Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Eve Shooting! (published 1-1-2011)

The Appalachian Irishman was involved in a shooting on New Year’s Eve, up in his native Hawkins County! Wait! Don’t start gathering that bail money!

His youngest brother and he finally got together to release a little stress, by killing a few hanging targets. Here are the “taking down the bad guy” poses of my brother and me.

We started by firing a few rounds with Dad’s old 32-caliber pistol. We need to do a little work on the weapon, to restore it to proper condition, but it still shoots! Next, we shot my brother’s 9mm handgun. This photo shows my hits, from about 15 yards away. The black tape marks where I fired Dad’s pistol. The holes mark the 9mm impacts. Not too bad for my first time firing a 9mm, huh?

The fun started when we switched to the 12-gauge shotgun! I hadn’t fired a shotgun in many years, but it came back to me instantly. Here’s the results!

I needed some stress and frustration relief! Thanks, brother! We’ll do this again soon!