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5/1/2021, SATURDAY, MAY DAY: TRIBUTE TO A FINE OFFICER (published 5/8/2021)


May Day (May 1st, annually) is a festive occasion in Russia. The USSA (the former USA) doesn't celebrate May Day. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I remember the celebrations from 1995 to 1999. (We were missionaries there, from 10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999.) The history of May Day is found at “May Day,” on, by Editors, originally published 5/1/2017.

This article is published on May 8th – Victory in Europe Day. Russia (the former USSR) celebrates VE Day, on May 9th annually. See “V-E Day is celebrated in America and Britain,” on, by Editors, originally published 11/16/2009.

The 50th anniversary of VE Day, in Russia, was on 5/9/1995. My wife and I were living in Moscow. I remember every detail. I still have the film photographs that I took that day. The following is a free photograph that I found. It's similar to the one that I had taken, of an elderly veteran, of the Great Patriotic War (as World War II is called, in Russia).

The USSA does not celebrate VE Day. It should.

The Thin Blue Line

May Day, 5/1/2021, was last Saturday. I had felt fine, bionically such as I am, early. I suspect that the “spaghettios” that my wife fixed for supper, last evening, or the literal dust that I cleaned at the office, yesterday, or a combination of both, made me feel очень плохо, after my shower. I managed to haul recycling and trash and fill up my truck. I had assumed that it would be one of those “endure it” type of days.

After I'd hauled trash, I went to the local Weigels, to feed my new, ol' truck. I had just started to pump the 100% gasoline into my truck. At the same pump, on the opposite side, a young man pulled up, to fill up. As he started to get out of his car, he asked, “How are you?” I saw that he was wearing a blue police officer uniform. I said, “I'm livin' la vida 'Rona!” That started a very good and inspiring conversation that lasted much longer than it took us to fill our vehicles!

The fine young officer is an outstanding member of the thin blue line.

I am about 40 decades older than him. My newly found friend spoke with wisdom and experience that are tributes to how well he was raised, educated, and trained. His words expressed his moral code and values. His words painted a canvas of his experience in law enforcement. He has an extremely tough and dangerous job. He told me several details. Despite his displeasure with the socialist propagandists, who disdain police officers and want to “defund the police,” he still does his job – every day. He is discouraged but not defeated. He still stands, wearing the blue uniform proudly.

I shook this young man's hand twice! I gave him my e-mail address. He knows this website. I have his e-mail address. I asked him if I may write this article, without mentioning his name, his work location, or any point of our conversation that might identify him. He gave me his full agreement. I told him that I would publish this article in a few days.

I regret that it has taken me seven days to publish this article. Well, not really. This article is published on VE Day. The young officer spoke in a manner similar to World War II combat veterans, with whom I have spoken over the years – in the (former) USA and in the (former) USSR. My new friend has combat experience, as an outstanding member of the thin blue line.


Happy VE Day, y'all! I hope that you had remembered, before reading this article. Happy VE Day, tomorrow, to my Russian readers. (I know you have already remembered and will remember tomorrow.)

To my new friend, who holds the thin blue line, I will send you an e-mail shortly, to let you know that I have published this article. Godspeed to you. Thank you for your service!

I plan to publish another article this weekend. It has been a good and bad week.

Sunday, May 02, 2021



This is the second of my two-part “Poly-Tics Smorgasbord Catch-Up” (to the blitzkrieg). The full moon was 4/26/2021, Monday. A full moon, according to the legend, can bring about abnormal events.

I used smorgasbord in my part-one article. I chose a carousel here. The carousel is spinning round and round way too fast.

The above is another free stock photograph. I don't know the two girls. I hope they had fun. I am, however, dizzy. The following are some socialist democrat spins.

Systemic Racism

Aren't you tired of this spin? I had to do some research.

“Systemic Racism” was developed by sociologist, Dr. Joe Feagin. He is a professor at Texas A&M University “Systemic Racism” is a theory that speculates, based on various assumptions.

This once great nation made great strides against racism. Note, for example, the War Between the States, Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, school busing programs, preferential hiring, etc. Is this once great nation still “systemically racist,” after all its efforts to remove racism?

I submit that the socialists, having begun in the 1960's, are destroying families, communities, education, and religion. They have been doing so, by their programs that destroy what they claim they want to help. If the USSA is “systemically racist,” it is due to the socialist efforts from the 1960's to this date. I can prove my point, if anyone wishes to challenge me.

Yes, some people are racist. They are wrong. Racism is a two-way street. I have felt racism, from people, whose skin is a different color than mine. Stereotyping is wrong. We should judge a person by the content of character, not by the color of skin. Who said that?

Via, I will define my terms. “Systemic” (adjective): “fundamental to a predominant social, economic, or political practice.” “Racism” (noun): “a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race; the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another; a political or social system founded on racism and designed to execute its principles.”

The socialists define downward anything, absolutely anything, as “racist.” The latest example was on 4/29/2021, when the Food & Drug Administration decided that they had the power to ban menthol cigarettes. The FDA link is here. The media has lighted up (pardon the pun) over this. Some say it's “racist” to stop menthol cigarettes. Some say it's “racist” to not stop menthol cigarettes. I just remember the “Johnny Smoke” commercials, back in the 1960's, that used to scare me as a kid.

Anyone who says that any remark that I make, verbally or in writing, is “racist,” or that the USSA is “systemically racist” had better be ready to prove the point. An accusation proves nothing, without evidence. I wonder if the Socialists are using “racism” in a manner similar to how Hitler's Germany used “racism.”

Spending Spree Gone Wild

Hitler's Germany went on a spending spree, in the early years, before World War II. The following is from I include links. The first president of the USSA (or those who pull the strings of the puppet) have their monopoly money spending spree agenda.

It is called “The Build Back Better Agenda.” It is a three-legged stool. (Don't sit on a three-legged stool, unless you do so carefully.)

The first leg is The American Rescue Plan: “passed.” This is H.R.1319 - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 that became law on 3/11/2021 ( The cost is approximately $1,900,000,000,000 ($1.9 trillion).

The second leg is The American Jobs Plan: “in progress.” Bill was introduced to the Senate on 3/15/2021. A Democrat introduced the bill. It has eight co-sponsors (five are Republican; three are Democrat; The cost is approximately $2,250,000,000,000 ($2.25 trillion).

The third leg is The American Families Plan: “introduced.” The website claims “introduced.” does not show that it is introduced yet. The cost is approximately $1,800,000,000,000 ($1.8 trillion).

Note: the cost estimates are found in many places. is a fine website where I found my information.

The USSA national debt is (as of approximately 5 PM today)

either $27.5 trillion (increasing every second),

or $49.8 trillion (increasing every second).

Today is the first time that I've seen such a variation in the numbers. It reminds me of “The Farmer in the Dell.” The farmer took a debt; the farmer took a debt . . . The debt ate the man; the debt ate the man. . . The debt stands alone; the debt stands alone. I think that you understand my point.


Whew! I, finally, have this two-part article, on Poly-Tics Smorgasbord Catch-Up, completed. I had more details in my working documents. I have deleted those from my computer. I am tired of it. Let's move on!

Come on, man! Can't we move on even faster, into socialist Utopian oblivion? Well, as despondent as this two-part article series has been, wait until I publish my next article! It will be based on a providential conversation, on 5/1/2021 (May Day) We don't yet celebrate May Day, in the USSA. My May Day 2021 article will be an inspiring tribute article. Wait for it!



I need to transition into a fulltime, salaried, writer/editor! (I'm working on it, slowly, if it happens.) The Democrat Socialist blitzkrieg (lightning war) strikes faster than I can keep up with it – neither in day-to-day life nor in my writings here. They are working their plan quickly. If I wrote, fulltime, salaried, I could keep up, by writing my articles, daily.

This is the first of my two-part “Poly-Tics Smorgasbord Catch-Up” (to the blitzkrieg). By the way, “smorgasbord” is Swedish. The literal meaning is bread and butter (sandwich) table. The following is one, of far too many, free photographs. I searched by “Swedish smorgasbord photos free download.” I hope you're not hungry. The photograph looks like good eatin'!

I started my research on this general topic, on 4/26/2021. I did additional research, on 4/28/2021. This two-part article is a summary of my working documents.

The Socialist Democrats -- in contrast to the photograph, above -- are serving up their smorgasbord of putrid items in blitzkrieg style. Some are turning down their inedible items, as they try to force us to eat. Others are gulping down their putrid items as fast as they can do so. The pending “socialist Utopian” vomit session may take about seventy years to come up.

Earth Day

My mind began contemplating these writings on 4/22/2021. That was “Earth Day.” Karl Marx spawned Vladimir Lenin, who was born on 4/22/1870. The spawn of Lenin started “Earth Day,” on 4/22/1970 – the centennial anniversary of Lenin's birth. On 4/21/2021, World Net Daily published an article, "Earth Day's Real (Leninist) History." The article has many facts and known details – to those who are educated in world history. The USSA Democrat Socialists do not want the USSA to be so well educated. I'm trying to overcome their efforts, in this article.

The Socialists serve up the putrid dishes of “global climate change,” “the green new deal,” and so forth – trying to force them down our throats. One can waste time reading all the various websites. Many agree with the Socialists. Many do not. I decided to go “straight to the horse's mouth.”

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) is a “govrmint” website. The link has a great deal of data. In summary, the website states “North America Temperature Anomalies.” The trend – from 1910 - 2021 (111 years, or 11 decades plus a year) -- is “+0.13°C /Decade” (an increase of 0.13C°C every ten years). In Fahrenheit, it means that North America has been warming, by 0.234°F every ten years. In 11 decades (110 years), North America temperature has risen by a total of 2.574°F. (I knew it was getting a little warmer, over the last sixty years.)

The efforts of the former USA (now USSA), since the 1960's, have reduced vehicle emissions, reduced emissions from power plants and factories, and done other things to improve the air and water quality. I'm sure that Canada has done the same. The USSA cannot force major polluting nations, such as China, India, etc., to improve their standards. The Paris Climate Accord relies on the integrity of nations. The integrity of several nations is in question.

The USSA Socialists want to do more. They want to spend more monopoly money to do so. I have a suggestion! Everyone in the USSA could give up central heat and air, electricity, and vehicles. We could return to the way my Irish ancestors lived – up to 1910. If we go back to 1910 living standards, we might prevent the cumulative total 2.574°F temperature increase that could happen, from 2020 to the year 2130!

Corona Myopia Psychosis

The Socialists continue to use the new cold virus as a tool, to their advantage. The tool has increased “govrmint” power at all levels.

On 4/28/2021, I published my article, “Mask On; Mask Off; I Am Still a Free Man, In a Once Free and Great Nation.” The Socialists need to realize that their hidden-agenda use of this tool has been unmasked.

On 4/25/2021, I found an article, published on 4/21/2021, titled “Woke Medicine Will Destroy the Hippocratic Oath.” The article is written by a doctor who “entered into the practice of medicine in 2005.” It is a good article. The doctor wrote, in part:

I have watched as countless numbers of my colleagues proclaim they are “following the science” over the past year. At the same time, they have not been able to adequately produce the “science” to justify their actions. Thus, the COVID religion was birthed and a massive cult following formed. They faithfully follow the four pillars of the Branch Covidian faith. The practice of medicine has not been immune from the infusion of wokeism into society. It is under attack from leftists all across the globe.

(The emboldened words are my emboldening, not the doctor's.)

Every Life Matters, Except the Unborn

The Socialists use their “higher moral code,” to ensure that we know that every life, especially the Black Lives Matter Movement lives, matter. Absolute morality affirms that every life matters – the born and the unborn.

The Socialists continue to blabber on about choice, in certain areas. For example, they affirm that one may chose to be a man or a woman or to switch his or her choice daily. They affirm that two men or two women may marry. I wonder when they will get around to affirming that a group of men and women may marry as one family (of however many men and women are included), or affirming that a man may marry an animal, or affirming that a woman may marry a plant. If there is no standard, then anything is possible.

The Socialists, however, refuse the unborn the choice of either being born or murdered. That's the woman's right, as they claim. The unborn child has no choice.

I still get TN Senator Marsha Blackburn's weekly e-mail updates. She is trying to give the unborn some type of choice. Her website link is here. (She introduced the bill on Earth Day.)

No Borders

John Lenin wrote and sung the song “Imagine.” One line of that song is, “Imagine there's no countries.” The Socialists need illegal aliens to pour in, to be given the right to vote, and to vote socialist. The southern border insecurity is their planned action.

Illegal aliens are not allowed to buy firearms. From TN Senator Blackburn's website, I see also: on 4/22/2021 (another one on Earth day), she introduced a bill that requires the NICS [National Instant Criminal Background Check system] – which is not currently required – to being notifying immigration authorities if an applicant is in the country illegally. The website article states: “Since November 30, 1998, NICS has issued denials for 36,189 attempted firearm purchases by illegal aliens. Over the 15-month period from January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 NICS issued denials for 7,373 attempted purchases by illegal aliens.”

I wonder when landowners along the southern border will form their own organized militia, to stop the illegals from pouring onto their properties.

Nukes for Iran

The Socialists think that Iran will be better, if it had full, unrestricted nuclear weapon building ability. I found many websites on the topic. I see that several USSA Senators are trying to stop the first president of the USSA from his foolishness.

My working document has various website links to articles. I will not bore you by listing them here. Let's move on!

Supreme Court and Washington DC Statehood

The Socialists want to add more (socialists) to the Supreme Court and to make Washington DC a state. I know that conservative politicians are trying to stop these efforts. Again, I have links and articles in my working document, but I will not bother to include them here. My readers already know these details.

This is just another serving of their putrid smorgasbord. I am not biting, Biden. I hope he gets the point.


Any socialist knows that a main key to building socialism is to undermine or destroy the family and religion. Socialism becomes the collective. Do you remember the history of the former Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany? I do.

The USSA Socialists are in blitzkrieg to “socialist Utopia.” The United Nations has been doing the same. Here are two (one and another) outstanding links, regarding the USSA Socialists. I do not need to rehash what those fine links have already written. I share them here, to forward their words to my readers.

Two links, regarding the efforts of the United Nations, are here and here again. The second link is straight from the UN's mouth.

I hope that the “socialist Utopian” vomit session doesn't wait to happen, until 70 years from now. This first part is written. I now move to the writing of my second part.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021



For how many eons has the “mask mandate” – which the “guvrmint” types (i.e., federal, state, and local) have thought that they had power to enforce -- been the “new normal?” I don't remember. It seems like we've had a decade or more of mask wearing!

I have written about the insanity, since 2020, until I'm blue in the face. Enough is enough!

Mask Off

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee removed the “mandate” that he did not have power to order, in the first place. Effective 4/27/2021, Tuesday, at 11:59 PM, “mask off” is in effect. See “Gov. Lee Pushes Reopening, Focus on Economic Recovery: Ends Public Health Orders and Local Mask Authority,” on Tennessee State Government, 4/27/2021. I like how these bureaucrats get it down to the second.

Knox County, where Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I reside, unfortunately, has lifted that “mask mandate,” as of the same date and time. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, the former professional wrestler, followed Bill Lee's “executive order.” See “State health director: Mask-wearing now a 'personal choice',” on WBIR-TV, by WBIR Staff, 4/27/2021.

Well, good. It seems that various points of bureaucratic confusion are happening. You can find various website articles, if you care to take the time. I did, for about a minute or so. It's insanity winding down, folks.

For the last eon, as it seems, when I exited a business that had required masks, I would always say, loudly, “mask on; mask off; I am still a free man, in a once free and great nation!” I have either had no one around to hear me, a few who may have heard me, or a few folks who clapped and commented in a positive manner. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has heard me a few times.


I did a Norton Safe Search for “mask on; mask off; I am still a free man in a once free and great nation photographs.” The following is what the search gave me, as on of many irrelevant photographs.

I hope that most folks, in this once free and great nation, have crossed the road, into freedom. As the media types seem to indicate lately, that is not happening. The USSA, apparently, is on the fast march to “democratic socialism.” The socialists are using “systemic racism,” etc., as their tools – to advance their propaganda and agenda.

It seems, for now, however, that the chickens may have won the “mask mafia war.” We will see. I'm 10-10 on the side, to eat supper now!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

4/18/2021, SUNDAY, HOUSE MT. HIKE #178 (#42 BIONIC) (published 4/25/2021, seven days late)


Looking out my home office window, at 2 PM on the dot, as I start writing, I see that the weather is still partly sunny. The rain yesterday is still mud, in the known areas, on “my mountain.”

On 4/18/2021, last Sunday afternoon, I hiked House Mountain #178 (#42 “bionic”)! The writing is better seven days late than never. I hope that you enjoy the hike, and a few life notes, with me. Do you have your canteen, full of water, with you?

The Hike Details

I started at 1:40 PM, going up the west trail, as I do usually. (I touch a post, just west of the parking area, to mark my start time. My ol' truck and I were lucky. We had found a good parking spot, in the upper parking lot.) The weather was warm, but not too warm, and mostly sunny, with some wind from the southwest. (The wind was bringing in the rain that came the next day.)

I me a couple, not far into my hike, at a spot I know well. They were resting at a rocky area (one of many), on their way down. They appeared to be in their 50's. The man had two fully “bionic” legs, from the knees down. He and I exchanged a few pleasant words. The doctor didn't cut off my right foot. (I've wished that he had done so, several times. I think that it would have been better, if I had a complete foot replacement.) That good man and I inspired each other! He inspired me more than I inspired him. I remember many details of that relatively brief conversation.

I touched my rock at the west bluff and marked my time -- 34 minutes from base to bluff. (Will my right foot ever allow me to return to the usual 24 to 28 minutes? I wonder.)

The photograph, above, is the only one that I took. It looks southeast, from the west bluff. The trees are budding out nicely. The leaves are back and coming back more. Wild flowers are in the area. It is a sign of spring.

In my “4/20/2021, TUESDAY, TRIBUTE TO HAL TRENT” article, I had concluded, “By the way, I hiked House Mountain #178, 4/18/2021, Sunday, for Hal. I'll have another article on that hike in a few days.” Hal, my friend, I wonder. Could you see me hiking that day? I hope so. Spring signs on that hike indicate new life. Need I write more? I think that my readers know what I am saying!

A couple of young men were on the bluff. One stated that he was born in 2006. I told him that was the year that I started this website. (It's the year my new, ol' truck was built also.) My first article was on Monday, March 06, 2006 – “How to Pronounce 'Appalachian.'" Those two fine young men gave me hope for the future. They have the proper, timeless, values.

Early in my hike up, I had passed a woman, who had indicated that she was taking her time. She's in her 30's. She arrived at the bluff, as I had started to hike back down (the same west trail). We talked a bit. She doesn't allow her health trouble to prevent her from hiking a ridge! She was glad to know of other hiking areas around here. She plans to hike them. I encapsulated my “bionic” story to her. We inspired each other. I may have inspired her a bit more than she did me. (I have never had asthma trouble.)

Going down the same trail, two men were behind me, at a point. I had caught up to them, while they were resting. I led the rest of the way down. Near one, of the six, main switchbacks, two small rocks decided to allow my left shoe to roll over them. (I had missed noticing them, while conversing with the men behind me. That was my fault.) I decided to land on my left hip and left forearm. That was the second time that I've taken a fall hiking “my mountain.” (The first time was “pre-bionic,” when my left foot stepped on a snow-covered rock, at an east trail switchback, while I was going down. I didn't know ice was under the snow!) That second-ever fall led to “bionic” conversation.

One of the men, in his 30's, had temporary “bionics” in, as I recall, his left foot. Years ago, he took foot damage. He had “bionics” installed. He had them removed, after he had no longer needed them. (My “bionics” go with me to the grave. My everlasting body will not have them.) We talked “bionics” as we continued hiking down. I understand the bouts of depression that he had. He opened up. I opened up. At the parking area, I showed him my snow photograph, with my name on it. It's on the information board, along with other photographs. He knows this website. We parted, by looking each other in the eye and shaking hands. I hope that I see this young man again.


At 3:40 PM, I touched the same post that I had, at 1:40 PM. I did not hike the full two hours. I enjoyed the view on the west bluff a while. I had conversed with the fine folks, whom I have mentioned. Two hours in the woods improved my – right foot and knee, disposition, and spirit. A day in the woods adds a day to longevity. I do not hike, to converse with folks. I hike to hike! House Mountain has been very well known for many years. It was not as well known, when I had started hiking “my mountain.” Meeting and conversing with folks is a side benefit that I enjoy.

With apology to my new ol' truck, I didn't take a photograph of him. A man was waiting on me to leave, so he could take the same parking spot. Someone had parked, incorrectly, close enough behind me. I know how to back, turn, back, turn – repeat. My truck and I did that enough to be free. I had thought about writing a pithy note and placing in under a windshield wiper blade on the car that was parked incorrectly. I refrained. At least, my rear bumper didn't leave a crease in the driver's side door!

I have twenty-two more hikes, until I get to House Mountain hike #200. I'm getting there – step-by-step, day-by-day. I'm getting closer to joining my friend, Hal Trent, step-by-step, day-by-day. Y'all think about that, ya hear?

At 5:30 PM, I saw readership: all time 93,859; today (so far) 422; yesterday 455; this month 8,734 (so far); and last month 4,757. I can't see reader identities. I can't know who subscribes to receive e-mail notification, when I publish an article. Thanks, y'all, for stopping by, with a cup of coffee, and reading a while. I hope my words are beneficial. They are for me, as I write them. (I haven't been writing since 2 PM. I took breaks and did other stuff, which includes having called two of my three younger brothers.)

Tuesday, April 20, 2021



I never knew that his first name was Joseph. I always knew him as Hal.


Hal Trent is my known friend. He went to Rogersville City School, for grade school. He and I became friends in high school, at the Rogersville High School (which is the Rogersville Middle School now). In high school, we had a few classes together. He and I became friends. I remember many details, from those years. Hal was a good friend. He was born on 3/18/1960. I was born on 7/17/1960.

After high school graduation, in 1978, we went our ways. I graduated college. I married Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, and we moved to Missouri (1986 – 1992). We moved to Moscow, Russia (1994 – 1999). Hal stayed in my hometown, of Rogersville, Tennessee. That was good for him.

At some point, as I recall, I reconnected with Hal, in the late 1990's. He had a business in the old Raley-Vaughn Motor Company location, which had been turned into a mall, with various businesses. (It's the First Community Bank main location now.) I think that we met, when I had stopped by, while my wife and I were on one of our four-to-six week furloughs from Russia.

After we returned from Russia, I met Hal a few times. We saw each other at our high school reunion, on 4/13/2012, as best that I can recall. Afterward, we saw each other a few times – when his wife, Kathy, and he were selling produce, at fall festivals in Bean Station and Rogersville, Tennessee.

Hal, aside from aging as we all do, was still the same person that he was in high school. He had wisdom, wit, and a great sense of humor. He was a man of God.

Hal left this world to go home, on 4/17/2021, Saturday. He was age 61. Christian-Sells Funeral Home has Hal's obituary. The visitation and funeral are in a few minutes, later today. The drive is 1.25 hours, one-way. I had thought about driving. I wish that I could have. Yesterday, I wrote the following on Hal's tribute wall:

Marion W. Ferrell: my heartfelt prayers to Hal's family and friends. Hal and I graduated high school in the same class. In the 1990's, I saw him again. I saw him a few times, when Kathy and he were selling great Winesap apples, in Bean Station or Rogersville, during the annual festivals. I will write an article, on my website,, in a day or so. Hal, my friend, I hiked House Mt. #178 yesterday for you. You are HOME. We, here, will join you at HOME! Won't it be great at that heavenly high school reunion? It will be!


I wish that time and distance had allowed Hal and me to see each other more. I think the same for other friends, whom I haven't seen in a while.

One of these great days, time and distance will be swallowed up into everlasting togetherness. Will it not be wonderful then? Hal has togetherness with so many, whom he has joined at HOME. May we all go HOME soon, dear Lord! Fly those wings, Hal!

By the way, I hiked House Mountain #178, 4/18/2021, Sunday, for Hal. I'll have another article on that hike in a few days.

Monday, April 19, 2021



I have had this article in mind and, to some degree, in draft print, since 4/13/2021, Tuesday. The Ferrell clan is on “Ferrell time” (aka slow) at times. My Ferrell slowness is showing, only due to real life details!

Papaw Ferrell

Marion (no middle name) Ferrell was and still is my paternal grandfather. He was born on 4/13/1880 (as the best records verify; not on 4/13/1879). He left this world on 11/21/1970. I know. I was age 10, when he passed. I have the historical records. I know the gravesite. I remember the details. It is family heritage.

On 4/13/2021, working from home last Tuesday, I remembered. Did any other family member, of the Ferrell (from Fearghail, County Longford, Ireland) clan, remember? I wonder. I am sure that some did.

Since 11/21/2013, I have had the PDF lists of Ferrell genealogy. (I have the 6/26/2019 update also. It is a 375-page PDF.) A fine distant cousin had done the work. His research and efforts are accurate (as much as they can be) and are appreciated greatly. The following is the brief genealogy. The numbers mark generations. For example “1” led to “2” as son of “1.” The PDF listings expand the genealogical bush greatly.

1 John Ferrell 1780 – date of death uncertain.

2 John Ferrell, Jr. 1802 – date of death uncertain.

3 James Robert Ferrell 1856 – 1920.

4 Marion Ferrell 4/13/1880 – 11/21/1970. (Note: the PDF has year of birth 1879, in error.)

5 Earl Ferrell (9/17/1927 – 1/25/2008).

6 Marion William Ferrell (this is me; 7/17/1960 – well, the Good Lord won't tell me).

The above article and photograph are from The Rogersville Review, 4/17/1958, Thursday (weekly) edition. That date was four days after Papaw had turned age 78. The article is exact on the details. The photograph was taken in 1908. Papaw, age 28, had been drilling wells seven years. He started in 1901. The exact community was called “Snowflake.” The 1905 model Koger well-machine was mule-driven sometimes also. Earl Ferrell (my father) was using the cable drill in 1958 (i.e., Cyclone). Papaw Ferrell, in 1908, had been drilling a well for Mr. Dinsmore.

The next two images are from Dad's business card. I still have several of them, put up in a safe place. The first image is from the back of Dad's business card.

The next image is the front of Dad's business card.

Granny (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell) and Papaw Ferrell were my paternal grandparents. I remember them well. I still see the old home place, where Dad and his brothers and sisters grew up. I remember many great details. They had electricity, eventually. They had a hand pump, for water from the well, in the kitchen. They didn't need indoor toilets. The two-seater outhouse was sufficient. A big tub, near the kitchen stove, was for baths. I know. I took a few baths in that tub.

The Ferrell family is aware of many historical items. I encourage my cousins to write their books or journals, for publishing. Granny and Papaw raised six sons and two daughters. Farming, gardening, hunting, and trapping fed the family. There were many changes over the years.

The life was harder. The life was simpler. A man knew where a man stood. Truth was truth. Facts were facts. Straight forward words hit home, when needed. There was much love. The “L” word (love) was demonstrated, by actions, not by repetition of the word. The “L” word was not used. Love was, however, demonstrated in life actions.

Papaw Ferrell was not bothered by phone calls, texts, e-mails, website articles, heat and air unit problems, plumbing trouble, washer/dryer problems, car/truck trouble, etc. Granny and he never had a car or truck. He walked, or hitched a ride, to town, as he needed. Papaw and his sons cut firewood, feed the livestock, killed hogs at season, farmed, etc. Dad told me that his back trouble started when Papaw wanted to get that last load of hay in. Dad was worn out. He did it anyway. He felt his back pop. He had back trouble the rest of his life. He continued to drill wells and do other physical labor. He endured.

I wonder if any of my cousins will post comments to this article. I hope that they do! Come on, cousins, man or woman up! It's the Ferrell way! We need to write a book, which includes all our stories and memories, together.


I've said for many years that I was born too late. I wish that I had been born in 1760, or at least 1860. (I could have been my own grandpaw!) I was born when I was born, to godly parents. That was fine. A person can't pick when or to whom he is born. I am not complaining. I am thankful for my heritage.

Heritage is based on deep roots. I have deep roots. The Fearghail clan (along the John Ferrell line) has deep roots. (Well most of us do.) Family strength, based on moral absolutes from God, builds good communities. Good communities build good states. Good states build a good nation.

As I conclude, do you see what the socialists are doing and have been doing for decades? Destroy the family, by social programs that pretend to be to help the family. That destroys communities. That destroys states. That is what is destroying this once great nation – even as I type now. “Come on, man!” This once great nation needs a spiritual awakening that starts in the home. At 5:59 PM, on 4/18/2021, Sunday, I hear the beep of the microwave. Supper is ready. I'm hungry. Let's eat! By the way, wait for a sad but everlastingly joyous article next. It's in my mind only right now.

4/19/2021, Monday, postscript: I published this article, such as it is, finally. I have at least two more articles in mind but not on paper yet. One will be a tribute to a high school classmate, who left this world too early, at age 61. I will see him again. He's having more fun that can be imagined now, at Home. At supper time, I'm signing off for now.

Monday, April 12, 2021




“A picture says a thousand words.” Read on, for my additional words. Aren't you as tired of it all as I am?

“Corona Myopia Psychosis” Sidetrack – With Apology

A friend, who sends e-mail information, to several, including me, e-mailed us, on 4/10/2021. (I wish that he would create his website instead.) “Good job, Jim!” His e-mail articles need to be on his website – if he would do so.

He referenced a link to World Net Daily. The article appears to be a factual statement of the damage that mask wearing does to the environment and to humans, who wear them too long. You can check out the details here – if it doesn't bore you. Another informative link is here also.

I don't wear a mask, as a regular routine. I do so only for a few moments, as needed. For those who wear masks as they do their underwear, on a daily basis, I suggest that they read the article.

The socialists are out there, here and, again, here, for examples. They continue to use the new cold virus as one tool, in their arsenal. They have won.

Another Shooting

Austin-East Magnet High School has made international news, again, sadly. It is not because of educational and moral excellence. It is due to the magnet of countless numbers of shootings in that area, of Knoxville, Tennessee. Today, 4/12/2021, Monday, another shooting happened. The news is global. Here is a link from the United Kingdom.

This is another sad example of the rampant, uncountable, examples of the fact. The USSA, mostly, has lost its moral compass, has forgotten God, and, consequently, has been abandoned by God.

When I travel, I have one pistol and ammunition with me at all times. It stays in my truck, usually. At times, it is in my right front pants pocket. At home, three weapons and plenty of ammunition are ready. I know how to stop a threat.

The USSA is, in majority, apparently, accepting the threat of Satan, who is laughing, as he leads this once great nation into the Hadean Realm. The USSA, in majority, apparently, has accepted the Devil's lie.

The USSA Majority, Apparently, Has Abandoned Morality and God

I'm in one of those pensive moods today, in my writing. I do not apologize. The USSA, in majority, apparently, has abandoned morality and God. Do you remember, maybe forty or so years ago, or more, when this was a predominately moral nation? I do.

Logic and reasoning do not matter anymore. One cannot reason with an irrational person. “If it feels good, do it” has been the trend for years. The chickens are coming home to roost.

As a side note, I engaged in a brief exchange yesterday, with a younger adult that I know. Her husband and she started their mission work in Russia, under our guidance. I hope that I educated her into God's amazing grace, yesterday. My mother was and still is the greatest example of a Christian, whom I have ever known. My “Light at the End of the Tunnel” book will be published, in time. It will include, as a side note, the details of yesterday.

My godly mother, thankfully, is at Home, with the Lord. She doesn't have to see what I see now.


As supper approaches to be ready, I will conclude this brief article, by saying: the USSA, by person, has two choices. Either turn right and go straight or keep turning left (slight pun intended, to my socialist readers) and going to the Devil.

Many of my readers, even if we are in the USSA minority now, are going straight. I wonder if my socialist readers will stop turning left. Let's eat supper!

Sunday, April 11, 2021



Well, at 5:29 PM, on a windy and sunny Sunday late afternoon, how are y'all? The rain most of the day yesterday was fun. The result was no weekend hike for me.

Life, Such As It Is, Update

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had her spring break week, of paid time off from work (4/5 – 9). She endured. The front porch flower bed area is, at least, cleaned out. She did other stuff, but not too much around here. She does the best that she can.

I am still drudging along, in my work-at-home, Monday through Wednesday, and at office, Thursday and Friday, routine. I survived. Monday was our usual every-four-week chiropractic appointment. I wonder if I'm enduring another setback, in a countless number of setbacks, to go forward. This one involves my left shoulder. I will know, in a few weeks. I endure.

4/8/2021, Thursday, was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Did you remember? I did. "Band of Brothers" was on TV last evening. That was fitting. I will not get into the historical details now. You are able to research all the factual details. It happened – despite what the fake propaganda claims.

4/9/2021, Friday, was my next-to-eldest brother's birthday anniversary. (I am the eldest of four sons, of Earl and Betty Ferrell.) I called him, after work. We talked for a while. His family and he are doing well enough. I know other details, which I will not post here.

4/10/2021, Saturday, would have been the birthday of my mother-in-law, Phyllis Ann House Gordon (4/10/1941 – 4/30/2017). Almost four years have passed, since she went Home. I remembered. “Maw” Gordon, as I called her, was a good mother-in-law. My wife and her Gordon family endured well enough. It gets a little easier, as time passes. I wonder what my mother-in-law and my mother (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell), along with so many others, are doing now. I know that they are having more joy at Home than we are here – on this speck of dust. Hey, Lord, when will you call “everyone out of the pool?” We, well most of us, whom I know, are ready to go Home, to join so many others! We will wait, since you aren't coming back today – well, unless you do in a few more hours.

Yesterday, ironically, we received a postal letter, regarding the speed bump plan. About eight months ago, in the warm weather, a neighbor instigated an effort by Knox County, to install two speed bumps in our little subdivision. (They call them speed humps, which is a euphemistic expression.) Months went by. I assumed that the petition phase had stopped the insanity. It, apparently, did not.

Today, I took a little time. I finished a letter to Knox County, which I started yesterday. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman bought the extra envelopes and stamps that I needed. We have 22 neighbors, in this quiet and peaceful subdivision. Tomorrow, I will have, with flag up, in our mailbox, 23 postal letters. One goes to Knox County. The other 22 go to our neighbors. (I could, of course, hand deliver to our neighbors, but the post office needs the money.)

Well, we'll see what happens. I may win. I may lose. Our subdivision does NOT need the speed bumps! Either way, I AM STANDING – against the bureaucratic insanity, which a neighbor, who went overboard, inspired last year.


This is a brief update only. I have another article, on “Corona Myopia,” etc., in my mind. Supper, however, is almost ready. It's 6:15 PM. Let's eat!