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Monday, January 23, 2023

Raise the Debt Ceiling, Increase Income, or Lower Spending? (published 1-22-2023; article #386)

2/21/2017 photo in Melbourne, Australia, by Alex Knight on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License.


If I look too long at the high ceiling (surrounding and above the tower, in the photograph), then I start to get dizzy. I'll stop looking and continue to write now.

The media were a buzz, on 1/19/2023. They still buzz. Aside from the buzzing on southern border insecurity, President Biden's classified documents, former President Trump's classified documents, ad nauseam, this buzz is about the USSA debt ceiling. One of several sources is: “House conservative leader rips media for ‘irrational’ debt ceiling coverage, vows ‘serious fiscal reform,’ on Fox News, by Peter Kasperowicz, 1/19/2023. The article states, in part:

The U.S. hit the debt ceiling on Thursday, which means the government cannot borrow anything above the $31.381 trillion it has borrowed so far. House Republicans have said they would require deep spending cuts as a condition for raising the ceiling, but the Biden administration has said it will not negotiate.

The USSA reached its dizzyingly high debt ceiling limit, on Thursday, 1/19/2023. On that same date, Dolly Pardon attained age 77. Happy belated birthday, Dolly!

I am a practical man, who thinks logically. This article places the USSA debt ceiling buzz in the context of recent household income and expenses, for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. Do we raise the debt ceiling, increase income, or lower spending?

Every member of Congress needs to read this article, which is published, as sage advice, as a public service announcement. What should we (as a household and as a nation) do? The conclusion will answer the question.

Raise the Debt Ceiling?

Household: my wife and I still have a mortgage debt. That's the only debt that we have. Our household income is sufficient to meet household expenses, with a sufficient surplus. Our surplus, built up in savings over many years, could pay off our mortgage debt and leave a lower surplus. This is not bragging. It is God's grace, our health, and our work ethic.

If, God forbid, our household debt were to increase, above our combined annual income or our surplus, due to an unexpected and large expense, then we would have to either spend down our surplus or borrow money (at interest, with monthly payments). If, God forbid, that should occur, then we would have a plan to pay off the new debt.

In short, we might have to raise our debt ceiling temporarily. We would plan, Lord willing, to reduce our debt. We would not continue to raise our debt ceiling. That would be irrational.

USSA: the Fox News article, which I cited in the introduction, stated that the debt ceiling is 31.381 trillion dollars. That's $31,381,000,000,000.

How many times has Congress raised the debt ceiling? The official answer is at U.S. Department of the Treasury, Debt Limit:

Since 1960, Congress has acted 78 separate times to permanently raise, temporarily extend, or revise the definition of the debt limit – 49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents. Congressional leaders in both parties have recognized that this is necessary.

Necessary? Really? Yes, both parties are at fault, especially Democrats – as a study of congressional debt ceiling votes, by party, since 1960 will surely prove. Presidents can't raise the debt limit.

I was born in 1960. I'm 62 years old. I have not needed to raise my debt ceiling limit 1.25 times a year, in each year of my life. I have never had that kind of an income versus spending problem. Dad taught me that money doesn't grow on trees. You've got to make it, to spend it. Don't spend more than you make. If you need to borrow, then get out of debt as fast as you can.

The “guvrmint,” however, has had to raise its debt ceiling limit 1.25 times a year, in each year, from 1960 to 2022 – 62 years. It has a definite income versus spending problem. The “guvrmint” must think that money grows on trees – or is devalued, causing inflation, by printing more almost worthless Monopoly money dollars.

In short, the “guvrmint” must stop raising its debt ceiling and devise a plan to reduce its debt.

Increase Income?

Household: We have sufficient income for manageable expenses. I draw retirement income. My wife, bless her heart, is <deleted by Mrs. Appalachian Irishman> years younger than me, so she must work another year or so. By God's grace and our wisdom, we manage the best that we can, to keep expenses below our income.

If our household expenses, at some point, require additional income, then I could find a part-time job. I know how much the “socialist insecurity administration” states that I could earn, without reducing the amount of money that they owe me on a monthly basis. At this point, I have toyed with attempts to find the right part-time job, but I've not yet found a position that would serve my interests. I could become less picky, if inflation continues to be so uncontrolled.

USSA: the “guvrmint” has sufficient income but unmanageable expenses. The Fiscal Data on section is: “How much revenue has the U.S. government collected this year?” (Note: scroll down to the “Federal Revenue Overview” segment.)

That segment states that, in fiscal year 2022, the USSA “guvrmint” collected $4.90 trillion ($4,900,000,000,000) in revenue. It spent $6.27 trillion ($6,270,000,000,000). The deficit, thus, was $1.37 trillion ($1,370,000,000,000). (Note that it reports $1.38 trillion deficit, but $1.37 trillion is correct by my math.)

Isn't $4.90 trillion ($4,900,000,000,000) in revenue enough? The “guvrmint” may try to increase taxes. Wisdom dictates, however, that it must control and reduce its runaway spending! This leads to the next question.

Lower Spending?

Household: my wife and I are thrifty. We don't just “blow money.” We limit our so-called “discretionary” spending.

Unfortunately, runaway inflation (caused by federal spending) forces us to pay more for groceries, utilities, gasoline, household supplies, home and vehicle maintenance, and so forth. We track and budget our costs. My article of 9/2/2022 was a snapshot on how grocery costs have increased.

In a recent ten-day period (1/11/2023 - 1/20/2023, Wednesday through Friday), we endured a “perfect storm” of expenses. On 1/11/2023, my wife had her six-month dental cleaning, which we knew. On 1/12/2023, we had to replace our garbage disposal, which we didn't expect. On 1/17/2023, my wife had a follow-up dental appointment, which we didn't expect. On 1/19/2023, our propane tank was filled, which I'd rather have put off until next month. On 1/20/2023, Molly (our doggy) had her dental cleaning, which we'd known. (Interestingly, Molly's dental cleaning cost the same as my wife's!) In that ten-day period, we had to spend over $2,200.

Upcoming, we know that our 2012 Nissan Sentra needs new struts (estimated at about $1,100 total cost for parts and labor). Property tax must be paid before 2/28/2023. Thankfully, we have managed, and we should be able to manage those expenses. Our surplus, however, will be lowered, at least for a while.

In this period of inflation, we are unable to lower total spending. We, however, reduce costs, by dining out rarely and by not just “blowing money.” By God's grace, we will survive. (Jesus' words, in Matthew 6:25-34, assure us.)

USSA: the “guvrmint,” in contrast, is not thrifty. It, apparently, spends money like a drunken sailor, with apology to all sailors. Yes, certain outlays are necessary. Others are certainly not. I could unpack my thoughts on necessary verses wasteful spending, but I will not take the time to do so, in this article. Anyone with any fiscal common sense should know what I'm thinking.

Any “guvrmint” that has had to raise its debt ceiling limit 1.25 times a year, in each year, from 1960 to 2022, has a spending problem or obsession! That's what our “guvrmint” has been doing.

My article of 1/11/2021 cited a credible source, which indicated that, in 2014, the “guvrmint” started spending more than it brought in. Could you imagine spending more than your income, for nine inclusive years in a row? That's what our “guvrmint” has been doing, under various Presidents and Congresses.

3/2/2022 photo by Alan Roberts on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License.

 The “guvrmint” needs to remove some of the “piglets” that are sucking on the “tits.”


The search of my website by “debt” finds the following six articles, listed below, in chronological order. This is my seventh article on the subject of national debt.

“ELIMENTRY” LESSONS for the “GUVERMINT EDUKATED, SO$IALIST” FOLK (published 2-24-2013; updated 8-28-2022). The article notes that the 2012 national debt was $16.6 trillion and change. Of the six articles, this one is my favorite.

STATUS OF A ONCE GREAT NATION: Inflation, Debt, Socialism, & 1/6/2021 White House Attack (published 1/11/2021; updated 10/4/2022)



PRESIDENT BIDEN'S REPLY TO MY LETTER – Over a Year Late (published 7-27-2022; article #341)

STAGFLATION & MONEY TREE: “Engine Air Intake Hose” Story (published 8-28-2022; article #350)

Should the USSA raise the debt ceiling? No! If the house is full of garbage spending, then raising the roof will only allow more garbage to be added. Instead, haul off some garbage spending.

Should the USSA increase income? No! Who wants to pay Uncle Sam more, to allow him to keep up his addiction to reckless spending? Uncle Sam needs to undergo rehabilitation for reckless spending.

Should the USSA lower spending? Absolutely! Remember, the national debt is available on at least three websites: Fiscal Data on, an official website of the U.S. government (Total Public Debt Outstanding), USA Debt Clock, and US Debt Clock – which also records debt per citizen ($94,200 debt per citizen, as of 1/23/2023, 2:45 PM).

I can't look up at a high ceiling too long, without getting dizzy. I can't watch the numbers increase by the second, on USA Debt Clock and US Debt Clock, without getting dizzy.

Wake up, not woke up, America! Come down from the dizzying heights of spending, increasing by the second! My wife and I know how to manage our household budget. Does Congress know how to manage the federal budget?

You are welcome, dear reader, to share this article with anyone – especially to any member of Congress. Those folks need our common sense advice, if they will listen.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING: Molly is Guilty! (published 10-22-2022; article #367)

Photograph by M. Fearghail, 10/20/2022, 2:33 PM, “Molly in yard TIED - stop invading other yards!”


Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart
(Source: Born Free Lyrics. (n.d.) Retrieved October 21, 2022, from

The quote is the first line of the well-known song, “Born Free.” Clicking the source link finds the full lyrics and history. “Born Free” was also a very good movie. (Why are few, if any, movies like that anymore?) By the way, I detest “govermint” time! We don't set those clocks back until 11/6/2022!

Yesterday morning – in the darkness of “govermint” time – I was up, to see Mrs. Appalachian Irishman off to work – in the darkness. I started singing loudly my improvised lyrics version of “Born Free!” Thankfully, I was not recorded!

Molly (our ol' puppy) will be seven years young, officially, on Halloween. (See my 6/19/2021 article, on Molly.) Age is not slowing Molly down! This article is on Molly's illegal border crossings. Then, I affirm an argument by analogy on USSA illegal border crossings. The conclusion will encourage Molly and all illegal invaders to stay in their own yards!

Molly's Illegal Border Crossings

About a year ago, the box – that holds the battery, for Molly's “stay in the yard” collar – broke off. Molly had continued to stay in the yard – with no illegal border crossings into neighbors' yards. We'd thought, “Good doggy!” We didn't replace the box or use the “stay in the yard” collar. Molly had known her boundaries!

On Tuesday, 10/18/2022, being retired, I was in my home office. Mid-morning, I saw Molly in the yard of a next door neighbor! She came running to me when I called. I tied Molly to a front porch post, with a long lead line. (The photograph above is Molly, in the front yard, on the lead line. I was in our dining room. To me, the blinds and the window screen make Molly look as if she's in jail!)

Molly seemed to have apologized. I retrained her on the yard boundaries. To be on the safe side, I ordered a new battery box and new batteries, but I trusted Molly again.

The next day, Molly stayed in her boundaries – until mid-morning – when I saw her in the subdivision road! This time, Molly did not come to me, when I called! Instead, she darted into various yards, all the way to the subdivision entrance (to our west). I could not get Molly to come to me. I walked back home. I'd given up. A good neighbor, whom Molly had visited, brought her back home. (Thanks, Chuck!)

On Thursday, I no longer trusted Molly to stay in the yard! She stayed in the basement, until I returned – after my haircut and truck wash. Again, I tied Molly on the lead line to a front porch post. The weather has been sunny and warm enough all week. I walked Molly around our yard, marking the border. We talked. She knew that I still liked her but that I was upset by her illegal border crossings.

Yesterday, the birthday of my youngest brother, the error was mine. The cool morning had kept Molly in her basement condominium. I had planned to bring her upstairs, to hang out in the living room, about mid-morning. I was distracted, by trying to figure out when my Tuesday order (new battery box and new batteries) would arrive.

Molly had decided to visit our neighbor, Chuck, again! He brought Molly back. I apologized to him. It was my fault this time. (Sorry, Chuck!)

At 6:33 PM, my Tuesday order arrived! Molly, as usual, spent the evening on the couch, between Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. Before bedtime, I set the battery box and new battery on the “stay in the yard” collar. Molly and I went outside, in the dark, to retrain her on the border.

Today, the good news is that Molly has relearned her boundaries! She stays in the yard. If she tests her borders, then the collar reminds her with a little shock. Molly does not like those little shocks! Molly is now, officially, a “good, ol' puppy” once again!

Illegal Border Crossings

On Wednesday, Molly's illegal border crossings – into neighbors' yards – brought the illegal border crossings – into this once great nation – to my mind. The thought inspired this article.

My 8/5/2022 article linked to my 8/5/2022 podcast – on “Illegal Analogy.” I really don't want to write another article on this subject, but I will. I have to do so. The blind need to see the light. I'll shine the light another time, on this tiring topic.

The various media sources repeat, ad nauseam, on this topic. Early this morning, I happened to notice a TV channel that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was watching. I don't recall which network. The commentator contrasted the lower number of illegals, who had invaded this nation, during President Trump, to the much higher number, who continue to cross the border illegally, under President Biden.

I will not drone on further. I'm tired of this obviously easy topic. Secure the border! Stop the illegal invasion! The socialists think that they are adding more socialist voters. They continue to transform this once great nation into the Socialist Utopian Oblivion that they desire.

As many of my like-minded readers, I continue to stand. Our property border is secure. No illegals (humans or domestic animals) invade our property. Well, a neighbor's dog visits at times, but she's allowed short visits. Wild animals have no borders. They are “born free” in the wild. Turkeys, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and such visit at times. We don't care for the skunks that visit rarely.


This argument by analogy is concluded. Molly knows her borders again. She won't cross illegally into another neighbor's yard. I stopped Molly's illegal border crossings.

I wish that humans would stop crossing the border illegally into this once great nation. The “powers that be” know how to stop them. They are not ignorant. The “govermint” wants the illegal invasion to continue – at least until election day, on 11/8/2022 – two days after we get off “govermint” time! We'll see what happens.

By the way, today, the Tennessee Vols beat the UT Martin Skyhawks, on homecoming, 65 - 24. (I thought that a Skyhawk was a car that Buick made a few decades ago.) I named the game the “Tennessee football civil war” – Tennessee Knoxville against Tennessee Martin (northwest Tennessee). My Dawgs have an open date today.

My 10/19/2022 article proposed a bet, with my UT Vol readers. I've had no takers yet. I forgot that some UT Vol readers could be ladies, who don't mind wearing pink.

Friday, September 30, 2022

“I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” and ALLIANCE with NORTH KOREA? (published 9-30-2022; article #361)


Yes, this article is another on “poly-tics.” I'm sorry. Sixty-one of my 360 articles (before this one) have been on or have included “poly-tics.” I had grown tired of writing on the theme. The conclusion, however, will be on a spiritual singing note. I promise! You may sing along!

My sarcastic humor could not resist writing this article. Who sees dead people? Is this once great nation allied with North Korea? What does this mean, for this once great nation? Please read further, if I've caught your interest!

The Sixth Sense” Movie

“The Sixth Sense” was released in August of 1999. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had returned from Russia (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999). I can't find the date on my 1999 desk calendar, but I recall that my wife, some of her family, and I went to see “The Sixth Sense,” in October or November of 1999. We must have needed a break, from the travel and reporting to the churches that had supported our mission work financially.

I see dead people” is the most notable line in that movie – as whispered by the young actor. I wonder why the quality of movies, in general, has deteriorated over the years. We haven't been to see a movie in a long time. We've waited on a few good enough movies to show on TV. No, we don't have and don't want one of those live TV streaming services! (I heard a reader ask the question!)

President Biden, on 9/28/2022, Looked for a Dead Person

President Biden's gaffe, on 9/28/2022, was in the various media sources – with the usual spins and commentaries. President Biden was looking, in the audience, for a live person, who had died last month.

The National Public Radio (NPR) article is: “Biden calls out for late Rep. Jackie Walorski at White House hunger event,” by Ximena Bustillo, NPR, updated 9/29/2022, 2:42 PM ET. That article includes a 59-second audio-video segment, in which President Biden looked for a person – who, unfortunately, had died, in an automobile accident, last month.

I hope that the person, who was killed in the automobile accident, was ready to go Home. I am sensitive to news about vehicle wrecks and those injured badly or killed. The 18-year-old, uninsured driver – who failed to yield to my right of way – almost killed me, on 3/29/2016. I've written about it, starting with my 8/26/2016 article. I'm still recovering, but I am much better than I had been. I joke that it takes a long time, to recover from being 90% dead!

With sympathy to the family of the person who died last month, it is a point of concern that President Biden was looking for her, to be alive, in the audience. This was not the first time that President Biden has demonstrated his mental degradation. The Commander in Chief should have robust, wise, and sound mental capabilities.

Vice President Harris Affirms Alliance with North Korea

But wait! Vice President Harris – next in line, if President Biden becomes even more incapable in his duties – thinks that this once great nation is allied with North Korea!

On 9/29/2022, the day after President Biden's gaffe, Vice President Harris made her own gaffe! I can't make up this stuff, folks. It really happened. She thinks, or thought at the moment, that this once great nation is allied with North (not South) Korea!

Fox and Friends has a 31-second audio-video clip: Fox and Friends, 9/29/2022, “VP Harris mistakenly touts US alliance with North Korea: The vice president's gaffe came one day after the rogue nation tested a ballistic missile.” Yes, she said “the Republic of North Korea.”


Perhaps hurricane Ian, which hit the west coast of Florida, on 9/28/2022, had distracted the President and the Vice President. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida. The hurricane was devastating. The remnants of it will hit in our northeast Tennessee area, probably late this evening.

What do these gaffes, a day apart, mean, for this once great nation? The meaning is apparent. Men and women of great and sound intellect and character -- who think and act according to the founding principals that are established in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – are needed, to govern this nation from decline back to greatness. Unfortunately, I don't see or hear very many. A few may be in the USSA House and Senate. A few may be state governors.

My sixty-second article on “poly-tics” is done! As Dad had said, “this country is about gone, boys.”

But wait! My hope, which is built on Christ, knows that this world is not my home. I'm just passing through! has information on the song, “This World Is Not My Home (I'm Just a Passin' Thru).” The YouTube channel A Cappella Hymns includes a version of the song, copyright permission obtained, at “This World Is Not My Home - A Cappella Hymn.” You are welcome to sing along!

When Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were dating and both at Freed-Hardeman University (Henderson, Tennessee), we attended the Refuge Church of Christ (a few miles to the south). The church was in a rural area. Several university students attended, to help that small group of rural church members. We sang “This World Is Not My Home” with much more vigor and speed than the song is sung in the link above! We could “raise the roof!”

By my eyes of faith, I can see many family and friends, who have already gone Home. I don't look for them in an audience here. My soul is allied with the Good Lord – and His heavenly nation. I place, therefore, the gaffes of the President and the Vice President into my everlasting mindset.

I hope that you, dear reader, do also. If you would like, I am eager to help you see what I see, by faith. You are welcome to use my Contact Form, for that purpose.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

STAGFLATION & MONEY TREE: “Engine Air Intake Hose” Story (published 8-28-2022; article #350)


A man might as well just laugh about it. What else can he do? After a while, it just becomes funny. Sometimes, it starts off funny and stays funny – sarcastically – such as this article.

This is a story about the “engine air intake hose,” in the context of Biden's stagflation economy and the money tree. Y'all might as well laugh with me! (Insert smiley face emoji here – if you “like” 👍 that type of silliness.)

The Story Begins

On Thursday morning, 8/25/2022, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove – alone, as the “new normal” – our 2012 Nissan Sentra to work. (My 6/15/2022 article mentioned our vehicle trade.) After arriving at work, she called to say that the “service engine soon” light was on. The car displayed no problems. Hum. What could it be? Our new, ol' car had checked out “A-OK,” mechanically, before and just after we got her.

At any rate, my wife made it home fine. I checked our new, ol' car to find nothing wrong. I'd already called the local Nissan dealership and service center, to arrange the next day appointment. (I plan to buy an inexpensive diagnostic tool, to see what “service engine soon” light means! It could save us money, if I can diagnose and repair myself.)

The High Dollar Engine Air Intake Hose

The next day, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove my new, ol' truck (2006 Nissan Frontier) to and from work. I asked how she liked driving my truck. She didn't comment much, but I saw her little grin, when she said that she had “done alright.” My truck didn't seem to mind. He rolled over to 186,000 miles on the trip.

Earlier that next day, I'd taken her car (2012 Nissan Sentra) to and from the Nissan shop. The appointment was at 10:30 AM. I arrived at 10:29 AM. I paid the bill at 12:20 PM. At least the part was in stock. So, I didn't have to get “favorite” sister-in-law (retired) to help or to pay for a one-day rental.

What part, you ask? I took the photograph, below, yesterday (8/27/2022).

Do you see the black flexible hose, with the piece that looks like a “walking stick handle” on top of it? (Clamps are on both ends of the hose.) That is an “Engine Air Intake Hose Part # 16576ET00A.” The old hose had a small crack in it. That crack had triggered the “service engine soon” light, on 8/25/2022.

What did that little part, plus labor, plus supplies, plus tax cost, you ask? Well, the following is from the bill (with my notes added, in bold italics).

     Engine Air Intake Hose Part # 16576ET00A  $102.35
     Labor (for about 1.5 hrs. work)                    $194.67
     Shop supplies (what supplies?)                     $27.25
     Tax                                                                   $29.99
     TOTAL                                                           $354.26

That relatively small part cost way too much! The labor was way too high! (The labor rate calculates to just over $125 an hour.) I'd like to have seen the shop supplies that cost $27.25. I might have wanted to keep what I bought. (Insert smiley face emoji here.)

Yesterday, I did some browsing, on the cost of that part. Nissan North America, Inc., in Franklin, Tennessee, shows the same cost - $102.35. Nissan Parts Deal, by Auto Parts Prime, Inc. – in South El Monte, California – shows the cost at $72.46. Wholesale Parts Express – in Lauderdale, Florida – shows the cost at $28.95. Now, $28.95 would have been very reasonable, but I wouldn't have waited, while the part shipped in from Florida.

On Thursday and Friday, I'd told the folks at the Nissan dealership and service center not to send texts to my cell phone. They did anyway. I did “STOP” replies. Their text, after the work was done, asked me “to provide feedback” on the service

So, yesterday morning, I checked to verify that the website was valid, and I provided my “feedback,” as follows.

8/26/2022: Sentra - Engine Air Intake Hose Part # 16576ET00A - $102.35 + $194.67 labor (about 1.5 hrs.) + $27.25 supplies + tax = $354.26. At least the part was in stock, and I didn't need to leave and return, to await service completion. Total time, from arrival to payment - 10:30 AM to 12:20 PM. Service was excellent. Cost for part + labor was too high. Sara fixed quickly, with no charge, the right front passenger window, which the driver's side main control couldn't roll up or down! Thanks, Sara! Service worked out. I've had service there before. Service is always excellent. Cost for parts and labor had been reasonable. That cost is now too high, in context of current stagflation. Three stars -- only due to high cost for parts and labor. I'll return, as needed. I hope that I don't have to do so for a long time!

Yes, the driver's side master, for the four side windows, would not roll up or down the right front passenger window. I'd tinkered with the master control. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had done so. Neither of us had any luck. I'd notice the minor problem, on our 6/4/2022 test drive.

Sara managed the service. Just before I paid, I'd indicated the problem and stated that we might come back, to have it checked. Sara went to our car and punched the various master control buttons – as we had done. Sara must have been “holding her mouth right,” as folks say around here! The driver's side master can lower and raise that window now! That's why Sara got my thanks!

Yes, as a man, I will admit when a woman does something mechanical that I couldn't do. It doesn't happen often. (Insert smiley face emoji here.) I hear you laughing!

Stagflation and Money Tree

Ol' man Webster (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) defines “stagflation” as “persistent inflation combined with stagnant consumer demand and relatively high unemployment.” Y'all know what that it. We're in it. A Forbes article, of two months ago, told us it was coming. See “Stagflation: Causes And When It Will Come,” by Bill Conerly, Senior Contributor, Forbes, 6/28/2022, 7:30 AM EDT.

My readers, who are old enough, remember the “good old days” of Jimmy Carter stagflation. Those “good old days” are back! (Insert smiley face sarcastic emoji here.)

At some point, I may write another article on the USSA Money Tree ($Tree). I searched my website by “Money Tree” and picked five articles to reference here. Four are from last year: 2/28/2021, 3/22/2021, 4/2/2021, 5/22/2021. One is last month: 7/27/2022.

Earlier this month (August 2022), the Democrat Socialists and Biden, the First President of the USSA, printed more Monopoly Money – on 8/16/2022 and 8/24/2022. For 8/16/2022, see “Biden signs $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act into law, slams GOP for voting against the tax, climate deal,” by Brooke Singman, Fox News, 8/16/2022, 4:16 PM EDT. For 8/24/2022, see “Forgiving $10,000 in student debt could cost the U.S. $300 billion,” on CBS News Money Watch, by Aimee Picchi, updated 8/24/2022, 5:47 PM.

That's a total of $1,039,000,000,000 ($1.039 trillion) in Monopoly Money – in one month! (Insert smiley face sarcastic emoji here.)

On 6/6/2022, D-Day anniversary, I'd noticed a viewer spike on my article of 2/24/2013, “'ELIMENTRY' LESSONS for the 'GUVERMINT EDUKATED, SO$IALIST' FOLK.” I'd wondered what had spiked views, in 2022, to an article I'd written over nine years ago. Who knows? I may publish an article or podcast that is similar to that one. You can too! Just find the facts, shave off eight zeros, and apply to a household budget – as my “Lesson #1” did, in my article of over nine years ago.


My “Engine Air Intake Hose” story, in this article, is one example – of billions (pardon the pun) – of Biden's stagflation economy. I don't blame Biden exclusively. From Trump, going farther back, the “guvermint” has been “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,” for decades.

Pick either US Treasury Debt to the Penny, US Debt, USA Debt, or Worldometer United States National Debt – to see the USSA debt keep piling up. The spinning numbers on three of those websites will mesmerize you!

The USSA keeps spending itself into “Socialist Utopian Oblivion.” Don't worry! A man might as well just laugh about it. What else can he do – except write another article?

Friday, August 05, 2022

ILLEGAL ANALOGY: 5-14-2006 article on 8-5-2022 podcast (published 8-5-2022, article #345)


Greetings, y'all! Yesterday was election day, here in “Knox County Vegas.” I voted, but the lady told me that I could come back to vote again.

I wrote this reference to my 5/14/2006 article, before I went to vote again. Y'all figure out if I'm joking or serious!

Illegal Analogy” (published 5/14/2006; article #12)

I published my article “Illegal Analogy,” on 5/14/2006. It was my twelfth article. I updated the article, on 6/26/2022, by adding the introductory paragraph only. As of this article today, I have published 345 articles.

I see viewer counts in my website statistics. I don't know who views which articles when. I only see articles viewed by date and number of viewers on that date. On 6/26/2022 and 8/2/2022, I had viewer spikes on “Illegal Analogy” – my article of sixteen years ago. I don't know why my article had viewer spikes on those days. I'd almost forgotten about that article.

Illegal Analogy” (podcast 8/5/2022)

The viewer spikes motivated me to create a podcast, in which I read, with some adaptation, the words that I wrote sixteen years ago. I added an introductory note on my podcast. I changed only a few words, in my original article, for a more natural speaking voice. I did not change anything else.

I hope that you enjoy listening to me, while I read my 5/14/2006 article, “Illegal Analogy!” The YouTube link is at: ILLEGAL ANALOGY (published 8-5-2022; episode #4).


Well, I'd better get off here for now. That lady at the voting place, of yesterday, may be looking for me and wondering why I didn't go back to vote again yesterday. Also, I need to sweep the water that puddled on the front porch – after another, almost daily, pop up storm.

By the way, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is home now. Yesterday, she had to start “hitting a lick” at work. Today was her second day back to work, after her summer break. Bless her heart. She may have to work another three years, before she can join the retirement club.

Illegal Analogy” was my statement on the flood of illegal aliens crossing the southern border – in 2006. The flood is worse now – 16 years later. The analogy is timeless – unfortunately. When will this once great nation remember that secure borders define a nation?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

PRESIDENT BIDEN'S REPLY TO MY LETTER – Over a Year Late (published 7-27-2022; article #341)


Howdy, y'all! To my Tennessee audience, I wonder when the weather will warm up! It's too cold, and we've had enough snow! But seriously folks, we're in the Dog Days of Summer. It's supposed to be hot. Molly (our doggy), however, does not care for the heat.

My 7/25/2021 article took an interesting sidetrack on the Dog Days of Summer – which are from July 3rd to August 11th every year. It has something -- or nothing -- to do with SiriusXM. Y'all will figure it out! I'm not deviling you!

By the way, I hope that you listened to my podcast: "If I Were the Devil" – Inspired by Paul Harvey (published 7-22-2022; podcast #3). The podcast link is also in my 7/22/2022 article -- which has the transcript. Please share my article and podcast widely! We're trying to help folks not go to the devil – if they both hear and listen.

That brings me to the purpose of this brief article. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., apparently, heard the words in my 5/24/2021 letter to him, but he did not listen to (or heed) my words. President Biden replied on 7/12/2022. Why did it take him over a year to reply to me?

My 5/24/2021 Letter to Biden

My 5/22/2021 article – “AN INVITATION TO THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE USSA TO REVEAL THE MONEY TREE (published 5/22/2021)” – includes the main content of my letter to President Biden. I mailed it, on 5/24/2022, as my article stated. The three links to the national debt are still valid.

The final two paragraphs of my article stated:

Of course, in practical terms, I know that he will never know that I sent this letter. I anticipate that a robotic letter opening machine will open my letter, scan it for context, determine that the content is irrelevant, and send my letter to the recycle robot.

My wisdom in a word will be someone's toilet paper – eventually. I WILL HAVE TRIED!

Apparently, my 5/24/2021 letter to President Biden did not become toilet paper!

Biden's 7/12/2022 Reply

Monday, July 18, 2022, was Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's age [year censored by her] birthday. On that date, I received Joe Biden's 7/12/2022 reply, to my 5/24/2021 letter! That was my wife's “birthday surprise!”

Joe Biden's letter to me is below. I hope that you can enlarge it enough to read it. I added my handwritten notes and blotted out the name of our “huge metropolitan mega city.”

Joe addressed me by my first name only, as if we've known each other for years. So, I'll just call him Joe. He wrote that he was “hearing from” me.

My Thoughts to Joe

I'm glad that my letter inspired you, Joe, but why did it take over a year to reply to me! Joe, you and I are not traveling the same road together!

You are optimistic for the future. I am not. Most folks are not. Your common ground is sinking sand. I will not join you there.

You think that you are moving forward – when you're moving backward. I'd help write the next chapter in the American story – if you will listen to me. You don't want to listen to my courage and dedication.

The Un-united Socialist States of America (USSA) is at a critical moment. You, Joe, do not want to meet the moment with anyone who disagrees with your socialist agenda – including me. The best days of the USA – or USSA, since 1/20/2021, when you, Joe, became the first USSA president – are behind us, at least for a long time – if not forever.

Joe, you wrote as if my letter was very important. Don't pontificate to me. I am not deceived.

USSA Money Tree

The U.S. Department of the Treasury website includes Fiscal Data, which is “your one-stop shop for federal financial data.” The Fiscal Data website includes Debt to the Penny, which is the official record of national debt, updated each workday.

On 7/25/2022, the “Total Public Debt Outstanding” was $30,543,559,825,181.40. The website includes historical national debt – by “Preview & Download, Date Range (Record Date), All.” I have included three more dates, for perspective:

7/25/2012 - debt $15,874,859,322,768.40 (almost 1/2 the 7/25/22 debt)

7/25/2002 - debt $6,150,003,507,609.84 (almost 1/2 the 7/25/12 debt)

4/01/1993 - debt $4,225,873,987,843.44 (first entry. No entries farther back.)

“Preliminary Report on Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities at End-June 2021, February 28, 2022” shows at least 25 nations, to which the USSA owes money. China is number six on the list. Japan is number one. I doubt that Japan will try to take over the USSA. China wants to. I still suggest that we start learning Mandarin.

Since 2002, the national debt has almost doubled every ten years. There is no money tree, folks. The USSA is broke and continues to spend more money than it brings in (which is plenty) – as an undisciplined adult, who maxes out his credit cards.


I will let y'all know, if I decide to write and mail Joe my reply. I won't wait over a year. I don't think that I'll reply. It would waste my time – like casting pearls before swine. (See Matthew 7:6.)

At least my 5/24/2021 letter to Joe did not become someone's toilet paper! I assume that a low level staffer discovered that Joe's standard, canned letter had not been sent to me. So, the staffer took a canned letter, from the stack of canned letters, and mailed to me one of Joe's form letters, which someone probably wrote for him. Joe may have signed his name on the original letter, which was copied many times. I would be shocked, if I ever learn that Joe took the time to read my 5/24/2021 letter and to pen his personal reply of 7/12/2022. I doubt that Joe even knows that he sent me the letter.

Joe, you need to listen to and heed my words – not just hear them. Come on man! Joe, guide this once great nation back to the Rock of Ages – not to the sinking sand of Satan! I pray to the Good Lord that you will listen and hear. I am offering a pearl of great price! (See Matthew 13:45.) Don't throw away the pearl, Joe!