Sunday, August 22, 2021

"CORONY" EPSILON (published 8/22/2021)

Via “KABC: What Do You Need to Know About the Epsilon Variant and Its Risks?” On Cedars Sinai, 7/27/2021.


I was mistaken. I thought that I had come down with the “Corony” Iota. I was wrong. I had come down with “Corony” Epsilon. “Corony” Epsilon is a self-discovered variant of the “new cold virus.” The “new cold virus” has been around almost two years. As far as I know, I am the only one, in the USSA, who has contracted the “Corony” Epsilon variation of the “new cold virus.”

Don't y'all get worried! I have almost fully recovered! Folks in Pakistan, apparently, have had “Corony” Epsilon.

The “Corony” New Cold Virus Variants

The World Health Organization (WHO) goes into multiple minutia to ensure that those, who are afraid of the new cold virus, are aware of the Greek alphabet variants of the virus. The WHO indicates the following new cold virus variants, by their Greek alphabet names:

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are, apparently, “variants of concern,” to whomever are concerned.

Eta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda are, apparently, “variants of interest,” to whomever are interested.

The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet consists of 24 consonants and vowels. I learned Koine Greek, in 1983 to 1984 – with further self-education over the decades later.

Sidetrack, with apology: decades ago, I translated the apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians, the Gospel of Mark, and sections of other New Testament texts from Koine Greek to English – for my own study and sermons. I may unpack the details, if the writer – who doesn't have his own website – wishes to engage me. I commented on his Gospel of Mark article today. I will not use his borrowed forum to debate. He doesn't own that forum. I own this website. That writer is welcome to meet me here.

The following is the Greek alphabet, in upper case, lower case, and English transliteration. The bold, black letters (or letters of color) indicate the WHO's “variants of concern.” The bold, blue letters indicate the WHO's “variants of interest.” The bold, red letters indicate the Greek letters that the WHO, apparently, skipped (or does not know that exist in the Greek). The underlined Epsilon is the new cold virus variant that I have. I have diagnosed myself.

Α α alpha (a vowel)
Β β beta
Γ γ gamma
Δ δ delta
Ε ε epsilon (a vowel)
Ζ ζ zeta
Η η eta (a vowel)
Θ θ theta
Ι i iota (a vowel)
Κ κ kappa
Λ λ lambda
Μ μ mu
Ν ν nu
ξ ξ xi (The upper and lower cases are the same, as I was trained.)
Ο ο omicron (a vowel)
Π π pi
Ρ ρ rho
Σ σ,ς sigma
Τ τ tau
Υ υ upsilon (a vowel)
Φ φ phi
Χ χ chi
Ψ ψ psi
Ω ω omega (a vowel)

My “Corony” Epsilon Status

On 8/19/2021, Thursday, I awakened about 6 AM. My work-at-home Monday to Wednesday was done. My work-at-office (doing the same job) Thursday and Friday routine was starting, sadly. I've been doing this since 2/1/2021, Monday. I'm used to it, sadly.

I felt well, for a “bionic” man. My chiropractic adjustment on 8/16/2021, Monday, helped. My chiropractor taught me what neither he nor I had figured out, over my last five plus years of “bionic” life! Hold a 15-pound weight in both hands while standing. Relax both shoulders. The pulling from my left shoulder to my left hip will relax! Hey! It is working! It was a better-late-than-never medical “miracle” (or “murakl,” as folks in upper-east Tennessee pronounce it)! No, it was no “miracle!” My chiropractor figured out, finally, what no other medical persons (i.e., surgeon, inpatient therapists, outpatient therapists, massage therapists, etc.) nor I had figured out before! I had been focusing on the fulcrum point in my lower back. That was my error – over these last few years! I have fulcrum points in my shoulders also! My chiropractor figured it out! Thanks, “Doc Art!” (Well, I have digressed. Forgive my digression.)

On Thursday, once I was out of bed, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Why were both eyes red – especially my left eye? I used my over-the-counter eye drops several times that day. My left eye hurt a little. The left side of my nose had some type of junk in it. I felt drainage down the left side of my throat, which I hocked up enough. I drove to and from the “Hadean realm” to work. I endured. I also used my over-the-counter nose spray. That evening, I used salt water in my nettie pot.

The next day, Friday, my left eye wasn't as red. At the “Hadean realm,” I took one of my red pills (for the snots) that I've had in my desk drawer for years – even before 3/29/2016, when I became the “bionic man.”

Yesterday, my left eye wasn't too red. Today, that eye is almost back to normal. I assume that it will be normal tomorrow. The junk in the left side of my nose is gone. I have no drainage down the left side of my throat.

I have concluded that I am the first person in the USSA to have had the “Corony” Epsilon variant of the new cold virus! If you get it, it's not too bad. You won't run a fever. Your left eye will get very red. The left side of your nose will have junk in it, which will drain down the left side of your throat. You will cure yourself, by over-the-counter remedies. Use a nettie pot with salt water!


This article is my “public service announcement,” to help folks. I still wonder where I contracted “Corony” Epsilon. I don't know. Did I get it, last Tuesday evening? Molly (our doggy) and I played a while, out in the rain that evening. Molly didn't get the “Corony” Epsilon from that fun in the rain. I don't think that's where I got it. Either way, I'm almost over this first ever recorded USSA case of “Corony” Epsilon!

I wonder if the WHO will get around to learning that they skipped ”Corony” Zeta and ”Corony” Theta. The WHO made me think that I had ”Corony” Iota. The WHO owes me an apology. I doubt that they will give me one.

Don't let the USSA Socialist Utopians fool you, folks! The Corona Myopia Psychosis that they have been using is just one tool – of their multiple tools – to lead us to Socialist Utopia! Do you buy their deception? I do not!

This article was a sidetrack, with apology. I may get around to writing my “Poly-tics Smorgasbord” article eventually. That article will cover more temporal topics that the new cold virus (Corona Myopia Psychosis). The article I wrote yesterday still puts this temporal triviality into everlasting perspective.

But wait! One website claims that an Epsilon “Corony” variant exists! Another website state that Epsilon “Corony” started in Pakistan. Hum. I have never been to Pakistan. (I've been to India, but that was decades ago.)

Am I still the first person in the USSA to have self-diagnosed with the Epsilon “Corony” variant? The truth is out there – if anyone cares!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

ANALOGY OF THE ANTS (published 8/21/2021)

"The Thinker (Le Penseur), model 1880, cast 1901" (on National Gallery of Art, Public Domain)


Auguste Rodin, a French sculptor (1840 - 1917), created “The Thinker.” I like it! A person donated the (above image) 1880 model, cast 1901, to the USSA National Gallery of Art. The website (under the image) has more details. Also, “The Thinker: sculpture by Rodin” (on Britannica, by Alicja Zelazko, fact-checked by the Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, last updated 5/9/2018) provides further information.

The thinker, Bronze, Sculpture image, by guy_dugas, 12/14/2015, on Pixaby. Free for use. Content License.

The above image is a free download, from Pixabay. The image is where the original “The Thinker” is located. Pixabay would be glad to get any donated money, if you want to give it to them.

I ain't a sculptor, but I was in the toilet, at the office, yesterday, to answer the call of nature. While “sottin' thar thinkin',” I had a thought! I will explain this Appalachian Irishman's “the thinker” moment.

The Ant Colony

A colony of ants are on a redwood tree. The redwood tree had fallen into a big river. The ants live on the redwood tree, as it floats down the river.

How did the redwood tree, river, and the ant colony originate? They evolved! Nothing existed. That nothingness exploded. The explosion led, over billions of years, to the evolution of the river, redwood tree, and ant colony -- in that order. (This is “Just My Imagination,” folks, as “The Thinker” that I was yesterday. I hope that you like the Rolling Stones song. I do.) Over the last few million years, the ant colony built on the redwood tree. The tree fell into the river, due to a rift in the space-time continuum. The ant colony has been floating down the river on the redwood tree, for the last several thousand years.

The ant colony is organized well enough. Some ants affirm, with logical proof that validates them, that a divine and eternal creator has always existed -- who created their ant universe, in their temporal, space-time continuum. They worship their creator. They try to live according to the morality that the creator dictated. They have a document -- which they know, by various points of evidence, is inspired by their creator -- that guides them. They are correct, of course, as any ant trained in logic knows.

Other ants, however, laugh at the “believing” ants. They speculate that their colony was created from nothing. These ants can't prove their theory. It's their hypothesis. They, however, affirm that proper organization of the ant society and their ant-defined moral code is good -- even if they can't define absolutely what “good” is. They don't have a logical reason for thinking that way. Thinking that way, however, gives them comfort and conviction. They think that they are superior in thought to the “believing” ants, whom they regard as uneducated and uninformed. The “unbelieving” ants, however, have no proof to support them, but they are very firm in their speculation. Some “believing” ants back down, in fear of the “unbelieving” ants' conviction -- with no proof -- since the “believing” ants are cowards.

The Ant Colony Purpose

The purpose of the ant colony varies -- based on “believing” verses “unbelieving” ants. The two groups try to live with each other well enough. They have social and moral conflicts. The “unbelieving” ants win usually -- since they control most of the ant media propaganda networks, in their ant “Interweb,” radio, and TV media.

The ant colony is weakening and becoming disorganized. The “believing” ants are worried. The “unbelieving” ants are happy. Some ants think that a male ant can become a queen ant. They disdain the terms “he and she ants.” Some ants think that defeating the termites on the other part of the redwood tree is good. Other ants disagree. Some ants think that eating the tree bark that is available is okay. Other ants think that they can create more tree bark from nothing. They call it “Monopoly money tree bark.”

The ant colony, divided such as it is, continues to float down the big river. The “believing” ants think and know, as they have logical proof, that the end will be a paradise location, with plenty of good ground and eatables. They will see ant ancestors, who have already died. The “unbelieving” ants laugh at the “believing” ants. They assume that “Socialist Ant Utopia” awaits all ants!

The Ant Colony Ending

What happened? Well, the ant colony, on the redwood tree, on the big river, went over a huge fall in the river. The “believing” ants went up, to the ant creator and all the “believing” ants who had died before them.

The “unbelieving” ants took a great fall, into a dark and hot place of fire, which was below the huge fall in the river. They did not perish. Instead, they have an everlasting reality to contemplate the error in their thoughts, while they had been on the ant colony that had been on the redwood tree, as it had been floating down the big river.



These were my thoughts, while “sottin' thar thinkin'” in the office outhouse yesterday. I hope that you enjoyed my thoughts. I am a thinker also -- even if I don't have a naked statue of myself anywhere!

This article will set the context for my “Poly-tics Smorgasbord” article that I plan to write tomorrow. It will be a temporally irrelevant article, but I recon that I will write it anyway. I'll get off of here now, to start writing that article or eat supper.

Y'all enjoy the ride on the redwood tree -- while it lasts!

Monday, August 16, 2021

USSA LOWERS FLAG at KABUL EMBASSY: USA 8-14-1945 COMPARED to USSA 8-15-2021 (published 8-16-2021, updated 6-26-2022)


This is a brief and sad article, y'all. I'm sure that you have heard about the 8/15/2021 sadness.

I regret to write this article. I must write it.

USA 8/14/1945

Did y'all remember that 8/14/2021, Saturday, was the 76th anniversary of V-J Day? It did not dawn on my until yesterday.

The USA had already beaten Nazi Germany (5/8/1945). The Imperial Japanese went down to defeat on 8/14/1945. The USSA Defense Department has many facts about that day. Many other facts are available. You are able to research all the details.

8/14/1945 was a day of honor for the USA. The USA victory in WWII has inspired me for decades.

USSA 8/15/2021

The USA started the “war against terrorism,” after 9/11/2001. That was almost 20 years ago. I will not waste time, by delving into the details of the last 20 years of that “politically correct war.”

The USA, apparently, did not learn from what the Vietnam War taught it. A NATION CANNOT FIGHT A POLITICALLY CORRECT WAR!

The day after the 75th anniversary of V-J Day, the USSA lowered its flag at its Kabul embassy. Many links exist on the story. I like the Manila Bulletin. CNN and FoxNews have articles also.


As I await supper, the demise of the USA into the USSA, from 8/14/1945 to 8/15/2021, is depressing. This once great nation is going down further very quickly. The USSA has little honor, strength, and influence left.

I honor those who served to defeat the Japanese Empire. I honor those who served in “the war on terror.” I regret the profound loss of life, limb, and trauma. If you are a soldier who served during “the war on terror,” you are honored! Do not lower your eyes! You have no shame! The “powers that be” are responsible – not you!

I'll stop. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has supper ready. The USSA needs to WAKE UP! This once great nation (USA) is going down fast!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

FRIDAY the 13th & MY BIONIC FOOT (published 8-15-2021)


Howdy, y'all! We are an “Interweb family.” I write. Y'all read. I'll keep writing, as y'all keep reading! Well, I'll write anyway. I keep readers.

Yesterday, about 3 PM, I saw my reader numbers, for the last seven days. They were, as follows, from the following nations:

Indonesia 1.17K. USSA/USA 177. Canada 26. Netherlands 16. Singapore 16. Ireland 11 (my ancestral country, visited in 1998). Germany 10 (been through Frankfurt airport many times). France 5 (airport once). Russia 4 (home from 1994 to 1999). China 3. Argentina 2. Portugal 2. Sweden 2 (Stockholm airport once). Brazil 1. Czechia 1. Finland 1 (visited Helsinki a few times). Other 2 (no clue).

The numbers keep increasing, of course. I don't know why Indonesian readers like my website so much. I've never been there. Thanks, to my Indonesian readers, especially! (No, they are not “bots” that hit my website. I know how to hold down the “bots” that hit my website. I see very few “bot” hits that are fake readers.)

Yesterday, I finally got a much needed haircut! It had been seven weeks! I would rather not go without a haircut more than four weeks, in the warm weather. Tony's Best Clips gave me a much needed and perfect, as usual, haircut, from 9:45 to about 10:05 AM! Thanks much, Tony! I dropped at least of a couple of pounds of hair – finally! It took longer than usual, since my hair was “hippy” volume!

Well, yesterday was the other mundane chores, by Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. Let's move on!

Friday the 13th, from Greek

Fear of Friday the 13th, in Greek, is “Ο φόβος της Παρασκευής 13.” This is: fear (φόβος) + beside/a long side of (παρά) + utensils, literally, or Friday (σκευή, noun form) + 13. In English, this is Paraskavedekatriaphobia. I would translate the Greek as “Fear of Friday the 13th.” I don't know who figured out that “paraskavedekatriaphobia” was a better word. (I assume it was either an egg head who thinks too highly of himself or a government bureaucrat.) Paraskavedekatriaphobia is a 12-cylinder word! If you were educated in phonics, as I was, you can pronounce that 12-cylinder word well enough. Otherwise, study phonics!

By the way, I enjoy saying “triskaidekaphobia.” (I'd mastered the pronunciation of the word decades ago.) It means, from Greek, fear of 13. You can be afraid of 13 anytime, not just on a Friday. I'm still working on my phonetically correct pronunciation of “paraskavedekatriaphobia.” I'd rather say, “fear of Friday the 13th.” That's easier.

I had asked Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, the morning of Friday the 13th, to tell her colleagues, later that day, “happy triskaidekaphobia!” She didn't have the fun. I had fun practicing saying “paraskavedekatriaphobia,” on Friday, while I worked at the office. The four women that were there were confused. I never explained myself. I hope that my colleagues will recommend a “crazy pension” for me. That's my plan!

My Bionic Foot Photos

Friday the 13th -- after I had returned from the “Hadean Realm” (work Thursdays and Fridays at office; Monday through Wednesday at home) – I had noticed that the red spot on my “bionic” right heel was gone! That my luck on Friday the 13th!

I took the above photograph of my heels yesterday, after my haircut and chores. I'm on my back, with both legs elevated. My trusty Samsung phone took the photograph. (Don't mind the ironing board leg and iron cord in the background. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman still irons stuff, for some strange reason.)

Do you see my right heel? It looks almost like my left heel! A very little spot of callus is on my right heel still. (Don't mind the “black tape.” I use that “black tape,” as I call it, to help a little, when I walk. I hate that “black tape!” I'll get rid of it, in a few years! I know!)

It has taken over five years (since 3/29/2016) to get rid of that red spot on my right heel!

On 10/27/2019, during my House Mountain hike #160, that right heel scab bled through my sock. I wrote about it. That was progress, on 10/27/2019. I made further progress, on 8/13/2021.


I took the above photograph yesterday also. (Ignore that “black tape!”) Do you see my work in progress? I do! The red dot under my toe next to my big toe, on my “bionic” foot is still there. It has faded slowly over the last five plus years. My right big toe still needs to point straight (as my left big toe). The two farthest right toes on my right foot need to get over their desire to become hammer toes! I keep beating down their efforts to be hammer toes! I am winning, so far! (You do not want to know all the day-by-day details, over these last five plus years! I, however, know the details. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman knows some of the details.)

I took the above photograph today. (I replace the “black tape,” i.e., kinesiology tape, every Sunday.) The red line below my ankle marks where Dr. Scott T. Smith, UT Medical Center, cut my foot, on 4/13/2016 (Wednesday). (That's one reason why I don't fear 13.) He had already cut on my left shoulder and right knee – when my concussion was still trying to kill me – so, I don't remember those. My 3/21/2021 article goes into more detail. (You can read it, if you are not too squeamish!)

I know that focusing on one “bionic” joint (and surrounding muscle groups) is not beneficial. Daily, I focus my ongoing recovery on my “bionic” left shoulder, right knee, and right foot (and surrounding muscle groups). Day by day, I move on.


This article focuses on my “bionic” right foot. My right ankle needs to figure out how to bend forward! I keep trying to get that ankle to bend forward the same as my left ankle! My “bionic” right knee is doing well enough. It's still not the same as my left knee. My “bionic” left shoulder aggravated the heck out of me in May. (I didn't write about it.) The big muscles down both sides of my back, into my hips, and down both legs are still trying to figure out how to be a balanced muscle group. I know. My “bionic” left shoulder is the main culprit. It is improving, slowly.

My nuclear scientist doctor and friend (Dr. Stoyan Antonov) was right, as I hope. He examined me, on my House Mountain hike #141 on 12/3/2017. He said that my recovery would take about ten years. (I wrote only one article, in 2017, but not for that hike.) Of all the medical folks who have speculated to me, I know (as I'm in my body) that Dr. Antonov (my hiking friend) was right. Well, I hope so. I do not wish to endure my “whatevers” until I die. Well, the apostle Paul endured his “whatevers” until he died. I guess that I'm man enough to do the same.

Dr. Stoyan Antonov (my Bulgarian hiking friend) hiked together or met while hiking 12 times: 1/2/2011 (first meeting), 1/30/2011, 2/6/2011, 3/13/2011, 10/9/2011, 10/27/2013 (my hike #93), 1/19/2014, 12/7/2014 (Pearl Harbor Day), 12/16/2015, 1/3/2016 (my hike # 129), 2/7/2016, and 12/3/2017 (hike #141 as a “bionic” hike for me). My hiking log and memory have the details. I hope he's doing well. I haven't seen him since 12/3/2017.

The inspired by God apostle Paul wrote (2 Cor. 12:1-10), “I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me” (verse 7). Well, thanks, Lord, for giving me my “bionic messenger of Satan,” on 3/29/2016. I can endure, as the apostle Paul did. Why don't you still use me, as you once did, in your service? Will you let me know when you will do so? Okay, no answer – again as usual.

Hey, Lord, I still believe! This temporal triviality does not concern you or me. I'll see you at Home – eventually!

At about 4:50 PM, 8/15/2021, Sunday, the storm and rain are coming! Good! We need more rain! I'm still working on a “Poly-tics” smorgasbord article. It will mention the meaning of PGI and PGO. Do you know what a PGI and PGO are? I do! I'll let you know – once I get that “Poly-tics" article published!

Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there! The current insanity in this once great nation is just temporal triviality, which we must endure, sadly.

By the way, at 4:54 PM today, my readers for the last seven days are:

Indonesia 1.29K. USA/USSA 219. Canada 27. Netherlands 22. Singapore 16. Ireland 11. Germany 8. France 5. Russia 4. Argentina 2. China 2. Spain 2. Sweden 2. Czechia 1. Finland 1. Portugal 1. Other (no clue) 1.

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Life, “Such As It Was,” Highlights: 7/4 - 8/6/2021 (published 8-8-2021)


Howdy, y'all! I hope y'all are still turning right and going straight!

I plan to get back to writing my usual nine to twelve articles a month. Thanks for stopping by, to read a while! I wrote only three articles in July. It was a “rich, full” month. This article is “life, such as it was,” by topical highlight, from 7/4/2021 to 8/6/2021. I'll use “the good, the bad, and the ugly” theme. It should be entertaining!

This article is six pages. Don't give up on it, unless you don't have the mind power. Y'all don't have that short attention span problem, do you? “Social media” is guilty of causing the short attention span problem, not me! I've read “Война и мир” (“War and Peace”), published in 1865 – 1869, by Leo Tolstoy. Have you? (I read it in the translated English, which was my failing. I may still read it in the original Russian.)

I had started writing this article, when the East Tennessee area had a lot of smoke in the air. It's gone now, mostly. Aside from having been hot and humid, we had been inhaling “second-hand smoke.” It had been coming from those forest fires, from the far west. On 7/31/2021, while driving nearby, I could barely see My Mountain (House Mountain)! It made me think about the "Johnny Smoke” public service TV announcement from the 1960s. (I hope you watch that YouTube link. It will bring back memories, to those who have a little age on them!)

Folks start off by talking about the weather, before moving on to deeper topics. Let's dig a little deep into the conversational well!

The Good

July started off well. My 7/5/2021 article detailed the family gathering, on 7/3/2021. That was a very good day!

Independence Day was the next day. We rested. That afternoon, I completed the various requirements to renew my “ever two years” Tennessee life and health insurance license. I have not been working in life and health insurance since 2012, but I still renew my license every two years. It is not that expensive or time consuming. I got the license in 2005, so I might as well keep it renewed.

The USA attained age 245 (as the latest, fairly young “experiment” in a republican form of government). Age 245 is if you accept that the USA exists. I figure that the USA died on 1/6/2021 and that the USSA started on 1/6/2021. (I've written about it.) I cannot comprehend the political and moral insanity anymore! Folks either uphold the flag and honor the USA or hate the flag and the USA. Folks who despise the USA need to move to another nation and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE! (Okay, that's my “poly-tics” soapbox. I'm done – in more ways than one!)

As a theological aside, the Good Lord figured, a long time ago, that a person needs to rest one day a week. For the Hebrews, it was on Saturday, as the Ten Commandments dictated. By the way, that fourth commandment was the only one that was nullified, by Christ's death and resurrection. The new covenant includes all the Ten Commandments, in principle, except the fourth one. A person still needs to rest one day a week. The Good Lord knew what he was doing! My Seventh Day Adventist friends are wrong. I know. I can help them, if they want me to do so.

On Saturday, 7/17/2021, I attained the age of 6.1 years. (It is easier to count in decades.) I took it easy that day, doing the usual chores. I found the two store bought cards that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had hidden. One was made in China. The other was made by a USSA socialist group. I know. I had done the research. (She likes to play “hide the cards” on birthdays and anniversaries.) She made my traditional “lemon birthday pie,” which I may get around to eating, over the course of a few months, as usual. I had a few phone calls and e-mails. “Farcebook” friends (in real life also) wished me birthday greetings. My birthday this year was better than last year. My 7/26/2020 article wrote about it.

The next day, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman attained the age of ____. (She won't allow me to tell you, but she's three years younger than me!) She found her card that I had created (on USSA paper and ink) and hidden! We ate dinner (or lunch, as the Yankees call it) at Applebee's, which is near the former Knox Center (or East Towne) Mall. We used to live in an apartment on the ridge, behind the main entrance to the former mall. We lived there, after our return from Russia, in 1999, and before we moved into our house, on 6/7/2003. The area where the mall had been looked like an asteroid had hit and left a crater! Amazon plans to build a distribution hub at the location eventually. Afterward, we had a good visit with her folks.

I wish that I'd taken a photograph of the crater, where the mall had been. WATE TV has an article with photographs, of the demolition stage, as it looked on 4/8/2021. The article and link are “PHOTOS: East Towne Mall demolition begins.” The following is one photograph from that article.

July ended well! On the last day of July (Saturday), Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had dinner (or “lunch,” as Yankees call it) with another couple. We dined at the Texas Roadhouse, near the crater that once was the Knox Center Mall. About 35 years had passed, since we had seen our friend and sister in Christ! We met her husband, and our brother in Christ, for the first time. We talked. We laughed. We had tears well up in our eyes. The meal and conversation afterward were a joyous re-acquaintance, of over two hours! We four plan future get togethers. We look forward to them!

Getting together with friends and fellow Christians is a foretaste of the heavenly gathering that awaits us! Eventually, we will have everlasting gatherings at Home! Won't it be wonderful then?

The Bad (financially)

My income has been the only way to “hold down the fort,” while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has been enjoying her unpaid summer vacation.

On 7/20/2021, Tuesday, we received our summer fill of propane, as I had arranged. Our propane was at about 15%, before the fill. I could have gone without propane a while. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman likes her warm showers and for the warm or hot laundry to be done. I could have taken cold showers and worn clothes laundered in cold water. The bill is paid.

On 7/26/2021, Monday, our “mower guy” and his crew removed all the brush and scrub tree limbs, in our “back 40.” It would have taken me a few days of vacation time to have done it alone, with manual tools. That crew did the job in a few hours, with gas-powered and manual tools! That's much better than I could have done! The cost was about what my “mower guy” had told me last fall. I was surprised, initially, by the cost. I figured out, later, that the cost was about what my “mower guy” had told me last fall. I wish that our “mower guy” had indicated his plan to do the work, before he had started. I would have put him off about a month or so. I still recommend highly LTD Lawn (our “mower guy”). My “bionic body” would rather not mow, trim, weed eat, and clean up. It used to take me at least an hour and a half. They can do a better job than me, in about 20 or 30 minutes! They have much better equipment and more men. The cost for excellent mowing, trimming, weed eating, and clean up is very reasonable!

Norfolk Southern actually owns the scrub brush and tree area around the fence, which is located about two feet to the south of our property line. I researched it. I know. Norfolk Southern is responsible for cleaning their trees and brush – not me! I would be lucky, if I could get them to reimburse us. I won't even bother. The “mower guy” bill is paid.

On 8/2/2021, Monday, we received our chump change Monopoly money – 2020 Federal Income Tax Refund! That was a little good news, in this financial ugly. We had mailed our tax return on 4/15/2021. We usually pay the “Uncle Sam Scam” a few dollars every year. (I don't want a refund of Monopoly money that “Uncle Sam” owes us – when we don't draw interest from it.) My tax preparation indicated a chump change Monopoly money refund, since we didn't get the second (or which ever) round of “stimulus” Monopoly money. I didn't think we'd get it. It had been over four months. I did not care. Well, the chump change Monopoly money arrived. We used it, in the context of the money going out! It was better to get Monopoly money than not.

From 7/30/2021, Friday, to 8/5/2021, Thursday, our 2008 Honda Civic (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's car) was in the “hospital.” She needed a new starter. She got new tires and a new alignment also. Tom's Auto Clinic healed her. The bill is on a credit card. The bill will be paid in full next month – when the credit card bill arrives. (We had to have a little financial “breathing room.”)

Well, at least Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I know how to keep a “rainy day” fund in place. By the way, we had good soaking rains on 8/3/2021 and 8/7/2021. We need more rain. On 8/3/2021 (Tuesday), I took my 2006 Nissan Frontier on a drive around our subdivision. He enjoyed the “country boy truck wash,” in that early evening rain! I did too. Yes, the Civic is a she, and my truck is a he. There are only two genders for vehicles. Wait for my next article, on “poly-tics” that will include PGI and PGO. You may not know what that means yet. I will tell you.

The Ugly

On 7/19/2021, I e-mailed Roger Goodell (, as follows:

Roger Goodell:

I found your (if valid) e-mail address via “NFL Headquarters Address, HQ Email Address, Corporate Office Phone Number, and More,” on HeadquartersOf, by John Mathew.

Yesterday (7/18/2021), a friend e-mailed to me the following link: “NFL to Double Down on Viewership-Killing Wokeness With 'Black National Anthem',” on mrcTV, by Matt Philbin, 7/16/2021.

Of course, I had already learned about the NFL’s “Black national anthem” (as if their is one, really) and the NFL’s “politically correct,” “woke,” and “socialist Utopian” agenda. My agenda, for the 2021 – 2022 NFL football season, is to WATCH SOMETHING, ANYTHING ELSE! (I have been a Pittsburgh Steelers “fan” for decades.)

You will not respond to this e-mail, if you do, with any “politically correct” gibberish! I do NOT want to read it!


A former “fan” of the NFL

Roger Goodell has not responded. My e-mail to him did not bounce back as undeliverable. I spoke my mind, as any Irish-American would have. Y'all send him e-mails also, if you wish. He will not reply. The NFL will not change. I'm done with the NFL.

Since 7/25/2021 (including August 3rd and 6th, so far), I have been trying to educate my hometown newspaper, The Rogersville Review. During my senior year in high school, I worked as an “inserter,” every Wednesday, after school. My hometown newspaper has become “new, better, and improved” -- meaning worse. They don't have their website and billing “ducks in a row.” I'm trying to teach them. So far, I have managed to restore our delivery of The Rogersville Review. I'm still working on helping them understand the details about my gift subscription to my youngest brother. I'll educate them. It may take me a while.

On 7/27/2021, Tuesday, while working at home, I had enough of my job. Konstantin Jireček (born in Vienna, Austria, 7/24/1854; died 1/10/1918) could have been the one who first said:

We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

I have had that line memorized many decades. I submitted my online retirement that day! I was done. Enough was enough! My Irish dander was up! (I'm sorry, Lord. Thanks for forgiving me!)

The next day, after I'd cooled down, I decided to unretire. I unretired. I was retired for one day!

My employer will NEVER figure out that expecting one person to do the work of two or more is not rational. I know it. I have over four months of paid leave. Instead of assuming that I can find another, better job – after retiring from my current job – I have decided to continue to endure the “we, the unwilling,” insanity – until I have another job. I will give a month's notice when I retire. I will start my new job a month later. My current employer will have to pay me over four months of leave time, while I am working in my new, better job! Well, that's the plan, as the Lord wills.

My wisdom overcame my stubborn Irish temper. Well, it did so, at least, on 7/28/2021. We will see, tomorrow, when I start my routine, of working from home, on Monday through Wednesday, but at the office, on Thursday and Friday. I'm on a short fuse. The total “Gaggle alert dump” tomorrow -- which some unknown “colleague,” somewhere, assigns to me -- could be my deciding factor. We will see!


Well, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has been back from her afternoon visit with her folks. She has finished the dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming routine that she does late on Sunday afternoons. The mundane details of another day in temporal life are winding down again.

I'm whittling down on my backlog of “working documents!” I have seven more “working documents” left (5/29/2021, 6/12/2021, 6/14/2021, 6/19/2021, 7/17/2021, 7/24/2021, and 8/7/2021). I plan to summarize these seven under one “Poly-tics” article. Do you remember what “Poly-tics” means? My next article may be a “Poly-tics smorgasbord” article – just to get my “working document” backlog behind me.

Y'all keep turning right and going straight out there! We will meet up in Heaven one of these days – unless I see some of y'all sooner – here on this speck of dust, in this not very relevant and temporal realm!

Saturday, August 07, 2021


5/8/2023 addendum: on the 77th anniversary of VE Day (5/8/1945), I updated the links to the websites cited, and I improved the format, to this original publication of 8/7/2021. This article still awaits proof, if any, that confirms that Dandridge is the second oldest town -- by date settled, not by date established. This article still confirms that Rogersville is the second oldest town, by date settled, in Tennessee!


The most recent article, of 7/25/2021, mentioned six “working documents.” The oldest “working document,” which started on 3/28/2021, is updated, finalized, and published today!

This is a friendly howdy, to our fine friends in Jefferson County! I win the “which town is oldest” war! Y'all are still my friends – even if you are wrong!

The “gang” is getting together, in person, later today -- finally! The last gathering was on Saturday, 2/15/2020. The new cold virus (i.e., “global pandemic” or Corona Myopia) had been hindering us -- among other reasons.

This article is published today -- to add fuel to the conversational fodder! If the “gang” doesn't read this article, before we get together, then I'll mention it! I love each member of the “gang!” We always have fun together. We have had “joking arguments,” for decades, about the second oldest town in Tennessee. I win! The following is the proof!

Tennessee Statehood

First, let's set the stage, with the beginning of the state. Tennessee became a state, on June 1, 1796. (Source: “Tennessee,” on A&E History, by Editors, updated 8/21/2018.) That's why the media were bragging on Tennessee, on 6/1/2021. Tennessee has been a state for 225 years.

By the way, June first is the beginning of summer (meteorological summer) -- not June 20, which is astronomical summer. I have argued that point in many articles, but I digress.

As a personal aside, June first was Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's last work day. Her summer vacation has started. It ends on 8/10/2021. She returns to “hitting a lick,” on the last “dog day” of summer, which the most article mentions.

Tennessee Counties (95) in Chronological Order

Next, let's move on to when Tennessee's 95 counties were formed. The origination dates of those counties are listed, below, in chronological order. The four sources for the list are: “Education Outreach,” on Tennessee State Library and Archives: Education Outreach Program, Tennessee Blue Book, "Table of Contents: 5 List of Tennessee Counties,” under “History and Facts of Tennessee Counties,” on My Counties, and 2009-2010 Tennessee Blue Book, Section VI – Tennessee, Origin of County Names (a PDF file).

1777 - 1799: 18 Counties
1777 Washington County                        1779 Sullivan County
1783 Davidson County, Greene County  1786 Sumner County
1787 Hawkins County. The exact date was 1/6/1787, according to “Hawkins County,” on Tennessee Encyclopedia (by Henry R. Price, last update 3/1/2018).
1792 Jefferson County, Knox County      1794 Sevier County
1795 Blount County
1796 Carter County, Grainger County, Montgomery County, Robertson County
1797 Cocke County
1799 Smith County, Williamson County, Wilson County

1801 - 1849: 61 Counties
1801 Anderson County, Claiborne County, Jackson County, Roane County
1803 Dickson County, Rutherford County, Stewart County
1806 Campbell County, Overton County, White County
1807 Bedford County, Bledsoe County, Franklin County, Hickman County, Maury County, Rhea County, Warren County
1809 Giles County, Humphreys County, Lincoln County
1817 Lawrence County, Marion County, Morgan County, Wayne County
1819 Hamilton County, Hardin County, McMinn County, Monroe County, Perry County, Shelby County
1821 Carroll County, Henderson County, Henry County, Madison County
1824 Fayette County
1835 Benton County, Lauderdale County
1836 Bradley County, Cannon County, Coffee County, Johnson County, Marshall County, Meigs County
1837 DeKalb County         1839 Polk County
1840 Van Buren County    1842 Macon County
1843 Lewis County            1844 Grundy County, Hancock County
1845 Decatur County        1849 Scott County

1850 - 1879: final 16 Counties
1850 Union County               1854 Putnam County
1855 Cumberland County     1856 Cheatham County
1857 Sequatchie County
1870 Clay County, Hamblen County, Lake County, Loudon County, Trousdale County
1871 Crockett County, Houston County, Moore County
1875 Unicoi County
1879 Chester County, Pickett County

Jonesborough is the Oldest Tennessee Town

That Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee well known. “History,” on The Town of Jonesborough, Tennessee, beside “Jonesborough’s Timeline,” states: “1779 Jonesborough is Established: Jonesborough, the oldest town in Tennessee, is established seventeen years before Tennessee was granted statehood.”

Jonesborough was settled ten years earlier, in 1769. The same website confirms, beside “1769 English Colonists Move into the Region,” that Jonesborough was settled in 1769, when William and Lydia Bean, the first permanent white settlers, build a cabin on the Watauga River in Northeast Tennessee. New settlers begin to come into the area from Virginia and North Carolina.”

Please note that Jonesborough was settled in 1769 then established in 1779. A town starts as a settlement, before it is established.

Rogersville is the Second Oldest Tennessee Town

Rogersville is the second oldest “settled” town in Tennessee -- settled in 1775. “Visitors,” on the official website for the Town of Rogersville, TN, states: “Rogersville is a town in, and the county seat of, Hawkins County, Tennessee, United States. It was settled in 1775 by the grandparents of Davy Crockett, and is the second-oldest town in the state.” The official website states that Rogersville is the second oldest town in Tennessee.

“Hawkins County,” on Tennessee Encyclopedia (by Henry R. Price, last update 3/1/2018) confirms the establishment of Rogersville, in 1789, fourteen years after settlement.

In 1789 Amis presented a petition from the community to the North Carolina General Assembly to establish a town at the Hawkins Court House site and to name the town Rogersville. Approval of the petition, which was granted on November 7, 1789 . . . .

Dandridge is the Third Oldest Tennessee Town

Dandridge is the third oldest “settled” and “founded” town in Tennessee -- settled and founded in 1783. To my Jefferson County friends, the following is the proof that I win this decades old discussion!

The official Town of Dandridge website introduces itself, in error, by stating, Welcome to Dandridge, Tennessee: 'Tennessee’s Second Oldest Town.'” At least the town's introduction places “Tennessee's Second Oldest Town” in quotation marks, since the statement is not correct.

Scrolling to the bottom of that introductory page, the “History” section states, “Dandridge was founded around 1783 when the settlers came across the Appalachian Mountains moving west.”

Jefferson County,” on Tennessee Encyclopedia (by Estle P. Muncy, last update 3/1/2018) confirms: “The first permanent settlement at Dandridge dates to 1783; the village became the county seat in 1793.”


Dandridge was both settled and founded in 1783. Rogersville was settled in 1775 -- eight years before Dandridge. Of course, Rogersville was established in 1789 -- six years after Dandridge.

To our Jefferson County “gang” members, Rogersville was settled before Dandridge! I win! (Yes, I know that Rogersville was established six years after Dandridge.)

The established dates are a point of triviality. For example, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I live in the settlement of “Corrytonvegas” (as I call it). “John Sawyers, a Revolutionary War veteran, settled in the vicinity of what is now Corryton in 1785 . . . . In 1887, a developer named Corryton Woodbury purchased property surrounding the rail depot to grow the community into a suburban town.” (Source: “Corryton, Tennessee,” on Wikipedia, which references: Miller, Larry (2001). Tennessee Place Names. Indiana University Press. p. 51. ISBN 0-253-33984-7. Retrieved July 25, 2020.) I have seen the area highway signs that confirm settlement in 1785 (two years after Dandridge). The little town of “Corrytonvegas” exists. It just hasn't been “established” or “founded” yet!

If the “gang” members from Jefferson County can cite proof, confirming that Dandridge was settled before Rogersville (in 1775), then I will retract my victory. Otherwise, my victory stands -- in a joking manner, of course.

Either way, Rogersville and Dandridge have both been around longer than Tennessee has been a state! Both towns have bragging rights on that!

We will see y'all (the “gang”) this afternoon! Love y'all! Mean it!