Sunday, February 09, 2020


2020 TMSAA Class A Girls' Basketball Tournament

Sectional Quarterfinals (32 Teams)

Game 110 Tue. Feb. 4 5:30 PM, John Sevier
  Middle School, Kingsport
Lamar Elementary 34
Bulls Gap Middle 37

Sectional Semifinals (“Sweet” 16 Teams)

Game 205 Thu. Feb. 6 7:30 PM, John Sevier
  Middle School
Ridgeview Elementary 35
Bulls Gap Middle 50

Sectional Finals (“Elite” 8 Teams)

Section 1 Final Game 303 Sat. Feb. 8 1 PM John
  Sevier Middle School
Bulls Gap Middle 43 (9 on team.) WON in OT! =
Cloudland Middle 42 (14 on team)

State Semifinals (Final 4 Teams)

Game 402 Fri. Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day) 5:45 PM
  Stewarts Creek Middle School: 400 Red Hawk
  Blvd., Smyrna, TN 37167 (Rutherford Co.).
Bulls Gap Middle School will play (to be
Section 4 Champion:
  Game: Mon. Feb. 10, 6 PM CST:
  Either Rose Hill School (Jackson, TN)
  Or South Fulton Middle Sch. (Obion Co. South
    Fulton, TN is near Union City, TN; Fulton, KY.
    The towns split at the state line.)

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I drove the 175.8-mile round trip. We were THERE. “David” (Bulls Gap Middle School, with nine players) WON again the “Goliath” that was last year’s Sectional Final winner, Cloudland Middle School (with 14 players). It was an overtime WIN! The Fearghail clan was there! This was also the birthday of my next-to-youngest brother, who was there!

Oldest daughter of youngest brother and his wife is a starter on Bulls Gap Middle School girls’ basketball Bulldogs team! Go ‘Dawgs! The will in your spirits and the power in your bodies WON the game! We are PROUD of you!