Sunday, July 12, 2020


Independence Day

“Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July.” That’s a good song. Due to my “cowardice,” I didn’t spend Saturday in the park, hiking. I’ve hiked in hot and humid weather many times, before and after “bionic” body parts. I didn’t feel the need to sweat a T-shirt, as if it had been washed, to change into a dry T-shirt, after such a hike – last weekend. Next time? Well, look for a future article!

I did, however, buy my rights to my website – to demonstrate my independence! is a backup link now. My website is now! I own it for the next ten years! Of course, if I’m still here at boot camp in ten years, I’ll renew my ownership for another ten years and so forth. The Good Lord knows how many decades I have left, before He calls me HOME!

Sister’s Call

Did y’all know that I have a sister? Yes, I do! She has about eight years on me. No, Mom and Dad didn’t have a daughter. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I lived in Missouri, from 1986 to 1994, before we moved to Russia (1994 to 1999). My sister and I adopted each other then! I AM her brother. She IS my sister. We are not related biologically. We are related in spirit! Her family and she are of Irish stock, predominately. I am too.

My sister called in the early evening of 7/7/2020. We talked from 6:52 PM to 8:33 PM, 1 hour and 41 minutes! Her mother and I talked a while also. Her mother, my adoptive mother, is age 90. My sister and I hadn’t talked in a while. It was a great conversation! The miles are distant (about an eight-hour drive, one way), but our spirits are side-by-side!

My adoptive sister and mother have endured a great deal of trouble, in this boot camp world. I have also. We endure, by God’s grace and by our stubborn and strong Irish wills!

One topic of our fine conversation was about the racial tension in this country. I will NOT address the minutia on the topic. Anyone -- who was raised correctly, by godly parents, and who follows the Good Book – should KNOW the answer to the tension. My sister and I agreed, of course.

She and I continue e-mail contact also. On 7/8/2020, she e-mailed a reference to an article that I link here. (That’s one place where I found it.) Some details of that article do not appear to be correct, as can be found. One link is here.

The Irish, however, were slaves. The difference between “indentured servants” and “slaves” is nothing more than a quibble, used euphemistically. The Irish were slaves. The proof, from two articles of others, is here and here; I ordered the book.

As I’ve written before, black, white, red, and yellow have ALL been slaves. We MUST ALL follow God’s law! ONLY then will EVERYONE get along well enough. Do not be enslaved in your mind.

As an IMPORTANT aside, a free couple, in a once free nation, has the RIGHT, by law (God’s as validated by our Second Amendment) to DEFEND themselves against THREAT. I am glad that some are STANDING with them! I STAND!

Sister, let’s see when our families can meet around the Nashville area soon! Until then, you ARE my sister. I AM your brother. We stay connected, in spirit and by phone and e-mail!

Myopic Insanity

I have written what I have written on the new cold virus. I have moved on. I wish our once great nation would too.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman took her father to a medical appointment, on 7/9/2020. She does NOT wear a mask when she is WITH her father, every day, at his home. She was WITH her father at the medical office. The IDIOTS made her wait in the hot car. (She said several others, including the very elderly, were doing the same, for the same reason.) The IDIOTS would NOT allow her, or anyone, to stay in the building WITH a relative, such as her father, who had an appointment – EVEN WHEN SHE WAS, or they were, WEARING the mask that she, or they, came in wearing, as my father did. That’s one example of myopic insanity.


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was able, FINALLY, to get a high dollar “haircut” at her “barber,” yesterday. Her last “haircut,” delayed by this new cold virus, was on 11/23/2019. As far as I could tell, about an inch of hair is gone. That little gray area is colored. The cost was – well, I’d better not say. Her usual “haircut” would have been about February, but her “barber” could not be in business. Then, her “barber” re-opened, with the restrictions, but the appointments were booked, until yesterday. That’s actually another example of myopic insanity.

Oh, I’m into week six, instead of the usual four, for my haircut. My barber seems to be focusing on his other income stream more. He still cuts hair, but his hair-cutting business is taking a clipping. I might get a haircut Thursday. We will see.


I still haven’t understood why folks post photos of their food, on social media websites. I eat my food.

Speaking of which, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman just came into my home office and cleared her throat. Okay, dear! I’ll stop to eat supper – without taking a photo of it first!

Y’all turn right and go straight out there – please, unless you’re doing so already! If you are, then good! Keep going!

Postscript: this is my after supper digest entry, while I digest my supper. (I love a good play, on words!)

Friday, July 03, 2020


Well, good evening, y’all! Today is Independence Day Eve. Well, we used to have freedom and independence, based on the Constitution, which is derived from a person’s God given rights. I’m not feeling very independent this evening. Are you? Strike that! I AM a free man, in my soul, by the freedom God gave me, as a man created in His image. We all are, male and female. I STAND, therefore, as a free man, in a once free nation.

Today, on Independence Day Eve, the Knox County Board of Health, effective 7/3/2020, REQUIRES face masks. I was one of the violators today, while hauling trash and getting gas. I was in the MAJORITY. In fact, I did NOT see even one person wearing a mask. I saw many at both locations, especially going in and out at the gas station convenience store. To be “fair and balanced,” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, who did the grocery shopping, stated that the majority wore masks, including her.

I’ll sidetrack a little now. I hear the slippery slope argument in the minds of readers, who do not agree with me. They have rebuttals, such as, “The government requires vehicle child restraints, seat belts, hands free use of phones, speed limits, firearm carry permits, zoning regulations, permits of many types, etc.” I would add, “Etc., etc., ad nauseam.” That’s the slippery slope, as readers who agree with me see. Shall we slide further down the slope? Many Americans are NOT taking care of their health. Many do not exercise much or at all. Many over eat. The slippery slope logic concludes that government, to protect us “poor idiots,” MUST MANDATE exercise and proper diets, with monetary penalty and/or confinement, in a diet and exercise facility, for violators. Why not? Slip down that slope all the way! Many laws and regulations exist, because folks do NOT have enough common sense to do what’s right. (No, the wearing or not wearing of a mask is neither right nor wrong morally. It is a subjective choice. Don’t try that “protect others” argument, to try to bully me. I can rebut it very easily.) Many, in this once great nation, are losing their common sense at an astonishing rate, if they ever had it. Worse yet, many are losing their sense of morality, if they ever had it.

I will NOT debate the so-called science that argues with itself, on the benefit or lack of benefit, regarding wearing a mask in public areas. Yes, medical folks wear masks for many reasons. I’m glad that the skilled surgeon who repaired my three smashed joints wore a mask when he pieced me back together. Science has merged with politics, however. I read so-called scientific “experts,” on both sides of the mask, who “reason from science” that masks benefit or don’t benefit, in the context of this new cold virus.

Even Dr. Fauci has spoken out of both sides of his mouth on the subject. I mentioned this in my article of 5/15/2020. That article references “Tucker Carlson: We Didn't Appoint Fauci Dictator During This Crisis,” on RealClear Politics, by Tim Hains, 5/13/2020. In that audio-video and transcript, Tucker Carlson presented two segments. In the first, Dr. Fauci encouraged mask wearing (at 4:59 into the audio-video). Two months beforehand, Dr. Fauci had discouraged mask wearing (at 5:40 in the audio-video). Of course, the propaganda machine is winning the mask wearing war.

Also, I will NOT comment further on Corona Myopia. I’ve moved on. Most of my articles, from 4/19/2020 to 5/24/2020 were on the topic. I, however, can’t help but take a parting shot! Tennessee total 2020 COVID-19 deaths to this 7/3/2020 entry are 620. Tennessee total 2020 traffic deaths to this same entry date are 507. (Note: the numbers are from TN COVID-19 Dashboard, as of this date.) I know it is apples to oranges, but it still makes a point. Where is the daily obsession by the politicians and in the media on the daily traffic accident numbers, number of traffic accident recoveries, and number of traffic fatalities? I have moved on, as well as I can, from the Corona Myopia Obsession, which is the laser focus of politicians and the media (which includes social media).

Let’s track back to the main point. There are nine Knox County Board of Health Members. The Knox County Board of Health Members are NOT elected officials. The Knox County District Advisory Council (DAC), whatever that is, appoints six members. The Mount Vernon City Council, of which I’ve never heard until today, appoints the other three members. Board members have five-year terms. They have no term limits.

Taxation (i.e., the 7/3/2020 mask wearing law by unelected bureaucrats) without representation (i.e., our ability to elect those bureaucrats) is tyranny. Do you remember any similar history? I will NOT allow bureaucrats, who were NOT elected, to impose their TYRANNY on me! DON’T TREAD ON ME.

It’s suppertime, as per Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. Let’s eat, in a healthy manner, with proper portions! I’ll do my usual stretching and muscle exercises after supper.

Postscript: I had finished this article just before suppertime. My youngest brother, his wife, and their two daughters made a short-notice, surprise visit after supper. Well, that was a pleasant surprise! So, approaching bedtime, I’m posting this article now. Good night, y’all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

NORRIS, “FAVORITE” SISTER-IN-LAW, & FATHER’S DAY (published 6-24-2020; updated 9/25/2022)

9/25/2022: updated for style only. My words remain the same.


On 6/21/2020, Father’s Day and “favorite” sister-in-law’s birthday, I hiked Norris for the 21st time. This was also my total hike number 221 (since I started my hiking log, on 04/23/2000). So, as I joked, “favorite” sister-in-law was “21” on 6/21/2020!

A Day on the Lake”

My Father's Day gift to father-in-law and birthday gift to “favorite” sister-in-law was “a day on the lake,” via this photo.

The above photograph is early afternoon, looking west, on the lower River Bluff trail. Norris Dam is to the left or north, behind me. The trail is a 3.2-mile loop. I'd taken the lower, left side loop that goes south to start.

The above photograph is after I'd finished the lower left loop, then hiked up the ridge, and then hiked across, heading north, just under the ridge line. I came out where I went in. The above photo is the start of the loop. Coming into the loop, your choice is left or right. I'd chosen left first and came out right.

Isn’t that like life? We all chose left (i.e., to sin). Then, some chose right (i.e., to accept the Good Lord’s free gift offer, through His Son, our Savior.) Those who chose right, in the end, come out right.

As a side note, coming out, the clouds arrived and the thunder started. The rain arrived at my father-in-law’s house, after I’d been there a while, for “favorite” sister-in-law’s birthday and father-in-law’s day activities. Fleetwood Mac was wrong. Thunder doesn’t only happen when it’s raining. Their song is still great, however!

There he is! My new, ol' truck didn’t get a country boy washing, by the rain that came, until he was in the driveway at my in-laws’ house!


Well, Father’s Day was Sunday. I have a good father-in-law, who is still here. Dad used to ask, “you boys ready to eat?” That was when he was still alive, but Mom was already Home. He was here without her from 12/27/2000 to 1/25/2008. He liked to make dinner and/or supper for us when we were with him, at the homeplace. He turned into a good cook, after Mom went Home!

Supper was fine, on Sunday, Dad! I miss you. I’ll see you again.

AGE 14 JEANS, FLAG DAY, 6-16-2020, GNATS (published 6-24-2020)


My last post, on 6/13/2020, promised a post the next day. Today is NOT the next day. Oh, well, at least I’m trying!

Age 14 Jeans

In my last post, I’d referenced eldest daughter of youngest brother and his wife. She attained age 14 on 6/12/2020. Ironically, on Friday, 6/12/2020, I decided that this pair of my blue jeans, at least age 14 or more, needed to retire.

Now, the front still does not look too bad. I could patch a hole at a “sensitive area.” Hey! Do you see part of my feet? Do you see that little red spot, on my right foot, between my big toe and the next one? If and when that spot and the spot on the back of my right heel (not visible) both go away, then my right foot may recover fully! Let’s hike! The ankle area and bone to my big toe still feel every step differently than my undamaged left foot.

The back, however, has a fatal hole! It would take too much patchwork to cover that gaping hole! (Of course, I could delegate Mrs. Appalachian Irishman that task, but I won’t. Ha!) So, the blue jeans that are at least 14 years old are retired. Ha! Oh, yes, I wear an ankle wrap on my right foot, when I’m in the house, walking barefooted. It helps, as far as I can tell. I don’t need the ankle wrap, but it’s just my habit now. Let’s hike, if you can keep up with me! I still keep a strip, cut in half, of kinesiology tape on various areas of my right foot. I change it once a week.

Flag Day

Okay, so I’m ten days late! I remembered Flag Day and the reason why it’s called Flag Day. I wonder: how many others remembered – in the midst of the short-term new cold virus and racial tension that’s going on? America used to be a great nation, but we are dropping into oblivion very quickly – if you believe the propaganda that is in much of the media.

Dear Lord, I hope that folks, who need to do so, will restore their minds and hearts – before You call everyone “out of the pool!” We’ll see what happens.


On 6/16/1901, Lula Frank Amos Wood (last name by marriage to Aby William Wood) was born. She was and is (awaiting me at Home) my maternal grandmother. Granny Wood was a wonderful grandmother to me! I love her, and I miss her. I will see her again, at Home, one of these days!

On 6/16/2016, I took my first three steps, with a rolling walker -- in our kitchen, with Mrs. Appalachian Irishman standing behind me, in case I fell. These were my first steps since 3/29/2016 – when the idiot, uninsured, age 18 female failed to yield to my right of way.

I have recovered, to this point -- due to fine medical care, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, my strong, stubborn, Irish will, neighbors, friends and family, and God’s grace. I am still recovering.

I have a fine friend who hikes House Mountain. He has a doctorate in physics. He has self-taught doctorates in medicine, nutrition, philosophy, and other fields. He is about nine years older than me. I met him on House Mountain for the first time on 1/2/2011 (my 76th hike). I’ve either hiked with him or met him on the trail ten other times, with 12/3/2017 as most recent. (I need to call him. It’s been a while.)

He told me, when we met on House Mountain, on 12/3/2017, that my recovery could take ten years. I hadn’t seen him since 2/7/2016 hike. I told him the details of 3/29/2016. He listened carefully, observed me, asked questions, and concluded that my recovery could take ten years.

Various medical professionals have speculated about recovery time. (I wouldn’t recover any more than I had. Wrong! I would never recover fully. I may not. It may take seven to ten years to recover, to where I don’t feel too much difference.) The last one is about right, but more like ten years. Since I’m inside my body, I KNOW that my fine friend was probably correct. I’m into year five now. I’m half way there. Let’s hike, if you can keep up with me!

By the way, my recovering left shoulder “talks to” my left side area, even more than usual, lately. Who cares? It just means that my “bionic” left shoulder is improving and sending “messages” to my left side. I do what I do, regardless! The power in my body is there! The will in my spirit will ALWAYS be there -- even after the power in my body leaves me, before I leave my body! Again, let’s hike!


Gnats are pesky. Last Friday evening, in my bathroom, I hunted down and sent to His Maker an adult gnat (i.e., fly) that was pestering us. Saturday evening, I sent another one, in our bedroom, to its grave (i.e., trash can). Sunday, I fly swatted another two to their graves. That was four adult gnats in three days. I think that they have learned their lesson. No more adult gnats since Sunday – yet.

Anyone who shares my everlasting perspective on life should agree on the first three gnats, below, that are aggravating our once great nation. Here are four gnats – that, by way of irony, match the see previous number of adult gnats. (I didn’t plan it this way. It just happened by coincidence, as I assume.)

(1) The new cold virus: it’s also called coronavirus or COVID-19. The media (printed, TV, Interweb, social) are full of propaganda on it.

One social media soon-to-be-ex-friend won’t lie down on this! I’ve stopped the seeing of his posts for 30 days twice now! I’ve offered him to hike with me and to email me. He has done neither yet. I hope that his wife doesn’t share his Corona Myopia obsession.

My job had me working at home for several weeks. Now, I’m working at home one week and at the office the next week, in rotation – doing exactly the same work. At the office, I must have my temperature taken. The secretary/temperature-checker will not ask me the “required” health questions. I tell her anyway, as a joke, that I have all those symptoms! Ha! Last week, as a new sub-gnat, when I’m working at the office, I must wear a mask, unless I’m sitting at my desk! The insanity of it all is almost unbearable! Even when I’m alone in the men’s bathroom (as the only man in the office, which includes two or three women only), I’m supposed to wear a mask! Really? So, if I’m in there taking a leak, with my mask off, where is the hidden camera that will catch me in violation? Argh! Get some common sense, employer!

Ain’t y’all tired of the insanity? Let’s move on, shall we? Who gives a rat’s rear end about the number of cases, recovered cases, new cases, and ad nauseum? Heck, I might test positive for it. If I ever had it, I didn’t know it, as I had NO symptoms! The new cold virus death count, in Knox County, has been for MANY weeks and still is, at the time of this post, FIVE. (I regret the five deaths.) I’ve written many times on this topic. I’m done. Let’s move on!

(2) Racial tension: a bad white cop killed a bad black man. The white cop and other cops were wrong. They will face their crime. That’s justice. Another white cop killed a black man. The evidence seems to indicate that the killing was justified. The court will decide, correctly; I hope. Many cops have been injured or killed, but they don’t make the news at all or as often.

There are peaceful protests. That’s fine. There have been and still are ongoing riots, looting, vandalism, destruction, etc. That’s absolute insanity and anarchy! That MUST be stopped! No one has come around this house yet, to riot, loot, vandalize, or destroy. IF it happens, I have firepower and plenty of ammunition.

Everyone should have been taught the childhood song: “Red and yellow, black and white, they (ALL) are precious in His sight.” Yes, black and white slavery is historical. (My Irish heritage includes slavery to the English.) Blacks have enslaved blacks and whites. Whites have enslaved whites and blacks. A wise man once stated that we should judge a person by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin. I agree. ALL lives matter, and that is NOT a disregard to blacks. THEY are INCLUDED in ALL lives matter! Unborn children are included in ALL lives matter! Got it? GOOD!

The Good Lord gives us permission to be “fruit inspectors” without being judgmental. I inspect fruit. I do NOT judge unjustly (which is prejudice). I have known many yellow, red, black, and white who are FINE folks. I have known many of the various color shades that are NOT fine folks. I cling to the former and avoid the latter, unless I can help educate the latter into the Good Lord’s grace!

Grow up, America, and get over your childishness or your hidden agenda! Move on!

(3) Supreme Court: the judicial branch has no more or less power than the legislative and executive branches. All three branches can be right or wrong, based on the truth of the Law Giver, who established absolute moral law, before there was the thought of the USA.

Last Monday, the Supreme Court, which doesn’t see itself bound by the Law Giver’s absolute moral law, “ruled” that the 1964 Civil Rights Act's prohibition on employment sex discrimination also banned employment discrimination based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” By the way, about five years ago, the Supreme Court decided same-sex marriage is constitutional, even if it is NOT moral.

Moral employers (i.e., many small business owners, many churches, etc.) will be the ongoing targets. I could write more, but this is a gnat.

Last Thursday, their DACA “ruling” allowed the illegal children of illegal aliens to remain, legally, in the country, illegally. The illogic is obvious. It’s another gnat.

(4) Deck repair: yes, I know that this is a much smaller gnat, in the context of the previous three larger gnats. I was aggravated, however, by a young man who needs to learn a life lesson. I hope that I am teaching him. He has a fine father, who is my friend. We need deck repair. In respect to my fine friend, I called his son, who does deck work. We talked by phone one time. He did not want to meet face-to-face and inspect the deck in person. The email exchange continued a while. Finally, I “fired” him, which he realized, and I moved on. We have had two face-to-face visits from seasoned businessmen, who inspected in person, provided suggestions in person, and will soon provide written estimates. We will select one. That’s how business SHOULD be done!

Yes, I know that this is a very small gnat, but I had my Irish up for a while. I’m over it. The work will be done, in the proper (old school) way of doing business. The young man lost income. An older, wiser man will get income. The older teach the younger, as it should be done.


Well, I’m done, but wait! Another post follows this one, on the same day (6/24/2020).

Saturday, June 13, 2020

UPDATE: THE NOMINAL, FINAL (12th) MASSAGE, NORRIS #20, AGE 14, CONCLUSION (published 6-13-2020)


Well, howdy, to all my readers in “Interweb” land!

I started writing on 6/9/2020 – which was a work-at-home day. For an unknown reason, my employer thinks that it’s reasonable for me to do the EXACT SAME work at home one week, then at the office the next week, in weekly rotation.

On 6/13/2020, Saturday, I’m getting around to finishing what I started. Always finish what you start, if it’s good.

The Nominal (in the Everlasting Perspective)

Since my 5/25/2020, Monday, Memorial Day, post, a few nominal (in the everlasting perspective) events have happened. On 5/26/2020, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and “favorite” sister-in-law drove, in our car, to/from their job (teaching), to do something. The school system has been COVID-19 closed, since March 16, 2020. Both are on summer break, as of 6/1/2020.

Also, on 5/26/2020, our COVID-19 “Stimulus Check,” from “Uncle,” arrived finally. The USA money was borrowed, probably, from China -- the nation that started the COVID-19 insanity.

On 6/1/2020, Monday, summer began! (I’ve told y’all a few times now.) 6/1/2020 was also my drive to/from office week. Apparently, the bureaucratic powers have decided that I will work at office one week and then work at home the next week, in weekly rotation. It’s insanity, of course! It’s easier for me to walk five seconds from the master bedroom to my home office, than to drive 16.4 miles, one way, to do the EXACT SAME job, at the office.

6/3/2020, Wednesday, involved (a) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had her most recent medical appointment, for a relatively minor health problem. She’ll be fine. No, it’s NOT the new cold virus! (b) “Uncle” Skylar attained the grand age of 12. I called. We talked. He’s a fine young man, who is coming along nicely! I’m proud of you, “Uncle” Skylar! (This “Uncle” Skylar note is NOT nominal! He and this note are IMPORTANT! The placement happened to be here, in the context of my date of writing.)

Oh, by the way, on 6/6/2020 – the 76th anniversary of D-DayI also got another COVID-19 compliant haircut! I’d called my barber earlier that morning, to set a COVID-19 compliant appointment. My barber can’t yet return to being a free barber, in a free nation, by taking walk-ins, as had been usual. Of course, I had a fine haircut. Afterward, I bought Molly (our doggy) some treats, at the Tractor Supply. I saw one person wearing a mask, amongst the several who where there.

As a final side note, this nation has gone insane again. A white police officer is facing justice for killing a black man, whom he had placed in a very bad type of choke hold that, apparently, killed the black man. The “Interweb” and “Farcebook” are rife with stories and comments. The various TV channels are covered with this now, instead of the new cold virus stuff.

Protests, in a civilized fashion, are valid, by our God-given rights – as affirmed, but not given, in the constitution. Rioting and looting, however, are NOT valid. It will all stop – eventually. The white police officer and the other officers involved are facing judgment. I hope that they, and the black man who was killed, are, or were, ready for everlasting judgment. That’s the BIG PICTURE, y’all!

Final (12th) Massage

On Sunday, 6/7/2020, I had my final (12th) deep tissue massage. That finished my one-year agreement. The massage was good, as usual. I can get along without them. If the massage management has sense, they will agree to my offer to set up eight-week, instead of four-week, massages, where I pay on the massage date and not in advance.

By the way, my every-four-week massages had been on Saturdays usually. I had to set a Sunday appointment, since the one who has done most of the massages wasn’t available the day before, which was the 76th anniversary of D-Day.

Norris #20

I told y’all! Norris Dam State Park hike #20 is in my hiking log! There is a little trail, above the west dam overlook. The trail starts on a county line, so I hiked in two counties in one day! Of course, it’s not much of a trail or much of a hike, but it was too warm and muggy for anything else. The sun was out.

The above photo is looking, roughly, southeast, on the “trail” (or service road), to where I was hiking next.

The above photo is looking, roughly, northwest, on the “trail” (or service road), up which I’d just hiked.

I had taken the above three photos a few moments apart. I was standing on about the same spot, for each photo. The last one (above) is looking, roughly, northwest. Do you see my new, ol' truck? I do! He’s resting on the paved road that leads to the west overlook.

I didn’t get enough sweat or workout on one loop. So, I hiked the little loop twice. I came out twice at the west overlook. The next two photos are from the “more civilized” west overlook, or tourist location, on my final loop.


I wonder who’s in that truck! Both views look northeast. The view was grand. I’ve seen it several times.

Okay, I was ready to get to the house now. Here’s the final photo.

Yes, my new, ol' truck was still there, awaiting my return! Of course, I had to take off my T-shirt that was soaked in sweat, to change into the dry T-shirt that I’d had on when I'd arrived. My truck had waited patiently.

Age 14

Thursday, 6/11/2020, was the anniversary of Granny Ferrell’s passing, in 1971. I have fond memories of my Granny Ferrell. I’ll see her again, at Home, one of these grand days.

On Friday, 6/12/2020, the elder daughter of my youngest brother and his wife attained the grand age of fourteen! That day, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman “hunted” her a few birthday gifts, and we talked, by phone, with my youngest brother. His elder daughter was too busy having fun!

In June 1974, the Earl and Betty Ferrell household, which included their four sons, moved from the Livesay home, which Mom and Dad had been renting, to our new homeplace. Mom remembered the exact move in date. I can’t remember it. It was in June. I attained the grand age of fourteen the next month. I started high school that fall.

The elder daughter of my youngest brother and his wife was a member of the Bulls Gap Lady Bulldogs basketball team that finished fourth in the state! I’ve written about it! That fine memory will continue to build her character in the proper manner. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are proud of you, your younger sister, and your godly parents! We love y’all!


Well, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is in the early stages of supper preparation. Let’s eat soon, y’all! By the way, Molly (our doggy) is doing very well. We have very interesting conversations at times. I’m still learning to speak doggy. Molly is learning to understand my English and Russian.

My post tomorrow might have a few remarks about the new cold virus (which some folks can’t seem to let go) and the newest racial tension drama (which is driven by hidden agenda manipulation).

Didn’t y’all learn the childhood song? “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” Look for additional words of wisdom on this topic tomorrow, if I can get around to it.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

D-DAY 76th ANNIVERSARY – REMEMBER (published 6-6-2020)

D-Day, June 6th, 1944

Today, Saturday, June 6, 2020, is the 76th anniversary of that profound date in history. I was not born yet. Still, I remember every June 6th.

Homeplace and Memorial Day Memories,” on Monday, 5/25/2020, Memorial Day, was my last post. It is fitting that my next post is today.

Hike Dedication Plan

3/30/2019, Saturday, was my most recent hike at Norris Dam State Park. I've hiked there 19 times so far (including 5 hikes with “bionic” joints).

I hike Norris in the warm weather, since House Mountain – “My Mountain,” which I've hiked 170 times so far, including 34 hikes with “bionic” joints – has more poison (oak and ivy), ticks, and snakes in warm weather.

Aside from a few (i.e., my ‘cuz Debbie), did ANYONE else remember the anniversary of D-Day today? So far, on “Farcebook” check, only my ‘cuz Debbie and I REMEMBER!

Tomorrow, 6/7/2020, Sunday afternoon, WILL be my Norris Dam State Park hike #20! I WILL do it, if I have power in my body. The hike will be in REMEMBRANCE of D-Day in 1944.


Before my hike tomorrow, however, I must complete my 12th and final every-four-week deep tissue massage routine that I started, on Friday, 7/5/2019. That massage won’t get in my way! I WILL hike Norris!

Y’all eat a good supper this evening. Look for my Norris hike post!