Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5-14-2017: Mother's Day & House Mt. #138 (published 6-14-2017; updated 7-21-2022)

 View from the west bluff, looking southeast.
 The west bluff: the rock that I touch to mark my time is to the left of my trusty ball cap and canteen.

 View from the upper middle bluff, looking northeast.

My faithful '06 Nissan Frontier, awaiting my return, after my hike.

The day was Mother’s Day, 5/14/2017. The day also marked uncle Bobby’s birthday, in 1939. I haven’t met him, yet, as he died in 1941.

I made it up the west bluff, alone as usual, in 37 minutes. Getting over and thru a few downed trees in one spot slowed me down a couple of minutes. I made it faster than I thought, with still damaged right foot and knee. My usual time, on a hot day, is 25 or 26 minutes.

I started the hike at 12:27 PM, by coincidence or providence. 12/27/2000 was the day Mom died. My mother-in-law met my Mom, on 4/30/2017. My cousin, Retha, met Mom and many others, on 4/27/2017. This hike was in their memory and honor.

This 5/14/2017 hike was my first hike (#138) all the way up the ridge (of course, and across and back down) -- since hike #136, on 3/26/2016, Saturday. On 3/29/2016, Tuesday, I almost got to be with Mom, Dad, my Savior, and so many others, when the uninsured chicklet failed to yield to my right of way. (I had hiked the loop trails, at the base, on Thursday, 12/22/16. That was my first hike, since 3/26/2016.)

Every step I take hurts; I take steps. This hike #138 was for my Mom, uncle Bobby, my mother-in-law, and my cousin Retha! Of course, it was for me also. Now that I know that I can hike “My Mountain” – even if I’m not yet a “mountain goat” – by God’s grace and my own strong will – I will keep hiking!