Sunday, November 28, 2021

FROM “POLY-TICS” DARKNESS TO HANUKKAH LIGHTS (published 11-28-2021, Sunday)


The gatherings on Thanksgiving, 11/25/2021, with the Fearghail clan and the Beckner-Gordon clan, were enjoyable. The food, conversation, and togetherness were excellent.

I have had “poly-tics” nausea, for a week or so. I need to get the nausea out of my system. The nausea illustrates the deeper point – the continuing moral and spiritual demise, of this once great nation. Restoration is possible. I wonder if restoration will become reality, in my lifetime. I remember the restoration of this nation, in the 1980s.

USSA First President: Health

The USSA started on 1/6/2021, as my 1/11/2021 article affirmed. Joe Biden is the first President of the USSA (1/20/2021 inauguration), as my 1/24/2021 article affirmed. He attained age 79, on 11/20/2021. Joe Biden is the oldest President, in USA or USSA history. (Source: Kelly, Martin. "Who Was the Oldest President of the United States?" ThoughtCo, Aug. 10, 2021,

Age, of course, is not relevant – if one, who has a few decades on him, is physically and mentally sharp. I have known a few folks, in their 80s, who still worked and who were mentally sharp and physically stout. (My articles search, by “Gwyn Calfee,” finds one fine example.)

On 11/19/2021, President Joe Biden had his annual physical examination. His doctor pronounced him to be physically fit to perform his duties. He has relatively minor physical health problems. (Source:

President Joe Biden did not undergo a cognitive examination. My age 99 aunt-in-law, whom I saw on Thanksgiving, is still mentally sharp, despite her physical problems. President Biden is in cognitive decline, as is common knowledge, in the media. The majority do not think that he is mentally fit for his office. (Source: 11/17/2021 Politico article, by Marc Caputo.) In this case, the majority is right.

USSA First President: Oil Dependence cites the “Remarks by President Biden on the Economy and Lowering Prices for the American People,” on November 23, 2021. This article, today, will not include my “fact check” of his plethora of remarks, on various topics. I have done so. Those, who pull his puppet strings, know how to spin webs of half truths into his mouth.

As President Biden stated in his own remarks, he has authorized the historically largest release of oil, from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, to lower the high cost of gasoline.

In the year 2020 (the final year of the 45th and final President of the USA):

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) February 2021 Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) estimates that 2020 marked the first year that the United States exported more petroleum than it imported on an annual basis. However, largely because of declines in domestic crude oil production and corresponding increases in crude oil imports, EIA expects the United States to return to being a net petroleum importer on an annual basis in both 2021 and 2022. (Quote from World Oil, “U.S. will import 62% more crude by 2022 due to domestic production declines, says EIA,” by Stacy MacIntyre & Matt French, 2/17/2021.)

Six Days that Define the Demise

I keep up with the news, sadly. Four examples in six days (11/19/2021 to 11/24/2021) encapsulate the demise of this once great nation. The demise is moral and spiritual, as the four examples indicate.

On 11/19/2021, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, correctly, of murder and other accusations, in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, trial. The police should have been present and not “de-funded.” The looting and rioting should not have happened. Kyle Rittenhouse could have stood to “defend his fort” only – not the “forts” of others. This was one example.

On 11/21/2021, Darrell E. Brooks Jr. (the accused) drove his vehicle into the crowd, at the Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade. Six are dead, including one child. Over sixty people were injured. Darrell Brooks Jr. faces multiple murder charges. This is an obvious example.

On 11/23/2021, Kevin Strickland – who was found guilty, wrongfully, of triple murder -- was set free, after over 40 years of wrongful imprisonment, in Missouri. Kevin Strickland should not have had to endure over 40 years, to be vindicated. It's another example.

On 11/24/2021, three men were found guilty, correctly, of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, in Brunswick, Georgia. This is the fourth and very sad example.

From 11/19/2021 to 11/25/2021, I kept wondering what the next courtroom example of the demise would be. The pattern of recent examples appears to have stopped, for a while.

The Ad Nauseam

The Socialist Utopians, who are the puppeteers behind the first President of the USSA, continue to advance their agenda. I am sickened by it. The results are inflation, “supply chain” problems, the printing and spending of Monopoly money, divisions by skin color (not by character content), and ad nauseam.

I am tired of Socialist Utopian nausea! President Biden, please stop your puppeteers from using you, as the “useful idiot” (citing Lenin), to “remake” this once great nation into a Socialist nightmare. Wake up, before it's too late!

At 5:32 PM, this dark and nauseous “poly-tics” article is draining me. The nausea basket is getting too full. It is getting dark. This once great nation is in darkness. As twilight approaches, let's end, by focusing on the Festival of Lights!

Conclusion into The Festival of Lights

I learned about the eight-day festival of Hanukkah, while attending Freed-Hardeman College (University now), from the fall of 1984 to the fall of 1985 (graduation). “Hanukkah 101,” on the website “My Jewish Learning,” is a good article. In 164 BC, the Jewish temple was restored as a place of worship – after having been desecrated into a pagan shrine. Hanukkah is also called “The Festival of Lights.” Hanukkah began at sundown – a few minutes ago.

The Light became the Messiah, who lived, died, and was resurrected – for the everlasting salvation, of those who have continued to believe in Him! We need more Light in this world and in this once great nation. The Festival of Lights celebrates the restoration of the Jewish temple. People, in this nation and around the globe, need to be restored by the Light. Freewill is the determining factor. I urge everyone to make the right decision, freely. Darkness will become Light!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

THANKSGIVING, 11-25-2021, HISTORICAL ARCHIVE (published 11-27-2021)


At 3:28 PM, I begin to write. The weather is clear, sunny, and seasonably crisp. The wind will bring a little rain in a day or two.

My Georgia Bulldogs triple-stomped Georgia Tech, 45 to zero. The Tennessee Vols are getting ready to, hopefully, stomp the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors.” We will see. The college football season doesn't last too long. I enjoy it very much. Go Dawgs! Beat the Alabama Elephants, in the SEC Championship, on 12/4/2021, Saturday, at 4 PM, in Atlanta, Georgia!

The latest new, “better,” costlier, and worse “five-year” front porch light bulb blew last evening. Al Gore was one of the instigators, who had nefarious success, to change the type of light bulbs that we are “permitted” to use. That was decades ago. I used to have a stock of the older, better, and and inexpensive bulbs that the former USA used to be able to use. I used all my stock, over a few years. (Y'all research the details, if you are bored.) I had installed the latest bulb about a year or less ago. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, helped me replace that bulb earlier today. It is easy enough, on the step ladder. I wonder if this new, “better,” costlier, and worse “five-year” front porch light bulb will last at least a year. I have, however, digressed into the mundane.

I hope that y'all enjoyed my two (one and two) articles, yesterday. I wrote them, sadly and with joy – as the earthy mundane sorrow became everlasting joy. I still wonder if I can take what's left of my 7/17/2021 birthday lemon pie, to Dad, at Home. Will it keep that long? Can I take it with me?

Fearghail Clan Thanksgiving 11/25/2021

My youngest brother, his wife, and their two teenage young ladies arrived here, about 11:20 AM. We enjoyed seeing each other again. We saw them last on Sunday, 10/10/2021, during Rogersville Heritage Days.

Molly Stood Her Ground!

Imagine the following. I could not get to my video camera quickly enough! Before Thanksgiving dinner (about 12 PM), my brother saw Molly (our doggy) run, in Mach 5 speed, toward a buck deer (a six or eight pointer). I saw Molly defend our “back 40,” against the intruding buck! The buck had jumped the fence. My brother had seen the buck jump. Molly stood her ground! The buck stood his ground. It was a tie. The buck walked away, eventually, onto a neighbor's property. Molly 0. Buck 0. My 6/8/2021 article mentioned Molly's victory, against a yearling deer! Molly is 1-0-1 (wins/losses/ties). The deer are 0-1-1 (wins/losses/ties). Molly is holding her own, as she keeps our fort secure! Good ol' puppy! Yes, all six of us played “Molly doggy” games, after dinner! We all had fun! One has to burn off the calories!


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had worked hard on the Thanksgiving dinner items. The six of us ate very well. Thanks, dear! The conversation regaled in humor, family heritage, and life now. I'm glad that my youngest brother and his family drove the one-hour and ten minutes or so, to come DOWN (not up) here. (My brother still says “up,” when we are “down” from him. It's a decades long joke.)

I do not take photographs of food, y'all. We eat food around here. We do not take photographs of it, usually. (Well, see my lemon pie photograph.)


The elder daughter of my youngest brother and his wife is a sophomore at Cherokee High School, in Rogersville, Tennessee. She is on the girls basketball team. The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (11/20-21/2021, Saturday - Sunday) included a photograph and article on the team, by Jim Beller, Sports Editor. (You must have a paid account to access the website. It ain't free.)

I corrected the capitalization errors in the title: “PHOTO GALLERY: Lady Chiefs [B]egin [N]ew [E]ra with [U]ptempo [A]pproach,” by Jim Beller, Sports Editor, The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition (11/20-21/2021, Saturday - Sunday). The photograph, below, is by Jim Beller.

Ariel Ferrell, our niece, is number 32, back row, farthest to the left.

The following is a quote (with my editorial correct), from the article, referenced previously.

Airel [Ariel] Ferrell is a new face who brings a lot of energy to the floor, Lawson said.

Ferrell played junior varsity last year and, along with the Houcks, was part of the 2019-20 Bulls Gap team that advanced to the state tournament.

My article on the 2019-20 Bulls Gap Middle School girls basketball team is: Sunday, February 09, 2020, “BULLS GAP MIDDLE SCHOOL LADY BULLDOGS: STATE FINAL FOUR!!”

That great team placed fourth in the state tournament. See my Sunday, March 15, 2020 article “FOURTH IN STATE: TRIBUTE TO BULLS GAP MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM.”

The anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandmother (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, 11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971) is next Tuesday, 11/30/2021. The Cherokee High School girls basketball team will play the Gibbs High School girls basketball team, here, about 2.5 miles away from our house, on 11/30/2021. The game will start at 5 PM. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I will be there, if we have power in our bodies. We have the will in our spirits! We will encourage the Cherokee High School girls basketball team to beat the Gibbs High School girls basketball team! My voice will be the loudest, when Ariel Ferrell is on the court! Play ball! Win!

The youngest daughter of my brother and his wife is on the Bulls Gap Middle School girls basketball team now! She is following the tradition of her mother (Carson Newman University girls basketball team) and her older sister (as stated previously). The Rogersville Review needs to publish the schedules and rankings of local sports teams. They do not do that very often. I still have the current Bulls Gap Middle School (Bulls Gap, Tennessee) Basketball Schedule link. It is not very helpful. My brother and his wife update us on how their youngest daughter is doing!

Beckner-Gordon Clan Thanksgiving 11/25/2021

I ate only one serving for dinner. I knew that I'd need to save room for supper. About 4 PM, the Beckner-Gordon clan gathered for Thanksgiving supper, at the Beckners. My aunt-in-law is age 99, soon to be age 100. Her son cares for her at home. He had known medical problems. He honors his mother. They are getting along well enough. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her Gordon clan help. I help as I am needed.

My father-in-law decided not to attend. He has his medical problems also. I wish that he could have attended.

Those present were my age 99 aunt-in-law, her son, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, her two younger sisters, and the daughter of “favorite” sister-in-law. (Well, Pepper doggy was there also.) We engaged in the usual family conversation. I interjected my “poly-tics” joke, as I had done at dinner, with the Fearghail clan: “poly,” from Greek or Latin, meaning many + ticks, known blood suckers. That was my “poly-tics” humor, twice, on Thanksgiving!

My aunt-in-law had fallen, at home, recently. She is still able to walk, using a rolling walker, as she had been doing. The fall did not damage her physically. The fall scared her. I encouraged her. I trust, in the Good Lord, that she will attain age 100 or beyond. We will see. See my Sunday, January 26, 2020, “MEMORIES: AUNT MONA AND UNCLE BOBBY, 1/18/2020; DAD, 1/25/2020; But Life Goes On with a Touch of Humor!” article.


At 5:38 PM, at this typing, darkness has fallen. Thanksgiving leftovers will be ready in about 22 minutes. Molly doggy is ready to come inside now! She's had her supper. She knows that she must wait until we have our supper. Molly is patient.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Over the decades, from my childhood until know, I recall many Thanksgivings.

Heavenly Thanksgiving will not be one day annually. It will be everlasting. I look forward to Heavenly Thanksgiving. Hey, the Tennessee Vols are beating the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors!” That's good.

Friday, November 26, 2021

11-24-2021 WAS MOM'S HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY (published 11-26-2021, Friday)


Sadly, on 11/24/2021, Wednesday, I searched my articles – from 3/6/2006 first article to the latest at that time. Searching by “Mom” will find more articles. I found two only, by “Mom's Birthday” search. My still unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” contains much more than my website does. I plan to publish my book – in time. I have been working on in, off and on, since 2000. Another year or so, before publishing, will not matter – if I'm still on this earth.

Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) would have been 89, on 11/24/2021 - if she were still on this earth.

My 11/24/2009 and 11/24/2019 Articles

On Tuesday, November 24, 2009, I wrote my “Happy Birthday, Mom” article. I re-read my words. I experienced the same emotions. I quote one sentence from that article, to Mom: “You were the most genuine Christian that I have known.” You are encouraged to read my article. I would not change one word today.

On Sunday, November 24, 2019, I wrote my “MOM'S BIRTHDAY” article. I hope that you enjoy my play on “The Farmer in the Dell.” Mom would not have liked my use of “crap,” but she would have laughed. I was starting my “bionic” life year number four. I had to inject a little humor.

My 7/17/2021 Birthday Pie


As a teenager, I did not care for birthday cakes anymore. Mom could make great cakes. She had taken a cake decorating class. She had all the tools. Mom made the wedding cake for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me (5/16/1986). I liked birthday lemon pie better. Mom started making me birthday lemon pies every year.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has kept up that tradition. On 7/17/2021, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman made me the above photographed birthday pie. From that date, until 11/25/2021, Thanksgiving, I was not hungry for lemon pie. (I do not eat sweets very often.) On Thanksgiving, yesterday, I ate one piece of my 7/17/2021 birthday lemon pie. It was good. It had been aging in the freezer. My youngest brother and his family had Thanksgiving dinner (12 PM) with us. He ate a sliver of my pie. For Thanksgiving supper, at the Gordon-Beckner gathering, I talked a couple of my in-laws into eating some of my pie.

The above photograph indicates that much more pie remains to be eaten. I may eat the rest of my 7/17/2021 birthday pie, before 7/17/2022 – if I don't go Home or the world comes to an end before then.


Mom, if you were able to hear me now, you would smile and make a good reply to me! I know. I should have eaten my birthday lemon pie completely in July. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman seems to understand.

How about a birthday Winesap apple, for my birthday, next year? I would eat that the same day!

I'm just having a little fun with you, Mom! I look forward to sharing this story with you, at Home, eventually. I'm getting there – not today, apparently. Now, Dad liked sweets. I wonder if my 7/17/2021 lemon birthday pie will keep?

11-23-2021, TUESDAY: DAD GOT THIRD (SAME) JUNK MAIL HERE! (published 11-26-2021, Friday)


The Barrington Media Group must think that the third time is the charm! My Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) received his third junk mail from these folks, here, on 11/23/2021, Tuesday!

This is my third article, in which I poke fun at the Barrington Media Group! They do not know how to stop! I assume that they enjoy wasting the price to mail junk to my deceased father -- despite my two phone calls, to try to stop them!

Junk Mail History

My two previous articles have the junk mail history. I re-read them. I enjoyed my humor, as my past self made my current self laugh a while.

SATURDAY, 10/16/2021: USPS EMAIL - DAD IS GETTING JUNK MAIL HERE TODAY! (published 10/17/2021).

11-6-21, SATURDAY: DAD GOT MORE/SAME JUNK MAIL and I GOT JUNK MAIL! (published 11-7-2021).

Third Time was NOT the Charm!

The following is what Dad received at our address, on 11/23/2021, Tuesday! I had to write on it. I redacted our address, to remove it.


I called 800-264-5420, for the third time, on 11/23/2021 – during my work-at-home lunch. I was not as polite. I was professionally demanding. I doubt that the sales representative (male) will do anything, again, as usual. I required the name and contact information for the marketing director. I required that the sales representative ask the marketing director to email me. (I provided my email address.) I suggested very strongly that the Barrington Media Group scrub their bulk mailing list against the deceased lists that each state has. I spoke. The man did not hear. As the conversation ended, the man asked if he could help me with anything else. I replied that I am trying to help the company that employs him. I hung up.

The small print, in each of the three junk mailings to Dad, is from the Barrington Media Group, 4 Armstrong Road, 3rd Floor, Shelton, CT 06484; 203-225-6161; Peter Stavisky started Barrington Media Group LLC, in 2003.

On this Friday afternoon, 11/26/2021, I'm fixin' to give a few thoughts, from my glib Irish writing! I'll send my email with read receipt required and high priority. If Dad gets a fourth junk mail from the Barrington Media Group, I will either call their corporate number or send them a certified return receipt postal letter.

I may stop these folks – eventually. If not, I look forward to sharing this story with Dad, once I join him at Home.

Monday, November 22, 2021

“BLUSTERY” (published 11/22/2021, Monday)


11/22/2021 was a blustery Monday. The red morning sky, on 11/20/2021, brought the rain, about 10 PM, yesterday – as I had predicted. Quoting myself, “I am a mountain man. I know the weather signs.” Today was cloudy, some sun, wind, and damp. I was outside, around the house, at times, while I worked from home. I wore a long-sleeve shirt and T-shirt. I was fine.

Blustery defines my mood, not just the weather. I will explain.

Blustery Day

Apparently, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's youngest sister arrived at the in-laws' house, late yesterday. I found out today. I'm glad she made it here, from “Nashvegas.”

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and “favorite” sister-in-law drove to and from work, in “Seviervillevegas” today. My wife had the driving privilege, as they commute together. They worked a half day. My wife got her 2:00 to 3:42 PM $156.00 ($26 tip included) haircut today. Her high dollar haircut was supposed to be tomorrow. She needed that haircut, apparently. 9/28/2021 had been her last high dollar haircut. Interestingly, I don't notice much difference. I smell the difference a little. (I'm just kidding, dear! You women folks do strange and costly things at times! I put up with it. It's better to have you around than not! I love you. Yes, I dropped the “L” word!) I rack this up as “blustery.”

On 10/29/2021, at 9:14 AM, I had requested, by email, my work leave, for 12/27 – 30/21 (Monday – Thursday). 12/31/21, New Years Eve, is a day off for everyone.

Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) went to see Jesus (in her words, before she passed), on Wednesday, 12/27/2021, at 5:15 PM.

12/27/2021 is a Monday. Today, at 3:46 PM, I was informed, by email, that I will be granted the “honor” of working from home, on 12/27/2021. “Blustery” is my only expression!

If I work from home, on 12/27/2021, it will be very little. Otherwise, I will work none at all. (I have over four months of leave time.) I must take my blustery stand!


I like the Thanksgiving. to Christmas, to New Years season, well enough. I retain good and bad memories. Mom was born on 11/24/1932. She will be on my mind, on Wednesday. Granny Ferrell (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, 11/30/1882 - 6/11/1971) will be on my mind, working from home, on Tuesday, 11/30/21.

December 2021 is still an undiscovered future. 12/27/2021 will be my stand, as my Mom would want me to do.

Okay, enough blustery talk! It's dark. Molly doggy is wanting to come inside. Supper is almost ready. Let's eat!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

11/21/2021, Sunday: HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY? (published 11/21/2021)


At 5:33 PM, as I begin this typing, darkness has fallen, over My Mountain (House Mountain) and here. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has the dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming done, as usual. She had returned, from visiting her folks and her Food “Crappy” store purchase. (It's the Thanksgiving-eat-too-much insanity that is starting.) I had called her, at her folks, to warn them and her, about my youngest brother's call earlier. The Ferrell clan may, once again, disturb the Gordon clan plans, for Thanksgiving (11/25/2021). We will see.

My 11/22/2020, Sunday, Article

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, I published my article that I wrote, on 11/21/2020: “November 21st Chronological Historical Notes: 1970 (Papaw), 2015 (Molly), 2016 (Truck), 2020 (House Mt. #174).”

Today, I would not change one word. My current editorial self agrees with my previous editorial self. It's what I do.


I hope that y'all enjoy reading what I wrote, about this time, last year. The weather was cloudy today. The red sky, yesterday morning, brought good hiking weather yesterday, when I prioritized my haircut, my good truck wash, etc. The clouds came today. The rain will come either later today or early tomorrow. I predict it. I am a mountain man. I know the weather signs.

Do y'all see the signs of the times? I do. In the temporal, the USSA is about gone, folks! As various other world powers have fallen, over the centuries, the USSA is about to fall. We are in the last days of the USSA, before it falls. Well, I hope this once great nation recovers, to become the USA again. We will see, in 2022 and in 2024 – election years.

In the everlasting, I ask, “are you returning soon, Lord?” I hope so! I may go Home, before He returns. I may not. Either way, I am ready! Are you? I hope so! If you are not, and if you would like to converse with me, on this spiritual topic, please email me (as you can find on my website). We can “talk” awhile. Just have some coffee ready!

At 5:50 PM, this typing, I'm getting hungry enough for supper. Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there! I'm off here, to eat soon!

THE BUILD BACK BROKE BILL (published 11/21/2021, Sunday)


Well, howdy, again, y'all! “Yestrdey,” as folks around hear say it, I had promised to finish and publish my “poly-tics” article. I try to keep my promises, as any true Appalachian Irishman would do. Any man or woman -- who was raised in the Appalachian-Irish and biblically based heritage -- understands. (Yes, gender has only two options, male and female. The humor is that some folks think that about a thousand or so genders exist. Is there an innie? Female. Is there an outie? Male. That's all. I apologize for my digression.)

My paternal grandfather, Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) went Home, before his wife, Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell (11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971), on 11/21/1970 – when I was age ten. Granny and Papaw Ferrell married on 11/25/1908. Granny was almost age 16! My Mom, Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, was born on 11/24/1932. Mom “went to see Jesus” – as she had stated that she wanted to do, before she passed -- on 12/27/2000. My book, to be published eventually, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” will have many details.

Papaw Ferrell wasn't interested in politics, as I recall. My uncle Bill Ferrell (8/20/1914 - 6/21/1999) was interested in the political realm. He served as Hawkins County Tennessee Proper Assessor many years. I remember him well. He was the oldest brother to my Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008). Uncle Bill inspired my Dad to involve himself in the political realm, as a commentator. Dad's verbal and political commentaries waxed so eloquent, over the years, that Mom had to do her best to curb his Irish salty and glib tongue! After Mom went to see Jesus, us boys endured Dad's vivid interest in C-SPAN, Fox News, and other TV shows. I'm glad that Dad isn't here now. The political and, most importantly, moral condition of the once great USA is far worse now.

Now that I have set the heritage context, shall we get into “poly-tics!” We shall! Read on!

The Blackburn Report

Senator Marsha Blackburn had my vote for Tennessee Senator. (Bill Hagerty, the other TN Senator, did not get my vote. I had voted for myself. His robotic calls and texts to my cell phone, to get me to vote for him, drove me almost insane! I still do not know how his robot got my cell phone number.)

Every Saturday morning, I enjoy reading “The Blackburn Report” – emailed to folks weekly, usually in the early morning hours on a Saturday. (I don't know why they have to work so late, on a Friday.)

The latest “The Blackburn Report,” of 11/19/2021, Friday, came to me, by email (, on 11/20/2021, at 12:35 AM. (I'm glad that I didn't work that late on Friday!) Marsha Blackburn is doing her best to slow down the further demise of the USSA into “Socialist Utopian Oblivion” (as my coined phrase, on 11/21/2021). Are you learning Mandarin yet? I need to stop procrastinating on my efforts! Maybe the Russians will overtake the USSA. If so, I can speak, read, and write, in Russian, well enough!

Marsha Blackburn used the phrase “Build Back Broke bill,” to describe the 11/19/2021, Friday, USSA House passage of whatever the next socialist monopoly money spending is called. The vote, on 11/19/2021, was 220 for to 213 against, with a Maine “Demorat” joining the “Republicants” to vote against the monopoly money spending spree.

If you want to know how the monopoly money will be “spent,” you may wish to read the article, “The House Just Passed Biden’s Build Back Better Bill. Here’s What’s In It,” by Nik Popli and Abby Vesoulis (1/19/2021, 9:48 AM EST). Yesterday, I wasted a little of my time reading the article. Keep watching the USSA debt clock spin – but not too long, as it will make you dizzy!


I DO NOT like to write “poly-tics” articles! I need to do so, for the record of my efforts to STAND – against the socialists' efforts to drive this ONCE GREAT nation into “Socialist Utopian Oblivion.”

I CONTINUE TO STAND – as a once free man, in a once free and great nation. Join me? Many have done so. I hope many more will.

At 4:41 PM, this typing, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman just came home, from visiting her folks. I need to get another heritage article written. I'm glad that I have this “poly-tics” article out of my mind, finally! It's starting to get dark, y'all. I ain't in the woods, hiking, sadly.

Saturday, November 20, 2021



Howdy, y'all! I hope y'all are doing well enough -- in this USSA “Socialist Utopia” that was once the free, brave, and proud USA. Don't fret! My next article will be on “Poly-tics.” “Poly-tics” is from “many” (Latin) plus “ticks” (blood suckers). I've told y'all this many times, over these 15 or so years! Wait for my “Poly-tics” article!

This article is a “life, such as it is” update. I hope y'all keep your journals. My website, here, is one way that I record the journal for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me.

1978 High School Senior Year

I attained the grand age of 18, just after my high school graduation, in 1978 – 43 years ago. How times does go by!

I have learned, recently that a fellow 1978 high school graduate and classmate retired from the Tennessee National Guard, as a Brigadier General, early this year. I honor him, for his service in the Tennessee National Guard. I had wondered, in passing thoughts, over the last few decades, what had become of him – along with many other classmates. As I understand, his family and he are doing well enough. In high school, he had his click. I had mine. He was part of the “in” crowd. I was not. It doesn't matter now. He was not my high school friend, but he seemed to be a good guy. I liked him well enough. I assume that he liked me well enough. I hope that he is ready to go Home – if he has taken up the Good Lord's free gift offer – as I assume that he has. I doubt that he has done fulltime ministry or mission work, as I have. He, as I assume, has ministered, according to his calling, as I continue to do.

Sadly, a few days after I learned how my 1978 high school graduate classmate was doing, I learned that his mother-in-law, who was my high school senior year English teacher, passed away, on 11/17/2021, Wednesday, at age 94. In 8th grade, Mrs. Trent taught my classmates and me how to diagram sentences, in English, of course. Mrs. Trent taught me how to use proper grammar and style, in sentence structure. My high school senior year English teacher, who passed, on 11/17/2021, continued Mrs. Trent's fine training. Mrs. Trent was my best English teacher.

As high school seniors, in college preparation English class, we were required to write a paper, which required research. I had been working diligently on my paper. I had spend hours of research, in the library. I had lost my research. I told my teacher (who passed, on 11/17/2021). She was “gracious,” in that she “allowed” me to submit my paper late, to receive a 64 F grade, instead of a 0 F grade. I did my research again, as I had done before. I wrote my paper. I submitted it late. I may still have a hard-copy of my paper somewhere. I got a 64 F, for late submission, instead of a 0 F, for no submission at all. I still passed my senior year high school English class, with a grade of B, as I recall. I could have had an A grade. My Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) wanted to confront my high school senior year English teacher, to defend me. It was not my fault that, somehow, my first research had gone missing. I still wonder if someone took it from my locker, where I had kept it. Mom and I “took one on the chin.”

Forty-three years later, as I reflect, my 1978 high school classmate and his deceased mother-in-law are placed into the everlasting perspective. Let's move on, shall we?

11/20/2021, Saturday

The weather was cool and sunny. The red sky this morning will bring rain, in a day or two. I arrived, for my 10 AM haircut appointment, at Tony's Best Clips, at 9:59:57 AM. I had hauled trash and recycling beforehand. Six weeks had gone by, since my last (10/9/2021) haircut. (I wrote about it.) I'm glad to know Tony and his folks are doing well. I needed that “best clips” haircut!

My '06 Nissan Frontier had his second good truck wash this month (11/6/21 and today). He got a fuel fill up. I saw our (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's) '08 Honda Civic, at the Dollar General Store. I almost snuck up on her, in the store! She caught me, out the the corner of her eye. She didn't hear me walking, even with my “bionic” right foot!

Beforehand, I had stopped at the Hammers store and at the Rural King store (both in the Halls area, not far from my barber). I am in “desperate” need of two blue sweatshirts! I have two, with a few decades of age on them. Both have holes in them. I have asked Mrs. Appalachian Irishman to stitch the holes, since 7/12/2021. She has been too busy, apparently. I may have to take needle and thread, to stitch the holes myself. I can do it. I would like to retire those sweatshirts, to a place of memorial, in my closet.

The Dollar General Store did not have sweatshirts either. I did checkout with Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. The checkout clerk and I regaled each other, on how a dollar ain't worth much these days. Do you remember Cupp's grocery store, in Rogersville, Tennessee? I do. I could spend 25 cents, to buy a Coke and a candy bar. After Dad drove us all home, I watched football, on that black and white TV, ate my candy bar, and drank my Coke. Those were great Sunday afternoons, after church, in my grade school years!

The older man behind us, in the checkout line, had his Vietnam War ballcap on. He and I conversed briefly. I shook his hand. I thanked him for his service (to this once free and great nation). He and I both understood the reality of the USSA Socialist Utopian dream – that will force an awakening into the nightmare that is coming. I hope this Vietnam War veteran does well. I hope that I see him again.


At 5:42 PM, the time as of this typing, it's dark. I'm glad we are off “government” time finally – as of 11/7/2021, Sunday! Molly doggy is ready to come inside. Supper is almost ready.

I may not get my “Poly-tics” article published today. I'll get around to it. Wait for it!

Sunday, November 14, 2021



My “11/11/2021, VETERANS DAY (published 11/11/2021)” article (Thursday) included the “bet” – with apology to our Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) – that I had made with my only veteran brother.

Which brother won the “bet?” Read on, to find out!

11/13/2021, Saturday: Georgia Bulldogs 41, Tennessee Vols 17

The unranked Tennessee Vols (my second favorite SEC college football team) lost, at home, on their homecoming, to my number one ranked Georgia Bulldogs (my favorite SEC college football team)! It was a 24 point win! It was a stomp! It was four points shy of having been a double stomp! My Georgia Bulldogs website has a PDF file of the game statistics. (Click “View Full Screen.”)

I'd like to see the Vols win, instead of lose, unless they are playing my Bulldogs! I do not have enough decades left to live, to see the Vols become competitive, for an SEC championship, or even a national championship. My Bulldogs remain, consistently, in the hunt. This year may be their year. We will see.


My youngest brother called, during the game. He doesn't care about college football anymore. I paused my very vocal, as Mrs. Appalachian Irishman can affirm, expressions. The eldest daughter of his wife and he has a high school basketball game at Gibbs High School, on the birthday anniversary of Granny Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell (11/30/1882 - 6/11/1971), coming up on 11/30/2021, Tuesday. If power is in our bodies, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman will attend that game, to support the Cherokee High School girls basketball team, which includes our niece!

I had been waxing quite eloquent! I had the Bulldogs radio broadcasters on my home computer radio. I had our TV on the game (muted). It was great! The Vols (SEC 3-4, overall 5-5) caused my Bulldogs (SEC 8-0, overall 10-0) a little trouble in the first quarter only. My Bulldogs won another one! Ten wins and no losses! Best defense in college football! Go DAWGS!

My veteran brother called my cell phone (which was off), just as the game was ending. His voice mail stated: “Go DAWGS! Woof, woof, woof!” I called him back today, leaving him a voice mail. I hope he calls me back later today!

My veteran brother has his various “whatevers,” as gifted to him, by his eight-year service in the Air Force. He endures. I have my “whatevers,” as gifted to me, by the uninsured female, who failed to yield to my right of way, on 3/29/2016. My brother has endured his “whatevers” longer than I have.

My veteran brother and I had a little fun! Who knows? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I may still buy his folks and him a dinner or supper later this year. We will see.



As a child, did you ever spin around in a circle, with your forehead placed on a vertical stick? I think that some of us kids did that, for fun, back in the 1960s to 1970s. The challenge was to see how many times you could spin around on that stick, without falling to the ground. It was a fun game. The winner was who spun around the most, without falling down.

The current “spin on a stick” game, which the USSA (1/6/2021 start) is playing, is no game. Let me write about it! Y'all are welcome to click the various links that I reference, to read the details, as I have done. This spin is not a fun game.

First Spin

The New York Times: “The U.S. Is Reopening. Here’s What Travelers Need to Know About Testing, Boosters and More.” -- by Ceylan Yeginsu, original 11/8/2021; updated 11/12/2021.

“On Nov. 8, the United States lifted an 18-month ban on international tourists, as long as they show proof of vaccination and a negative coronavirus test.”

The New York Times: “Covid News: U.S. - Mexico Border Reopens to Vaccinated Tourists” Published Nov. 8, 2021; Updated Nov. 14, 2021, 10:46 a.m. ET. “Tourists enter from Mexico as the U.S. border reopens to vaccinated visitors.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection. If you click the link, see “FY Southwest Land Border Encounters by Month,” for October through September, from 2018 through 2021. “Tourists” need to prove their “Corony” virus status, before entering the USSA legally. Illegal alien invaders do not need to prove anything at all. They get free food, free rides and/or flights, free housing, free forgiveness for their various crimes, and much more. Who cares, if these illegal aliens are killing, raping, stealing, etc.? They have illegal alien rights in this once free and great nation. The have more rights than tourists. They have more rights than USSA citizens. The USSA first president -- who has trouble remembering what day it is-- said so, or the puppeteers pulling his strings told him to say so – if he was not asleep at the time.

Second Spin

On 11/5/2021, the USSA House passed a $1,200,000,000,000 ($1.2 trillion) infrastructure Monopoly money spending spree bill, finally and unfortunately. Thirteen RINOs (Republicans in name only) went along with the insanity. Apparently, another Monopoly money spending spree is coming soon, to an inflationary neighborhood near you. It's called H.R.5376 - Build Back Better Act, in case you are wondering.

A dollar here. A dollar there. A dollar ain't worth much nowadays, boys! Watch the US Debt Clock spin a while! It will make you dizzy!

Third Spin

Was the USA an oil producing and exporting nation? Yes it was, finally. Is the USSA an oil importing nation? Yes it is, sadly. The USSA is begging for oil imports again, sadly. The change happened in 2021. The first President of the USSA stopped the work that the last President of the USA had done.

The Keystone XL pipeline was the first casualty. The Liquids pipelines - Enbridge Inc. is the second casualty. There are others that may become casualties.

Are you not glad that the price of a gallon of gas has increased? I am. We are “saving the planet!” The USSA Socialist Utopians are spinning us around on the vertical stick.

Fourth Spin

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) said on Wednesday that its net loss for the 2021 fiscal year was $4.9 billion - close to half of the $9.2 billion it lost during the previous year.” Source: The Hill article: “Postal Service [L]oss [N]early [H]alved," by Caroline Vakil - 11/11/21 08:30 AM EST. (Yes, I corrected their title capitalization errors.)

I'm so happy that the USSA (not U.S.) Postal Service (USSPS) is losing less money that it has been. Give them another ten or so years. They will figure out how to lose even more money – if the USSA does not become a territory of China before then.

Fifth Spin

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said Wednesday [that] he plans to sign a sweeping legislative package[,] curtailing the authority public schools, local health agencies[,] and businesses have over COVID-19 restrictions.” Source: KnoxNews article: “Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee [P]lans to [S]ign [S]weeping COVID-19 [L]egislation," by Melissa Brown and Duane W. Gang, Nashville Tennessean. Published 1:18 p.m. ET Nov. 10, 2021. Updated 4:07 p.m. ET Nov. 10, 2021. (I corrected their title capitalization errors and the style errors in the quotation.) This is good, Gov. Bill Lee!

Unfortunately, “as of now, Judge J. Ronnie Greer's decision to bring back a school mask mandate will stay in place[,] until the conclusion of the lawsuit brought by four families, [which] could take months and possibly longer[,] depending on motions filed, whether or not there's a trial, and even the appeals process. But[,] there are circumstances that could change things — and possibly remove the mask mandate — as the court case play[s] out.” Source: KnoxNews article: “Wondering [W]hen the Knox County Schools [M]ask [M]andate [C]ould [E]nd? Legal [E]xperts have [S]ome [I]deas," by Isabel Lohman, Knoxville News Sentinel. Published 10:00 p.m. ET Nov. 9, 2021. Updated 7:37 p.m. ET Nov. 10, 2021. (I corrected their title capitalization errors and the style errors in the quotation.)

J. Ronnie Greer -- Senior United States District Judge, in United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee – apparently, has no idea, about what God's law and the (former) USA Constitution affirm, regarding the freedom that humans, created in God's image, have.


I have spun the Socialist Utopian vertical stick on my forehead too much, in this article. I can't go around a sixth time. I need to fall to the floor, in my home office, to rest a while. My head is spinning too much.

It's hard to turn right and go straight, when one is spinning around on a vertical stick. I will stop spinning on the Socialist Utopian vertical stick! I will continue to turn right and go straight. I wish that this once great nation would do so.

Hey! Read for my next article today! It will be college football fun! Wait for it!