Sunday, December 26, 2021

FERRELL'S WELL DRILLING 3-8-1958, WEIGEL'S 12-21-2013 REMEMBERED 12-21-2021, CHRISTMAS 12-25-2021, AND 'LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL,' THE BACKDROP (published 12-26-2021 Sunday)


On this Sunday, 12/26/2021, did you know that Kwanzaa began today and that it is Boxing Day in Canada? That's what my desktop calendar tells me, for what it's worth.

My “CHRIST-MAS 12/25/2020 FRIDAY” article mentioned the snow on that day. I have four snow photographs in that article. Christmas, 12/25/2021, Saturday, was a warm and very windy March day. I should have flown a kite! The low was 59 degrees. The high was about 67 degrees. Yesterday was a “great day for snow sledding!” Today has been another spring day in winter. We are saving on our propane bill.

I hope that you read to the “light at the end of the tunnel” ending, of this article. It should be worth the trip.

Ferrell's Well Drilling, 3-8-1958

I am a member of a private group, on “Farcebook,” which is about and for members of the Irish Fearghail clan. On 12/20/2021, one of the administrators posted the following.

From the Knoxville News-Sentinel on March 08, 1958. Earl Henry Ferrell was the son of Marion Ferrell, grandson of James Robert Ferrell, great-grandson of John Ferrell Jr., gg-grandson of John Ferrell Sr.

Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) was age 30. He still lived with his parents, on Cave Springs Road, in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He was still single. Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) was age 77. Papaw Ferrell started Ferrell's Well Drilling, in 1901. (A search of my archived articles will find details and photographs.) Dad knew the other well drillers listed. I recall Joe Samples, but I don't remember having met him in person. I knew Gwyn Calfee very well. (Search by “Gwyn Calfee,” to find my article on him.)

Thanks, Ronny, for posting the above image on that group page! I'll send you an email, to let you know that I have mentioned you, by first name only.

WEIGEL'S 12-21-2013 REMEMBERED 12-21-2021

On 12/21/2021, “Farcebook” reminded me of my 12/21/2013 post:

After having engaged in the secular ritual of almost last minute gift buying, and feeling frustrated by the wanton secularization of the observance of our Lord’s birth, I stopped at a Weigel's on the way home. The older man in front of me in line was buying a gallon of milk. As he turned, I noticed his cap: Vietnam War Veteran.

I caught his attention as he turned from the checkout. All I did was look him in the eyes and offer my handshake. I didn’t have to say a word. He saw the words in my eyes. He looked in my eyes, man to man, and said, “Thank you,” as he shook my hand. I respect this man, whom I may never meet again, because he offered his military service as a sacrifice to this once great nation.

Amidst the gift buying and giving, I paused, in the ultimate level of thankfulness, to “shake the hand” of the One who sacrificed his all for such a lowly one as I. May I, and all in this nation, live in respect of the Greatest Gift of all.

I do not recall having seen that Vietnam Veteran again. Eight years since my post, I would not change one word. God the eternal Word became flesh, born of a virgin. My analogy of the ants (8/21/2021 article) comes to mind: the man became an ant. He lived and died as an ant. He rose again. He brought salvation to the ants. God, however, created us in his image. God the Word became God the Son. Salvation is free. Have you taken up the Good Lord's offer? Contact me, if you have not. I will help you any way that I can!

Christmas 12/25/2021

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I enjoyed watching the tarp blow across our “back 40” into the “back 40” of our neighbors, to the east of us. The tarp had come from a neighbor to the west of us. I should have flown a kite, as I had stated before.

We gathered with the Gordon-Beckner clan on Christmas afternoon. As always, the conversation and food were great. (Well, there was too much food.) The elder sister of my father-in-law will attain age 100 next month, as the Lord wills. I look forward to writing about that event, by His grace! I wrote about this dear lady, in my January 18, 2021 article.

My youngest brother and his family visited in the early evening. Our two nieces were able to get their Christmas gifts on time this year. They got their Christmas 2020 gifts on 7/3/2021 (as my 7/5/2021 article mentioned).

Christmas, to the Fearghail and to the Gordon-Beckner clans, has the depth of family heritage, in the biblical context. The gift giving is secondary. Despite the March wind in winter, it was a good Christmas day.


Of course, the Fearghail clan remembers the good Christmas times and the sad Christmas times. The following is a paragraph from my unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel.” The paragraph is from my section “The Backdrop (written 8/25/2016).”

Thanksgiving 1999 was a good day. Mom looked and felt better than she had before she became ill. I still see her vividly. She was sitting in the blue recliner in the living room, at the homeplace. She was enjoying the family holiday activity. How well Mom looked and felt inspired us all. I recall telling Mom how well she looked. She replied, “I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel!” (This inspired the title to my little book.) The next day, after Belinda and I were back at our little Knoxville apartment, Mom had pain in her side. Medical providers theorized that the pain was from over exertion in physical therapy. The pain turned out to be bone cancer. So, after enduring so much and finally showing signs of recovery, from all through which she had been, due to the cerebellar hemorrhage, Mom left this world and us to be with Jesus, on December 27, 2000, a year minus one day from when she was first hospitalized in 1999. At least Mom didn’t have to suffer long with the cancer, as she had, and still was, suffering from the cerebellar hemorrhage.

I will get around to finishing and publishing my book, in a year or so, as the Lord wills. I usually work quite a bit on my book, during the last week of the year.

I must, however, endure working from home, tomorrow only. Tomorrow is 12/27/2021 – twenty-one years since Mom “went to see Jesus” (in her words to me).


Is there joy this time of year? Yes. Is there sorrow this time of year? Yes. Can one experience both sorrow and joy this time of year? Yes. I have been doing so, along with an unknown number of others, every year – for many years.

Will temporal sorrow be overcome with everlasting joy? Yes, it will be – through God the man, who was born in a manger. Do you know the rest of the story? Have you accepted salvation, by faith, in Christ? Many of you have, and you rejoice, even in sorrow. There is hope! Some have not. Contact me, if you would like to talk. I will be glad to share a piece of the Bread of Life, from one hungry beggar to another.

Friday, December 24, 2021

CHRISTMAS EVE, 12-24-2021, UPDATE (published 12-24-2021)


The time, as I begin to write, is 3:50 PM, on 12/24/2021, Friday, Christmas Eve. I see a fine and godly neighbor mowing the leaves in his yard, as I type this sentence. I'm glad that I'm not doing that now. He has his “bionics,” as I have mine. He is older than me, by a few years.

This is my second article today. I hope that you enjoy it, as you drink your eggnog, on Christmas Eve. Papaw Aby William Wood (9/4/1901 - 3/14/1983) and I used to enjoy drinking a glass of eggnog (not spiced) together, on Christmas Eve – several decades ago. I do not want any eggnog this year.

Brother Phil

I would like to meet Phil Robertson, look him eye-to-eye, as men, and shake his firm handshake. He lives in Louisiana. I live in Tennessee. That would be a long handshake – unless he's up this way sometime in the future.

Do you remember Duck Dynasty? I do, very well. That fine show ran on A&E Television Networks, LLC, from 2012 to 2017 (11 seasons, 129 episodes). Their marketing website is still Duck Commander. Buy some stuff there, if you need it. I bought my six new sweatshirts, on 12/18/2021.

Phil Robertson is the patriarch of his godly family. He has his SubStack website. I found it today. It is free to subscribe. He doesn't want the money, to get his word out. His words are far more important than money. I agree.

Read his 12/22/2021 article. I did. His wisdom is worth reading. His articles are free, as mine are on that SubStack whatever it is. (I'm experimenting on it. SubStack wants one to make money on one's articles. Phil Robertson and I have articles there that are always free.)

Earlier today, I commented on his 12/22/2021 article: “Brother Phil, folks need not only to hear but to listen to your words of wisdom. Thank you for trying to get the Good Word out there! I have been trying, for decades. Since March 2006, I have been doing so on my website ( 'Logic - Theology - Deep Stuff' subject line contains my efforts, over the years. We, as Christians, continue to stand on the Solid Rock. We wish many more would join us. Many others and we are trying. Merry Christmas, for the true reason, to your family and you.”

I, then, sent him a SubStack email: “Brother Phil, Greetings, in Christ. I enrolled to get your newsletter updates today. The following is my comment, on your 12/22/21 article 'The One Thing Humanity Needs to Know This Christmas:' Brother Phil, folks need not only to hear but to listen to your words of wisdom. Thank you for trying to get the Good Word out there! I have been trying, for decades. Since March 2006, I have been doing so on my website ( 'Logic - Theology - Deep Stuff' subject line contains my efforts, over the years. We, as Christians, continue to stand on the Solid Rock. We wish many more would join us. Many others and we are trying. Merry Christmas, for the true reason, to your family and you. May God bless you and yours, as y’all work to advance His Cause.” (I used my known signature, with name, address, phone numbers, and website.)


At 4:45 PM, this typing, I hope that many folks read this article and Phil Williams' article that I referenced. We are both, among many others, trying to restore this once great nation to its moral and godly roots. Help us, if you can!

I wish that Papaw Wood were here. We might drink a glass of eggnog together. Papaw Wood is Home. I'm waiting until it is my turn to join him. In the mean time, I'm trying to help the spiritually in need, to find the Bread of Life that this poor beggar found, on 6/21/1981 – the date of my salvation. I remember that day very well.

Happy Christmas Eve, y'all. Remember and enjoy, for the right reason!

LIFE, “SUCH AS IT WAS,” UPDATE – 12/7/2021 to 12/23/2021 (published 12/24/2021)


Merry Christmas Eve, y'all! The weather is cloudy and too warm this afternoon. I'm just “sottin' here,” writing.

The Context

I hope that you are reflecting deeply on God's Eternal Plan of Redemption. Our all-knowing God always knew his plan, as He is eternal and omniscient, among His other characteristics. God's plan had to unfold, in time.

First, God created the temporal universe – including humans, made in His image. The biblical account is in Genesis. (The faith is based on evidence, which I have and can continue to prove.) God knew that sin would enter his creation.

The Old Testament books of the Bible record the next chapter in God's Eternal Plan of Redemption. The chapter unfolded over centuries and includes many details.

The inspired Gospel of Luke (chapter 2, verses 1-7) records the birth of God, the eternal Word, who became flesh, as the Messiah. Jesus, as God incarnate, lived, taught, performed miracles, was crucified, was resurrected, and ascended to heaven. The biblical record is inspired and verified. (I have and can prove the faith.)

Since that time, we remain in the unfolding final chapter of God's Eternal Plan of Redemption. The inspired New Testament writers recorded the first several decades of this still unfolding final chapter.

Now that I have set the context, I will regale you with life, “such as it was,” from 12/7/2021 to 12/23/2021.


12/7/2021, Tuesday: I wish that I had taken the time to write an article that day. The day marked the 80th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The unfolding tragedy of World War II continued, until it ended, finally. I now, by writing, honor the men and women who gave their lives, in service to this once great nation. I wish this once great nation could live, in honor of their collective sacrifices.

12/15/2021, Wednesday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had her “annual, every-six-month” physical examination, by her PCP. My wife is doing well enough to have an annual physical on an annual, not on an every-every-six-month, basis! Her doctor must like the copay.

12/14,15,16/2021: On 12/14/2021, the daughter of my “adoptive sister” attained age 48. Her phone number is no longer valid. I tried. The next day, I left my “adoptive sister” a voice mail phone message. My “adoptive sister,” in Charleston, Missouri, has not returned my call yet. I tried. On 12/16/2021, the son of my “adoptive sister” attained age 44. His phone number is still valid. I left him a voice mail. He has not replied yet. I tried.

12/20/21, Monday: Usually, I work from home, from Monday through Wednesday and at the office on Thursdays and Fridays – doing the exact same job. It has been the work insanity that I have endured, since 2/1/2021. On 12/20/2021, as my '06 Frontier and I were turning from one road to the next -- almost home, my truck told me that supplemental air bag warning light needed attention. At 5:51 PM, I called the Nissan folks.

On 12/28/21, Tuesday, when I am off work – and on the anniversary of Mom's 12/28/1999 ER trip that started my not yet published book "Light at the End of the Tunnel" – my truck and I have a 2 PM appointment -- to fix another sensor, apparently. It will be part of another "Life, Such as It Is" article, eventually.

12/22/2021, Wednesday: I had my ACTUAL annual (i.e., once a year) physical examination, by my fine primary care doctor, friend, and brother in Christ. I worked from home that day. My appointment was at 8 AM. I “flexed my work time,” to not request leave. His office is a five-minute drive from home. Aside from my “bionic” whatevers, which are much improved, I am still “fit as a rutting buck!” If you need a great primary care doctor, and if you live in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, I highly recommend my doctor, friend, and fellow Christian: Kalpesh D. Parikh, MD! (The link is via

12/23/2021, Thursday: Yesterday, I decided to play with SubStack a while. I started my SubStack website, which is not as good as my Appalachian Irishman website, here, that I own. I'm trying to “expand my influence, readership, and profile,” as some folks call it. Who knows? I may find a way to work-at-home fulltime, as an editor and/or writer, in time. We will see.


By the way, I left a very good friend two voice mails today, about 12:25 PM from our landline and about 1:27 PM from my cell phone. I hope that my very good friend calls me back. We haven't spoken, either by phone or face-to-face, in about a decade.

This life, such as it was, update is placed firmly -- on this 12/24/2021 Christmas Eve Friday -- into the context of God's Eternal Plan of Redemption.

Do you understand? I hope so! Otherwise, contact me. I will help you in any way that I can!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

SWEATSHIRT SEARCH SUCCESS! (published 12-23-2021; 280th article)

 Introduction (Введение)

Success! My success! I bought new sweatshirts! (Yспех! Мой успех! Купила новые толстовки!) No, the translation is NOT “hoodies!” It is “sweatshirts!” Okay, I'll stay with English from now on.

My 11/20/2021 and 12/11/2021 articles include my comments, on my five failed searches for new sweatshirts.


Saturday, 12/18/2021, was a rainy summer day, in winter. I removed my outer layer, to be more comfortable in my T-shirt.

At 11:00 AM, my good friend and barber, who owns Tony's Best Clips, gave me another “best clip.” Thanks, Tony! I like your website! I wrote my “best review,” on 12/23/2021!

Afterward, my '06 Frontier and I went to the parking lot area of “Wally World,” in the Halls area of north Knox County, Tennessee. First, I checked Burkes Outlet then Hibbett Sports – in my effort to avoid “Wally World.” I had no luck. Those were my sixth and seventh failed attempts to buy new sweatshirts.

Finally, bravely, I entered “Wally World.” My “bionic” right foot was holding up well enough. After several minutes of searching, I found my six new sweatshirts!

The above image – which I had taken that day, with my trusty Samsung very wise phone – is proof! My two pair of green and two pair of blue old sweatshirts are to the left. They are about 20 years or so old. They had a few small holes. One green sweatshirt still has a paint spot, which never came off. I'd placed there, in 2003, when I was painting at our house, which was under construction at the time.

My six pair (two black, two blue, and two dark gray) are to the right. I was wearing the dark gray, as I had typed this line! The image above the sweatshirts is my “Wally World” receipt and the stickers from my six new sweatshirts!

At least three of my old sweatshirts were made in the former USA. My six new sweatshirts were made in Honduras, by a company called Athletic. I like my new sweatshirts. I wish that I hadn't needed to take so much time and effort, to find them. My eighth search was the charm!

My four old sweatshirts are now resting, in a location of honor, in my closet. (The master's bedroom has two closets – a smaller one for me and a larger one for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman.) I hear the jokes forming in your minds! Don't tempt me! I have an answer to your “who's the master” jokes!


While in line at one of the checkout locations, I had been behind a man, a little older and taller than me, who looked very fit. He allowed me to checkout before him, since he had a buggy full of stuff, while I was holding six sweatshirts in my arm. We talked. Neither he nor I have had our “Corony Myopia” shots. Neither of us plan to get them. That's our choice. Leave us alone! His job requires him to take the “Corony Myopia” shot or face forced retirement, in a few days or weeks. I'd like to see my job try that on me! That man and I shook hands. We agreed: either the Good Lord needs to return soon or this once great nation needs to get back to its godly roots. We agreed: the latter will not happen, most likely. We will see.

By the way, the man who checked me out was an older and shorter man. I think that he enjoyed the comments, of the taller and older man and me.

At least I have new sweatshirts! If they last 20 years, I will need new sweatshirts at about age 81 or so. Come soon, dear Lord! Come soon! I do not want to buy new sweatshirts again!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

FEARGHAIL NIECES -- BASKETBALL PROUD! (published 12-19-2021)


On Sunday afternoon, 12/19/2021, the sun is starting to shine a little. The summer-in-winter, which has been cloudy, too warm, and rainy, may be ending. I have had this article in working draft form, since before my article of Saturday, December 11, 2021 – in which I mentioned the 11/30/2021 basketball game. I would rather write and/or edit for a living. I'm working on it. Y'all help me, if you can!

The two daughters of my youngest brother and his wife are following their mother's basketball heritage. We are proud of our Fearghail nieces – not just in basketball.

Lilliana Ferrell

I will start with our youngest niece. She is following the heritage of both her mother and her older sister.

The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (12/4-5/2021), listed the local area girls and boys grade school and middle school basketball teams. The image, below, is from The Rogersville Review, 2021-22 Bulls Gap Lady Bulldogs photograph and remarks. The photo is by Jim Bell.


I see a Ferrell! She is number 45, kneeling in the center! Lilliana Ferrell is a member of the 2021-22 Bulls Gap Middle School Lady Bulldogs. Her older sister was a member of the 2019-2020 basketball team that made history. I honored her older sister, in my Sunday, February 9, 2020, article “BULLS GAP MIDDLE SCHOOL LADY BULLDOGS: STATE FINAL FOUR!!”

In the same The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (12/4-5/2021), a 12/2/2021 article and photographs by Randy Ball recorded “Byington leads Lady Eagles over Lady Bulldogs.”

Lilliana Ferrell was one of two Lady Bulldogs, who each lead the team, by each scoring five points!


The Randy Ball photograph caption reads “Lady Bulldog Lilliana Ferrell pressures” (name mentioned).

Ariel Ferrell

If you read my article of Saturday, December 11, 2021, mentioned previously, you will know my frustration, on 11/30/2021. Once again, my work life had forestalled my personal life. Let's move on!


The above photograph, by Dawn Lambert, is from The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (Saturday-Sunday, November 27-28, 2021), page 1B article, by Jim Beller, Sports Editor, “Cherokee Opens Hardee's with Rout of Lady Vikings.”

Way to go, Ariel Ferrell (#32)! Enemies of any type need to be harassed! I have a deep and spiritual point in my mind, as I write, but I will not delve into that deeper subject, in this article.

The Rogersville Review, 12/1/2021, Midweek Edition, page 2B, by Staff Report, article is “Lady Chiefs Finishes Hardee’s Classic with 4th Place.” (Would “Finish” not be correct?) Good work, Lady Chiefs!


My youngest brother and his wife keep us informed, on the various basketball games, for their two daughters. Additional The Rogersville Review articles, by subscription only, are known to Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. We have both the postal delivery and online copies. This article does not update the most recent Fearghail clan basketball news, in Hawkins County.

We are proud of our Fearghail clan nieces – not just in basketball. They are being raised by their godly parents. The tradition of biblical faith and family is continuing to the next generation. We are proud of our nieces, win or lose in basketball, since they are continuing the biblical heritage of their godly ancestors.

Sunday, December 12, 2021



On 12/12/2021, Sunday, the summer storm in winter, of yesterday, has provided cool, crisp, and sunny weather – a normally warm winter day in east Tennessee. My 12/11/2021 article mentioned the summer storm in winter.

This is the second of my three other articles. My 12/5/2021 article mentioned the three, on which I have been working. Y'all help me find a work-at-home writing and/or editing job, please! I need help! I am trying!


The Nations Online Project had an interesting article on the nation of Georgia – located in the southern Caucasus.

Gudauri, a popular ski resort on the south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. Image: Paata Liparteliani. Taken on 1/13/2011. Via Flickr

The most infamous person from the nation of Georgia was Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili (12/6/1878 Julian calendar - 3/5/1953). He was born in Gori, Georgia, when Georgia was part of the Russian Empire. I hope that I have whetted your appetite to learn more, by your own research! Here is a hint! Read the A&E Television Networks LLC,, article on him.

The nation of Georgia has a website ( Do NOT click the link, unless you have perfect Internet security! That website is NOT secure.

The 12/4/2021 SEC Championship Game

My University of Georgia (a USSA state on the southern border of Tennessee) college football Bulldogs (Dawgs) were NOT secure, in the 12/4/2021, Saturday, SEC Championship Game.

On Saturday, 11/27/2021, the Tennessee Vols college football team beat the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors,” 45 - 21.

At least my Dawgs won the SEC East. They had been ranked #1 in the nation, undefeated (11-0), until their first loss of the 2021-22 season, against the was #3 ranked Alabama “Dark Red Elephants,” which had been 11-1 (lost to Texas A&M on 10/9/2021).

On 12/04/2021, Saturday, at 4:00 PM, the SEC Championship Game started, in Atlanta, Georgia. My Dawgs lost to the “Dark Red Elephants,” again, as usual, 24 - 41. My was #1 ranked Georgia Dawgs were stomped (by 17 points) by the was #3 ranked Elephants, again, as usual, sadly. I watched the first half only. I saw the stomp coming. At halftime, I started watching Gunsmoke.

The conclusion is obvious. My Dawgs are about at the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors” level against the Tennessee Vols. I was and have been disappointed.


As the college football bowl games approach, the Elephants are ranked #1. My Dawgs are ranked #3. Michigan is between them.

Who cares about the 12/4/2021 SEC Championship Game? I watched the first half. I watched Gunsmoke, to avoid watching the second half. Go Dawgs! I still follow you! I'll get over your SEC Championship Game loss. Will you?

What will happen, in the 2021-22 College Football bowl games? We will see. Go Dawgs!

Saturday, December 11, 2021

“LIFE, SUCH AS IT WAS” 11-29-2021 to 12-4-2021 (published 12-11-2021)


On 12/11/2021, Saturday, for my readers in the Tennessee area, are you enjoying the summer storm, on this “winter” day? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are. For my readers in other nations, the weather has been unseasonably warm. A strong low pressure system brought the storm and rain today. The various media have updates on the tragic damage west of here.


I took the above photograph, which includes Molly (our 'ol puppy), this afternoon (12/11/2021). The large cedar tree near the house lost a branch, in the wind and storm that passed through here, about 11 AM. I have some work to do.

I am finally finishing and publishing one of my three other articles. My 12/5/2021 article mentioned the other three, on which I have been working. This article is one of the three at least. The delay is due, mostly, to my unfortunate current employment status.

If y'all know a fine company that would like to hire the type of writer and editor that I am, please either send that company my contact information or send me that company's contact information! I want, urgently, to transition from my insane state government job to a work-at-home writing and/or editing job! Thanks, if you can help in my networking effort here. You are welcome to use the “Contact Form,” to send me an email! Call, if you know my phone number!

This article is about “life, such as it was,” from 11/29/21, Monday, to 12/4/2021, Saturday, before the SEC Championship football game. The SEC Championship Game article will be brief, sadly, once I publish it.

11/29/2021 to 12/4/2021

11/29/2021, Monday: a usual work day for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. I still work from home on Monday through Wednesday and at the office Thursday and Friday – doing the exact same job that I can do, more easily, at home. I'm tired of it.

11/30/1892 and 11/30/2021: My paternal grandmother, Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, was born on 11/30/1892. You may search, to find other articles that I have written previously. Granny Ferrell was a fine grandmother – except for the time that Papaw Ferrell obstructed her from whipping me! I've written about it, somewhere in my archived articles.

The eldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife is on her high school girls basketball team. That team played our local high school girls basketball team, on 11/30/2021. We had known about it. We both had planned to attend. The game started at 5 PM.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman returned home, from work, early. She attended the game. She saw out sister-in-law and our niece. She was at the local high school at 4:40 PM. She arrived home at 7:45 PM. Our niece's team won, both junior varsity and varsity games. The image above has the scores and the times of each game! Our niece played in the junior varsity game.

Sadly, I worked, on unpaid overtime, at home, from 4:30 to 5:40 PM. I could not attend physically. I was present in spirit! Once again, my job interfered with my personal life.

Granny Ferrell will be glad to know that her great granddaughter won a basketball game, on Granny's birthday. I look forward to telling her – eventually, once I join Granny, at Home.

12/01/2021, Wednesday: winter began. Meteorological winter is from December 1st to February 28th. Astronomical “winter” is from about December 21st to about March 22nd. Russia marks winter starting December 1st. I had done the same, before our mission work (10/1/1994 to 9/30/1999) in Russia. I, however, have digressed into the mundane.

I had awakened with a sharp pain at the back of my neck, upper respiratory congestion, gastrointestinal “strangeness,” and a lack of my usual “bionic man” energy. I worked at home, well enough. I was improved but still sickly, on Thursday and Friday, so I arranged to work at home those days also!

My article “CORONA MYOPIA” (published 4/26/2020) articulated the definition of Corona Myopia. I stated the meaning of “corona.” I had a new-to-me common cold virus. I got over it. The sharp pain at the back of my neck caused me to wonder if I had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that was leaking. In November 1999, Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) was misdiagnosed as having influenza, at first. Her arteriovenous malformation (AVM; birth defect) that had been asymptomatic had leaked. That started the details that my still unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” have recorded. The record remains in my mind, with temporal sadness.

That same day, I had posted a tribute on the website of the funeral home that served the family of the deceased mother of one of my high school friends. (He is still my friend. Miles separate us, but we are friends.) The initials of my friend are C.G. His mother, at age 89, had gone Home, on 11/26/2021, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Her visitation and funeral were on 12/4/2021, Saturday. The illness or passing of a beloved family member, around Thanksgiving or Christmas, is not pleasant. My still unpublished book will have details. My mind retains the temporally sad details.

My last article, “RIGHT-TO-LIFE, BORDER, INFLATION, SSA TRUST FUND, & VIOLENCE (published 12-5-2021),” commented on the “Supreme Court” case. I hope that the “Supreme Court” follows God's Supreme Court. The murdering of unborn children should not have started. It needs to stop. May it stop, dear Lord!

12/02/2021, Thursday: What is a “palindrome?” What is an “ambigram?” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary links (previously) will answer. I learned. We have two good friends. They are husband and wife. The wife, whom I have known since New Years Eve 1980, attained age (not given), on 12/02/2021. She had birthday on a palindrome and ambigram day!

On that day, I received postal mail from the Knox County Clerk, reminding me to renew my '08 Frontier license plate tag, before 12/31/2021. That Clerk's office had emailed me, on 11/6/2021, about my tag renewal. I had paid for my new tag, on 11/13/2021. My 12/2022 expires new tag has been on the license plate on my new ol' truck, since 11/20/2021. I wonder if the Knox County Clerk office could understand my sarcastic humor.

12/03/2021, Friday: huh? What? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had endured another work week. We work for a living, as we were raised to do so. Some folks have forgotten their raising. Some folks never learned it.

12/04/2021, Saturday, before the SEC Championship Game: I'd hauled trash. Afterward, I decided to look, for the fifth time, for basic sweatshirts, at Kohl's this time. (My four prior efforts were on 11/13/21, Saturday, at Target, then on 11/20/21, Saturday, at Hammers, Rural King, and Dollar General Store – where I had surprised Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. See my “11/20/2021, SATURDAY: 'LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS.')

At Kohl's, I met a husband and wife, both about my age or a little older. He was hunting sweatshirts also. The three of us talked a while. I am glad to know that some folks out there think as I write here. Either the USSA (1/6/2021 start) needs to return to the godly values that built this once great nation (despite its many errors), or the Good Lord needs to return soon! Come soon, dear Lord!

One of our good neighbors and his wife had come down with a variation of the “Corony.” He called me, later that afternoon. As of 12/11/2021, Saturday, his wife and he are recovering at home now. He has been getting out and about, driving, some. His wife had a worse case. Both of them will be recovered fully soon. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers in the affirmative – this time! The various versions of this new cold virus are either mild or severe – depending on various factors. Search my website by “Corona Myopia,” to find way too many articles that I have written.

On that morning, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman -- apparently having contracted my 12/1/2021 started cold virus – “enjoyed” the start of her two days of the less bothersome version of the virus she'd decided to get from me. I'm glad that she recovered in two days. It had taken me four days to recover.


We had a summer storm in winter today (12/11/2021). I still feel the storm of the SEC Championship Game, of 12/4/2021, Saturday.

My next article will be a brief comment on that game.

Sunday, December 05, 2021



12/5/2021, Sunday: on this cloudy and warm winter afternoon, I continue to write my four articles that I started yesterday. I hope that y'all are doing well enough out there!

This first article is on “poly-tics.” I get tired of writing these, but I must. My website (journal and commentary) needs to record the ongoing and sharp decline of the once great USA, into the USSA “Socialist Utopian nightmare.” Bear with me, please. This will not take too long.

Pause: my brother, who is next to eldest (as I am the eldest of four brothers), called. I'm glad to know that his family and he are doing well enough. Now, back to writing!


BallotPedia has a good historical summary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization court case. The Mississippi law protects the right of unborn children to continue to live, after the fifteenth week of pregnancy. (Unborn children, before week fifteen, do not have that right, according to the Mississippi law.) The baby-killing organization wants to kill unborn children, after the fifteenth week of pregnancy. The fight reached the “Supreme” Court. (God is the Supreme Court.)

On 12/1/2021, Wednesday, the USSA “Supreme Court” heard oral arguments, on this case. Source: Supreme Court of the United States, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, Docket #19-1392, Oral Argument Transcript.

I hope that the “Supreme” Court of the USSA has enough sense to obey God's Supreme Court this time! The murder of unborn children has been an ongoing and abhorrent evil in this once great nation, for far too many decades. Yes, I understand and agree to the moral justification of taking the unborn child's life, to save the biological life of the mother. Those instances are rare and not common.


What border? The USSA has no southern border! The first President of the USSA, Joe Biden -- or those who pull his puppet strings, as he rarely seems to make much sense when he speaks – wants to offer incentive to “come on in, to the USSA.” The illegal aliens -- who, in 2018, crossed the border illegally and were separated from illegal alien family members -- may each receive $450,000 in Monopoly money from the USSA. Apparently, the 2018 policy of the last President of the USA had violated the “rights” of the illegal aliens.

The ongoing caravans of illegal aliens that continue to cross the USSA southern “border” are encouraged! Maybe these newer illegal aliens will each get $450,000 for their illegal crossings! We will see. They are motivated.


Well, a dollar ain't worth much these days. Twenty dollars ain't worth much these days. One hundred dollars may be worth a little.

Please search my previous website articles. I don't want to take the time to link them here. Y'all know the inflation situation. The USSA Socialists want to spend more Monopoly money to spend the USSA out of inflation. That will work, when pigs fly backward, south for the winter.

Social Security “Trust Fund”

The Social Security “Trust Fund” is almost broke. Are you retired? Do you hope to retire in a few years? I hope that you have other funds established! Do not count on Social Security. It has been a Ponzi scheme.

From the November 10, 2021, Social Security Administration (SSA), Agency Financial Report, Fiscal Year 2021 (170-page PDF document), I take the following information.

Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund (OASI). This is SSA.

Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund (DI). This is SSI.

OASI and DI Trust Funds Combined (OASDI). This is SSA and SSI combined.

Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (HI). This is Medicare Part A.

From, I have the following:


                                                                                  OASI   DI  OASDI  HI

First year cost exceeds income excluding interesta  2010 2040 2010  2008

First year cost exceeds total incomea                       2021 2045 2021  2023

Year trust funds are depleted                                    2033 2057 2034  2026

a Dates indicate the first year a condition is projected to occur and to persist annually thereafter through 2095.

If I do not die or the world come to an end, before 2033, I will be age 73, in 2033. My SSA monthly retirement income may last from about age 65 or 67 (depending on when I SSA retire) to age 73. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I continue to prepare, to not have SSA income, but to rely on other income sources.

The Ponzi scheme is starting to run dry, y'all. Are you prepared? We are trying to be prepared.


My head spins! The media, almost daily, have new stories of the various types of violence in the USSA. The moral fiber of this once great nation was much stronger, when I was growing up. It is not now. The following are three source examples. Well, the last one is my humor!

School Shootings

Education Week has a good article, "School Shootings This Year: How Many and Where,” updated December 1, 2021. My grade school and high school years had fights. I was in a few. We did not have shootings.

The article lists 29 school shootings, in 2021, so far. Children, ages 13 to 17, were the shooters in 15 of the 29. The other shooters were adults (age 18 or older). Two of the shootings were in Tennessee. One (4/12/2021) was in Knoxville, Tennessee.


The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) website has a Dashboard. I used it, to find:

1/1/2020 to 12/31/2020 “riots:” 826 events. 19 died. (I do not think that law enforcement offices are included in the total.)

1/1/2021 to 11/26/2021 “riots:” 198 events. Six died. (Again, I doubt law enforcement officer deaths are included.)

The media on an almost daily basis reports another “riot” or so. The politically correct do not like the words “riot” or “loot.” They prefer “smash and grab,” apparently. It is the same violence. The first President of the USSA and his spokeswoman blame the violence on the new cold virus. (The media information is available, if you haven't heard or read it.)

The child steals a candy bar. The father blames it on his “bad” teacher at school. It's the fault of the new cold virus! No! It is the fault of the morality, or lack thereof, of the rioters and looters.

Parents “Domestic Terrorists” at School Board Meetings

As the media tells it, the first President of the USSA (Joe Biden) has a Department of Justice. That department published a memo that called parents at school board meetings “domestic terrorists.”

Parents, who try to stop the Socialist propaganda education of their children, are “domestic terrorists.” Well, I hope that those parents wear that badge with honor and that they continue to stand for their rights.


Once again, I see that the writing of this article has taken too long. The time is 5:40 PM, on Sunday, 12/5/2021. I have three other articles to finish. I will publish this one today, at least. The other three will wait.

Yesterday, I spoke with two men – one in person and the other by phone. The conversations were separated by an hour or two. The conversations were almost exactly the same. The three of us men are about the same age, give or take a few years. Our conclusion was in harmony. Either this once great nation needs to return to biblically-based morality or the Good Lord needs to return soon! Come soon, Lord, come soon! The nation is too far gone to return to proper moral and biblical values. Well, it could return. I can always live in hope, despite my doubts. The USSA needs a moral awakening, not “wokeness,” whatever that is.