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Monday, October 31, 2022

MOLLY'S BIRTHDAY FUN - at Age Seven! (published 10-31-2022; article #369)


Greetings, dear reader, on Halloween! The weather has been morning rain to cloudy afternoon. The sun peaks out at times. Trick-or-treaters won't get wet this evening.

Most importantly, today is Molly doggy's birthday! She is seven years young. Molly was born, probably, in February 2015. She had escaped her original owner, to visit friends, on Halloween of 2015. Molly was about eight months old. After we got Molly, we started counting her birthday on Halloween every year. Molly likes the day that we picked!

Molly's Birthday Photographs!

Late this morning, despite the wet and cloudy conditions, Molly had fun with Gordon and me – while Gordon, of Bi-County Propane, filled our backyard propane tank! (Bi-County Propane doesn't have a website, but you can reach a real person by phone – with no robot asking you questions! I recommend them highly, if you need propane!)

I took the two photographs, below, at 11:34 AM. Molly likes Gordon! Well, Molly likes everyone!

Howdy, Molly! I was trying to get her to stop long enough for that first photograph.

Molly is looking right at you! Say hello! Do you see the intelligence in her eyes? She's standing beside Gordon. Thanks, Gordon, for allowing me to include part of you in the photograph!

 Molly's “Molly-TV” Video!

We often watch M*A*S*H, on MeTV, when Molly is inside with us in the evenings. I joke, by calling it “Molly-TV.” Well, Molly-TV is live, as of this article! Enjoy her first program (1 minute, 8 seconds)!

I couldn't hold my camera and continue playing “plastic bottle game” with Molly! We continued the game after I'd stopped recording. I was speaking in my “Molly language,” which she likes.

I have a human language. I have a Molly language. Molly understands my Molly language. I can understand her language – by her expression, how she cocks her ears, how she turns her head, how she looks at me, and how she barks. I understand Molly language well enough.


Happy birthday to Molly! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I love our ol' puppy!

I'll continue my series on Christian Evidences, but I needed to write this article today. The depth of my theological studies, by the way, indicate that “all good dogs to to heaven!” My reference is Second Opinions 3:16! You are welcome to quote me on that!

Saturday, October 22, 2022

ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING: Molly is Guilty! (published 10-22-2022; article #367)

Photograph by M. Fearghail, 10/20/2022, 2:33 PM, “Molly in yard TIED - stop invading other yards!”


Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart
(Source: Born Free Lyrics. (n.d.) Retrieved October 21, 2022, from

The quote is the first line of the well-known song, “Born Free.” Clicking the source link finds the full lyrics and history. “Born Free” was also a very good movie. (Why are few, if any, movies like that anymore?) By the way, I detest “govermint” time! We don't set those clocks back until 11/6/2022!

Yesterday morning – in the darkness of “govermint” time – I was up, to see Mrs. Appalachian Irishman off to work – in the darkness. I started singing loudly my improvised lyrics version of “Born Free!” Thankfully, I was not recorded!

Molly (our ol' puppy) will be seven years young, officially, on Halloween. (See my 6/19/2021 article, on Molly.) Age is not slowing Molly down! This article is on Molly's illegal border crossings. Then, I affirm an argument by analogy on USSA illegal border crossings. The conclusion will encourage Molly and all illegal invaders to stay in their own yards!

Molly's Illegal Border Crossings

About a year ago, the box – that holds the battery, for Molly's “stay in the yard” collar – broke off. Molly had continued to stay in the yard – with no illegal border crossings into neighbors' yards. We'd thought, “Good doggy!” We didn't replace the box or use the “stay in the yard” collar. Molly had known her boundaries!

On Tuesday, 10/18/2022, being retired, I was in my home office. Mid-morning, I saw Molly in the yard of a next door neighbor! She came running to me when I called. I tied Molly to a front porch post, with a long lead line. (The photograph above is Molly, in the front yard, on the lead line. I was in our dining room. To me, the blinds and the window screen make Molly look as if she's in jail!)

Molly seemed to have apologized. I retrained her on the yard boundaries. To be on the safe side, I ordered a new battery box and new batteries, but I trusted Molly again.

The next day, Molly stayed in her boundaries – until mid-morning – when I saw her in the subdivision road! This time, Molly did not come to me, when I called! Instead, she darted into various yards, all the way to the subdivision entrance (to our west). I could not get Molly to come to me. I walked back home. I'd given up. A good neighbor, whom Molly had visited, brought her back home. (Thanks, Chuck!)

On Thursday, I no longer trusted Molly to stay in the yard! She stayed in the basement, until I returned – after my haircut and truck wash. Again, I tied Molly on the lead line to a front porch post. The weather has been sunny and warm enough all week. I walked Molly around our yard, marking the border. We talked. She knew that I still liked her but that I was upset by her illegal border crossings.

Yesterday, the birthday of my youngest brother, the error was mine. The cool morning had kept Molly in her basement condominium. I had planned to bring her upstairs, to hang out in the living room, about mid-morning. I was distracted, by trying to figure out when my Tuesday order (new battery box and new batteries) would arrive.

Molly had decided to visit our neighbor, Chuck, again! He brought Molly back. I apologized to him. It was my fault this time. (Sorry, Chuck!)

At 6:33 PM, my Tuesday order arrived! Molly, as usual, spent the evening on the couch, between Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. Before bedtime, I set the battery box and new battery on the “stay in the yard” collar. Molly and I went outside, in the dark, to retrain her on the border.

Today, the good news is that Molly has relearned her boundaries! She stays in the yard. If she tests her borders, then the collar reminds her with a little shock. Molly does not like those little shocks! Molly is now, officially, a “good, ol' puppy” once again!

Illegal Border Crossings

On Wednesday, Molly's illegal border crossings – into neighbors' yards – brought the illegal border crossings – into this once great nation – to my mind. The thought inspired this article.

My 8/5/2022 article linked to my 8/5/2022 podcast – on “Illegal Analogy.” I really don't want to write another article on this subject, but I will. I have to do so. The blind need to see the light. I'll shine the light another time, on this tiring topic.

The various media sources repeat, ad nauseam, on this topic. Early this morning, I happened to notice a TV channel that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was watching. I don't recall which network. The commentator contrasted the lower number of illegals, who had invaded this nation, during President Trump, to the much higher number, who continue to cross the border illegally, under President Biden.

I will not drone on further. I'm tired of this obviously easy topic. Secure the border! Stop the illegal invasion! The socialists think that they are adding more socialist voters. They continue to transform this once great nation into the Socialist Utopian Oblivion that they desire.

As many of my like-minded readers, I continue to stand. Our property border is secure. No illegals (humans or domestic animals) invade our property. Well, a neighbor's dog visits at times, but she's allowed short visits. Wild animals have no borders. They are “born free” in the wild. Turkeys, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and such visit at times. We don't care for the skunks that visit rarely.


This argument by analogy is concluded. Molly knows her borders again. She won't cross illegally into another neighbor's yard. I stopped Molly's illegal border crossings.

I wish that humans would stop crossing the border illegally into this once great nation. The “powers that be” know how to stop them. They are not ignorant. The “govermint” wants the illegal invasion to continue – at least until election day, on 11/8/2022 – two days after we get off “govermint” time! We'll see what happens.

By the way, today, the Tennessee Vols beat the UT Martin Skyhawks, on homecoming, 65 - 24. (I thought that a Skyhawk was a car that Buick made a few decades ago.) I named the game the “Tennessee football civil war” – Tennessee Knoxville against Tennessee Martin (northwest Tennessee). My Dawgs have an open date today.

My 10/19/2022 article proposed a bet, with my UT Vol readers. I've had no takers yet. I forgot that some UT Vol readers could be ladies, who don't mind wearing pink.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

“LIFE, SUCH AS IT WAS” 11-29-2021 to 12-4-2021 (published 12-11-2021)


On 12/11/2021, Saturday, for my readers in the Tennessee area, are you enjoying the summer storm, on this “winter” day? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are. For my readers in other nations, the weather has been unseasonably warm. A strong low pressure system brought the storm and rain today. The various media have updates on the tragic damage west of here.


I took the above photograph, which includes Molly (our 'ol puppy), this afternoon (12/11/2021). The large cedar tree near the house lost a branch, in the wind and storm that passed through here, about 11 AM. I have some work to do.

I am finally finishing and publishing one of my three other articles. My 12/5/2021 article mentioned the other three, on which I have been working. This article is one of the three at least. The delay is due, mostly, to my unfortunate current employment status.

If y'all know a fine company that would like to hire the type of writer and editor that I am, please either send that company my contact information or send me that company's contact information! I want, urgently, to transition from my insane state government job to a work-at-home writing and/or editing job! Thanks, if you can help in my networking effort here. You are welcome to use the “Contact Form,” to send me an email! Call, if you know my phone number!

This article is about “life, such as it was,” from 11/29/21, Monday, to 12/4/2021, Saturday, before the SEC Championship football game. The SEC Championship Game article will be brief, sadly, once I publish it.

11/29/2021 to 12/4/2021

11/29/2021, Monday: a usual work day for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. I still work from home on Monday through Wednesday and at the office Thursday and Friday – doing the exact same job that I can do, more easily, at home. I'm tired of it.

11/30/1892 and 11/30/2021: My paternal grandmother, Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, was born on 11/30/1892. You may search, to find other articles that I have written previously. Granny Ferrell was a fine grandmother – except for the time that Papaw Ferrell obstructed her from whipping me! I've written about it, somewhere in my archived articles.

The eldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife is on her high school girls basketball team. That team played our local high school girls basketball team, on 11/30/2021. We had known about it. We both had planned to attend. The game started at 5 PM.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman returned home, from work, early. She attended the game. She saw out sister-in-law and our niece. She was at the local high school at 4:40 PM. She arrived home at 7:45 PM. Our niece's team won, both junior varsity and varsity games. The image above has the scores and the times of each game! Our niece played in the junior varsity game.

Sadly, I worked, on unpaid overtime, at home, from 4:30 to 5:40 PM. I could not attend physically. I was present in spirit! Once again, my job interfered with my personal life.

Granny Ferrell will be glad to know that her great granddaughter won a basketball game, on Granny's birthday. I look forward to telling her – eventually, once I join Granny, at Home.

12/01/2021, Wednesday: winter began. Meteorological winter is from December 1st to February 28th. Astronomical “winter” is from about December 21st to about March 22nd. Russia marks winter starting December 1st. I had done the same, before our mission work (10/1/1994 to 9/30/1999) in Russia. I, however, have digressed into the mundane.

I had awakened with a sharp pain at the back of my neck, upper respiratory congestion, gastrointestinal “strangeness,” and a lack of my usual “bionic man” energy. I worked at home, well enough. I was improved but still sickly, on Thursday and Friday, so I arranged to work at home those days also!

My article “CORONA MYOPIA” (published 4/26/2020) articulated the definition of Corona Myopia. I stated the meaning of “corona.” I had a new-to-me common cold virus. I got over it. The sharp pain at the back of my neck caused me to wonder if I had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that was leaking. In November 1999, Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) was misdiagnosed as having influenza, at first. Her arteriovenous malformation (AVM; birth defect) that had been asymptomatic had leaked. That started the details that my still unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” have recorded. The record remains in my mind, with temporal sadness.

That same day, I had posted a tribute on the website of the funeral home that served the family of the deceased mother of one of my high school friends. (He is still my friend. Miles separate us, but we are friends.) The initials of my friend are C.G. His mother, at age 89, had gone Home, on 11/26/2021, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Her visitation and funeral were on 12/4/2021, Saturday. The illness or passing of a beloved family member, around Thanksgiving or Christmas, is not pleasant. My still unpublished book will have details. My mind retains the temporally sad details.

My last article, “RIGHT-TO-LIFE, BORDER, INFLATION, SSA TRUST FUND, & VIOLENCE (published 12-5-2021),” commented on the “Supreme Court” case. I hope that the “Supreme Court” follows God's Supreme Court. The murdering of unborn children should not have started. It needs to stop. May it stop, dear Lord!

12/02/2021, Thursday: What is a “palindrome?” What is an “ambigram?” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary links (previously) will answer. I learned. We have two good friends. They are husband and wife. The wife, whom I have known since New Years Eve 1980, attained age (not given), on 12/02/2021. She had birthday on a palindrome and ambigram day!

On that day, I received postal mail from the Knox County Clerk, reminding me to renew my '08 Frontier license plate tag, before 12/31/2021. That Clerk's office had emailed me, on 11/6/2021, about my tag renewal. I had paid for my new tag, on 11/13/2021. My 12/2022 expires new tag has been on the license plate on my new ol' truck, since 11/20/2021. I wonder if the Knox County Clerk office could understand my sarcastic humor.

12/03/2021, Friday: huh? What? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had endured another work week. We work for a living, as we were raised to do so. Some folks have forgotten their raising. Some folks never learned it.

12/04/2021, Saturday, before the SEC Championship Game: I'd hauled trash. Afterward, I decided to look, for the fifth time, for basic sweatshirts, at Kohl's this time. (My four prior efforts were on 11/13/21, Saturday, at Target, then on 11/20/21, Saturday, at Hammers, Rural King, and Dollar General Store – where I had surprised Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. See my “11/20/2021, SATURDAY: 'LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS.')

At Kohl's, I met a husband and wife, both about my age or a little older. He was hunting sweatshirts also. The three of us talked a while. I am glad to know that some folks out there think as I write here. Either the USSA (1/6/2021 start) needs to return to the godly values that built this once great nation (despite its many errors), or the Good Lord needs to return soon! Come soon, dear Lord!

One of our good neighbors and his wife had come down with a variation of the “Corony.” He called me, later that afternoon. As of 12/11/2021, Saturday, his wife and he are recovering at home now. He has been getting out and about, driving, some. His wife had a worse case. Both of them will be recovered fully soon. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers in the affirmative – this time! The various versions of this new cold virus are either mild or severe – depending on various factors. Search my website by “Corona Myopia,” to find way too many articles that I have written.

On that morning, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman -- apparently having contracted my 12/1/2021 started cold virus – “enjoyed” the start of her two days of the less bothersome version of the virus she'd decided to get from me. I'm glad that she recovered in two days. It had taken me four days to recover.


We had a summer storm in winter today (12/11/2021). I still feel the storm of the SEC Championship Game, of 12/4/2021, Saturday.

My next article will be a brief comment on that game.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

THANKSGIVING, 11-25-2021, HISTORICAL ARCHIVE (published 11-27-2021)


At 3:28 PM, I begin to write. The weather is clear, sunny, and seasonably crisp. The wind will bring a little rain in a day or two.

My Georgia Bulldogs triple-stomped Georgia Tech, 45 to zero. The Tennessee Vols are getting ready to, hopefully, stomp the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors.” We will see. The college football season doesn't last too long. I enjoy it very much. Go Dawgs! Beat the Alabama Elephants, in the SEC Championship, on 12/4/2021, Saturday, at 4 PM, in Atlanta, Georgia!

The latest new, “better,” costlier, and worse “five-year” front porch light bulb blew last evening. Al Gore was one of the instigators, who had nefarious success, to change the type of light bulbs that we are “permitted” to use. That was decades ago. I used to have a stock of the older, better, and and inexpensive bulbs that the former USA used to be able to use. I used all my stock, over a few years. (Y'all research the details, if you are bored.) I had installed the latest bulb about a year or less ago. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, helped me replace that bulb earlier today. It is easy enough, on the step ladder. I wonder if this new, “better,” costlier, and worse “five-year” front porch light bulb will last at least a year. I have, however, digressed into the mundane.

I hope that y'all enjoyed my two (one and two) articles, yesterday. I wrote them, sadly and with joy – as the earthy mundane sorrow became everlasting joy. I still wonder if I can take what's left of my 7/17/2021 birthday lemon pie, to Dad, at Home. Will it keep that long? Can I take it with me?

Fearghail Clan Thanksgiving 11/25/2021

My youngest brother, his wife, and their two teenage young ladies arrived here, about 11:20 AM. We enjoyed seeing each other again. We saw them last on Sunday, 10/10/2021, during Rogersville Heritage Days.

Molly Stood Her Ground!

Imagine the following. I could not get to my video camera quickly enough! Before Thanksgiving dinner (about 12 PM), my brother saw Molly (our doggy) run, in Mach 5 speed, toward a buck deer (a six or eight pointer). I saw Molly defend our “back 40,” against the intruding buck! The buck had jumped the fence. My brother had seen the buck jump. Molly stood her ground! The buck stood his ground. It was a tie. The buck walked away, eventually, onto a neighbor's property. Molly 0. Buck 0. My 6/8/2021 article mentioned Molly's victory, against a yearling deer! Molly is 1-0-1 (wins/losses/ties). The deer are 0-1-1 (wins/losses/ties). Molly is holding her own, as she keeps our fort secure! Good ol' puppy! Yes, all six of us played “Molly doggy” games, after dinner! We all had fun! One has to burn off the calories!


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had worked hard on the Thanksgiving dinner items. The six of us ate very well. Thanks, dear! The conversation regaled in humor, family heritage, and life now. I'm glad that my youngest brother and his family drove the one-hour and ten minutes or so, to come DOWN (not up) here. (My brother still says “up,” when we are “down” from him. It's a decades long joke.)

I do not take photographs of food, y'all. We eat food around here. We do not take photographs of it, usually. (Well, see my lemon pie photograph.)


The elder daughter of my youngest brother and his wife is a sophomore at Cherokee High School, in Rogersville, Tennessee. She is on the girls basketball team. The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (11/20-21/2021, Saturday - Sunday) included a photograph and article on the team, by Jim Beller, Sports Editor. (You must have a paid account to access the website. It ain't free.)

I corrected the capitalization errors in the title: “PHOTO GALLERY: Lady Chiefs [B]egin [N]ew [E]ra with [U]ptempo [A]pproach,” by Jim Beller, Sports Editor, The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (11/20-21/2021, Saturday - Sunday). The photograph, below, is by Jim Beller.

Ariel Ferrell, our niece, is number 32, back row, farthest to the left.

The following is a quote (with my editorial correct), from the article, referenced previously.

Airel [Ariel] Ferrell is a new face who brings a lot of energy to the floor, Lawson said.

Ferrell played junior varsity last year and, along with the Houcks, was part of the 2019-20 Bulls Gap team that advanced to the state tournament.

My article on the 2019-20 Bulls Gap Middle School girls basketball team is: Sunday, February 09, 2020, “BULLS GAP MIDDLE SCHOOL LADY BULLDOGS: STATE FINAL FOUR!!”

That great team placed fourth in the state tournament. See my Sunday, March 15, 2020 article “FOURTH IN STATE: TRIBUTE TO BULLS GAP MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM.”

The anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandmother (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, 11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971) is next Tuesday, 11/30/2021. The Cherokee High School girls basketball team will play the Gibbs High School girls basketball team, here, about 2.5 miles away from our house, on 11/30/2021. The game will start at 5 PM. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I will be there, if we have power in our bodies. We have the will in our spirits! We will encourage the Cherokee High School girls basketball team to beat the Gibbs High School girls basketball team! My voice will be the loudest, when Ariel Ferrell is on the court! Play ball! Win!

The youngest daughter of my brother and his wife is on the Bulls Gap Middle School girls basketball team now! She is following the tradition of her mother (Carson Newman University girls basketball team) and her older sister (as stated previously). The Rogersville Review needs to publish the schedules and rankings of local sports teams. They do not do that very often. I still have the current Bulls Gap Middle School (Bulls Gap, Tennessee) Basketball Schedule link. It is not very helpful. My brother and his wife update us on how their youngest daughter is doing!

Beckner-Gordon Clan Thanksgiving 11/25/2021

I ate only one serving for dinner. I knew that I'd need to save room for supper. About 4 PM, the Beckner-Gordon clan gathered for Thanksgiving supper, at the Beckners. My aunt-in-law is age 99, soon to be age 100. Her son cares for her at home. He had known medical problems. He honors his mother. They are getting along well enough. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her Gordon clan help. I help as I am needed.

My father-in-law decided not to attend. He has his medical problems also. I wish that he could have attended.

Those present were my age 99 aunt-in-law, her son, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, her two younger sisters, and the daughter of “favorite” sister-in-law. (Well, Pepper doggy was there also.) We engaged in the usual family conversation. I interjected my “poly-tics” joke, as I had done at dinner, with the Fearghail clan: “poly,” from Greek or Latin, meaning many + ticks, known blood suckers. That was my “poly-tics” humor, twice, on Thanksgiving!

My aunt-in-law had fallen, at home, recently. She is still able to walk, using a rolling walker, as she had been doing. The fall did not damage her physically. The fall scared her. I encouraged her. I trust, in the Good Lord, that she will attain age 100 or beyond. We will see. See my Sunday, January 26, 2020, “MEMORIES: AUNT MONA AND UNCLE BOBBY, 1/18/2020; DAD, 1/25/2020; But Life Goes On with a Touch of Humor!” article.


At 5:38 PM, at this typing, darkness has fallen. Thanksgiving leftovers will be ready in about 22 minutes. Molly doggy is ready to come inside now! She's had her supper. She knows that she must wait until we have our supper. Molly is patient.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Over the decades, from my childhood until know, I recall many Thanksgivings.

Heavenly Thanksgiving will not be one day annually. It will be everlasting. I look forward to Heavenly Thanksgiving. Hey, the Tennessee Vols are beating the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors!” That's good.

Saturday, June 19, 2021



Molly is our “super puppy!” I met Molly, on 11/17/2015. She was a few months old. We took an immediate liking to each other!

Before we met, Molly had come to visit a friend (and former colleague) and her husband, on Halloween (Saturday, 10/31/2015). Molly had been following trick-or-treaters, wagging her tail and having fun. She, apparently, had gotten away from her owner. The owner's phone number was still on her tag. The number was no longer valid. My friends had posted fliers in their neighborhood, to find the owner, without success. My friends, who already had two dogs, had posted on the “Interweb,” hoping to find a new home for Molly. I had responded!

After having purchased several doggy items, I brought Molly home, on 11/21/2015, a crisp and cool Saturday. (Papaw Ferrell had passed, on 11/21/1970.) Molly met Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. They took a shine to each other immediately! Molly's first visit to her veterinarian was later that day. Molly was fine!

Molly's Veterinarian Visit, 6/19/2021

Molly, at age six now, is still fine! She was born before 10/31/2015, so she is age six. We, however, celebrate Molly's birthday on October 31st, each year. Molly attains age six, officially, on 10/31/2021!

I have kept each record of Molly's visits to her veterinarian. I also have a digital log document that includes each record, with notations on various details. Molly has an annual physical exam. She has a follow up at six months, to squirt one medicine into her nose. It's routine, every six months. Today, 6/19/2021, Saturday, was get “the squirt in the nose” appointment, at 10 AM.

As usual, Molly likes to see everyone at her doctor's office! She enjoys the ride in the truck! She likes to do “sniffers,” “leakers” (to mark her territory), and “crappers” – before and/or after her visit! She doesn't like, however, “the squirt in the nose” stuff, but she shakes it off, with tail wagging and a sneeze!

The following are three photographs that I took, with my trusty Samsung cell phone camera, after Molly's appointment. (It's not a “semi-intelligent” phone, but it has taken many great photographs, on hikes, etc., for years.) Each one is in the yard around her doctor's office. The images are a little blurry. Molly moves fast!

The above is in the front yard. Molly had her “crappers” before her appointment – in the grass, thankfully! She's had “crappers” on the sidewalk a couple of times, in the past. No worries! Gloves are available in a metal box outside. A metal “crapper dumper,” with lid, is nearby too! I've gloved up and dumped “Molly crappers” in the “crapper dumper” a couple of times!

Do you see the heart pattern? I call that Molly's “heart pattern.”

The above two photographs are in a far corner of the doctor's office yard, near an Advance Auto Parts store. Trees provide shade behind and to the right of the images. Clean water, from recent rain or from a wet weather well, was under the trees. After the last photograph, Molly darted to the water. She got several big gulps of water. Then, she decided to take a bath in the water! I wish that I could have recorded Molly, rolling around in the shallow water and then shaking herself! My mind holds the image. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had given Molly a bath, on Wednesday. Today was second bath in one week! Good puppy!


Molly and I were robbed of hikes, on “My Mountain,” except for a few – after 3/29/2016, a day that lives in infamy. I am still working on being sufficiently confident in my right foot and knee, to take her hiking with me again.

Molly and I still have a great deal of “man and doggy” time – even if it is in the yard or on a trip to see her doctor! Good puppy!

Tuesday, June 08, 2021



In my last article, I promised that my next (this) article would be more entertaining. It has taken me a while to get here, but here I am! With apology to Shirley Temple, “let me entertain you! Let me make you smile!” Don't worry! I know May 31st was Memorial Day and Sunday was the anniversary of D-Day. My serious article on those follows this one.

You might want to click the links, for some side-click fun! That's why I set the links. The banty rooster was still growing, apparently. He sounds like me, when my voice was changing, when I was about age 12.

Crowin' Like a Banty Rooster!


 Dad used to tell me, when I was “feelin' my oats” and “braggin' a bit,” that I was “crowin' like a banty rooster.” Sometimes, he said it when he was proud of me. Often times, he said it to “bring me down a notch.” I think that Dad would like the crowin' I do below!

On 5/2/2021, Sunday, I ordered my decorative license plate and frame. $35 well spent! On 5/11/2021, Tuesday, I bought and own my “Appalachian Irishman” website logo. $40 well spent. The image, above, is my website logo. (I am not using it, yet, on the main page of my website.) I had to buy my logo for the decorative license plate. On 5/19/2021, Wednesday, I received my decorative license plate and frame. The license plate has my logo (above) on it.

On Sunday afternoon, 5/23/2021, I finally got around to placing my decorative license plate, with my logo, on the front plate holder of my new ol' truck! I will publish an image of my truck wearing his new decorative plate and “tars” (below) eventually.

Okay, Dad, I'm done crowin' now! Are you proud of me? I thought so.

“Tars” for my New Ol' Truck

“You need you some new 'tars,' son,” as Dad would have said. Yes, Dad, I have known that my new ol' truck ('06 Nissan Frontier) was needing a new set of “shoes.” The “tar” tread was getting thin enough. I've kept the song “Pardon Me Roy, is that the Cat that Chewed your New Shoes?” in my mind recently. Do you hear, “Pardon me truck, it that the road that chewed your new tires!” I do!

On 5/18/2021, Wednesday, I asked the Express Lube in the Halls area of Knoxville to order the set of four “tars” that I had selected.

They look like good “tars.” Cooper Tires are make in America. You do not want to know the price. You can't buy a good set of “tars” for $50 a “tar” anymore. “A dollar ain't worth much now a days.” The “tars” arrived.

On 5/22/2021, Saturday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had a little fun. My fine barber and friend, at Tony's Best Clips, gave me another great haircut, while we regaled ourselves in several conversational points. Afterward, at 11:45 AM, I arrived at the Express Lube, in hope of having my new “tars” mounted and balanced.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was in line, awaiting an oil change on our '08 Honda Civic. I knew that she had planned the oil change. Her car got an oil change.

They were, however, too busy, with oil changes and others getting new tires. I could have left my truck, gone home in the car with wife. Later, we could have gone back, to get my truck, once they had been able to get the tires mounted and balanced. No deal!

I had arranged, on 6/3/2021, when working at office, to work from home the next day. On 6/4/2021, Friday, I worked from home (instead of office), took time off from work, and got the tires on my truck! It was an Appalachian Irishman victory – despite my “bionic” whatevers. (The poles outside the tire shop area helped me stretch out my left shoulder, down left side, to left hip. My right foot took the pavement pounding, while fussing at me.)

Molly! Good “Puppy!”

The image below is our “good ol' puppy,” Molly! She and I were hiking, on 11/26/2015. She was almost a year old then. She still looks about the same now, at age five going on six. Well, she has adult dog weight now, but Molly is still all muscle!

On 5/24/2021, Monday, my wife and I had our usual chiropractic adjustments. I had been needing mine over a week! Dang, my left shoulder, to middle back, to left hip, etc.! With apology to Survivor, “the Burning Heart,” it's me against me; it's the paradox that drives me on. When the “whatevers” rise up, as lately, I beat them down, again, as usual.

Anyway, after having arrived home, Molly was too busy in the back yard to “come see the man.” Instead, once we were inside, I happened to see Molly! It was about 5 PM. She was in our “back 40.” A yearling deer made the mistake of visiting. Molly, running in “super doggy” speed, almost caught the yearling at the left hind quarter! Molly, my wife, and I almost had venison! Molly would have had the first serving! I wish that I could have had our video recorder! My mind's eye remembers! Good “puppy!”

Molly sleeps in her basement “condominium” nightly, after having spent the evening inside with us. About 6:30 AM, my wife fixes Molly's breakfast and sets her out to “guard” our property. About 7:30 AM, I bring Molly her “front porch snack.” She's usually there, with tail waging and ready! Molly always give me a very intelligent look that says, “I love you, man. Thanks for the breakfast snack!” A man and his dog help a man endure the realities of life!

I use my hands, going against the grain, to get “snow doggys” off Molly, in the warm weather. Twice a day is best, morning and evening. She sheds (makes “snow doggys”). I like to see the “snow doggys” pile into clumps in the yard. They look like spots of snow.

Once Molly is inside, in the evenings, she wants to, first, twirl around on the couch. I take off her “doggy necklaces” (collars). Eventually, she goes to the kitchen for “Molly waters,” to get a drink from her water bowl that we bring in from either the garage or the front porch. After a while, once Molly has gone out and back in the back/deck door and front/porch door a time or two, it's time for Got-Ems!

The Got-Ems game is fun! I divide six “favorite” treats into two, to make twelve, plus a “brush your teeth doggy” biscuit. I count to Molly as I divide her treats.

I can't get Mrs. Appalachian Irishman to video record Molly and me, playing the Got-Ems game! I've tried. Imagine the following: I'm standing, with Got-Ems in hands, in the living room, near the steps to Molly's basement condominium. Molly is near my feet. She has “readies!” That is, eyes bright and looking up. I toss up, just above her head, one Got-Em at a time, counting as we go. Molly catches most. Sometimes, she has a “tooth bouncer” that lands on the floor or goes down the stairwell (which I retrieve for her). Number 12 is “finish strongly” final Got-Em, before “brush your toothers” doggy biscuit. I don't know if Molly enjoys Got-Ems game any better than I do! I catch Mrs. Appalachian Irishman smiling at times. Video record us, dear! I had wanted to post the video now!

I Had to Write This, Dear!

I had told Mrs. Appalachian Irishman that I wouldn't write the following. Sorry, dear! I changed my mind!

On 5/27/2021, Thursday, I returned home from working at the office. My wife had worked and beat me home. (Her last work day was 6/1/2021. She's on summer break now. Oh, I must add that summer started on 6/1/2021. It does NOT start on 6/20/2021. I know. I can prove it. Ha!) The sun was out fully. I came in. Wife was in kitchen. I said howdy. I noticed kitchen light on with blinds still closed. (I'd left them closed, before driving to work, about 7:30 AM, to keep the sun from coming in the south side windows. The sun was on the other side of the house now). I open all south side window blinds. I turn off kitchen light. I turn off a lamp in the living room. I wonder. I ask. Well, that was my mistake! I was just “deviling you a bit,” dear!

On 6/2/2021, Tuesday, I was working at home. My wife had her first day of summer vacation. She wanted to run an errand. She couldn't find keys to our '08 Honda Civic that she drives. Earlier, about 7:45 AM, I had noticed them on the passenger side windshield area of the car, in the garage. (I'd been visiting with Molly, before work.) I placed the keys, stealthily, in the microwave – knowing what would happen eventually. About 11 AM, while I'm working at home, my wife indicated her errand. Okay. She looked for keys. She couldn't find keys. She looked in the garage. No keys on or inside car. I took a work break. What are you doing, dear? Trying to find your keys? Look in the microwave! Well, I got a smile on that joke! She decided not to rake me across the coals that time! I was lucky!

By the way, dear, this article is my third one, since I “hid” your anniversary card, on 5/16/2021.

Will you ever find it? Did you find it? If so, has the “cat got your tongue?” I look forward to your pithy comment – if you ever get around to it!

By the way, I love you, dear! If I didn't, I wouldn't “devil you” with my humor as much! Thanks for being the “long-suffering” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman.


Comedy is the best medicine. I use my verbal and written artistic talent (i.e., my blarney) and sarcastic sense of humor, as one way to endure the realities of life. Life is good. Life is bad. It varies.

Use the everlasting perspective, to place this temporal life into the context of everlasting life. That's the best way to cope with the realities of life, when they are “not too good,” as Hoyt would say, on John Boy and Billy.

By the way, why do folks drive all that way and do whatever they do to get tickets to the Smoky Mountain lightning bug show? No, they are NOT “fire flies!” I can watch lightning bugs from our deck. Come on, man! (I thought that you might like that as an ending.)