Friday, September 30, 2022

“I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” and ALLIANCE with NORTH KOREA? (published 9-30-2022; article #361)


Yes, this article is another on “poly-tics.” I'm sorry. Sixty-one of my 360 articles (before this one) have been on or have included “poly-tics.” I had grown tired of writing on the theme. The conclusion, however, will be on a spiritual singing note. I promise! You may sing along!

My sarcastic humor could not resist writing this article. Who sees dead people? Is this once great nation allied with North Korea? What does this mean, for this once great nation? Please read further, if I've caught your interest!

The Sixth Sense” Movie

“The Sixth Sense” was released in August of 1999. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had returned from Russia (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999). I can't find the date on my 1999 desk calendar, but I recall that my wife, some of her family, and I went to see “The Sixth Sense,” in October or November of 1999. We must have needed a break, from the travel and reporting to the churches that had supported our mission work financially.

I see dead people” is the most notable line in that movie – as whispered by the young actor. I wonder why the quality of movies, in general, has deteriorated over the years. We haven't been to see a movie in a long time. We've waited on a few good enough movies to show on TV. No, we don't have and don't want one of those live TV streaming services! (I heard a reader ask the question!)

President Biden, on 9/28/2022, Looked for a Dead Person

President Biden's gaffe, on 9/28/2022, was in the various media sources – with the usual spins and commentaries. President Biden was looking, in the audience, for a live person, who had died last month.

The National Public Radio (NPR) article is: “Biden calls out for late Rep. Jackie Walorski at White House hunger event,” by Ximena Bustillo, NPR, updated 9/29/2022, 2:42 PM ET. That article includes a 59-second audio-video segment, in which President Biden looked for a person – who, unfortunately, had died, in an automobile accident, last month.

I hope that the person, who was killed in the automobile accident, was ready to go Home. I am sensitive to news about vehicle wrecks and those injured badly or killed. The 18-year-old, uninsured driver – who failed to yield to my right of way – almost killed me, on 3/29/2016. I've written about it, starting with my 8/26/2016 article. I'm still recovering, but I am much better than I had been. I joke that it takes a long time, to recover from being 90% dead!

With sympathy to the family of the person who died last month, it is a point of concern that President Biden was looking for her, to be alive, in the audience. This was not the first time that President Biden has demonstrated his mental degradation. The Commander in Chief should have robust, wise, and sound mental capabilities.

Vice President Harris Affirms Alliance with North Korea

But wait! Vice President Harris – next in line, if President Biden becomes even more incapable in his duties – thinks that this once great nation is allied with North Korea!

On 9/29/2022, the day after President Biden's gaffe, Vice President Harris made her own gaffe! I can't make up this stuff, folks. It really happened. She thinks, or thought at the moment, that this once great nation is allied with North (not South) Korea!

Fox and Friends has a 31-second audio-video clip: Fox and Friends, 9/29/2022, “VP Harris mistakenly touts US alliance with North Korea: The vice president's gaffe came one day after the rogue nation tested a ballistic missile.” Yes, she said “the Republic of North Korea.”


Perhaps hurricane Ian, which hit the west coast of Florida, on 9/28/2022, had distracted the President and the Vice President. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida. The hurricane was devastating. The remnants of it will hit in our northeast Tennessee area, probably late this evening.

What do these gaffes, a day apart, mean, for this once great nation? The meaning is apparent. Men and women of great and sound intellect and character -- who think and act according to the founding principals that are established in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – are needed, to govern this nation from decline back to greatness. Unfortunately, I don't see or hear very many. A few may be in the USSA House and Senate. A few may be state governors.

My sixty-second article on “poly-tics” is done! As Dad had said, “this country is about gone, boys.”

But wait! My hope, which is built on Christ, knows that this world is not my home. I'm just passing through! has information on the song, “This World Is Not My Home (I'm Just a Passin' Thru).” The YouTube channel A Cappella Hymns includes a version of the song, copyright permission obtained, at “This World Is Not My Home - A Cappella Hymn.” You are welcome to sing along!

When Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were dating and both at Freed-Hardeman University (Henderson, Tennessee), we attended the Refuge Church of Christ (a few miles to the south). The church was in a rural area. Several university students attended, to help that small group of rural church members. We sang “This World Is Not My Home” with much more vigor and speed than the song is sung in the link above! We could “raise the roof!”

By my eyes of faith, I can see many family and friends, who have already gone Home. I don't look for them in an audience here. My soul is allied with the Good Lord – and His heavenly nation. I place, therefore, the gaffes of the President and the Vice President into my everlasting mindset.

I hope that you, dear reader, do also. If you would like, I am eager to help you see what I see, by faith. You are welcome to use my Contact Form, for that purpose.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

MEMORIES WHILE SHOPPING: Mom Shouldn't Have Had to Endure What She Did! (published 9-27-2022; article #360)


Why do memories come from the back of your mind to the front, when you're on a mundane errand? It happens to all of us at times.

This writer must relate a instance today. The memory has made me pensive, as I reflect. Writing helps.

The Context

Today (Tuesday, 9/27/2022), the sky is bright blue. The coolness of the fall morning, about 11 AM, was enjoyable. The day had started routinely. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman left for work, about 6:20 AM. I'd been up to see her off. I'd had my coffee, breakfast, and shower. I'd planned to continue the temporary, volunteer assignment, which I'd agreed to do, for a local non-profit organization.

Last Saturday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had forgotten to buy the IGA brown mustard that I like, on my sandwiches. Yesterday, she'd presented her annual "BEP Alt. Inst. Classroom" paycheck (a small amount for classroom supplies), so I could deposit it for her.

I'd placed our six-month automobile insurance payment in the mailbox, with flag up. Afterward, I had decided to run the errands to the bank and to the IGA.

The Memories

Today, the time was about 11:30 AM. I'd started to walk down the aisle, to find the mustard. Not many were shopping. The store music was playing some song that I'd never heard and that I didn't like much. It was routine.

October 1999

Suddenly, a vivid and pleasant memory came to mind! The setting was in October of 1999. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had returned from Russia (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999). We were staying several days with Mom, Dad, and my two youngest brothers, at the homeplace. I'd driven alone to the local Food City, to buy something. I was pleasantly surprised to meet Mom, who was also shopping, in the same aisle! I recall that Mom had just gotten off work, from her part-time job. She'd stopped at the Food City, on her way home.

Mom and I smiled at each other, and we talked a while. We were both amazed by the serendipitous timing of our shopping! Mom didn't need me to help her shop, so I checked out and went back home. Mom came home a few minutes after me. I helped unload groceries that she'd bought. That day, in October of 1999, was pleasant!

December 1999 & December 2000

While pausing in the aisle at the IGA, the pleasant memory of October 1999 turned to the flood of unpleasant memories, from December 1999 and December 2000. I won't write the memories that are etched in my mind, in this article. I have written some of those memories, in previous articles. My 1/3/2020 article has a section on Mom, which includes several details. In a few months or so, I plan to complete and publish my book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” which has many details written in it.

I'm glad that no one was in the aisle except me! I said, out loud, to myself, “Mom shouldn't have had to endure what she did!” I guess that I was speaking to God. He heard me, if no one else did.

Writing helps. So, I am writing now. A mundane event can trigger happy memories. Gatherings with family and friends are the best for remembering good times. A mundane event can trigger sad memories. Today, my mundane IGA shopping triggered a happy memory, followed by a flood of unhappy ones.

My Words to God

I'm sorry, God! I wasn't blaming you. You had always known, before she was born, how Mom would live and die. You didn't plan her life or her death.

. . . time and chance happen to them all. Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come . . . . (Ecclesiastes 9:11-12, NIV)

God, you didn't plan that I would almost die, on 3/29/2016. It was “time and chance.”

My Irish mouth spoke from my heart, at the IGA, God. The temporal pain, suffering, and loss hurt. The memories of those bad events hurt to recall them.

God, I know that you “will wipe every tear from their eyes” and that “there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things” will pass away (Revelation 21:4, NIV). I know that Mom has that everlasting joy, even now, after she “went to see Jesus,” on 12/27/2000.

So, again, God, I'm sorry, for my spoken words, to myself and to you, at the IGA this morning. In the everlasting mindset, I am now at peace, once again. I'll write this article, to perhaps help someone, who needs to read it.


“Light at the End of the Tunnel” has a several-page appendix, “Punctuated Providence,” which I started writing on 11/3/2016 and concluded on 11/30/2016. I read that appendix again today.

This temporal life is boot camp. In it, we experience “the good, the bad, and the ugly” – with apology to Clint Eastwood! This world is not Home. The trials of life prepare us for Home – if we have the everlasting mindset.

I wonder. Will God grant Mom and me a joyful moment, in heaven, when we meet at the heavenly store, while we are both shopping? But wait! Mom has already shopped the heavenly store!

Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, stated:

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:19-21, NIV)

Mom stored up heavenly treasures, as the finest example of a Christian, whom I've ever known! I'm still trying to store up my heavenly treasures – in part by writing this article.

As I close, I am feeling joyful again! I can see Home, by my eyes of faith! Can you? If you'd like, I'd be glad to help you shop at the heavenly store. My Contact Form is awaiting your request!

In October of 1999, I got home a few minutes before Mom did (from the Food City). On 12/27/2000, Mom got HOME a few moments before I will.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

BLUE HORSE NOTEBOOK PAPER (published 9-24-2022, article #359)


Howdy, y'all! Yesterday, in this neck of the woods, the low was 46F, about 7 AM. The sky was crisp and blue. Fall is in the air finally! It's about time. Today, I hope that the clouds bring some much needed rain.

As a side note, on 9/21/2022, “Microcrap” presented an update, which I installed successfully, in the late afternoon. The next morning, however, my “Winders” Live Mail 2012 wouldn't create or reply to emails. (The software had been working fine before the update.) Yesterday morning, I uninstalled the 9/21/2022 “Microcrap” update. My email software works fine again. I won!

Getting back to the topic, do my northeast Tennessee readers, who have some age on them, remember Blue Horse notebook paper? I hear some readers saying “yes!” To my readers who don't know, please read on! Well, those who know may want to read a while longer.

Inspiration for this Article

I'd started this draft, on 7/29/2022 (a Friday). That morning, Phil Williams (on The Phil Show, NewsTalk 98.7 FM), talked about Blue Horse notebook paper. (I listen to him, at times, while I'm conducting my morning ritual.)

That brought a few memories, from my mental backwaters, to the forefront. I thought: “Blue Horse notebook paper. Hum. What can I find on the 'Interweb?'”

Blue Horse Notebook Paper on the “Interweb”

After my morning ritual, of 7/29/2022, I searched the “Interweb” for “Blue Horse notebook paper.” After scrolling past all the advertisements, the first actual article (that didn't want money) was on the Johnson City Press (Johnson City, TN) website.

The article is: “Remembering when Montag's Blue Horse galloped across the country dispersing Blue Horse label notebook paper,” by Bob Cox, Johnson City Press, 9/7/2019.

The article denotes an old Blue Horse notebook paper advertisement, to girls and boys, for various prizes. The image, below, is from that article.

A photo of the Blue Horse emblem and some advertisements for the big contest the brand put on. Contributed/Bob Cox.

Montag, which started in 1945, made Blue Horse notebook paper. Montag & Caldwell's website article – M&C Celebrates A 75 Year History: The Story Behind Montag & Caldwell, 11/16/2020 – mentions Blue Horse notebook paper, as a note in their historical details.

Deeper “Interweb” Digging - Bob Cox

The 9/7/2019 Johnson City Press article includes a link to: Bob Cox's Yesteryear: Documenting the Nostalgic History of Upper East Tennessee. His latest articles are three, from 8/8/2019. His website isn't active.

But wait! Box Cox has an active “Bob Cox's Yesteryear” personal blog on Facebook! If you have a “Farcebook” – as I call it – account, then you will find him, still writing and publishing, there. I'm glad that he's still active somewhere.

My Blue Horse Coaster

On 8/12/2022 (a Friday) -- while I was shop vacuuming Molly's “basement condominium,” to suck up all the doggy sheddings -- I decided to look through a storage box, where I thought that my Blue Horse coaster was resting. I found it, exactly where I'd stored it, before we moved to Russia (on 10/1/1994).

Well, Tuesday (9/20/2022) was another wonderful shop vacuuming experience. I brought my Blue Horse coaster from the “basement condominium” to my home office. Yesterday, I took the photograph, below, in my office.

I got my coaster as a boy. I don't remember how or when. That coaster has a good degree of wear. At the homeplace, in my teenage years, my coaster sat on my antique dresser – which I had inherited, as I recall, from an ancestor, on Mom's side of the family. Over those years, I'd placed many cups, glasses, and bottles – of warm or cold beverages (i.e., water, milk, buttermilk, tea, Cokes, hot chocolate, etc.) – on that coaster, to protect my dresser. The coaster took the wear.


Thanks, Phil Williams, for inspiring this article! Thanks, Bob Cox, for allowing me to “meet” you on the “Interweb!” I trust that both men know the Good Lord. I've heard Phil Williams state so. Bob Cox writes as if he does.

The inspired Old Testament includes Psalm 90 – A prayer of Moses the man of God.

Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away. (Psalms 90:10, NIV)

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalms 90:12, NIV)

As a teenager – with a cold Coke resting on my coaster, I'd thought about the number of decades that I had left to live. It seemed like a long time.

At age 62 – with my coaster in my home office, I realize how swiftly those decades have flown by, to now. Only the Good Lord knows how many hours, days, weeks, months, years, or decades that I have left, in this temporal existence. I number my days. I have a heart of wisdom. I am ready to go Home!

Many readers know what I mean. Some may not. If you don't know what I mean, and would like to know, you are welcome to contact me – on my Contact Form. I'm just one poor beggar, trying to help other poor beggars find the Bread of Life.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

9-17-2022 Football Review: Georgia Bulldogs compared to TN Vols (published 9-18-2022; article #358)


In yesterday's article, I'd joked about how Dad, if he were still alive, would “devil” me, by rooting for the South Carolina “Game Chickens,” while I rooted for my Georgia Bulldogs. The idea for this article came to me, while taking my morning shower. I often get ideas for articles, while taking a shower. Could someone tell me why that happens? (Insert smiley face emoji here.)

The TN Vols (or Vowels, as I often call them) played their football game, against a “high school” team, after my Dawgs whipped the “Game Chickens.” Let's review the two games and compare the recent history of the two teams!

9/17/2022 Review

Georgia vs. South Carolina, 12 PM

The Georgia Bulldogs (9/18/22 AP/Coaches #1) beat unranked South Carolina, in Columbia, 48 to 7. I had the game on two TVs and on desktop computer by live stream internet! During halftime, I published my article, hauled trash, and bought a couple of items at Advance Auto Parts. The game was a joy to watch! I blinked, or was on errands, and missed a few Georgia touchdowns!

I felt a little sorry for the unranked “Game Chickens.” They tried, but they were no match for my Dawgs. The Georgia Dogs website article, “No. 1 Georgia Dominates South Carolina, 48-7,” 9/17/2022, 4:00 PM, has all the details.

Georgia dominated completely. Great win, Georgia! GO DAWGS! An SEC road win is always good.

Tennessee vs. Akron, 7 PM

The Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) (9/18/22 AP #11, Coaches #12) beat an unranked and totally outclassed “high school” team – The University of Akron (Ohio) Zips – at home, 63 to 6. Yes, Zips is their name. The game was on streaming services only. We didn't stream it.

The UT Sports website article, “No. 15/16 Volunteers Zap Zips, 63-6,” 9/17/2022, has the details. Yawn. The Vols destroyed their second “high school” opponent this season, as they should have.

Before TN “Vowels” fans get too excited about the victory, the Go Zips (yes, that's the name) website lists the Zips' win - loss record, by year. The Zips' last winning season was in 2015. In 2020, they were 1 win, 5 losses. In 2022, they were 2 wins, 10 losses.

Also, remember that Florida (9/18/22 AP #20, Coaches #22) comes to town next Saturday. I remember, when I was a Vols fan, too many bad games, when Florida beat Tennessee.

Recent History

From 2015 to 2021, Tennessee had:
     four winning seasons (2015: 9/4, 2016: 9/4, 2019:
          8/5, 2021: 7/6)
     and three losing seasons (2017: 4/8, 2018: 5/7,
          2020: 3/7).

In those same seven years, Georgia had winning seasons every year: 2015: 10/3, 2016: 8/5, 2017: 13/2, 2018: 11/3, 2019: 12/2, 2020: 8/2, 2021: 14/1. My 1/16/2022 article praised my Dawgs on their 2021 College Football Championship!

Vols fans have to go back to 1998 for their latest College Football Championship. I remember watching that game on TV, on 1/4/1999 (a Monday). Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were in Tennessee, on our final, annual, six-week furlough from Russia. We were in Nashville, at the apartment of her youngest sister.

The NCAA article, “College Football Championship History,” 1/11/2022, lists champions from 1869 to 2021. Tennessee is listed as national champions in 1951 and 1998. Georgia had national championships in 1980 and 2021.


During the 2017 and 2018 football seasons, I had thought about changing. I kept sipping the orange Kool-Aid. In 2019, however, I gave up on the Vols. I decided to root for the Georgia Bulldogs! The decision was a little strange at first. The strangeness didn't last too long.

Saturdays are much more enjoyable, being a Dawgs fan! I don't have enough decades of life left, to await Tennessee's return to the status it once had – before all the coaching carousel changes started in 2009: Josh Heupel, 2021+ (ongoing, 10-6), Jeremy Pruitt, 2018-20 (16-19), Butch Jones, 2013-17 (34-29), Jim Chaney, 2012 (1-0), Derek Dooley, 2010-12 (15-21), and Lane Kiffin, 2009 (7-6). (Phillip Fulmer, 1992-2008, was 151-52.) On the Dawg side, Georgia has had two coaches, since 2009: Mark Richt, 2001-15 (145-51) and Kirby Smart, 2016+ (69-15, so far).

GO DAWGS! (Well, good luck, Vols. I wish you well.) To my readers, who are still Vols fans, come on over to the Dawg side! You will soon get the orange Kool-Aid taste out of your mouths! I have.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD: 9-15-2013 House Mt. Hike #90 Dedication (published 9-17-2022; article #357)


I published only one article in 2012HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY, DAD, on 9/17/2012.

Earl Ferrell (9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) was my father. Aside from the 9/17/2012 article, my archives show other articles about Dad, on 6/21/2009, 6/26/2010, 9/20/2020, 1/25/2021, 6/20/2021, and 9/20/2021. Other articles, on family and heritage, mention Dad.

In 2013, I published only three articles – two in February and one in March. Today, nine years late, I will publish my House Mountain hike #90, of 9/15/2013 – which I had dedicated to Dad.

House Mountain Hike #90 - Dedicated to Dad

On 9/15/2013, I had written, in my hiking log, “09/15/13, Sunday. 90th! Passed 16 people going up! 28 min. West trail up. Muggy. Photos.”

That hike up the west trail was four minutes slower than my best time (as of 2013). It was my first hike of the fall, winter, and spring hiking season. I could have hiked up faster, but the sixteen people, whom I passed while hiking up, had slowed me down! They were mostly couples, in their 30's, with children. I also passed a few college students, in their early 20's.

This “old man” (age 53 at the time) had hiked up faster than those younger folks! Dad would have said, “Now, son, stop your crowin’!” My 90th hike was dedicated to Dad, who would have been age 86 on 9/17/2013 (a Tuesday).

I had taken the photograph, below, on 9/15/2013, at 3:41 PM – after I'd already hiked up the west trail, to the west bluff. The photograph is of the new sign (at the time) on the ridge trail. The sign states details of House Mountain and the “Crest Trail” (or ridge trail), and it honors John Evans, a man who did much work on the park. I'd not seen the sign before that 9/15/2013 hike. I've seen it many times since then.

I had taken the photograph, below, on 9/15/2013, at 3:58 PM. As I recall, I had continued east, across the ridge, to the middle bluff, then down the east trail. The image is looking northeast, from the middle bluff. As I recall, the weather was a little too warm and muggy, but it was a good enough day for my first hike of the hiking season. Enjoy the view, of nine years ago! The view has remained about the same.

After that hike, I had contact with two first cousins. We had planned a hike at Laurel Run Park (in Hawkins County, Tennessee) for later than month or in October. We'd planned to invite other family, to hike with us. Sadly, our hiking plans were not realized. Cousin Retha (9/7/1959 - 4/27/2017) has since passed on.

11/03/2001 Hike to “Jim Ferrell home site”

My hiking log includes the last time that Dad and I hiked together. He'd taken me hiking to the Clinch Mountain fire tower, at times, when I was a boy.

On 11/3/2001, Saturday, Dad (age 74), Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, my youngest brother and his wife, and I hiked to the home site location of James Robert Ferrell (1851 - 1926). James (or Jim) Ferrell was my paternal great grandfather, Dad's grandfather. Great Papaw Jim Ferrell and his wife, Elizabeth Presley Ferrell (1856 - 1900), has ten children. (The details are in family records, which I have.)

I have film photographs of that hike, but I'll not try to find and digitize them today. I may do so, for a future article. Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) had already gone to see Jesus. Dad's heart trouble would not show up, until December of 2002. He could still hike the mostly level ground very well. We saw the remains of the old Jim Ferrell home site The house had been gone for decades, but the foundation was still noticeable. I remember several shade and apple trees. That home site had been in a good location, on good farm land.

I wonder if any cousins may want to arrange a hike back to the old Jim Ferrell home site. We'd need permission from the current owner. What do you say, cousins? Should we plan a hike? I'm in!


Hey, Dad! Happy birthday today! I know that Mom and you are enjoying perfect hiking weather, in heaven! Please tell Mom and all the family there howdy from me! I'll see y'all up there eventually. We'll hike – and have so many other great joys – together everlastingly!

By the way, my Georgia Bulldogs will defeat the South Carolina “Game Chickens.” At halftime, my 'Dawgs are up 24 to 0. If we were together, watching the game on TV, you would pull for the “Game Chickens” – just to “devil” me! I know. I hear you!

The Ferrell home site foundation is still noticeable. It is secure in the heart and mind.

Thursday, September 08, 2022

KILIMANJARO MISSIONS - the STAFFORD FAMILY, in MOSHI, TANZANIA (published 9-8-2022; article #356)

Image from 09/05/2022 - KILIMANJARO MISSIONS AUGUST 2022 newsletter


I have mentioned, in several articles, that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were part of a three-family mission team, called Mission Moscow. We served in Moscow, Klin, and surrounding areas – from 10/1/1994 to 9/30/1999. (I may write a book about mission work, which would include our initial short-term mission work in Jamaica, my short-term mission work in India, and our five years in Russia.) Under the maxim that a person is either a missionary or a mission area, we are still missionaries.

This article honors the missionary service of the Stafford family, in Tanzania, Africa. I have added “KILIMANJARO MISSIONS - the Stafford family, in Moshi, Tanzania,” in my “Folks, to Whom I Subscribe” section.

The Stafford Family

The daughter of one of the families, on the Mission Moscow team, was a wonderful Christian young lady, when we knew her, back in Russia. Jessica, we remember you very well!

That young lady has grown into a Christian wife, mother, and missionary. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were elated to learn that the Stafford family began their mission work, in June, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Moshi Town, North Tanzania, Africa

The Stafford family base their missionary service in Moshi Town, in northeast Tanzania, on the continent of Africa. They minister widely, in several surrounding communities. I had known that Tanzania was in Africa, but I didn't know where exactly.

Explore Tanzania has information about Moshi Town and Tanzania in general. “Destinations: Moshi Town, North Tanzania” describes Moshi Town and locates the town on a map. Moshi Town is near, and south, of Mount Kilimanjaro. (I imagine visiting and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro!)

Kilimanjaro Missions

The Stafford family shares contact information, newsletters, and updates. You may subscribe to and view their newsletters at Kilimanjaro Missions: Email Campaign Archive. (Just click the “join our mailing list” button and fill out your email information, as I did.) As of this entry, there are seven newsletters on that website, so far.

Their Facebook link is Kilimanjaro Missions, for those who have Facebook accounts. (Interestingly, I had forgotten to “like” that page, until today!) Kilimanjaro Missions has daily news and updates, which include some humor.

Hey, Jessica! What is the name of y'alls new “security guard?” He looks like a good puppy! Please tell me his name! Also, we're glad that y'all found a house! It will become the home of a fine Christian family – with many, many guests!

By the way, Jessica, I “stole” the photograph in this article, from y'alls “09/05/2022 - KILIMANJARO MISSIONS AUGUST 2022” newsletter! I hope that you don't sue me!


A person is either a missionary or a mission area. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I have done cross-cultural mission work – in Jamaica at first then for five years in Russia. I did cross-cultural mission work in India. This little article further inspires my desire to write a book on the topic. Maybe I will.

The Stafford family are doing cross-cultural mission work, in Tanzania, now. May the Lord bless them in His service! Lost souls will see Jesus in them. I know. Several churches will be blessed by their ministry. Seed is being planted well on good soil.

Are you, dear reader, a missionary or a mission area? There are only two choices. If you are a mission area and would like me to help you know how to become a missionary, please use my “Contact Form” to reach me. I'm just one poor beggar, saved by God's grace, who tries to help other poor beggars find the Bread of Life.

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

THE TRUE LIGHT QUARTET - UNCLE PAUL'S LEGACY (published 9-7-2022; article #355)


I have a post-it note, which I dated 8/28/2003, a Thursday. I was talking with Dad by phone on that date. I'd asked Dad to please name the members of The True Light Quartet – other than Uncle Paul, who sang bass. He did, and he told me the parts that they sang. I wrote down, on the post-it note, what Dad had told me.

As a boy, I remember hearing The True Light Quartet sing. I don't recall where or how many times. Mom and Dad took us boys to hear them, at church gatherings. They sang a cappella. I remember very well the musical gospel messages that The True Light Quartet sang. A good sermon can be sung.

This article is for all the relatives of the Marion and Gertrude Ferrell line, and it honors Uncle Paul's legacy.

The Family

Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) and Mollie Gertrude “Gertie” Archer Ferrell (11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971) had eight children, who were born and lived beyond infancy – two daughters and six sons.

Their two daughters, my aunts, were Carrie E. Ferrell Davis (12/5/1909 - 1/28/2000) and Lula Mae Ferrell Absher (1/14/1912 - 10/9/1995). They were the oldest two children.

Granny and Papaw Ferrell's six sons were, in order of oldest to youngest, James William “Bill” Ferrell (8/20/1914 - 6/21/1999), Roy Palmer Ferrell (6/9/1917 - 9/13/1991), George Charles Ferrell (1/14/1920 - 12/1/1995), Paul Edward Ferrell (3/16/1922 - 12/4/1983), Robert Carson Ferrell (4/30/1925 - 12/1/1999), and my Dad, Earl H. Ferrell (9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008).

Memories of two aunts, five uncles, their spouses, and their children – my many cousins – abound with vivid and pleasant memories.

The True Light Quartet

On that 8/28/2003 post-it note, I wrote down, as Dad told me, the members of The True Light Quartet and the parts they sang. (I'm glad that I kept that post-it note.) Dad told me:

     Roy “Curly” Mauk - sang tenor.
     ???? Carter - sang tenor. (Dad couldn't recall
          his first name.)
     Roy Starnes - sang tenor “on the last,”
          as Dad told me.
     Paul Ferrell - sang bass.
     Nick Williams - sang soprano.

I don't know how many years that The True Light Quartet sang at churches and other religious gatherings – mostly in the upper-east Tennessee area, around Kingsport. I believe they started in the 1970's or before. Uncle Paul passed, on 12/4/1983, and I think that the quartet had stopped singing together before then.

The True Light Quartet composed and sang at least eight original songs. (They sang many commonly known spiritual songs.) The quartet recorded their eight songs on cassette tape.

Initially, I had two cassette tapes, with “True Light Quartet” written on them. (I still have those tapes, along with my 8/28/2003 post-it note, in the photograph below.) For the first tape, Dad had written “True Light Quartet” on the label. On the sleeve of that tape (not in the photograph below), I had written “copied Jan. '96.” On the second tape, I had written “True Light Quartet (Paul Ferrell).” That tape has no sleeve, and I didn't date it.

Eventually, the cassette tape original was copied to an original CD disk. (Dad knew who copied from cassette tape to CD disk, but I don't remember what Dad told me.) Dad had some of those CD copies. Dad may have given me a CD copy, but I may have lost it. My youngest brother had at least two CD copies. He gave me one of his CD copies, on 8/7/2008.

The True Light Quartet on CD

The photograph below is of the CD that my youngest brother gave me, on 8/7/2008.

On the back of the paper that lists the eight songs, I had written “8/7/08, Thu., Doug.” I didn't photograph the CD opened. The songs are:

     I Can See the Lights of Home
     I Am Going Home to Heaven
     Reach Out and Touch the Lord
     Sinner Man
     Tis' the Old Ship of Zion
     I'll Be No Stranger Up There
     Walking, Walking, Walking
     Hush, Someone's Calling My Name

Uncle Paul's distinct bass voice is heard on each song. Dad knew every member of The True Light Quartet.

I remember Uncle Paul, aunt Lorraine Franklin Ferrell (6/28/1926 - 2/17/1996), and their three daughters (two still living). Dad had taken me to visit Uncle Paul and aunt Lorraine, around Christmas, in 1992. I think that was the last time that I saw him. Three friends and I were going to Myrtle Beach, in June of 1993. We talked about that upcoming beach trip – and many other topics. Uncle Paul passed on 12/4/1983. His music, in The True Light Quartet, still ministers in song.

The True Light Quartet on YouTube Music

Today, 9/7/2022, I uploaded The True Light Quartet's eight songs from CD disk to my YouTube channel, Appalachian Irishman – Podcasts. The Playlist is titled The True Light Quartet. Please click the title link, and listen to the quartet's sermons in song! [5/7/2023 addendum: I updated and corrected the YouTube links. The specific link to the Playlist, The True Light Quartet, is correct now.]

I wrote the following description of that playlist:

Eight original songs, recorded, perhaps, in the 1970's or early 1980s. Paul Ferrell sang bass. He was my uncle. On 9/7/2022, I uploaded their album, from CD, to honor each member -- especially Uncle Paul. The quartet sang great sermons!

I can't figure out how to change the tracks from numbers to the song titles, which I have mentioned above. The “Popmart [Video/DVD]” came from the CD disk that I uploaded. I can't edit to correct it. Please contact me, by emailing, calling, or using my “Contact Form,” if you can't find the Playlist!


The members of The True Light Quartet, all having been sinner men, have, as far as I know, all walked to the Old Ship of Zion, touched the Lord, had their names called, seen the lights of Home, and have gone home to heaven, where they are not strangers.

By faith I see them singing as a heavenly quartet. There around them are many members of the Ferrell clan, who are listening to them. Their joy is everlasting. Won't it be wonderful, someday, to join them there?