee “Vowel” fans may have to pour out their orange Kool-Aid this evening. They may as well come on over to the DAWD NATION SIDE!

I have placed Corona Myopia Psychosis in the context of college football. I fell good about that, at least.

By the way, did y'all enjoy watching the Georgia Bulldogs (#5 pre-season coaches poll) whip Clemson (#2 pre-season coaches poll), on 9/4/2021? I did! Well, I was either happy or “cussin' and fussin'” – depending on how my DAWDs were doing! Star Trek had come on at 10 PM. The football game was winding down. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was asleep. Molly “doggy” was asleep (in her basement condominium). I tried to keep my vocal expressions to a whisper. I did, well enough – as I stood in our living room, watching Star Trek when the football game was on commercial and watching the football game when it was live action. My “bionic” joints got a lot of exercise!

Live action, with common sense, is what this once great nation needs. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. We will see.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER 1 2021, SUCH AS IT IS (published 9-1-2021)


I hope that y'all enjoyed my 8/29/2021 article. I did. That Eagles song still runs through my mind, heart, and soul. That Oak Ridge Boys song does too – with deeper meaning, of course.

This is a brief comment, while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is working on supper. Some folks call Wednesday (today) “hump day.” I call it the ridgeline of the work-a-day week. The uphill climb is Monday and Tuesday. The downhill trek is Thursday and Friday!


In August, I had forgotten to write about Granny Lula Frank (Amos) Wood's passing (on (8/12/1991) or her marriage to Aby William Wood. Their marriage was on 8/26/1931. My 6/26/2021 article wrote about Granny Wood.

I wish that I had not forgotten, on the exact days. The reality of the recent events -- in this temporal spot of dust and a blink of an eye world – distracted me. I apologize.

Granny and Papaw Wood, my Mom's parents, were still the best grandparents that I could have had, growing up! Granny and Papaw Ferrell were good grandparents also, but they both left this world when I was a boy. I remember Granny and Papaw Wood, when I was a young adult.

A search by topic or by name finds several articles that I have written about both sets of my grandparents and about the proud heritage that I continue to uphold. I honor them, by living the way a man should.

8/31/2021 Corony Update

Today is the first day of fall – not 9/22/2021. I will debate any who disagree. I will win. (Okay, I'm joking, y'all! I still know that I am right!)

Yesterday, I understood that the daughter of my wife's sister has a virus. She is tending to herself. As far as I know, she didn't go to a doctor. I reckon that she will get over this common cold well enough. Today, I learned that it is not the “new cold virus.” It's the run of the mill and normal case of the snots.

Yesterday, I understood that my wife's youngest sister was exposed to someone who has the new cold virus. I spoke, by phone, with her yesterday. She feels fine. Who cares – if she was exposed to someone that has the new cold virus? That “contact tracing” is how the “Corona Myopia Psychosis” spreads!

I am doing my best to beat down the “Corona Myopia Psychosis,” y'all! I wonder if I have done so, by conversing with my sister in law and our niece. We will see.

Viewer Total Update

In August 2021, this website had 8,377 total views. All time (since 3/6/2016 first article) page views were 126,635, as of 9/1/2021, at 5:17 PM. On 8/27/2021, Friday, this website had a viewer spike of 2,191 views in that 24-hour period. In one hour, this website had 2,034 views. I can see number of views by nation. It appears that views from the nation of Israel were the main source, in that one-hour spike.

Usually, this website has about 150 to 300 views daily. I don't know who views. I had speculated that the 8/27/2021 spike was a “bot” attack. After doing further analysis of the data, it appears that the views from Israel were from valid sources, not “bot” sources. I can see generalized website sources, not exact IP addresses, of viewers.

Either way, “bot” attack or valid viewers from Israel mostly, I was surprised to see that spike! I just keep writing. Folks keep reading, from various nations.


I hear mashed taters getting ready. Let's eat supper!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

THE WHOLE IN THE WORLD (published 8/29/2021; article #240)

The Eagles “Hole in the World” (2003)

I hope that you pause and click the YouTube link, in the above section title, to listen. This is the first time, in 239 articles, that I have used a song as a section title to an article. I have done so in this 240th article. It is fitting. The lyrics are:

There's a hole in the world tonight.
There's a cloud of fear and sorrow.
There's a hole in the world tonight.
Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.

They say that anger is just love disappointed.
They say that love is just a state of mind,
But all this fighting over who will be anointed.
Oh how can people be so blind.

There's a hole in the world tonight.
There's a cloud of fear and sorrow.
There's a hole in the world tonight.
Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.

Oh they tell me there's a place over yonder,
Cool water running through the burning sand,
Until we learn to love one another
We will never reach the promise land.

There's a hole in the world tonight.
There's a cloud of fear and sorrow.
There's a hole in the world tonight.
Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.

From SongFacts, Hole In The World, by Eagles:

Don Henley started writing this song on one of the darkest days in American history: September 11, 2001. He wrote in the liner notes for The Very Best Of The Eagles compilation: "I sat down at the piano in my home studio and started putting some chords with the phrase 'hole in the world.' Months went by, but I didn't show it to anybody. Then, other things started happening that gave additional meanings to 'Hole in the World,' particularly after the [Iraq] war started. The fighting was supposedly over in May, and yet one or two or three of our boys were - and still are - getting killed every day, which means somebody's daddy is not coming home. So that's another 'hole' - a huge hole in somebody's life - a child, a wife, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister.”

The Eagles website doesn't mention the song or the reason for the song. It should. It is a timeless song.

The Holes in the World

The above photograph is included in “Photos show what life is like in a Siberian diamond mining town on the edge of the Arctic Circle, which is home to 40,000 people and where the sun is up for 20 hours a day in the summer,” on Business Insider, by Katie Warren, updated 8/7/2020.

The above hole is or was a diamond mine in Eastern Siberia – according to the link that I have sited.

On this Sunday afternoon (8/29/2021), about 3:30 PM, as I type this sentence, I HAVE ABOUT HAD IT – HAVEN'T YOU? The hole in the world is too large. I am despondent. I am pensive as I write this article.

I had planned this article to be on “poly-tics” (from Greek, poly, or “many,” + ticks, or blood suckers). I will not write on the topic, except briefly (below). A deeper article on “poly-tics” would leave me more despondent and pensive than I am already.

Let's start counting the holes in the world. I wish that I didn't have to write this. This is not a complete list. I wouldn't stop writing, if I wrote a complete list! Here we go!

(1) Afghanistan. 9/11/2001 started it. They hit us first. The USA hit back -- weakly, over almost 20 years. The first president of the USSA plans to get the USSA out on 8/31/2021 – two short days from today. He has no clue. The folks that pull his puppet strings have no clue. The USA, from 9/11/2001 to now, has been losing an almost 20-year war against an enemy who uses “pitch forks” for weapons. The “war against terror” could have been won in a year or two. The USA and allies won World War II in about four years or less.

In its mindless rush to get out of its 20-year lost war in Afghanistan, the USSA is leaving behind countless millions of Monopoly money dollars worth of military equipment and supplies. Who cares? The USSA doesn't.

On 8/26/2021, Thursday, an enemy suicide killed thirteen USA (as I must respect them, so not USSA) soldiers. One soldier who died was a 2016 graduate of Gibbs High school. The high school is about a two-mile drive north of our “40 acres” – very close to home. Local media have articles about it.

Afghanistan is a hole that hit close to home, on 8/26/2021. The hole will widen. The deaths will multiply. I am despondent.

(2) Illegal alien invasion. The USSA southern border remains wide open! All the desperate, poor, hunger, evil and good, adults and children, and the COVID-19 infected or not folks can come on into the USSA. The USSA will give them transportation to their favorite USSA location, a house, a car, food, and spending money – even if the local folks in the area object or don't even know! It's only fair! The equal distribution of wealth needs to happen – to make everyone poor and dependent on the USSA. The USSA needs more illegals to come in, to ensure the Socialist Utopians get enough votes, to keep them in power – until voting won't be legal anymore!

Aren't y'all tired of it? I am. I am despondent.

(3) Monopoly money. The USSA will keep printing the Monopoly money to support the USSA Socialist Utopian dream! “It's all good,” as it is said! The USSA needs to fund “infrastructure” improvements and other pipe dreams! No worries! Enough RINO Republicans joined the Democrat Socialist Utopians to get the bill passed. The first USSA president (a puppet) was glad to sign the bill into law (after the ones who pull his puppet strings had loaded him up on whatever medications he needed, to be somewhat coherent in his speech, so he could sign the bill).

I had a working document on the details. I'm glad that I deleted it. I am despondent.

(4) Corona Myopia Psychosis. The various “variants” are hitting the USSA in spades! I wrote about my “Corony Epsilon” case, on 8/22/2021, seven days ago. I'm fine now. It was a minor cold virus. I didn't miss work. It didn't matter.

Yes, I know that medical providers are feeling the burn of the new cold virus. I know that folks are either getting sick and recovering or dying from it. I know all the websites. I deleted my working document that had various details.

Folks are dying every day – from old age, cancer, heart trouble, strokes, vehicle accidents, and many other maladies. I had details in my deleted working document. It would have wasted my time to have published the details.

The Corona Myopia Psychosis is a tool that the USSA Socialist Utopians are using to keep the fearful afraid. I am not one of the fearful. I am despondent.

(5) Race war. My deleted working document had included: “Juneteenth, on the 19th day of June, annually, will be a day off work!” I had found “All Information (Except Text) for S.475 - Juneteenth National Independence Day Act,” on, which you can check, if you are bored. The Critical Race Theory (CRT) ideology is making the rounds on the various media.

I thought that the content of character mattered – not the skin color. Well, that's what Martin Luther King Jr. said, as he referenced the moral code of the Good Lord. I am despondent.

(6) PGI/PGO. Apparently, the Commission for LGBT People, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has no clue that God created us male and female.

Some fools think that there are either 16 (source: “Here's Your Comprehensive Gender Identity List, As Defined By Psychologists And Sex Experts: Understand everything from intersex to gender-expansive;” on Women's Health Magazine, by Perri O. Blumberg and Emily Becker, as updated as of this article date) or 58 (source: “Here's a List of 58 Gender Options for Facebook Users,” on ABC News, by Russell Goldman, 2/13/2014) different genders. You can click the links, if you are bored. I deleted my working document on this, which had several details, about which I no longer care.

Some of my readers have been wondering what “PGI/PGO” means. PGI is “person of genitalia innie.” PGO is “person of genitalia outie.” If anyone questions his or her gender (as there are only two options), then I suggest strongly: drop your drawers, in private (please). Look between your legs. Do you have a genitalia innie or outie? If you have an innie, then you are a female. If you have an outie, then you are a male.

PGI/PGO folks should use the proper restrooms and play sports on the correct teams. Are you not tired of this silliness? I am. I am despondent.

The Whole in the World

The Oak Ridge Boys gave a great rendition of “Jesus Is Coming Soon.” I hope that you click their -- official OAKSTV YouTube channel link, “Jesus Is Coming Soon” -- and enjoy their version of the song (after skipping the advertisement)!

The holes (immoralities) in the world are a bunch of gnats. The gnats get in the way of looking for the coming whole in the world (i.e., the second coming of Christ). I have wiped the gnats away from my eyes, finally, by this 240th article! I hope that this article helps you do the same.

Keep replaying the Oak Ridge Boys, singing “Jesus is Coming Soon!” It helps. Hey! I have this article published well before supper – for a change!

By the way, “Jesus is coming soon” means that “a year is as but a day.” Soon, to Jesus' perspective, may take several more decades or centuries. I hope not! Come back, dear Lord! Come back NOW! Well, he didn't yet. I AM STILL WAITING – as PATIENTLY as an Irishman can!