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Sunday, August 22, 2021

"CORONY" EPSILON (published 8/22/2021)

Via “KABC: What Do You Need to Know About the Epsilon Variant and Its Risks?” On Cedars Sinai, 7/27/2021.


I was mistaken. I thought that I had come down with the “Corony” Iota. I was wrong. I had come down with “Corony” Epsilon. “Corony” Epsilon is a self-discovered variant of the “new cold virus.” The “new cold virus” has been around almost two years. As far as I know, I am the only one, in the USSA, who has contracted the “Corony” Epsilon variation of the “new cold virus.”

Don't y'all get worried! I have almost fully recovered! Folks in Pakistan, apparently, have had “Corony” Epsilon.

The “Corony” New Cold Virus Variants

The World Health Organization (WHO) goes into multiple minutia to ensure that those, who are afraid of the new cold virus, are aware of the Greek alphabet variants of the virus. The WHO indicates the following new cold virus variants, by their Greek alphabet names:

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are, apparently, “variants of concern,” to whomever are concerned.

Eta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda are, apparently, “variants of interest,” to whomever are interested.

The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet consists of 24 consonants and vowels. I learned Koine Greek, in 1983 to 1984 – with further self-education over the decades later.

Sidetrack, with apology: decades ago, I translated the apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians, the Gospel of Mark, and sections of other New Testament texts from Koine Greek to English – for my own study and sermons. I may unpack the details, if the writer – who doesn't have his own website – wishes to engage me. I commented on his Gospel of Mark article today. I will not use his borrowed forum to debate. He doesn't own that forum. I own this website. That writer is welcome to meet me here.

The following is the Greek alphabet, in upper case, lower case, and English transliteration. The bold, black letters (or letters of color) indicate the WHO's “variants of concern.” The bold, blue letters indicate the WHO's “variants of interest.” The bold, red letters indicate the Greek letters that the WHO, apparently, skipped (or does not know that exist in the Greek). The underlined Epsilon is the new cold virus variant that I have. I have diagnosed myself.

Α α alpha (a vowel)
Β β beta
Γ γ gamma
Δ δ delta
Ε ε epsilon (a vowel)
Ζ ζ zeta
Η η eta (a vowel)
Θ θ theta
Ι i iota (a vowel)
Κ κ kappa
Λ λ lambda
Μ μ mu
Ν ν nu
ξ ξ xi (The upper and lower cases are the same, as I was trained.)
Ο ο omicron (a vowel)
Π π pi
Ρ ρ rho
Σ σ,ς sigma
Τ τ tau
Υ υ upsilon (a vowel)
Φ φ phi
Χ χ chi
Ψ ψ psi
Ω ω omega (a vowel)

My “Corony” Epsilon Status

On 8/19/2021, Thursday, I awakened about 6 AM. My work-at-home Monday to Wednesday was done. My work-at-office (doing the same job) Thursday and Friday routine was starting, sadly. I've been doing this since 2/1/2021, Monday. I'm used to it, sadly.

I felt well, for a “bionic” man. My chiropractic adjustment on 8/16/2021, Monday, helped. My chiropractor taught me what neither he nor I had figured out, over my last five plus years of “bionic” life! Hold a 15-pound weight in both hands while standing. Relax both shoulders. The pulling from my left shoulder to my left hip will relax! Hey! It is working! It was a better-late-than-never medical “miracle” (or “murakl,” as folks in upper-east Tennessee pronounce it)! No, it was no “miracle!” My chiropractor figured out, finally, what no other medical persons (i.e., surgeon, inpatient therapists, outpatient therapists, massage therapists, etc.) nor I had figured out before! I had been focusing on the fulcrum point in my lower back. That was my error – over these last few years! I have fulcrum points in my shoulders also! My chiropractor figured it out! Thanks, “Doc Art!” (Well, I have digressed. Forgive my digression.)

On Thursday, once I was out of bed, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Why were both eyes red – especially my left eye? I used my over-the-counter eye drops several times that day. My left eye hurt a little. The left side of my nose had some type of junk in it. I felt drainage down the left side of my throat, which I hocked up enough. I drove to and from the “Hadean realm” to work. I endured. I also used my over-the-counter nose spray. That evening, I used salt water in my nettie pot.

The next day, Friday, my left eye wasn't as red. At the “Hadean realm,” I took one of my red pills (for the snots) that I've had in my desk drawer for years – even before 3/29/2016, when I became the “bionic man.”

Yesterday, my left eye wasn't too red. Today, that eye is almost back to normal. I assume that it will be normal tomorrow. The junk in the left side of my nose is gone. I have no drainage down the left side of my throat.

I have concluded that I am the first person in the USSA to have had the “Corony” Epsilon variant of the new cold virus! If you get it, it's not too bad. You won't run a fever. Your left eye will get very red. The left side of your nose will have junk in it, which will drain down the left side of your throat. You will cure yourself, by over-the-counter remedies. Use a nettie pot with salt water!


This article is my “public service announcement,” to help folks. I still wonder where I contracted “Corony” Epsilon. I don't know. Did I get it, last Tuesday evening? Molly (our doggy) and I played a while, out in the rain that evening. Molly didn't get the “Corony” Epsilon from that fun in the rain. I don't think that's where I got it. Either way, I'm almost over this first ever recorded USSA case of “Corony” Epsilon!

I wonder if the WHO will get around to learning that they skipped ”Corony” Zeta and ”Corony” Theta. The WHO made me think that I had ”Corony” Iota. The WHO owes me an apology. I doubt that they will give me one.

Don't let the USSA Socialist Utopians fool you, folks! The Corona Myopia Psychosis that they have been using is just one tool – of their multiple tools – to lead us to Socialist Utopia! Do you buy their deception? I do not!

This article was a sidetrack, with apology. I may get around to writing my “Poly-tics Smorgasbord” article eventually. That article will cover more temporal topics that the new cold virus (Corona Myopia Psychosis). The article I wrote yesterday still puts this temporal triviality into everlasting perspective.

But wait! One website claims that an Epsilon “Corony” variant exists! Another website state that Epsilon “Corony” started in Pakistan. Hum. I have never been to Pakistan. (I've been to India, but that was decades ago.)

Am I still the first person in the USSA to have self-diagnosed with the Epsilon “Corony” variant? The truth is out there – if anyone cares!

Saturday, March 27, 2021


“Sandwich board sign with chalk-written message,” 5/7/2020, on Dig DC. Free Download.


On this stormy and rainy Saturday, I hope that y'all are enduring the weather “disaster.” The rain comes and goes. Oh, we had a little hail here a couple of times. The hail got up to marble size. I wonder if folks who can't get vehicles into garages, because of too much clutter, had vehicle damage. We didn't. Our car and truck were both “in the barn,” safely.

It's a spring storm, y'all! It's nothing else. Don't let those weather folks get you too worked up. It has happened before, over the centuries.

During the afternoon lull, the “luck of the Irish” was with me! I hauled trash, and my truck got his belly full of gas. (He had needed to eat. 3/6/2021 was the last time his belly was filled.) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, endured the grocery shopping routine. We are fine, y'all. We're still “livin' la vida 'Rona!”

Hey! I see that my “livin' la vida 'Rona” phrase, which I started, has caught on! Here's the Urban Dictionary reference. I doubt that I will get credit for coining the phrase. I'm the first one that I know who coined it.


Democrat Socialism:” The article, "The Collapsing American Family," on Canada Free Press, by Linda Goudsmit, 3/23/2021, came to me via a “Farcebook” friend's re-post. He is a real life friend and a brother in Christ, which are both more important. It was an okay re-post. (“Farcebook” friends need to STOP re-posting posts from others and write on their own websites, as I do. Okay, I'm done with my soapbox!) You may follow the link if you are bored. The article is good enough.

The article states the obvious, however. Socialism/communism is based on the state. The republican (aka “democratic”) form of government is based on the family structure and proper values. (I can parse out “proper values,” if you need me to do so.) A government that is based on God's moral law (which I can affirm, in logical argument) is right. I know it. Anyone with any common sense knows it. The uneducated and brain washed masses do not know it.

The USSA “Utopian” socialists have been working, in the former USA, since at least the 1880's. They picked up steam, in the 1930's and in the 1960's. They are in control of the former USA now. They control the USSA, which started, as I have written, on 1/6/2021.

As I have written several times before, the USSA has about 70 to 100 years, before it falls. I will be at HOME by then. I still stand now. The stand of many, who agree, is a futile effort, but we still stand. That's the stubborn Irish in me, at least.

Border Insecurity: any nation that cannot secure its borders is doomed. The USSA (former USA) Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, link is here. It shows the USSA border with Mexico. The fence that exists is present. The red shows the new wall system that the last president of the USA, Donald Trump, and his policy installed. They made good progress. The gaps, without any wall, show also. Note: the website states: “Last modified: January 25, 2021. Archived Content. In an effort to keep current, the archive contains content from a previous administration or is otherwise outdated.” (The meaning is that the first president of the USSA (Biden) has not had his folks update the website from the last president of the USA (Trump).

This next link, from the same USSA Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, will provide various details. Here is another fairly valid 3/15/2021 PolitiFact link, to check the details, if you are bored. Here is an even better 3/25/2021 link, from, if you aren't too bored yet.

It is not border security. It is border insecurity. Any once great nation that cannot secure its borders, especially its southern border, is doomed. Are you learning to speak Spanish yet? I'm trying, every now and then. It's an easy language. I'll learn it, if I want to. I can speak Russian. It's a hard enough language to learn. Mandarin is harder. I have barely started on my Mandarin language learning. I may have to get around to it. It depends on whether the Russians or the Chinese begin to control this half of the USSA. I figure that the Russians will take east of the Mississippi River, where we are, and that the Chinese will take west of the Mississippi River. I hope that my gamble is right!

Guvrmint” Incompetency Verified

On 3/24/2021, Wednesday, my father-in-law attained age 83. That day, we received the Tennessee Department of Revenue (aka tax collectors) postcard, by postal mail. I don't know when it was mailed. The post office is slow. The postcard reminded us that our 2008 Honda Civic (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's car) needed to have a new annual sticker on the license plate. I had already received the same agency's e-mail, on 3/6/2021, and I had paid to get the new sticker that day. The new sticker had come by mail. I had placed the new sticker (2022) on the car, many days ago.

On 3/26/2021, Friday, when I was working at the office (Monday through Wednesday at home; at office Thursday and Friday; insanity), we all received an e-mail that stated: the maximum benefit allotment for the household will take place in March. Well, the Tennessee Department of Human Services was only 25 days late on the e-mail. We had know this, since 3/1/2021.

On 3/27/2021, today, Saturday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman received her Tennessee Department of Health postcard, by postal mail. It reminded her to get her second new cold virus shot. (She had her first new cold virus shot, on 2/24/2021.) My “long-suffering” wife had her second round of the new cold virus shot, on 3/26/2021, about 11 AM, at the Sevier County Health Department. She has had a sore arm (where the shot hit) and a headache, so far. She is not, yet, growing a third ear. That's good. I will not take any type of new cold virus shot. I don't need it. My three “bionic” joints and I are fine, such as we are. Hike with me. See if you can keep up, on the way up the ridge.

Need I write more? The incompetency of the State of Tennessee, in its various departments, is obvious. This is one state. What about the other 49? What about the USSA? The answer is obvious. As Dad used to say, “this country is about gone, boys.” Well, Dad, if you were still here, you would know that the USA is gone and that the USSA, such as it is, is here.

Life, “Such as it is,” Update

Aside from what I have written earlier, today, I decided to update my 2006 Nissan Frontier's mileage record. I hadn't updated the log in a few months. I hadn't updated the annual mileage and miles per gallon record, since 2018. Times does go by.

My new, ol' truck's record:
  2019: 10,610.6 miles.
            510.37 gallons of gas.
            20.79 miles/gallon.

2020: 6,931.7 miles (only; due to the new cold virus insanity that had started in March).
          342.29 gallons of gas.
          20.25 miles/gallon.

Our 2008 Honda Civic is catching up to the miles on my 2006 Nissan Frontier. Who knows? My ol' truck may have fewer miles on the clock than our Civic, if this new cold virus continues to work as a tool, for the “Democrat” Socialist powers that be.


I had to get this article published today. I will have a very detailed article that I will publish on 3/29/2021, Monday. The purpose of that future article will be twofold: to encapsulate the main details of my “bionic” fun, since 3/29/2016, and to inspire my friend and brother in Christ, whom I have not met yet in the flesh. I know him online only.

Wait for that article. I will be a good one. It may be one of my best recently.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021



I had started writing this on 2/21/2021, Sunday, before House Mountain hike #176. I had wondered if 2 people attained age 21 on 2/21/21. I like my number play humor.

I had decided to take another effort to educate those who are still afflicted by Corona Myopia Psychosis. I do not have the Myopia. We all have the Psychosis. Some do not have the Myopia. I will attempt to clear the Myopia for those who have it.

The Data (2/21/2021)

(1) TN State Government COVID-19 Unified Command (via:

All end dates are Saturday. COVID-19 death totals are cumulative. I broke down the quarterly COVID-19 deaths.

TN 2020 COVID-19:

01/05/2020 (Sun.) - 03/28/2020 (2020 1st quarter; 12 weeks): 6 dead.


     03/07/2020: 0 cases (the date the data started to show).

     03/21/2020: 1 dead (the first death that shows).

06/27/2020 (2020 2nd quarter; 13 weeks): 584 dead – 6 = 578 new deaths.

     Note: 44.46 average deaths per week.

09/26/2020 (2020 3rd quarter; 13 weeks): 2,374 dead – 578 = 1,796 new deaths.

     Note: 138.15 average deaths per week.

12/26/2020 (2020 4th quarter; 13 weeks): 6,443 dead – 1,796 = 4,647 new deaths.


      357.46 average deaths per week.

     6,443 total 2020 deaths in 51 weeks = 126.33 average deaths per week.

TN 12/27/2020, Sunday, to 2/20/2021 COVID-19:

8 full weeks: 11,115 dead – 4,647 = 6,468 new deaths


      51 new deaths on 2/20/2021.

      808.50 average deaths per week.

TN 1/1/2021, Monday, to 2/20/2021 COVID-19:

11,115 dead as of 2/20/216,907 dead as of 12/31/20 = 4,208 dead in 2021, so far.

(2) TN IndexMundi (key COVID-19 numbers below match the numbers above)



TN 2021, as of 2/21/2021, 10:18 AM ET:

9,578 non-COVID-19 deaths (so far; the number keeps increasing).

+ 4,208 COVID-19 deaths (so far).

      Notes: this is 2021 COVID-19 deaths: 11,064 2/19/21 + 51 on 2/20/21 = 11,115 so far.

     - 6,907 12/31/2020 cumulative total = 4,208 2021 COVID -19 deaths (as of 12/20/21, Friday).

= 13,786 total 2021 TN deaths, as of 2/21/21, 10:18 AM ET.


(3) TN 2019 TOTAL DEATHS:;jsessionid=311A2150206900156684CFE45AB8

2019 total TN deaths 71,935

For the life of me, I could not find 2020 TN total death number. It is not there yet.

Observations from the Data (2/23/2021)

First, the average COVID-19 deaths per week are continuing to increase. The “mitigation” efforts either are hogwash and are not working or are saving the lives of countless others, who could have been included in the death totals. I suspect hogwash. I will not reference the valid science that refutes the pseudoscience that the socialist propagandists use. True science refutes the false science.

Second, the propagandists have won. The USSA is, as of 1/6/2021, an official “socialist utopia.”

Finally, I hiked House Mountain #176, Sunday, 1/21/2021. I have written about it. Why did I start this article? Why does anyone care, about the new cold virus numbers, etc., anymore? I don't know, unless it fits the socialist propagandists' agenda. They won. The historical USA lost. Several of us, not the majority, apparently, still STAND, as once free people, in a once free and great nation.


At about 5:22 PM, on 2/23/2021, Tuesday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, Molly doggy, and I are “livin' la vida Rona!” It ain't fun. We endure.

Keep on enduring, in the former USA, my friends! I may have another article on “polytics” in a day or so. Wait for it.

Monday, January 18, 2021

CDC ACTUAL NUMBERS 2019 & 2020 (published 1-18-2021)


On 1/18/2021, Monday, I needed to publish this follow up, to my 1/17/2021 article.

The following is the website official information. The data is for the “United States.” The exact source is Weekly Death Counts by State. I selected “Jurisdiction” “United States.” That gave me 105 rows. The rows included weekly totals from 1/5/2019 through 1/2/2021. (You can do the same.)

The Data with My Notes

2019: 52 weeks, from week ending 1/5/2019 to week ending 12/28/2019.

– Total deaths by all causes 2,852,609. (My note: the various causes are parsed out on the website. I downloaded the complete data from the website. I have it.)

– Deaths by COVID-19 Multiple Cause 0 (none).

– Deaths by COVID-19 Underlying Cause 0 (none).

My note: 54,857(.865) average deaths per week.

2020 53 weeks, from week ending 1/4/2020 to week ending 1/2/2021.

Total deaths by all causes 3,258,883. (My note: 406,274 more total deaths in 53-week 2020 than in 52-week 2019.)

– Deaths by COVID-19 Multiple Cause 327,847.

– Deaths by COVID-19 Underlying Cause 299,962.

My notes:

61,488(.3584905) average deaths per week. That is 6,631 more weekly than 2019, with rounding.

6,185(.79245283) COVID-19 multiple cause deaths per week. (This is 10(.060103415)% of total 2020 deaths. COVID-19 is not the main cause of death. The deceased had tested positive for COVID-19, but it was not the main cause of death.)

5,659(.66037735) COVID-19 underlying cause deaths per week. (This is 9(.204442135)% of total deaths. COVID-19 was the main cause of death.)


I wrote yesterday:

USA 2021 total deaths (as of 1/17/21, about 2 PM): 130,145 not by COVID-19 + 49,919 by COVID-19 = 180,064 total deaths. That means 27.7% of all 2021 USA deaths have been due to COVID-19 – that is, if you believe the counts. I am skeptical.

Today, I remain skeptical. The CDC verifies 9% (rounded) of total 2020 deaths was by COVID-19 as the main cause, as today's article verified. I repeat, for emphasis: today, I remain skeptical, of the 2021 COVID-19 numbers.

Heart disease:

– In 2019, was an annual cause of “United States” deaths. The 2019 52-week total was 658,761. That was 23(.093280572)% of all 2019 deaths.

– In 2020, was an annual cause of “United States” deaths. The 2020 53-week total was 675,068. That was 20(.714705007)% of all 2020 deaths.

We, as a once great nation, had better start focusing our myopic obsession on heart disease. I suggest it now.

I hope that this short entry helps my readers. It should help you remove your Corona Myopia, to see clearly, if you haven't done so already. Mainly, it should give you “ammunition,” to help the still Corona Myopic (i.e., family, friends, etc.), to see clearly.

The socialist media propagandists will not place the new cold virus in context. I have done it for them, again, in this article. We must treat this new cold virus as seriously as we would any cold virus. It is a serious new cold virus. We should not continue to be so Corona Myopic, as we are, in this once great nation. “Mask mafia,” will you read this? Will you become educated? I doubt it.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

SHOT DOWN BY A BLAZE OF CORONY (published 1/17/2021)


Once again, the weekend weather pattern forestalled any hiking, unless it had been another muddy hike. Yesterday, 1/16/2021, Saturday, the weather was snowy, cloudy, snowy with sun, and windy – in various stages. Today, we have clouds and wind. The ground is muddy.

I will, therefore, exercise my brain. I will place color on this blank canvas.

Blaze of Corony

My youngest brother, his family, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, and I were “shot down by a blaze of corony” today. While my brother and I talked by phone, Bon Jovi's song "Blaze of Glory" came to my fertile mind, in my futility. My personality improvised the title to fit the situation. We were “shot down by a blaze of corony” – unfortunately, but only temporarily.

No one in the Fearghail clan has the corony, unless one of us does, with no symptoms. I will not go into the details. “Out of an abundance of caution” – as the phrase of choice is “in these challenging times” – we decided to delay our family get together that we had planned for this afternoon. We're all becoming very tired of this “new normal.” Aren't you?

Our clan gathering is delayed, but we will adapt, improvise, and overcome. It may take us a week or two. We will do it. The stubborn Irish is in us.

Rant by Topic

Since the Fearghail clan gathering is delayed, and the weather declined my strong desire to get into the woods, I have decided to rant. The following rants are by topic. I hope that you enjoy them. I did not. This writing, however, gets them out of my system!

USSA: I must revise slightly my most recent article. It is not the “United Socialist States of America.” It is the Ununited Socialist States of America” (USSA). Ununited is a valid word, but it is not pleasant to the ear. Either “not united” or “divided” would be better. I wanted to keep the letter “U.”

Many “Republi-cantsare yellow (i.e., cowards). The majority of “Demo-rats” are red (i.e., socialist). The moral backbone and biblically constitutional values are almost gone, from the “leadership,” of this once great nation. A minority still stands. Many, of “we the people,” still hold dearly, to those values. We, apparently, are now the minority. The “vote early and often” gang has won.

Forget July the 4th, Independence Day. (The year was 1776, for future readers – uneducated, by the socialist agenda, in USA history -- who may find this article.) Sadly, the many men and women, who suffered and died, for USA freedom, are a fading memory.

Independence Day for the USSA is 1/6/2021, or January the 6th, annually. The socialist propagandists will change the date and the name of this once great nation. Mark this article date. I predict the change will happen. Just give it time.

Healthcare (i.e., illness insurance): I have done the math before. I did it again. My health insurance costs $698 monthly. I pay $140 monthly, or 25%. My employer pays the other 75% for me. I should be pleased. I am not.

$140 a month should be enough for one person, not $698 a month! I have calculated that the unreasonable price of healthcare costs me 15.3%, of what my annual gross income should be. In other words, I make 15.3% less annual gross, because of the inflated cost of healthcare.

Of course, the coming socialist “utopia” will provide “free healthcare to all.” If you believe that lie, then you must also believe that pigs can fly!

Corona Myopia Psychosis: I checked the websites that I have used, for data in my 2020 articles, on this sad topic. The websites are: Indexmundi USA deaths -- not including COVID-19 deaths, Indexmundi USA COVID-19 only deaths, and Tennessee's COVID-19 website.

I will not parse out my calculations. You can check the websites and do the same math. The website data, if you can believe it, indicates the following:

USA 2021 total deaths (as of 1/17/2021, about 2 PM): 130,145 not by COVID-19 + 49,919 by COVID-19 = 180,064 total deaths. That means 27.7%, of all 2021 USA deaths, have been due to COVID-19 – that is, if you believe the counts. I am skeptical. Of course, the mask wearing and physical distancing, with the economic and mental damage tossed in, do not appear to be “slowing the spread” of this new cold virus.

Tennessee 2021 total deaths (as of 1/17/2021, about 2 PM): 3,088 not by COVID-19 + 1,448 by COVID-19 = 4,536 total deaths. That means 32%, of all 2021 TN deaths, have been due to COVID-19. The other 68% have been due to other reasons. I still recall the news, about the man who died of a gun shot wound. The autopsy tested positive for COVID-19. Death was listed as COVID-19. The gun shot wound had nothing to do with his death, apparently.

Is this the dark ages? I hear the funeral morticians in our area. They drive around in large box trucks. They call out, “bring out your dead; bring out your dead!” That is how it was, during the black plague, in the dark ages. The same is happening now. Do you not hear their cries, “bring out your dead; bring out your dead?”

I do not diminish the illnesses and deaths that occur legitimately, by the new cold virus. I know one neighbor and one friend, both of whom had the virus. Both had short hospitalizations. Both are well again. I know some, who tested positive with no symptoms. I know some, who tested positive and felt a mild cold a few days. If 32%, of all 2021 deaths, in Tennessee, are by the new cold virus, then I wonder why I don't know of any more than two people, who recovered from it, and none, who died from it. The odds are that I should be aware of many, who died by the new cold virus.

The media state only the number of deaths, by this new cold virus. The names and details are hidden. I understand privacy. My point remains valid. Thirty-two percent of 2021 deaths, in Tennessee, by the new cold virus, in the mind of this skeptic, appears inflated, suspiciously.


Yes, I know that this article was not fun to read. I didn't enjoy writing it. I had to write it. The writing helps me overcome my Corona Myopia Psychosis (which everyone has). The Fearghail clan was “shot down by a blaze of Corony” today. We will not stay down. We will rise again.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am off work, for the holiday. A planned article, for tomorrow, is in my mind today. It will be a better one. Please wait for it!

Thanks, y'all, for stopping by, to drink some coffee with me and to read a while. At 5:36 PM, this website's view statistics were: all time 76,281; today 182 (so far); yesterday 224; this month 5,435 (so far), and last month 8,935. Thanks, also, for guiding other folks to this website. We are doing our best to stand, as free people, in a once free and great nation! Who knows? We could turn around the upcoming fall, before it happens. We will see.

As the clock gets close to 9:50 PM, I am posting this article today, finally. I had to finish it today. My article tomorrow will help you understand why.

Monday, January 11, 2021

STATUS OF A ONCE GREAT NATION: Inflation, Debt, Socialism, & 1/6/2021 White House Attack (published 1/11/2021; updated 10/4/2022)

On CB Day (10/4/2022), I updated and clarified some reference links, updated the title, and improved my original grammar and style. Yes, we all need to improve how we write and speak. My written words remain “spoken” here.


On 1/10/2021, Sunday, as I had started writing, I wished that the change, from clouds to sun, had happened earlier. I need to hike! Instead, here I'd “sot” (as Dad would say) writing. Since my last article, "1/1/2021, New Year's Day Update," life, such as it was, went on. By way of further introduction, I will regale you.

Don't let that bore you, however! I'll get to the meat and potatoes, on inflation, national debt, socialism, and the 1/6/2021 attack on the White House (in historical context).

Life, Such As It Was, by Way of Further Introduction

Sunday, 1/3/2021, was cloudy and still damp. I worked on my book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel.” I may publish it, in a year or two.

On 1/6/2021, Wednesday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to start “hitting a lick” at work. Her Christmas break was over. That day and the next, I worked at the office. Yes, I worked at home, doing the same job, on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. It's insanity. I know. My employer has this month, to set up the five of us, to each work at office one day a week, with the other four days working at home. I will retire from my state job, otherwise.

Something else happened, on 1/6/2021. I'll get to it, below. The event was very sad. I mark 1/6/2021 as the day that the once great USA became the USSA (United Socialist States of America), if you can use the term “united” anymore, since the USA is not united. It has not been for many years.

On 1/7/2021, I received a mailing from a local nursing home. They want me to consider assisted living, at their location. The incentive was that I could get a new cold virus shot! I was underwhelmed. For fun, I called the number on the mailing. The lady understood, very clearly, that I am very healthy and that I am not in need of a “rocking chair” anytime soon. I doubt that nursing home will mail me anything else again.

On 1/8/2021, we had a “blizzard.” A dusting of snow turned to rain. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a “snow” day.

On Saturday, 1/9/2021, I had a new cold virus “compliant” haircut, by my fine barber and friend. (His listing is on my business recommendations list.) Next, my '06 Nissan Frontier got a good hand washing. (The listing is on my recommended list.) Afterward, I bought Molly (our ol' puppy) several items, which were in stock, at the Tractor Supply. We are getting close to the former USSR and their rationing, for items in stock.

On 1/10/2021, I replaced four of the eight smoke detector batteries. I have two more to replace, before they start beeping, at 2 AM, eventually. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, being “vertically impaired,” helped as best she could.

Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes. I assume that you are still with me!

USA Inflation

A dollar ain't worth much now days, boys,” as Dad used to say. The following are the facts, with my comments added, in parentheses, in blue ink.

Via Inflation Tool, Inflation calculator - US Dollar:

-- $1 in September 1960 is equivalent to $8.75 in September 2020.

-- $10 in Sept. 1960 equals $87.51 dollars in Sept. 2020. (No wonder groceries cost so much.)

-- $5,000 in Sept. 1960 equals $43,755.05 dollars in Sept. 2020. (That's why cars cost so much.)

Via, a “reference website maintained by the Official Data Foundation:”

-- on their specific link: $1 in 1960 is worth $8.74 in 2020.

-- on their Inflation by Country link:

UK £1.00 1960 is equal to £23.46 in 2020. A cumulative devaluing of 2,246.00%.

Canada CA$1.00 1960 is equal to CA$8.81 in 2020. A cumulative devaluing of 781.23%.

Comparing UK and Canada to the USA “overall absolute change of $7.74 and total percent change of 774.36%.”

(At least, the USA is doing better than the UK and Canada.)

USA Debt

The following appears to be from so called “experts.” (I thought that an “expert” was what you did after you had eaten soup beans! It's a joke, folks!) These “experts” seem to have verified numbers.

The Balance article, of January 2021, has been updated. That article is: “U.S. National Debt by Year: How the Debt Compares to GDP, Plus Major Events That Impacted It,” by Kimberly Amadeo, updated 5/17/2022, reviewed by Robert C. Kelly, fact checked by Emily Ernsberger.

The article includes a table, excerpts from which I cite below.

End of Fiscal Year Debt (in billions, rounded) Debt

  1929                    $17                                    16%

  1960                    $286                                  54%
  1980                    $908                                  32%
  1990                    $3,233                               54%
  2010                    $13,562                             90%
  2014                    $17,824                             101%

(Note: 2014 was when the USA started spending more than it brought in.)
  2016                    $19,573                             105%
  2020                    $27,748                             129%

The following is “straight from the horse's mouth.” Fiscal Data, by the USA Department of the Treasury, on Historical Debt Outstanding shows:

-- 06/30/1960 $286,330,760,848.37 national debt. ($286 billion and change.)
-- 09/30/2020 $26,945,391,194,615.15 national debt. ($26 TRILLION and change.)

If you watch US Debt Clock, you will see current USA national debt increasing by the second.

Socialism, in the USA, is Behind Socialism, in the Former USSR

The 12/5/1936 former USSR Constitution is available at several website locations. One is at The Marxists Internet Archive: “Constitution (Fundamental law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: with Ammendments and Additions adopted by the First, Second, Third, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Sessions of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. Kremlin, Moscow, December 5, 1936.”

Bucknell University still has the 1996 Robert Beard source: “1936 CONSTITUTION OF THE USSR,” which includes links to 13 chapters.

Of course, 12/5/1936 was before the fall of the USSR, in 1991, and after the Russian Revolution, in 1917. The former USSR tried socialism. It lasted 74 years. It did not work. It will not work in the USSA (Socialist USA). Anyone with any sense knows it. Of course, the proper education in history is not a part of the USA socialist propaganda and agenda, which cannot be stopped, until about 70 or so years in the future.

On Sunday, 1/3/2021, I decided not to switch channels. I watched Mark Levin's “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Fox News. The Independent Sentinel LLC article – “Biden-Sanders plan for America compared to 1936 Soviet constitution,” by M Dowling, 1/4/2021 – includes a link to “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” of 10/31/2020 (Halloween).

Mark Levin's 1/3/2021 repeat of his 10/31/2020 episode was interesting. Levin had historical depth, of the former Soviet Union, as it compares to the “new normal” in the USA now.

Attacks on the White House

On 1/6/2021, Wednesday, drama played out at the White House. As I have stated, I mark 1/6/2021 as the day that the once great USA became the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America)The next two links have historical details. They are interesting.

An ABC News article – “Capitol has seen violence over 220 years, but not like this: In more than 220 years, the U.S. Capitol had seen nothing like it: a roiling mob, forcing its way past its majestic marble columns, disrupting the passage of power, desecrating the seat of the world’s greatest democracy,” by Jerry Schwartz, Associated Press, 1/6/2021, 6:54 PM – contains details, with a socialist propaganda spin.

History, A&E Television Networks LLC, has the article – “A History of Attacks at the US Capitol: Over its 200-year history, the nation’s legislative seat has withstood multiple episodes of violence.” By Becky Little. Updated 1/5/2022. Original 1/7/2021. The article places the events of 1/6/2021 into historical perspective.


What is the status of this once great nation? The USSA (Socialist USA) will fall in about 70 or so years. This once great nation is that far behind the former USSR, sadly.

As a final example of how I keep my sanity, don't forget to:

– Wear your mask (unless you are playing sports, with coaches and officials wearing theirs);
– Keep six feet apart (unless you are playing sports);
– Touch your mask, while wearing it, so you can breath;
-- Don't pick your nose (as those boogers might have the virus on them);
– Don't attend church but attend a pub or strip club until 10 PM only;
– Vote early and often, if you are a socialist;
– Don't vote, if you are a conservative, as your vote is irrelevant;

The latter is what I'm doing. Join me? Supper was in five minutes yesterday, as I concluded this article. So, I delayed publication until today. Today, 1/11/2021, the weather went from snowy to rainy. I worked at home. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove to and from work. She had a fairly good work day. I'm buried in work. My employer wants me to do the job of at least three people. I might just retire, to teach them a very articulate, in voice and writing, lesson – as if they would care. At 5:47 PM, on 1/11/2021, I'd better publish this!

Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there!