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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

United Nations Day, 10-24-2023: My Commentary (published 10-24-2023; article #437)


Will fireworks light up the sky, this evening, to celebrate the day? Did you see or were you in any parades today? Are families celebrating this day, by gathering around their firepits and enjoying s'mores? Is this a day off from work? In answer to these questions, I didn't think so.

A reader asks, “About what is he talking?” Didn't you know? Today is “United Nations Day.” I would not have known, if I hadn't glanced at my desktop calendar and noticed.

Welcome to the sixteenth article, in the worldviews in conflict topic section, dear reader! This brief article recommends the reading of the article, below, that inspired it. It denotes United Nations Day. My comments precede the conclusion, which inspires us to the true source of unity and peace.

Thanks for stopping by, to read a while! You are welcome to comment, agree or disagree. This article is one man's view. Please feel free to make it yours, if it isn't already. My worldview is correct, as I have proved and can prove again, if needed.

Inspiration for this Article

This website's “Folks, to Whom I Subscribe” section lists four other websites. I have free subscriptions, to each one. A favorite is Ileana Writes. Early this morning, I was inspired to write this article, after having read Dr. Johnson Paugh's latest article. It's the same article, on the following two websites.

“Viral Neo-Communism,” on Ileana Writes, by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, 10/23/2023

“Viral Neo-Communism,” on Canada Free Press, by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, 10/23/2023

I'll pause writing, so that you will have time to read her article, on either or both websites. [Ten minute pause.] Greetings, again. Globalist neo-communism, Dr. Johnson Paugh's well-phrased term, is certainly a virus. The disease is transmitted widely, by the United Nations (UN). “Useful idiots” have caught and are catching the virus, in vast majority, around the globe and in this once great nation. We, who are immune, however, are protected, and we are trying to inject the cure, into the “useful idiots,” before it's too late.

United Nations Day

On this date, in 1945, after World War II had ended, the UN Charter was ratified. This year marks the seventy-seventh anniversary of the founding.

The folks at the UN are celebrating. I read “United Nations Day Message - 24 [O]ctober 2023,” on United Nations Peacekeeping (no attribution). The unknown author states, in part, “It is our responsibility to help build that world of peace, sustainable development and human rights for all. I know we can do it. The Charter of the United Nations – which entered into force 78 years ago today – points the way. . . . We are a divided world. We can and must be united nations.”

Yesterday, this once great nation's current president told, whomever was listening, about it. I read “A Proclamation on United Nations Day, 2023,” on The White House, by Joseph R. Biden, Jr., 10/23/2023.

My Commentary

United Nations Day is today! “I'm excited,” as the author stated, in his ho-hum voice. Are you ready to watch the celebrations? What celebrations?

As cited above, the unknown author of today's UN article speaks to us, in the first person. It's our job, apparently, to build their worldview. He or she knows that we can do it. The UN Charter is their bible that points the way, in the author's mind. The anonymous author is correct, in that the world is divided. The ongoing Ukraine-Russia war (started when Russia invaded Ukraine, on 2/24/2022) and the Israel-Hamas war (started, on 10/7/2023, by the Hamas attacks) are only two examples. I agree with the author, in that the nations of the world can and should unite. The question is unite under what worldview?

As cited above, the current president of the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America, as I prefer to call it) wrote with much pomp and fanfare, to proclaim today as United Nations Day. His proclamation is riddled with the usual socialist catch phrases, such as “climate change,” “climate crisis,” “clean energy,” and “equitable.” He references the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that all United Nations (UN) member states adopted in 2015.

In case you're interested, see: “The 17 Goals” -- on United Nations (UN), UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Sustainable Development. That mammoth conglomeration of web pages includes “169 Targets, 3,858 Events, 1,347 Publications, and 7,775 Actions.” Those socialist goals, as stated, are a “. . . blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” That labyrinth, as stated, is the “heart” of the UN's The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” That, as I describe it, is the UN's bible, or authoritative source, for their worldview.


I'd thought about adding this article, as the 68th, under the poly-tics (Greek "poly" meaning many & "ticks," blood suckers) topic section. The article, however, is more focused on worldviews in conflict.

As an aside, I didn't know that today is also “National Bologna Day,” until I did some research for this article! (Source: October 24, 2023 | National Food Day | National Bologna Day | United Nations Day, on National Day Calendar®, by Doug, 10/24/2023.) Around here, we call that fine serving of meat “baloney,” not “bologna.” I had a baloney and cheese sandwich, for the noon meal.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has two meanings for “baloney.” The first is as I've already stated. The second is “pretentious nonsense: bunkum -- often used as a generalized expression of disagreement.” Synonyms include “balderdash” and “hogwash.”

United Nations Day, with apology to all socialists, is baloney and hogwash! Since 1945, what is the UN track record, in it's efforts to promote it's so-called peace and unity worldview? What good, practically, has been it's guide (i.e., the UN Charter)? Why are there no parades and fireworks, in every large city, in every nation? We, who are wise, know.

If every person, in every nation, could follow the biblical worldview, then global peace and unity would be achieved. Our hope should not be in the UN, but in the Prince of Peace!

The Messianic prophecy, of Isaiah 9:6-7 (written in 700-681 BC), states, in NIV translation:

For to us a child is born,
  to us a son is given,
  and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
  Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
  Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the greatness of his government and peace
  there will be no end.
He will reign on David’s throne
  and over his kingdom,
  establishing and upholding it
  with justice and righteousness
  from that time on and forever.
The zeal of the Lord Almighty
  will accomplish this.

Before His vicarious crucifixion, Pilate was questioning Jesus. Jesus replied, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place” (John 18:36, NIV). Again, answering Pilate, Jesus said, in the next verse, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me” (John 18:37, NIV).

This article encourages all people, everywhere, to follow the Prince of Peace. He reigns over His kingdom, or church, from heaven, even now. Listen to and follow His eternal truth.

It is possible. A few days ago, by online contact with a friend and sister in Christ, I became aware of the following article. You are welcome to read: “'God Didn't Design Us to Hate:' Former Hezbollah Fighter Now Ministry Leader Recalls Encounter with Jesus,” on CBN News, 10/16/2023. Apparently, this former Hezbollah fighter, Afshin Javid, had an encounter with Jesus, which led to his conversion. His story reads similarly, to that of Saul's (who became the apostle Paul), in Acts 9:1-19; 22:3-16; 26:9-18.

Dear Lord, as my written prayer, in Jesus' name, thank you for your grace, through Christ Jesus. May this divided world unite, in peace, by following the True Source of unity and peace. Amen.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Texas “Christian” University Is Not a Christian University! (published 6-29-2023; article #420)

7/1/2023, Saturday, addendum: The section “The Literal Swarm of Waspers” is updated as follows. It was a swarm of yellow jackets! They looked like yellow jackets, but they weren't aggressive, like yellow jackets. (That's why I'd called them waspers.) Despite my declared victory, of 6/28/2023, a few yellow jackets kept trying to return to the hive. I fought them off daily. This morning, however, the kind and godly owner of Mitchell's Pest Control used his “nuclear bomb” equipment, to send every last yellow jacket to meet its Maker! The total victory is accomplished today! To local readers, I highly recommend Mitchell's Pest Control! They serve the Counties of Knox, Anderson, Campbell, Scott, and others counties that are near Knox County. That fine business becomes the ninth recommendation, under “Business Recommendations: northeast Knox County, TN.”


Greetings, dear reader. I trust that you are well.

No matter how hard that I try, the ungodly swarms keep coming! Strong will forces me to publish this fifteenth article on the topic of “Worldviews in Conflict.” This is the third article on that topic this month. (The articles of June 5th and June 13th are the first two. The Cracker Barrel, apparently, decided to hide behind its rainbow rocking chair and not reply to the June 13th article.)

I'd rather write an uplifting or humorous article. My strong reaction to the shocking news, however, forces me to write.

This article begins with a touch of humor! First, it tells the tale of our literal fight with the waspers! That experience inspired the analogy of an “ungodly swarm of waspers.” One ungodly wasper, from one swarm, is exposed. The conclusion will caulk all swarms of waspers! I hope that this article helps you to laugh and to feel righteous anger. Spiritual caulk will keep out the ungodly waspers. The caulk is free. It's found in the Bible.

The Literal Swarm of Waspers

On the south side of our house, a framed glass door opens from the living room onto the deck. On each side of that door is a window that matches the size of the door. We have a nice southern view!

This true “life, such as it is,” story happened yesterday. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman noticed it, early in the morning. She heard a buzzing sound, coming from the lower corner of the window, on the east side, that faces the deck. Days before, Molly, our ol' puppy, had sniffed something, while she and I were on the deck. So, yesterday, once the sun was up, I stepped onto our deck. I saw the swarm of waspers! They had started a nest on the lower, right corner of the east window. A small crack, where the wood trim joins the aluminum base, was the entrance and exit point.

With wasper killing spray, caulk, and caulk gun, I secured and sealed the wasper nest! I caulked the entire aluminum base area. No more waspers!

That's the true and funny story. It motivates the analogy, next.

The Ungodly Swarm of Waspers

The following is but one wasp from one swarm. Sadly, millions of such wasps are abuzz, in thousands of ungodly swarms, in this once great nation.

TCU's “The Queer Art of Drag” Course

A good friend and I have been exchanging emails recently, along the general theme of worldviews in conflict. His email reply of yesterday (Wednesday, 6/28/2023), included a reference to the article: “Sexual criminality is deeply tied to gender ideology,” on Washington Examiner, by Dr. Debra Soh, 6/27/2023. The article is about a former New Hampshire state representative, who is “transgendered.” He (not “she,” since he was born a male) was arrested, last Thursday, for distributing child pornography. Good. The chickens came home to roost, for that degenerate.

I decided to review other articles on the Washington Examiner. I was shocked to find the following: “Texas Christian University offers drag queen class to explore ‘queer worldmaking,’” on Washington Examiner, by Breccan F. Thies, 6/23/2023. This is a spring 2023 course.

Going straight to the “Horned Frog's” mouth, I found “The Queer Art of Drag,” on Texas Christian University (TCU), AddRan College of Liberal Arts, Department of Women & Gender Studies. This is the actual spring 2023 course that Texas (so-called) “Christian” University is offering! That web page states:

Interested in learning more about the queer art of drag? We've compiled a list of resources, worksheets, tutorials, and scholarship to help you get started, based on the syllabus for WGST 30903: The Queer Art of Drag.

That web page includes, “Read Full Syllabus Here.” I read the syllabus, with morally sickening displeasure. On page two of the syllabus, the “Course Description” states, “The gender binary is enforced through compulsory norms, harassment, and violence in service of a white-cis-hetero-patriarchy.” (Propaganda! There are only two genders, male and female!) Under Learning Outcomes, the fourth outcome states, “Students will develop a drag persona and create a virtual drag performance that demonstrates their understanding of drag as critical performance practice.” (Shocking! The syllabus actually states that students will perform in drag!) Under “Bathroom Policy,” three options are available: a male bathroom, a female bathroom, and an “all-gender bathroom.” It states, in part, “Please use the bathroom that feels safest and most comfortable for you. You will not be penalized for taking a longer trek to the all-gender bathroom.” (Again, there are only two genders, male and female!)

Needless to say, I was shocked! How could a so-called Christian university divest itself of biblical morality that brazenly?

TCU's Heritage

Again, straight from the “Horned Frog's” mouth, TCU's About, Mission & History web page states (with my emboldening added for emphasis):

TCU’s story began in 1869 when brothers Addison and Randolph Clark dreamed of creating a college where men and women could acquire a classical education and develop character.

The Clarks forged an affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to “adopt” their school, giving it a new name and ensuring its future. . . . The relationship with the Disciples would continue to be one of heritage and values.

TCU began as a family endeavor -- an enriching place of spirited belonging for men and women of character to acquire a liberal arts education and strive to serve the greater good.

Nearly 150 years later, we are still that place.

No, TCU is notstill that place,” as it was, when it started, in 1869. The founders of the university, in 1869, would be shocked, if they could know about TCU's current course on “The Queer Art of Drag.” TCU, despite its name, promotes an ungodly and anti-Christian worldview.


I don't have a “dog in the hunt.” We don't live in Texas. We don't know anyone, who attends TCU. To readers in Texas, you may wish to express your views to TCU. The address and phone are: 2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76109; 817-257-7000.

Should Texas (so-called) “Christian” University change its name? Yes, in fairness, it should. Rename it, for example, to “Texas Crossless University.” (It could still be TCU.) I'm not the only one, who thinks this way. An article from 2016 is: “Is it time for Texas Christian University to change its name? The school’s association with Planned Parenthood reveals its true worldview.” On World News Group, by La Shawn Barber, 8/31/2016. Another article from earlier this year is: “Is TCU a Christian School?” On Unhindered Truth, by Ryan Gilbert, 1/1/2023.

At the close of his second letter to the young evangelist, Timothy, the apostle Paul wrote:

But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:14-17, NIV)

Yesterday, the caulk sealed the wasper nest. The waspers are no longer swarming around us on our deck. Ungodly waspers swarm around us daily. Just use the spiritual caulk of God's inspired word, the Bible, to seal them out of your minds. I'm still shocked that Texas (so-called) “Christian” University has devolved into such an anti-Christian worldview. I'm using the reading of 2 Timothy 3:14-17 as spiritual caulk, to keep TCU's ungodly swarm from buzzing in my mind. It worked.

All that we, who affirm the biblical worldview, can do is to keep sealing out the hordes of ungodly waspers that try to invade our minds, by dwelling on and using biblical caulk. We can also share the biblical caulk, to those, who have the wisdom to hear. That's what this article is trying to do.

Share the caulk, y'all! This once great nation needs it!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Cracker Barrel “Pride Month” Vs. Everlasting Biblical Pride: We Used to Like to Eat at the Cracker Barrel (published 6-13-2023; article #418)

Store Exterior at Night,” on Cracker Barrel, Newsroom, Photos, Our Stores. “Photos . . . are available for download.”


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I used to like to eat at the Cracker Barrel. (The headquarters are in Lebanon, Tennessee). We have done so often, over a few decades, at different stores, usually with family and friends. The food is good. The country theme reminds us of our Appalachian heritage. The service is usually friendly and sufficiently prompt. The wait time, to be seated, is usually reasonable. The cost is acceptable. There were no “rainbow rocking chairs.”

Last Friday, however, I was stunned to realize that the Cracker Barrel promotes "Pride Month.” Their “rainbow rocking chairs” signify their corporate “pride.” Apparently, the restaurant chain has been doing this, since 2018. I'd not known, until four days ago. This is not our biblically-based Appalachian heritage!

This fourteenth article, under the topic “Worldviews in Conflict,” shares the news from a few media sources and then from Cracker Barrel itself. It then references previous articles that comment on marriage and so-called “Pride Month.” My public statement to Cracker Barrel precedes the conclusion, which emphasizes the everlasting pride in the biblical worldview -- despite the ungodly worldviews that are promoted, accepted, and being forced upon those who disagree.

From the News Media

Last Friday, I happened upon the stunning news, while reading an article on another subject. The article had a reference to the news. A search by “Cracker Barrel celebrates Pride Month” found many articles. The following are five, of several, sources. They include facts, historical notes, “reactions,” and various “spins.” The articles are in alphabetical order, by publisher. I added comments under the Dailymail and the FOX Business articles.

“Cracker Barrel faces boycott call for celebrating Pride Month,” on CBS News Moneywatch, by Khristopher J. Brooks, 6/9/2023

“Cracker Barrel faces backlash for sharing Pride post saying 'everyone is always welcome at our table' - as conservatives accuse restaurant chain of 'caving to the mob',” on Dailymail, by Noa Halff, 6/9/2023. The Dailymail is in the United Kingdom. Even our “cousins across the pond” have heard about it!

“Cracker Barrel Has ‘Fallen’? Folksy Southern Food Chain Becomes Latest Unlikely Target Of Anti-LGBTQ Crusade,” on Forbes, by Conor Murray, 6/9/2023

“Cracker Barrel faces backlash for posting celebratory Pride Month rocking chair: 'Showing true colors:' Conservative accused Cracker Barrel of going 'woke,' and vowed to stop supporting the restaurant,” on FOX Business, by Sarah Rumpf-Whitten, 6/10/2023. FOX News has its web page: “America Together, Celebrating Diversity: LGBTQ+ PRIDE MONTH,” which states, “FOX News Media celebrates the contributions to America by the LGBTQ+ community.” My article of 6/26/2022, under the section “LGBTQ Pride Month,” has commentary on FOX News' acceptance of that worldview.

“Cracker Barrel the latest to stir controversy around Pride month,” on Washington Examiner, by Jenny Goldsberry, 6/9/2023

From the Cracker Barrel

Deciding to go “straight to the horse's mouth,” I visited various web pages on the Cracker Barrel website. As a humorous sidenote, their top-page advertisement, with Father's Day approaching,” is: “A gift for Dad & something extra for you. Buy $50 in gift cards and get a FREE $10 digital Bonus Card. Buy Now.” Clicking the 'x' closes the advertisement. Will Cracker Barrel, eventually, replace “Dad” with “Inseminating Person?” We will see.

Under “About Us,” Cracker Barrel has a “Diversity and Inclusion” section titled, “Everyone Feels at Home: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Cracker Barrel.In the first two paragraphs, Cracker Barrel indicates that their “inclusive culture” extends welcome “to everyone who walks through” their doors. It states: “Discrimination, overt or through unconscious bias, has no place at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.” That seems innocuous enough.

The following is stated, however, under the heading “Recognitions & Achievements:”

In 2021, Cracker Barrel scored 80 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index. This national benchmarking tool measures policies, practices, and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) employees and is a primary driving force for LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion.

Further, under the heading,What We've Done,” the following is stated, quite proudly (pardon the pun):

Zero Tolerance for LGBTQ Discrimination and Harassment: Cracker Barrel has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. This was made clear when it quickly condemned and turned away an anti-LGBTQ+ pastor when he announced plans in 2019 for his church group to meet at a Knoxville area Cracker Barrel. We issued a statement disagreeing strongly with the pastor's statements of hate and divisiveness, and he was not permitted on-site.

Cracker Barrel Recognized by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates: We are proud to have our Cracker Barrel LGBTQ+ Alliance BRG be named Employee Resource Group of the Year in 2018 by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.

The Limited-Edition Rainbow Pride Rocker: To show our support and commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, we worked with the Hinkle Rocker Company of Springfield, Tennessee, to develop a Limited-Edition Rainbow Pride Rocker beginning in 2018. Since then, we have donated these rockers to various LGBTQ+ organizations to help with fundraising efforts. Check out our team celebrating Nashville Pride 2022!

Winner of the Nashville LGBT Chamber's Corporate Diversity Award: Cracker Barrel was honored by the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce with the Corporate Diversity Award in 2018. The award was in recognition of the progress and growth that has been made in the area of LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion in recent years.

As an important note, the “Check out” link (embedded in the above quote) is to “Cracker Barrel LGBT Alliance.” Apparently, Cracker Barrel has a “LGBT Alliance” and another “LGBTQ+ Alliance” (as mentioned in the fourth paragraph that follows this one). Of course, Cracker Barrel may be confused by the evolving and euphemistic acronyms. Their LGBT Alliance web page states, in part:

As [the month of] June prompts us to reflect on the core values of PRIDE: People/Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence, Cracker Barrel believes these are core pillars that should guide our decisions year-round.

To the Cracker Barrel, PRIDE is an acronym, meaning “people/professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence.” Well, that sounds morally innocent enough. Where is the so-called LGBTQ+ worldview in this acronym? It is hidden under the word “diversity.” The basic meaning of “diversity” relates to people of different races and cultures. Of course, the word has been co-opted and propagandized, to include the hidden agenda, which attempts to force an ungodly worldview on those who affirm the biblical worldview.

One definition of “pride,” as a noun, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is: Pride: 2. b.: an event or series of events celebrating and affirming the rights, equality, and culture of LGBTQ people.” That dictionary defines “LGBTQ” as: “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (one's sexual or gender identity).” LGBTQ is an euphemistic acronym that belies the promotion of an ungodly worldview.

Near the bottom of the “Diversity and Inclusion” section (titled, “Everyone Feels at Home: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Cracker Barrel”), Sandra B. Cochran, Cracker Barrel President and Chief Executive Officer, states: "As we say in our People Promise, Cracker Barrel values what everyone brings to the table. We are committed to hiring, developing and retaining diverse talent that not only reflects the communities we serve, but enriches our company and each other.” Cracker Barrel does not value the values that I bring “to the table.”

At the bottom of that web page, underProud Representation: Business Resource Groups,” one of the seven groups is: LGBTQ+ Alliance: Supporting Home Office and Field employees to bring their whole selves to work while strengthening Cracker Barrel's relationship to the LGBTQ+ community.” (Is this the same as the “LGBT Alliance,” which the fourth paragraph, above, mentions?)

In summary on this section, Cracker Barrel is another company that has joined the “Pride Month” bandwagon, as it rolls downhill. Bud Light did so recently (and saw its profits decline). Other companies, to name a few, include Adidas, Chick-fil-A, Nike, Starbucks, Kohl’s, Target, North Face, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The list goes on. Their stories have all been and are in the various media sources.

Previous Articles on Marriage & So-Called “Pride Month”

Before mentioning previous articles, I will establish credibility, based on the analytics for this website. Yesterday, 6/12/2023, at 4:25 PM, I checked the number of views, from which nations, and on which articles -- within the last 24 hours. At that minute in time, in the last 24 hours, views were 740 (so far). Views the day before, on 6/11/2023, were 296. Analytics shows only the top 20 articles that are being viewed. I saw those top 20 articles and the number of views that each one had. Apparently, other articles, below the top 20, had views also. Views were from eighteen different countries (which I'll not list in this article). I keep a monthly log, for number of views each month. The number of local, regional, national, and international viewers establishes credibility. (By the way, today, at 3:31 PM, just before this article was published, the total views today, so far, were 230. That number keeps rising.)

Now that I've established credibility, a review of previous articles on this website finds at least the following five that relate to marriage or that comment on the euphemistically-called “Pride Month.”

"Marriage Melee" (published on 6/3/2006) is an early and brief article that affirms marriage between one man and one woman only. A more recent article is on 6/26/2022, under the section LGBTQ Pride Month.” This is the second article under the topic “Worldviews in Conflict.” The conclusion, to that section, states, which I still affirm:

The inspired apostle Paul stated that the first century worldview included women, who “exchanged the natural use for what is against nature,” and men, who left “the natural use of the woman” and “burned in their lust for one another.” The majority view, even in churches, that contradicts God's morality on this subject is wrong. The biblical worldview is right. I rest my case.

The article of 12/15/2022 concerns the 12/13/2022 “Respect for Marriage Act” (RFMA), which defines “marriage,” in opposition to the Bible, as between two people, regardless of gender.

The article includes my public comments to the current president, of this once great nation. In response to the false allegation that opposition to the practice of homosexuality is so-called “hate speech,” I wrote, “ . . one can hate the sin and love the sinner, by loving efforts to persuade the sinner to repent of his or her sin.” Further, in opposition to the incorrect label of “homophobic,” I encouraged the president to be “. . . theophobic, by changing your worldview to reflect, in reverential fear, the biblical worldview.” The conclusion states, which I still affirm:

God's law on marriage is that one man and one woman unite as husband and wife. No other option defines marriage, according to the Supreme Lawgiver.

The article of 2/26/2023 and the most recent article of 6/5/2023 were written in the context of 2023 Tennessee legislation that became law. Those laws affirm, correctly, the biblical worldview, which the Tennessee State Constitution incorporates, predominately. The ungodly and unconstitutional judicial response to one law is mentioned in the most recent article. The conclusion to the 2/26/2023 article states, in part, “Society should not accept as right what God calls wrong.” Under the section “The Alien Worldview,” in the most recent article, I wrote, and still affirm, Once again, this month, biblical morality endures the ungodly and alien morality of the euphemistically named 'Pride Month'.

My Public Statement to Cracker Barrel

As the introduction stated, my wife and I used to like to eat at the Cracker Barrel. As I recall, it was in 1991, when I stopped buying Levi blue jeans. We lived in Charleston, Missouri, and I was in fulltime ministry. Levi had started to flaunt its acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. I haven't bought Levi blue jeans since then. Of course, other blue jean makers -- including the brand that I buy, rarely, when needed -- may have joined Levi's ungodly worldview. I haven't seen them flaunt it yet.

This author is not so simplistic, as to think that he should or can only purchase products from companies that support his biblical worldview. That approach is not practical -- especially since so many products are made in other countries, since some companies, which promote ungodly worldviews, have a monopoly on their products, and since so many companies have accepted ungodly worldviews. A Christian, who upholds the biblical worldview, however, is free to stop doing business with any company that flaunts its unbiblical worldview in his or her face, such as Cracker Barrel has done!

My public statement to Cracker Barrel is:

Thank you, Cracker Barrel, for “parading” your “Pride Month” in my face, on Thursday! My wife and I will spend our hard-earned money at other dining locations. You have several competitors that don't flaunt their ungodly worldviews, if they have them, in my face. I wasn't aware of your unbiblical, anti-traditional family, and anti-rural American values, until you flaunted them in my face. I won't come sit in your “rainbow rocking chairs.” I will continue to stand on the Solid Rock of biblical morality.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I plan to include a reference to this article, in the postal letter that I mail to: Sandra B. Cochran, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cracker Barrel Headquarters, PO Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37088. Sandra Cochran is welcome to comment, as an official response to this article, in the comments section. This article will be updated, to denote her response -- if she replies.


The words in “Marriage Melee (published 6/3/2006)” are still timeless and valid. I still affirm, as Mason said to Dixon, “We have to draw the line somewhere!”

The power of ungodly propaganda, unfortunately, turns public opinion. Like a ship without a rudder, public opinion drifts with the tide of that propaganda. What society once knew was wrong becomes accepted as right. The process takes decades. This has been the case with the unbiblical worldview that has been and is behind the euphemistically called “Pride Month” of June.

This article, on 6/13/2023, predicts that polygamy will be accepted by the majority, in time. The propagandists have been at work, but, so far, they do not have enough persuasive power. Their power is growing. See, for example, the following two Gallup articles. First, from 2020, “Understanding the Increase in Moral Acceptability of Polygamy,” on Gallup, by Frank Newport, 6/26/2020, states (emboldening added for emphasis):

Another important trend has been the increase in the moral acceptability of gay and lesbian relations, now 66%, up from as low as 38% (in 2002).

When Gallup first included polygamy on the list in 2003, 7% of Americans said it was morally acceptable, and that fell to 5% in 2006. But over the past decade, this percentage has gradually increased -- moving into double digits in 2011, reaching 16% in 2015, and this year, at 20%, the highest in our history. In short, there has been a fourfold increase in the American public's acceptance of polygamy in about a decade and a half.

Next, for 2022, “Untangling Americans' Complex Views of Morality,” on Gallup, by Frank Newport, 6/17/2022, states (emboldening added for emphasis):

Americans' views that each of the following is morally acceptable has increased significantly over the past two decades: sex between an unmarried man and woman, having a baby outside of marriage, sex between teenagers, and gay or lesbian relations. And while just 23% of Americans say that polygamy is morally acceptable, that's up from 7% in 2003.

Will the Cracker Barrel (and other companies) accept, promote, and flaunt polygamy -- when the propagandists of that lifestyle reach sufficient power, to turn the tide of public opinion to accept it? The Cracker Barrel has changed -- from the morally straight and narrow rudder of God's word -- to the rudderless, propagandized, and immoral rudder of public opinion.

Morality is not subjective! It is not based on societal norms or public opinion polls. Morality is absolute. It flows from the nature of the Moral Lawgiver, God. For the complete reasoning on this point, see, on this website, “Christian Evidences (Apologetics): Does God Exist - Moral Argument (published 11-4-2022; article #370; series article #2).”

Jesus stated, in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7):

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Mt. 7:13-14, NIV)

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash. (Mt. 7:24-27, NIV)

The mixture of metaphors is as follows. Morality, which flows from the nature of God, should be the rudder that guides a person, a society, and a nation along the straight and narrow course. That is the Solid Rock foundation, which holds firmly, against the immoral winds and the shifting sands of ungodly propaganda and public opinion.

I hope that the Cracker Barrel chooses wisely. I trust, dear reader, that you have already. If you are drifting with the ungodly winds of societal degeneration, please get on the straight course. It will help you stand, and it will lead you up, in the heavenly direction. The “Contact Form” is available, if you would like to converse privately.

The Cracker Barrel -- along with many folks and organizations, in this once great nation -- can have their “Pride Month” in June. I endure it. I, however, will retain my everlasting pride in the biblical worldview. I rest my case.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Alien News Desk: Reaction to the 6-1-2023 Report by Phobos and Deimos (published 6-5-2023; article #417)

2/20/2020 photo, by Brooke Denevan on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License.


Imagine, in the above image, that Phobos is driving, Deimos is sitting behind him, and their camera man is also in the back seat. Don't worry. I'll explain!

Welcome to this thirteenth article in the “Worldviews in Conflict” topic section, dear reader! It's also the 105th entry under the “Humor” topic.

This article, combining humor with solemnness, presents the 6/1/2023 “Alien Newscast,” by Phobos and Deimos. Then, it elaborates on the alien worldview. The conclusion encourages those, who follow the alien worldview, to follow the biblical worldview.

As an aside, I didn't know, until deciding on the title for this article, that “Alien News Desk” was a twelve-part, animated series! I came across “Alien News Desk,” on SYFY Media, LLC. It is described as “. . . a weekly, half-hour topical animated series set in an extraterrestrial newsroom. . . . [T]he 12-episode series will cover up-to-the-minute news and commentary about the universe’s most baffling species - the inscrutable Humans of Planet Earth.” The series aired from 2/27/2019 to 5/4/2019.

Well, hang on! This “space trip” starts off funny, but it ends on a sobering note. Please enjoy the ride. Thank you for riding along with me, dear reader.

The “Alien Newscast,” of 6/1/2023, and My Reaction

Brother Jim Richardson's website, From My Brain to Yours, is one of the four listed, under the “Folks, to Whom I Subscribe” section of this website. The 10/28/2022 introductory article, to the ongoing Christian Evidences series, referenced two articles by Jim Richardson that had inspired the series.

Well, brother Jim's article of 6/1/2023 has inspired this article! Please pause, to read his article: “Alien Newscast: Aliens reporting on Earthly events this week (not so fake news),” on From My Brain to Yours, by Jim Richardson, 6/1/2023. (You can click “continue reading,” to read his article, without cost and without the need to create an account.)

Writing as Deimos and Phobos -- the names of the two Martian moons -- Jim comments on six recent events, which include: (1) Canada wants to label each individual cigarette, in a pack, with warnings! Cigarette packs already have warnings. Amazing! (2) Four young Connecticut women are suing, since men, who think that they are women, beat them in track races. Insanity! (3) A mayor in a New Hampshire town is using federal “Monopoly money,” to pay a drag queen, to perform at a high school! Sickening! (4) Artificial Intelligence (AI) may kill us humans. Really? (5) Old predictions of global disasters, due to so-called man-made climate change, were fake news and didn't come true. Of course they didn't! (6) A twenty-two page article, filled with scientific mumbo-jumbo, warns folks, who took the new cold virus injection (or series of injections, with booster injections), that their health could be in danger. I'm glad that I never took a “Corony” shot! I'm not worried!

Jim's sarcastic article is very funny! It ends, however, with a sobering theme. Writing in the third person, as alien newscasters, Jim exposes, masterfully, the inscrutable and alien human worldviews of the majority. I hope that his article forces the majority to view themselves from a different perspective, as they think outside themselves.

On Friday, 6/2/2023, my comment on Jim's article included, in part:

. . . I had to comment on this one! It's loaded with my style of sarcastic humor and imagination!

I did a little digging. Deimos and Phobos are the two moons of Mars. It's funny that I'd not known, unless I'd heard and forgotten, that Mars has moons. Deimos (from Greek, Δειμος) means “dread-fear, terror,” and Phobos (from Greek, Φοβος) means “panic-fear, rout.”

If ungodly earthlings could just see what they are doing, from an off-world view, then they might just realize how much dreadful panic that they are causing, by following their unbiblical worldviews. God, of course, sees all this much better, in a far more universal view, than Deimos and Phobos see it.

By the way, ask Deimos and Phobos if they could come on down here, to see if they can broadcast globally, to all ungodly earthlings! Those earthlings are not listening to godly earthlings or to God!

I had also asked Jim's permission to reference his article, in a future article that I'd planned to write. Graciously, he agreed. Thanks, brother Jim, for inspiring this article!

The Alien Worldview

The sarcastic and humorous purpose, as cited previously, of “Alien News Desk” (the SYFY animated series of 2019) was to report on “the universe’s most baffling species - the inscrutable Humans of Planet Earth.” Inscrutable is a good way to describe the alien worldviews of the majority of humans on this planet! Inscrutable means not easily understood.

Local, national, international, and, apparently, even extraterrestrial media are the daily, ad nauseam, sources of too many instances of “alien worldviews gone wild!” It's sickening, of course.

This article cites only one recent bilge, in my home state of Tennessee. The following is one, of several, articles that has the alien worldview news. The article is: “Federal judge tosses Tennessee's controversial anti-drag law, declares it unconstitutional,” on Memphis Commercial Appeal, by Micaela A Watts, 6/3/2023. (Content warning! The article includes a photograph of so-called “drag queens.”) Apparently, just after 12 AM, on Friday, 6/2/2023, Judge Thomas L. Parker (United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee) ruled, in a lawsuit filed by an ungodly and so-called non-profit organization, that "the Court finds that -- despite Tennessee’s compelling interest in protecting the psychological and physical wellbeing of children -- the Adult Entertainment Act ('AEA') is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL (sic) restriction on the freedom of speech." The ruling, apparently, affects only Shelby County.

The bill, which Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed into law, on 3/2/2023, is “SB0003, HB0009,” on Tennessee General Assembly. The “Bill History” tab lists the chronological history of the bill, which Governor Lee signed into law. The “Summary” tab states, at first:

This bill creates an offense for a person who engages in an adult cabaret performance on public property or in a location where the adult cabaret performance could be viewed by a person who is not an adult. The bill defines an "adult cabaret performance" to mean a performance in a location other than an adult cabaret that features topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest, or similar entertainers, regardless of whether or not performed for consideration.

Why the State of Tennessee even had to create such a law, only to have it stuck down, in Shelby County, is beyond my understanding. Common decency dictates that folks, especially young people, should not even go near such alien lifestyles.

For previous comments on this ungodly and alien worldview, see my 6/26/2022 article, under the “LGBTQ Pride Month” section. See also my 2/26/2023 article, “'Knox Pride' versus God's Pride.” Over 92% of the American population is heterosexual, as various recent studies show. (See, for example, “U.S. LGBT Identification Steady at 7.2%,” on Gallup, by Jeffrey M. Jones, 2/22/2023.) Once again, this month, biblical morality endures the ungodly and alien morality of the euphemistically named “Pride Month.” Don't worry. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman or I change channels or turn off the TV, when the media propagandizes the events. When that alien minority attempts to force my acceptance of their ungodly lifestyle, I stand, firmly on the solid rock, such as in this article, to affirm the biblical worldview!

Returning to the main point, however, what are these alien worldviews? Atheism, humanism, naturalism, socialism, environmentalism -- and all such “isms” -- are aspects on only one alien worldview. It is the ungodly worldview. Don't let all the various “isms” confuse you! They all march downhill, along the wrong path!


Jim's article, as cited previously, ends with the same verse, which begins this conclusion.

Folly brings joy to one who has no sense, but whoever has understanding keeps a straight course. (Proverbs 15:21, NIV)

The inspired wisdom of Solomon also stated: “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12, NIV).

The “Alien Newscast,” by Deimos and Phobos, presents the inscrutable nonsense of ungodly, human worldviews that lead to spiritual death. God, viewing this planet from His lofty location, sees the same ungodliness.

In His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5 - 7), Jesus encourages:

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Mt. 7:13-14, NIV)

In the words of this educated country boy, Jesus wants us “to turn right and go straight.” Why? The “ultimate acknowledgment of truth,” as I call it, is coming.

The atheist (who worships himself), the humanist (who worships humankind), the naturalist (who worships nature), the socialist (who worships his socio-economic system), and the environmentalist (who worships the environment, in contrast to the conservationist, who cares for the environment but worships God) will each face the “ultimate acknowledgment of truth.” Then, however, it will be too late to change their ungodly worldviews.

What is that ultimate acknowledgment of truth? The inspired apostle Paul described it, in his first century letter to the Corinthian church.

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad. (2 Corinthians 5:10, NIV)

See also the apostle Paul's words, in Romans 14:10-12, and Jesus' words, in Matthew 25:31-46. At the last judgment, the atheist has to acknowledge that God exists, as the ultimate acknowledgment of truth, but it will be too late.

True wisdom is to know and believe in Jesus, as the one true Son, of the one true God, as revealed in His inspired Bible. To believe is to follow His worldview.

I trust, dear reader, that you are already following the Lord. If you are not, but would like to, you are welcome to use the “Contact Form,” if you would like to converse. I'm just one formerly poor beggar, still imperfect, who found the Bread of Life. I'll be glad to share.

To any reader who considers this article to be “hate speech,” it is not. This article is written in loving and biblical guidance, to any reader, who follows alien worldviews. To those readers, please turn right and go straight, before it's too late! Judgment day, the ultimate acknowledgment of truth, is coming.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Socialism: Ungodly Worldviews Fail; the Biblical Worldview Works (published 5-21-2023; article #414)

Image by kalhh from Pixabay. Free to use under the Content License.


Yesterday was Armed Forces Day. See “Armed Forces Day,” on U.S. Department of Defense. Brief and random glances, at the various national and local media sources, found no segments that marked the day. Perhaps there was one. Thank you, to every veteran, who reads this article, for your service!

As a personal sidenote, yesterday, before the rain arrived, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I enjoyed giving Molly (our ol' puppy) a bath! Molly didn't seem to mind. Of course, once the rain came, Molly had a “country doggy” bath!

This article draws attention to and recommends two recent articles, on Ileana Writes, by Dr. Ileana Johnson. (Her website is one of four under the section “Folks, to Whom I Subscribe.”) The article of 3/26/2023 was inspired by Dr. Johnson. This twelfth article, under the Worldviews in Conflict topic section, is also inspired by her recent articles.

The conclusion may surprise you! This Appalachian Irishman accepts socialism – under the proper worldview. Folks, especially the younger generation, however, should not drink the Kool-Aid that ungodly socialist worldviews pour out.

Two Recent Articles on Ileana Writes

The First Article

The first article, published on 5/17/2023, is titled simply, “My Musings Today.” Dr. Johnson wrote another excellent article that begins with her thankfulness for having been able to emigrate from communist Romania to America, in 1978. She shared her first-hand knowledge of the oppression, propaganda, poverty, spying, invasion of privacy, and lack of freedom under that godless and socialist regime.

Ileana's mother was fortunate to escape Romanian communism, but her father was unable to do so. He died, due to inadequate medical care, in a communist hospital, on 5/12/1989.

Ileana wrote:

I never would have believed you if you had told me in 1978 that America would turn communist in my lifetime. I would have laughed. But here we are – every day I have communism PTSD, something is happening that the rest of you are ignoring, lulled into a false sense of freedom and security. You do not realize that the communists within are destroying our country. I shall list a couple of the latest examples.

The first of her two “latest examples” is:

New York City will begin tracking the carbon footprint of household food consumption and putting caps on how much red meat can be served in public institutions in order to achieve a 33% reduction in carbon emissions from food by 2030.

Ileana followed by writing, in part, I beg you to wake up! This is what communism dictated to us - how much food we could consume per day . . . .” Please read all of her eloquence.

Intrigued, I uncovered: “Transcript: Mayor Adams Commits to Reducing City’s Food-Based Emissions by 33 Percent by 2030 After Releasing new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Incorporating Emissions From Food,” on The Official Website of the City of New York, 4/17/2023. Thankfully, the socialist silliness is local to New York City and its food purchasing and serving. Apparently, the raising and eating of meat increases “greenhouse gas emissions.” If my paternal grandparents could have known! They might have influenced the next generations to be vegetarians, to “save the planet!” Well, Papaw Ferrell didn't care for beef. He did like pork and other meat.

The following are a few snippets from the transcript, with my pithy comments. “. . . [A]ll food is not created equal. The vast majority of food that is contributing to our emission crises lies in meat and dairy products.” I smell the vegetarian agenda! “. . . [P]lant-powered diet is better for your physical and mental health . . . .” Are carnivores physically less healthy than vegetarians? Do we carnivores have mental health problems? Apparently, we do. New York City is “. . . committed to reducing the city food emissions by 33 percent by 2030 . . . .” I'd suggest that the city eat country food, which only contributes to outhouse emissions. Finally, “plant-powered meals” will be used in socialist hospitals and schools. The rotting vegetarian agenda will soon decay to compost, folks! It's all a guise for an ungodly form of socialism.

The last of her two “latest examples” is:

Universities pay radicals to speak to student bodies while rejecting conservative Americans altogether. Angela Davis, a racial activist and VP nominee for the Communist Party USA in 1980, who was previously on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, was the keynote speaker at the University of Texas, Austin, on April 4, 2023. She was paid $25,000 to bash capitalism as exploitative. Oh, the irony!

Intrigued again, I found: “Renowned Scholar, Activist, Writer Angela Davis will Keynote the 2023 Eric Williams Memorial Lecture at The University of Texas,” on The University of Texas at Austin, College of Liberal Arts, 3/6/2023. That was just the online commercial for the, at that time, upcoming event. One, of several, critical articles -- which mention the person's previous infamy on the FBI's most wanted list and Communist Party USA affiliation -- is: “Racial Activist Angela Davis Got $25,000 From U. Texas at Austin for Speech Trashing Capitalism,” on Legal Insurrection, by Mike LaChance, 5/10/2023. I'm glad that the University of Texas at Austin is not in Tennessee!

The Second Article

The second article was published two days later, on 5/19/2023. It is titled “Communist Regimes of Lies and Terror Failed Spectacularly at Everything.”

The article highlights the violent brutality and oppression of the godless Soviet system and its devastating economic failures. The reading of the full article is highly recommended. The conclusion states:

Next time the young Americans who responded in surveys that they prefer socialism over capitalism, should read more about the actual economic and social conditions under all of the socialist republics of the Communist Party that failed spectacularly.

My wife and I experienced life in Russia, from 1994 to 1999, after the fall of the Soviet Union. We, however, had the dubious “pleasure” of enduring remnants of the old Soviet system. Our Russian church families and friends shared -- while sometimes glancing around to find any hidden microphone -- their profound and personal stories of the oppression that they had endured.

The socialist agenda in this once great nation continues its slow and steady march to “Socialist Utopian Oblivion” (as my coined phrase). Socialist (i.e., public) schools are a primary means that indoctrinates the young. Thankfully, however, sufficient push back continues to slow the relentless socialist march.


I'd always thought that Jim Jones was a deranged and evil leader of the cult. I didn't know that he was also a socialist. I happened to find “Drinking the Kool-Aid: Reasons Behind the Jonestown Massacre,” on Jonestown, a project of the University Library at San Diego State University, by Jacquelyn Lofstad, original 1/5/2013, last update 1/3/2021. The lengthy and detailed article includes the following.

Jones attempted to put the ideas of socialism into practice. Nobody owned any property, and every community member was expected to work to contribute towards the common good.

Here is the surprise! Socialism, intrinsically, is neither good nor evil. It becomes evil, based on the ungodly worldviews of its leaders. The former Soviet Union is the primary example of socialist evil under an ungodly worldview. Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple cult is a lesser example of the same. Don't drink those types of ungodly socialist Kool-Aid!

Did you know that the first century church in Jerusalem followed a form of socialism? That first church started on the Day of Pentecost, after Jesus' ascension. Please read Acts chapter two in its entirety. Two verses verify their form of socialism.

Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need. (Acts 2:44-45, NKJV)

See also Acts 4:32-35.

The church, of about 3,000 new Christians, formed a voluntary and collective form of socialism – but it was based on the biblical worldview! The inspired Luke stated that:

. . . they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. (Acts 2:42, NKJV)

and that “. . . continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:46-47, NKJV)

Wake up, America! As this once great nation marches further into socialism, at least let us march toward the form that is based on the biblical worldview – such as the first century church in Jerusalem practiced. I could accept that form. The current and ungodly form of socialism that is growing, however, will only continue to lead to poisoned Kool-Aid. I have spoken! This is the Appalachian Irishman, signing off.