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Sunday, December 10, 2023

2023 - 2024 College Bowl Games List: with Commentary on the 12-2-2023 SEC Championship Game (published 12-10-2023; article #444)

Image by jorono from Pixabay. Free for use under the Pixabay Content License.


As a public service -- to American college football enthusiasts -- this article lists the forty-two (count 'em, forty-two) college football bowl games, from 12/16/2023 to 1/1/2024. The national championship game, on 1/8/2024, makes 43 total games. (This is the fourteenth article, under the “sports” topic section.)

This may become an annual public service. I'm reminded of my article, on 12/10/2022, titled “2022 - 2023 College Football Bowl Games: List and Commentary.” I still think that ten bowl games are enough! Those ten games are emboldened.

2023 - 2024 College Bowl Games

The source, for this list, is “2023-24 college football bowl game schedule, scores, TV channels, times,” on (as updated on 12/8/2023). Southeastern Conference (SEC) teams, in bold underline, are in nine games, down from eleven last year.

The ranked teams, in the list, are from the final College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings, of 12/3/2023. (Source: “College Football Playoff Selection Committee Announces Final Top 25 Rankings of 2023,” on College Football Playoff, 12/3/2023.)

The following is my redacted and easier to read list of bowl games, based on the NCAA list (as referenced previously). Warning! Your eyes will glaze over, and your mind will start turning to mush, if you read through the entire list! I'd suggest that you only glance through it. I'll have a few pithy comments, after the list.

Saturday, Dec. 16 (7 games)
-- Myrtle Beach Bowl (Conway, SC): Georgia Southern vs. Ohio (11 AM, ESPN)
-- Celebration Bowl (Atlanta, GA): Florida A&M vs. Howard (12 PM, ABC)
-- New Orleans Bowl (New Orleans, LA): Jacksonville State vs. Louisiana (2:15 PM, ESPN)
-- Cure Bowl (Orlando, FL): Miami (Ohio) vs. Appalachian State (3:30 PM, ABC)
-- New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque, NM): Fresno State vs. New Mexico State (5:45 PM, ESPN)
-- LA Bowl (Inglewood, CA): UCLA vs. Boise State (7:30 PM, ABC)
-- Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA): Texas Tech vs. Cal (9:15 PM, ESPN)

Monday, Dec. 18 (1 game)
-- Bahamas Bowl (but renamed temporarily the Famous Toastery Bowl) in Nassau, Bahamas (but relocated temporarily to Charlotte, NC): Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion (2:30 PM, ESPN)

Tuesday, Dec. 19 (1 game)
-- Frisco Bowl (Frisco, TX): Marshall vs. UTSA (9 PM, ESPN)

Thursday, Dec. 21 (1 game)
-- Boca Raton Bowl (Boca Raton, FL): USF vs. Syracuse (8 PM, ESPN)

Friday, Dec. 22 (1 game)
-- Gasparilla Bowl (Tampa, FL): Georgia Tech vs. UCF (6:30 PM, ESPN)

Saturday, Dec. 23 (7 games)
-- Birmingham Bowl (Birmingham, AL): Troy vs. Duke (12 PM, ABC)
-- Camellia Bowl (Montgomery, AL): Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois (12 PM, ESPN)
-- Armed Forces Bowl (Fort Worth, TX): Air Force vs. James Madison (3:30 PM, ABC)
-- Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (Boise, ID): Georgia State vs. Utah State (3:30 PM, ESPN)
-- 68 Ventures Bowl (Mobile, AL): Eastern Michigan vs. South Alabama (7 PM, ESPN)
-- Las Vegas Bowl (Las Vegas, NV): Northwestern vs. Utah (7:30 PM, ABC)
-- Hawai'i Bowl (Honolulu, HI): San Jose State vs. Coastal Carolina (10:30 PM, ESPN)

Tuesday, Dec. 26 (3 games)
-- Quick Lane Bowl (Detroit, MI): Bowling Green vs. Minnesota (2 PM, ESPN)
-- First Responder Bowl (Dallas, TX): Texas State vs. Rice (5:30 PM, ESPN)
-- Guaranteed Rate Bowl (Phoenix, AZ): Kansas vs. UNLV (9 PM, ESPN)

Wednesday, Dec. 27 (4 games, 1 SEC team)
-- Military Bowl (Annapolis, MD): Tulane vs. Virginia Tech (2 PM, ESPN)
-- Duke's Mayo Bowl (Charlotte, NC): North Carolina vs. West Virginia (5:30 PM, ESPN)
-- Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA): #15 Louisville vs. Southern Cal (8 PM ET, FOX)
-- Texas Bowl (Houston, TX): #20 Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M (9 PM, ESPN)

Thursday, Dec. 28 (4 games)
-- Fenway Bowl (Boston, MA): #24 SMU vs. Boston College (11 AM., ESPN)
-- Pinstripe Bowl (Bronx, NY): Rutgers vs. Miami (Fla.) (2:15 PM, ESPN)
-- Pop-Tarts Bowl (Orlando, FL): #18 NC State vs. #25 Kansas State (5:45 PM, ESPN)
-- Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX): #12 Oklahoma vs. #14 Arizona (9:15 PM, ESPN)

Friday, Dec. 29 (4 games, 2 SEC teams)
-- Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL): #22 Clemson vs. Kentucky (12 PM, ESPN)
-- Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX): #16 Notre Dame vs. #19 Oregon State (2 PM, CBS)
-- Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN): Memphis vs. Iowa State (3:30 PM, ESPN)
-- Cotton Bowl (Dallas, TX): #7 Ohio State vs. #9 Missouri (8 PM, ESPN)

Saturday, Dec. 30 (4 games, 3 SEC teams)
-- Peach Bowl (Atlanta, GA): #10 Penn State vs. #11 Ole Miss (12 PM, ESPN)
-- Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN): Auburn vs. Maryland (2 PM, ABC)
-- Orange Bowl (Miami Gardens, FL): #5 Florida State vs. #6 Georgia (4 PM, ESPN)
-- Arizona Bowl (Tucson, AZ): Wyoming vs. Toledo (4:30 PM, Barstool)

Monday, Jan. 1, 2024 (5 games, 3 SEC teams)
-- ReliaQuest Bowl (Tampa, FL): #13 LSU vs. Wisconsin (12 PM, ESPN2)
-- Citrus Bowl (Orlando, FL): #17 Iowa vs. #21 Tennessee (1 PM, ABC)
-- Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ): #8 Oregon vs. #23 Liberty (1 PM, ESPN)
-- College Football Playoff Semifinal, Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA): #1 Michigan vs. #4 Alabama (5 PM, ESPN)
-- College Football Playoff Semifinal, Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA): #2 Washington vs. #3 Texas (8:45 PM, ESPN)

Monday, Jan. 8, 2024
College Football Playoff National Championship Game (Houston, TX): winners of the semifinal games (7:30 PM, ESPN)

My Pithy Comments

The ten bowl games that are sufficient are the Gator Bowl, Sun Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, Orange Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl. The list is chronological, by when each bowl game is played this year.

Thus, thirty-two bowl games can, well, just flush down the toilet bowl. Of course, it's all about the money and following the money. Lackluster teams, several with 6-6 records, that don't deserve bowl appearances are awarded bowl games. It's similar to giving medals to children, for simply competing, even if they don't finish in first, second, or third place. See, if interested, “College Football Win-Loss Records & Trends,” 2023-2024 season, on TeamRankings (undated, no author listed).

Let's do a little basic mathematics. Research indicates that the NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) is composed of eleven conferences and includes 128 teams. Since there are 42 bowl games (not factoring the National Championship Game), then 84 teams are in those games. Thus, almost two-thirds, or 65.6%, of the 128 FBS teams are in bowl games. Only forty-four teams are excluded. Again, I say that ten bowl games are sufficient! Let the FBS top 20 teams, the top 15.6%, compete in ten bowl games!

Stepping off my soapbox and onto a humorous note, the Bahamas Bowl (on Monday, 12/18/2023) is renamed temporarily the Famous Toastery Bowl. This year, the game will not be played in the Bahamas. It is relocated temporarily to Charlotte, North Carolina! I didn't know that the Bahamas were in North Carolina. Apparently, the stadium, in Nassau, Bahamas, has an “out of order” sign on it.

I call it the Rat's Mouth Bowl. I'm referring to the “Boca Raton Bowl” (on Thursday, 12/21/2023). The name of the city, Boca Raton, Florida, “. . . comes from boca de ratones, a Spanish term meaning 'rat’s mouth' that appeared on early maps and referred to hidden sharp-pointed rocks that gnawed or fretted ships’ cables.” (Source: “Boca Raton, Florida, United States,” on Britannica, last updated 11/23/2023.) I hope that the University of South Florida (USF) and Syracuse enjoy playing, in the Rat's Mouth Bowl.

The Sun Bowl (on Friday, 12/29/2023) should just drop that Tony the Tiger part. If not, I may drop it, from my list of ten bowl games.

Finally, I figured out, this year, that the Arizona Bowl (on Saturday, 12/30/2023) is not televised from a literal barstool. No, in fact, Barstool Sports is a real online entity, apparently. (I had to do the research.)

12/2/2023 SEC Championship Game

We have two good neighbors, whose first names are Chuck. One is an Alabama fan. Another neighbor has nicknamed him “Alabama.” This “Alabama” Chuck is mentioned favorably, in the articles of 10/22/2022 and 12/1/2023. I saw Chuck a couple of days ago. I shook his hand and said, “Good win.” He was polite and gracious. The teams were matched evenly. The game could have gone either way. I despise Alabama. I like our neighbor, Chuck.

On 12/2/2023, Georgia's SEC Championship Game loss, 24-27, to #8 Alabama did not surprise me. I knew that it would be a close game. That was my only sad Saturday, this season. Tennessee Vols (10-4) fans had four sad Saturdays. Two were expected (losses to Alabama and Georgia), and two were not (losses to Florida and Missouri). Georgia's mistakes and inability to throttle Alabama's running lost the game, by three points. Georgia's missed field goal, which bounced the right upright out, instead of in, was a key factor. The Dawgs' fumble, near their end zone gave Alabama a field goal. That was another key factor.

I plan, Lord willing, to watch the Orange Bowl game, on Saturday, 12/30/2023, at 4 PM, on ESPN. The #6 Georgia Bulldogs face the #5 Florida State Seminoles. Go Dawgs!

On Monday, New Year's Day, I hope to watch the Citrus Bowl game, at 1 PM, on ABC. The #17 Iowa Hawkeyes take on the #21 Tennessee Vols. Go Vols!


Well, yesterday, Army beat Navy, 17-11. I watched a few minutes of the game, after I'd gotten another Tony's Best Clips haircut, gone to the Tractor Supply, and filled my truck with gas. The weather was rainy, like today.

Georgia's loss to Alabama knocked them out of a potential third national championship, in a row. Georgia won national championship titles, the last two years!

Next season, the College Football Playoffs will include a 12-team bracket, expanding the current four-team bracket. The top four teams will receive a first-round bye to the quarterfinals. The six highest-ranked conference champions will get automatic bids. The remaining 7th to 12th ranked teams will round out the 12-team format. (Sources: “College Football Playoff Expands to 12 Teams Beginning in 2024,” on College Football Playoff, 12/1/2022 and “How the 12-team College Football Playoff will work: Teams, schedule, bids,” on, by Maya Ellison, 12/3/2023.)

Oklahoma and Texas will join the Southeastern Conference, in 2025. (Source: “SEC grants membership to Oklahoma, Texas starting in 2025,” on SEC Network, 7/30/2021.) The SEC started with ten teams. Arkansas, not in the southeast, and South Carolina joined, in 1991. Missouri and Texas A&M, neither in the southeast, joined, in 2012, making fourteen teams. Oklahoma and Texas will make sixteen teams (eight in the two divisions).

I thought that southeastern meant southeastern. I'll end this article with four questions.

Geographically, how are Arkansas, Missouri, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Texas in the southeast? If not, what could we rename the conference? How about the Sun-Earth Conference? That name would fit -- for any college football team that is on the earth and under the sun!

This article calls on the Southeastern Conference to rename itself the Sun-Earth Conference. What say you?

Monday, October 02, 2023

9-30-2023 College Football Review: the Georgia & Tennessee Games (published 10-2-2023; article #432)


Welcome, dear reader, to the lucky 13th article, in the “Sports” topic section. To international readers, Americans call soccer what you call football. This article is my review of the college football games that the Georgia Bulldogs and the Tennessee Volunteers played last Saturday. Each team defeated different in conference rivals. To Tennessee fans, don't worry, I compliment and criticize both teams equally. The Georgia Bulldogs is the team that I follow first. My second favorite team is the Tennessee Volunteers.

First Time Out

Let's take our first time out. The technical time out, in the next paragraph, is in smaller font.

As a brief technical delay, the article of 9/24/2023 -- about my hike and podcast at Seven Islands State Park, on 9/21/2023 -- mentioned the “crawlers” or “bots” from Singapore. Thankfully, as of two days ago, the high number of daily views from Singapore have stopped! Yesterday morning, at 8:03 AM, analytics showed the following view totals, by nation, for the last 30 days (September): Singapore 16,900, United States 2,290, Israel 130, Russia 125, Germany 116, United Kingdom 114, China 57, Greenland 53, Canada 47, Ukraine 25, India 17, France 14, Netherlands 13, New Zealand 10, Ireland 8, Sweden 8, Australia 7, Belgium 7, Poland 7, and other nations 87. That's 20,035 views last month. Singapore accounted for 84.35% of those views! I disregard those Singapore views as illegitimate “crawlers” or “bots.” Thus, legitimate views last month totaled 3,135, which is about normal, on a monthly basis. Analytics hasn't shown any views from Singapore, since 9/29/2023. I am so happy! I hope that my 9/24/2023 warning, to Singapore, stomped their “crawlers.”

Article Continues

Please excuse the previous technical delay. Let's return to the review of the two football games, which were played on 9/30/2023!

Review: Georgia's Win at Auburn

Last Saturday, at 3:30 PM our time, the Georgia Bulldogs faced off against the Auburn Tigers, in Auburn, Alabama. The Bulldogs were in enemy territory. The living room and bedroom televisions were on the game. I watched it alone, while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman visited her father and sister, who live nearby. Thankfully, only the Good Lord could hear my fussin'! I'm sorry, Lord!

Second Time Out

Pausing, for an informational timeout, I'll mention the yard flag, in the photograph that follows. A couple, a bit older than my wife and me, live across from us. They are good neighbors. Stan, the husband, has an orange and white Tennessee Volunteer yard flag, in their front yard, near their sidewalk. It was there last football season. I see it, when I look out my home office windows. Tennessee is his favorite college football team, as it is for most folks around here, including Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. Yes, we live in a divided house, during college football season!

What could I do? What did I do? I purchased online, at the Georgia Bulldog's Store, a red, white, and black Georgia Bulldogs yard flag, and I bought a yard flag pole, at the nearby Home Depot. My Georgia Bulldogs yard flag has been waving proudly, in the front yard, near our sidewalk, since last Tuesday!

Photograph by M. Fearghail, 10/1/2023, 2:00 PM.

The windows, to my home office, are behind the rocker swing, on the front porch. I can now see my Georgia Bulldogs yard flag (up close) and my neighbor's Tennessee Volunteers yard flag (in the distance). It's “fair and balanced” now!

Article Continues

Unranked Auburn (now 0-2 SEC, 3-2 overall) had lost, on the previous Saturday (9/23/2023), at unranked Texas A&M, 10 - 27. This game, against Georgia, was Auburn's SEC home opener. I had expected Auburn to challenge Georgia, since the Bulldogs have not been playing with the desired consistency, but I anticipated a Georgia victory.

As Georgia head coach, Kirby Smart, has said, any road win, in the SEC, is a good win. I agree. Georgia won, 27 - 20, but it could have been a better win.

Georgia's mistakes gave Auburn 17 points. The game was tied, 10 - 10, at halftime. Auburn doubled Georgia's rushing yards (Georgia 107, Auburn 219). Georgia more than tripled Auburn's passed yards (Georgia 313, Auburn 88). Auburn rotated two quarterbacks, who could both rush. For example, Thorne rushed 61 yards on one play! That series led to an Auburn field goal. Georgia's quarterback, Beck, threw an interception that led to an Auburn touchdown. A Georgia fumble gave Auburn another touchdown. That's how Georgia's mistakes gave Auburn 17 points.

Beck was 69.6% in pass completion, which was good. It was his first start in an SEC away game. Georgia's tight end, Bowers, had a great game! Georgia's defense needs to learn how to stop the run, especially running quarterbacks.

After the win, Georgia remained #1, in both the AP and Coaches polls. Other top five football teams had better wins, on Saturday. #2 Michigan dominated unranked Nebraska (Big Ten conference rival), winning 45 - 7. #3 Texas took down #24 Kansas (Big 12 conference rival), 40 - 14, in a convincing win. After the game, I had speculated that the top three could be #1 Michigan, #2 Texas, and #3 Georgia. If Georgia had moved down in the polls, then the team might have been motivated to play more consistently.

Next up, on 10/7/2023, Georgia takes on Kentucky, at home. Kentucky, unbeaten, is ranked #20, in both the AP and Coaches polls, after having defeated Florida, at home, last Saturday.

Go Dawgs! At least you won. Play consistently!

Review: Tennessee's Win over South Carolina

The local television news media had been running segments, about how to make fried chicken. Volunteer fans were being encouraged to eat fried chicken, to help Tennessee (3-1, #21 AP, #19 Coaches) defeat the invading (unranked, 2-2) South Carolina Gamecocks (or Game Chickens, as I call them.) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman served fried chicken, for our 6 PM super. That was before the game, which started at 7:30 PM our time. It was good fried chicken. I never did hear the Game Chicken's rooster crow.

Last season, on Saturday, 11/19/2022, the Tennessee Volunteers (9-1, #5 in both AP and Coaches polls) lost to South Carolina (unranked, 6-4), in Columbia, South Carolina. Tennessee's only loss had been to #1 Georgia. South Carolina's four losses were to SEC teams (Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, and Florida). South Carolina had a “buzz saw” offense that sliced through Tennessee's almost non-existent defense. Tennessee's offense could not keep up. Tennessee scored 38 points, but South Carolina scored 63, a 25 point victory.

This season, it was time for Tennessee to eat some Game Chicken! They did. It was a 21 point victory, 41 - 20! Georgia, at home, had defeated South Carolina, 24 - 14, in a come from behind win, on Saturday, 9/16/2023. Tennessee beat South Carolina much more convincingly than Georgia had done.

Our adult niece (the daughter of Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's younger sister) and some friends, from Nashville, attended the game. Our niece shared her photograph of the stadium, below, with Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, who shared it with me.

Photograph by our niece, from the southwest corner, on 9/30/2023.

Tennessee led 24 - 10 at halftime. The Volunteers out rushed and out passed the Gamecocks. Tennessee's quarterback, Milton III, threw two interceptions. One led to a South Carolina touchdown. Milton III, however, was 65.6% in pass completions. South Carolina's quarterback, Rattler -- whose rushes had given Georgia fits -- was sacked six times. Rattler threw one interception that led to a Tennessee touchdown. The Volunteer defense restricted Rattler's rushing much better than the Bulldog's defense had done.

Tennessee's only loss was to Florida, at the swamp, on Saturday, 9/16/2023: Gators 29, Volunteers 16. As I've already mentioned, on 9/30/2023, Kentucky (unranked and 4-0) beat the visiting Florida Gators (ranked #22), 33 - 14. If the Vols had beaten the Gators, at the swamp, this year, where would they be now, in the polls? Tennessee's loss, this year, to Florida will stick out, like a sore thumb, just as their loss to South Carolina did last year.

After an open date, this coming Saturday, Tennessee takes on Texas A&M, at home, on 10/14/2023. The date will celebrate the birthday of the youngest daughter, of my youngest brother and his wife. I hope that Tennessee celebrates a victory over A&M also.

Go Vols! You beat South Carolina far more convincingly than Georgia did!


Mark those calendars! On Saturday 11/18/2023, week twelve of this college football season, the Georgia Bulldogs invade Neyland Stadium, to take on the Tennessee Volunteers. I want to see the Volunteers win, unless they're playing Georgia. Go Dawgs! Beat Tennessee!

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are a divided house, during college football season. She is welcome to buy a Tennessee yard flag and another yard flag pole. I'll plant that pole near, but behind, my Georgia Bulldogs yard flag!

Well, that's this Appalachian Irishman's world of sports update, for now. Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there, ya hear?

Monday, December 19, 2022

12-17-2022, Saturday: Big H BBQ Christmas Bash (at Cherokee): Cherokee Lady Chiefs Defeated Phelps (KY) Lady Hornets, 58 - 34 (published 12-19-2022; article #380)


Greetings to my Tennessee, national, and international readers! Thanks for visiting. Locally, we have a little bit of winter. The low this morning was 20F. The high may reach to the low 40's. Yes, I know that we could have a cold day – if the high were in the low 20's. We can have real winter in northeast Tennessee. Sometimes it falls on a weekend. To my local readers, it ain't cold yet! I'll let you know when and if it gets cold around here.

This article, a sports update, was inspired by the text that I saw, from my youngest brother, this morning. I turn off my cell phone every day about 5 PM. (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman tries to remember to do the same.) Yesterday, however, I turned off my cell phone a little before 5 PM. That will teach me!

Text from Youngest Brother

Early this morning, once I'd turned on my cell phone, I saw the text that my youngest brother had sent yesterday (12/18/2022) at 4:57 PM. He related that their oldest daughter was on TV! He sent the website link. (See below.)

At 6:53 AM today, I replied to my brother by text. We exchanged brief pleasantries. His final text, in the exchange, expressed that their youngest daughter (on the Bulls Gap Middle School Lady Bulldogs basketball team) “can't buy a spot in the newspaper” but that their oldest daughter (on the Cherokee High School Lady Chiefs basketball team) “gets in there every time.”

I still wish that the hometown newspaper would include articles and photographs on the Bulls Gap Middle School Lady Bulldogs basketball games. I'd mentioned both of our nieces, in my article of 12/6/2022. (That article mentioned the website that includes the Cherokee Chiefs, 2022-23 Girls' Basketball Schedule). The Bulls Gap Middle School 2022-23 Basketball Schedule is not updated to show scores.

The 12/17/2022, Saturday, Round One Bash

Cherokee High School is currently hosting the Big H BBQ Christmas Bash, 12/17-20/2022 (Saturday - Tuesday). First round games were on Saturday, 12/17/2022.


The text from my youngest brother included the WJHL-TV article and video. Our niece is mentioned prominently in the televised video: “Hosts win at Day 1 of Big H BBQ Christmas Tournament,” on WJHL-TV News Channel 11 & ABC Tri-Cities, by Nick Dugan, posted 12/18/2022, 12:37 AM EST, updated 12/18/2022, 12:37 AM EST.

The commentator states that our niece hit “the runner off the backboard!” Nice basket, number 30!

The Rogersville Review

We subscribe to The Rogersville Review, my hometown newspaper. Today, I logged into our account and saw the article, with photographs. The article should be in a future edition of the newspaper. The article is: “Lady Chiefs Roll Past Lady Hornets to earn round one win in Big H tourney,” The Rogersville Review, by Randy Ball, 12/18/2022.

I selected the photograph, below, as one of two that includes our niece. The photograph and caption are by Randy Ball.

Ariel Ferrell passing.

The photograph looks as if our niece is passing the basketball directly toward me! Did I catch it?


The second round game, in the Big H BBQ Christmas Bash, is today, at 8 PM. The Cherokee Lady Chiefs host the Happy Valley Lady Warriors. The Lady Chiefs are overall 7-5, district 1-1. The Lady Warriors are overall 3-5, district 0-1.

We hope that the Lady Chiefs defeat the Lady Warriors! Go Chiefs!

I know that both our nieces practice good sportsmanship. That's how their parents are raising them.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

2022 - 2023 College Football Bowl Games: List and Commentary (published 12-10-2022)

Image by jorono from Pixabay. Free to use under Pixabay license.


Greetings, to each local, state, national, and international reader! Thanks for stopping by. This article is primarily for my national readers. By the way, in northeast Tennessee, we have endured rain, daily, since Monday (12/5/2022). Today started as mostly sunny, but the “wonderful” clouds – to which we are so well accustomed – rolled in. At least the annual rainfall is back to above normal. Noah and his family endured rain for 40 days and nights (Genesis 7:12). We have only endured rain for five days.

Today is the first Saturday without college football, of any interest. (I'm not interested in the Army - Navy game.) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is back to enjoying her morning to early afternoon cooking, home improvement, and reality TV shows – much to my aggravation.

As a public service to my national readers, I am publishing the list of 42 (count 'em 42) college football bowl games, from 12/16/2022 to 1/2/2023. The college football national championship game, on 1/9/2022, at 7:30 PM, makes 43 total bowl games.

The List

The two sources for my list are (12/10/2022): 2022-23 college football bowl game schedule, scores, TV channels, times and ESPN: College football bowl games 2022: Dates, times, matchups.

My list is easier to read. The eleven SEC teams are emboldened and underlined. There should be only ten bowl games. The ten that should exist are emboldened. The others should go to oblivion. (That's my opinion. Feel free to makes it yours.) The bold blue font, with my question, wonders if Barstool is a TV station! I thought folks sat on barstools.

Friday, Dec. 16 (2 games)
– Bahamas Bowl, Bahamas: Miami (Ohio) vs. UAB. 11:30 AM. ESPN.
– Cure Bowl, Orlando: #24 Troy vs. #25 UTSA. 3 PM. ESPN.

Saturday, Dec. 17 (7 games, 1 SEC team)
– Fenway Bowl, Boston: Cincinnati vs. Louisville. 11 AM. ESPN.
– Celebration Bowl, Atlanta: Jackson State vs. NC Central. 12 PM. ABC.
– New Mexico Bowl, Albuquerque: SMU vs. BYU. 2:15 PM. ESPN.
– LA Bowl, Inglewood, CA: Washington State vs. Fresno State. 3:30 PM. ABC.
– LendingTree Bowl, Mobile, AL: Rice vs. Southern Mississippi. 5:45 PM. ESPN.
– Las Vegas Bowl, Las Vegas: #14 Oregon State vs. Florida. 7:30 PM. ABC.
– Frisco Bowl, Frisco, TX: Boise State vs. North Texas. 9:15 PM. ESPN.

Monday, Dec. 19 (1 game)
– Myrtle Beach Bowl, Conway, SC: Marshall vs. UConn. 2:30 PM. ESPN.

Tuesday, Dec. 20 (2 games)
– Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Boise, ID: Eastern Michigan vs. San Jose State. 3:30 PM. ESPN.
– Boca Raton Bowl, Boca Raton, FL: Liberty vs. Toledo. 7:30 PM. ESPN.

Wednesday, Dec. 21 (1 game)
– New Orleans Bowl, New Orleans: South Alabama vs. Western Kentucky. 9 PM. ESPN.

Thursday, Dec. 22 (1 game)
– Armed Forces Bowl, Forth Worth, TX: Baylor vs. Air Force. 7:30 PM. ESPN.

Friday, Dec. 23 (2 games, 1 SEC team)
– Independence Bowl, Shreveport, LA: Houston vs. Louisiana. 3 PM. ESPN.
– Gasparilla Bowl, Tampa, FL: Wake Forest vs. Missouri. 6:30 PM. ESPN.

Saturday, Dec. 24 (1 game)
– Hawai'i Bowl, Honolulu: Middle Tennessee State vs. San Diego State. 8 PM. ESPN.

Monday, Dec. 26 (1 game)
– Quick Lane Bowl, Detroit: Bowling Green vs. New Mexico State. 2:30 PM. ESPN.

Tuesday, Dec. 27 (4 games)
– Camellia Bowl, Montgomery, AL: Buffalo vs. Georgia Southern. 12 PM. ESPN.
– First Responder Bowl, Dallas: Memphis vs. Utah State. 3:15 PM. ESPN.
– Birmingham Bowl, Birmingham: Coastal Carolina vs. East Carolina. 6:45 PM. ESPN.
– Guaranteed Rate Bowl, Phoenix: Oklahoma State vs. Wisconsin. 10:15 PM. ESPN.

Wednesday, Dec. 28 (4 games, 2 SEC teams)
– Military Bowl, Annapolis, MD: Duke vs. UCF. 2 PM. ESPN.
Liberty Bowl, Memphis: Arkansas vs. Kansas. 5:30 PM. ESPN.
– Holiday Bowl, San Diego: #15 Oregon vs. North Carolina. 8 PM. FOX.
– Texas Bowl, Houston: Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss. 9 PM. ESPN.

Thursday, Dec. 29 (3 games)
– Pinstripe Bowl, Bronx, NYC: Minnesota vs. Syracuse. 2 PM. ESPN.
– Cheez-It Bowl, Orlando, FL: #13 Florida State vs. Oklahoma. 5:30 PM. ESPN.
– Alamo Bowl, San Antonio, TX: #12 Washington vs. #20 Texas. 9 PM. ESPN.

Friday, Dec. 30 (5 games, 2 SEC teams)
– Duke's Mayo Bowl, Charlotte, NC: #23 NC State vs. Maryland. 12 PM. ESPN.
Sun Bowl, El Paso, TX: #18 UCLA vs. Pitt. 2 PM. CBS.
Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, FL: #19 South Carolina vs. #21 Notre Dame. 3:30 PM. ESPN.
– Arizona Bowl, Tuscon, AZ: Ohio vs. Wyoming. 4:30 PM. Barstool (a TV station?)
Orange Bowl, Miami Gardens, FL: #6 Tennessee vs. #7 Clemson. 8 PM. ESPN.

Saturday, Dec. 31 (4 games, 3 SEC teams)
– Music City Bowl, Nashville: Iowa vs. Kentucky. 12 PM. ABC.
Sugar Bowl, New Orleans: #5 Alabama vs. #9 Kansas State. 12 PM. ESPN.
– College Football Playoff (CFP) semi-final:
Fiesta Bowl, Glendale, AZ: #2 Michigan vs. #3 TCU. 4 PM. ESPN.
– College Football Playoff (CFP) semi-final:
Peach Bowl, Atlanta: #1 GEORGIA vs. #4 Ohio State. 8 PM. ESPN.

Monday, Jan. 2 (4 games, 2 SEC teams)
– ReliaQuest Bowl, Tampa, FL: #22 Mississippi State vs. Illinois. 12 PM. ESPN2.
Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL: No. 17 LSU vs. Purdue. 1 PM. ABC.
Cotton Bowl Classic, Arlington, TX: #10 USC vs. #16 Tulane. 1 PM. ESPN.
Rose Bowl Game, Pasadena, CA: #8 Utah vs. #11 Penn State. 5 PM. ESPN.

Monday, Jan. 9, College Football Playoff National Championship Game
– Inglewood, CA: teams to be decided. 7:30 PM. ESPN.


Whew! What a list! If you are interested in a historical record (to at least 2015) on the increasing number of college football bowl games, then I suggest: “Tracking the Growth in College Football Bowl Games,” on FBSchedules, by Amy Daughters, 4/8/2015. Bowl games have been growing like mushrooms, during rainy season.

Lord willing, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, Molly (our ol' puppy), and I will watch at least two bowl games:

12/30/2022, Orange Bowl: #6 Tennessee vs. #7 Clemson. 8 PM.
12/31/2022, CFP semi-final, Peach Bowl: #1 GEORGIA vs. #4 Ohio State. 8 PM. ESPN.

Go Vols! Go Dawgs!

Of course, I'll probably watch some of the other nine bowl games that include other SEC teams.


On college football Saturdays, the TV is on football games – even if I'm not really watching them. I catch updates, by visiting the TV at times. The morning shows are on the stations that provide the news and hype for the games that day. Football Saturdays are great, for this Appalachian Irishman!

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, however, is now back to enjoying her morning to early afternoon cooking, home improvement, and reality TV shows – much to my aggravation.

All good things must end – except the good life in Christ!

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Fearghail Clan Nieces - Homecoming Princess & Basketball Updates (published 12-6-2022; article #376)


Greetings, dear reader! Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is tomorrow. It marks the 81st remembrance of the infamous date – December 7th, 1941. I hope, a midst the frenzied commercialization of Christmas, that folks in this once great nation will pause to remember. I know that I will.

This article is about family and honors the two daughters of my youngest brother and his wife. Their school-aged accomplishments are placed in the context of everlasting accomplishment, at the conclusion. So, sit back, warm up that cup of coffee, and enjoy spending some time with me, by reading. Your visits here are always welcome.


About a month or two ago, my youngest brother had told me that his youngest daughter had been selected as the Seventh Grade Princess, at Bulls Gap Middle School. The Rogersville Review, the hometown newspaper, however, had not published an article about it – yet.

Lo and behold! The newspaper finally got around to printing an article! A subscription is required to read the article. I have a subscription. The article is: “Bulls Gap School 2022 Homecoming,” The Rogersville Review, Weekend, 11/26-27/2022, by Jim Beller, Sports Editor. The article names the Homecoming Queen and her Court. Our niece was the Seventh Grade Princess! The photograph, below, shows our niece as the Candidate, who became the Princess. (The caption, below her photograph, is from the article. Jim Beller took the photograph.)

7th Grade Candidate Lilliana Ferrell, daughter of Doug & Stacy Ferrell

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are proud of our princess niece! We are also keeping up with your basketball games, on the Bulls Gap Middle School Lady Bulldogs basketball team. Your Dad tells me about them. I wish that the hometown newspaper would include articles and photographs of some of the games.


The oldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife, in her junior year, is still a member of the Cherokee High School Lady Chiefs basketball team. My brother and The Rogersville Review keep us informed on the games.

I will highlight three articles from The Rogersville Review, as follows. The basketball team was introduced in the article: “2022-23 Lady Chiefs are veteran, versatile bunch,” The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition, 11/12-13/2022, by Jim Beller, Sports Editor. (I excluded the caption in the photograph, below, since each person is named. The photograph is by Bobby Vaughn. Our niece is standing, second player from the right.)

The next article reports the loss, in the first game of the season, on 11/15/2022. Our niece is mentioned in the article: “Lady Trailblazers spoil Cherokee opener with strong 2nd half,” The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition, 11/19-20/2022, by Randy Ball, Review Contributor. The photograph, below, is one of four in the article.

Ariel Ferrell grabs a rebound. Photo by Randy Ball.

The third article reports the win, in the fourth game of the season, on 11/28/2022. Our niece isn't mentioned in the article, but she is included in one of the eight photographs. The article is: “Gilliam, Howe guide Cherokee to victory over C-Gap,” The Rogersville Review, Weekend Edition, 12/3-4/2022, by Randy Ball, Review Contributor. The photograph is below.

Ariel Ferrell battles a Lady Panther. Photo by Randy Ball.

The newspaper does not list team schedules, scores, and rankings – as it did years ago. Those listings would be beneficial to readers.

I have found, however, the website that lists the Cherokee Chiefs, 2022-23 Girls' Basketball Schedule, which shows that the Cherokee Lady Chiefs are 4 - 3 so far this season. They play Cocke County today, at 6:30 PM. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are proud of our niece! We'll be there in spirit at tip-off!


The school-aged accomplishments of our nieces are points of temporal pride and honor to the Fearghail clan. They are growing up well. They both are saved by God's grace, through their faith.

Their everlasting accomplishment, as they continue to grow in their faith, will bear much fruit in the kingdom of God, to the glory of His Son, our Savior. Their final score will be an everlasting victory!

Sunday, November 06, 2022

11-5-2022 Football Review: #3 GA Bulldogs Showed #1 TN Vols Who Is #1 (published 11-6-2022; article #371)

M. Fearghail, at Heritage days, 10/10/2021, at 3:22 PM. Photograph by Mrs. Appalachian Irishman.

Introduction - Setting the Scene

The weather yesterday (Saturday, 11/5/2022) was T-shirt warm, cloudy, and rainy off and on. Bravely, I donned the same Georgia T-shirt, as in the photograph. My outdoor activity included hauling trash and recycling. A few folks saw me wearing my Georgia T-shirt. No one commented. Afterward, before the game, I talked briefly with folks outside, in a next door neighbor's yard. They were having a “yard sale.” (I offered to buy their yard, but they were only selling the stuff that was in their yard.) One tall and wiry feller, who looked to be about my age, “warned” that he'd get his shotgun out of his van, to “shoot” me! We had a little fun. They know that Tennessee is still my second favorite college football team.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had shopped for groceries and household items. She'd visited with her folks, nearby. She returned home – just after the game had started, at 3:30 PM (“govrmint” time).

Rankings as of Games Through Saturday, 10/29/2022

Before the game, the college football top three rankings were as follows, through games played as of Saturday, 10/29/2022.

AP Poll (via NCAA AP Poll, through games as of 10/29/2022):
    #1 Georgia (8-0, 1528 points)
    #2 tie between Ohio State and Tennessee (both
         8-0, both 1500 points)

Coaches Poll (via USA Today Coaches Poll, through games as of 10/29/2022):

    #1 Georgia (8-0, 1552 points)
    #2 Ohio State (8-0, 1505 points)
    #3 Tennessee (8-0, 1455 points)

Georgia continued to be ranked #1 in both polls – appropriately.

As a side note, on Saturday, 10/29/2022, my wife and I had taken our '12 Nissan Sentra (her car) and our '06 Nissan Frontier (my truck) to get oil changes, at the same time. A gentleman, a year or so older than me, was at the Service Street location also. He wore his Ohio State Buckeyes sweatshirt (on a warm day). He and I talked awhile, after my wife left in the car. (Ladies first on oil changes.) The gentleman's last name is Yankee, but he is not a Yankee! He was born in Ohio. His wife and he had lived in Florida. They had “half-backed” to live in Tennessee. Mr. Yankee and I spoke on sports, “poly-tics,” and Christianity. He's a brother in Christ. I wished his wife and he well – and Ohio State well, unless against Georgia or Tennessee!

College Football Playoff (CFP) - via NCAA College Football CFP through games as of Saturday, 10/29/2022:

    #1 Tennessee 8-0
    #2 Ohio State 8-0
    #3 Georgia 8-0

I understood why Ohio State was #2 in the AP, Coaches, and CFP polls. Why, in the CFP poll, did Tennessee rank #1 and Georgia rank #3?

In their first eight games, Tennessee had beaten five ranked teams (Pittsburgh, Florida, LSU, Alabama, and Kentucky) – while Georgia had beaten only one ranked team (Oregon). That's probably why the CFP poll ranked as it did, on 10/29/2022.

As a side note, in their first eight games, Tennessee had averaged 49(.38) points per game on offense and allowed an average of 21 points per game against them on defense. Georgia had averaged 41(.75) offensive points per game and allowed on average 10(.5) points per game against them.

The Game

The rain that had poured, briefly, here, had started and continued to pour, in Athens, Georgia, after halftime. The rain had stopped near the end of the game.

Watching the game on TV, my glib Irish tongue rained out in eloquence – as I reacted and commented at frequent occasions! During the game, however, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman admitted, finally, that she wanted Tennessee to win. She likes Georgia, but she supports Tennessee. (She has a master's degree from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.) She did not wear one of her orange Tennessee T-shirts, however.

I curbed my glib tongue, once my “long-suffering” wife admitted -- finally, after three years – that she likes Tennessee better than Georgia, in college football. After all, it's just a college football game.

Her feelings probably come from the days when the Tennessee Lady Vols, under Pat Summitt, and the Georgia Lady Bulldogs, under Andy Landers (or “Ann Landers,” as I'd called him), were intense women's college basketball rivals. I still favor the Tennessee Lady Vols over any other women's college basketball team, dear! My allegiance is to Georgia college football only! I can parse the distinction between college football and women's college basketball.

Before the game, I had predicted that Georgia would win by 10 to 14 points. Georgia won by 14 points. The box score, by quarter and final score, below, is from NCAA 11/5/2022: Tennessee (8-1) 13 - Final - Georgia (9-0) 27.

Quarter: 1    2    3    4    Final
TN          3   3    0    7    13
GA       14  10   3    0     27

The Vols got their only touchdown of the game, with four minutes and 15 seconds left in the fourth quarter. At 2:42 left in the game, the Dawgs took over on downs, at the Vols' 39 yard line. After three running plays, Georgia had advanced to the Tennessee 25 yard line. Instead of kicking a field goal, the Dawgs took a victory kneel formation and won the game.

As the adage goes, “offenses win games, but defenses win championships.” Both teams have great offenses. Tennessee has a good defense. Georgia has a great defense. Georgia won by having the stronger defense. The home field advantage (12th man) certainly helped. Nice try, Vols! Great win, Dawgs!

Reply to Four Vol Fans

To the “long-suffering” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, I'm glad that you “came out,” yesterday, that you remain a Vols football fan. As you know, in 2019, I relegated the Vols to be my second favorite college football team, when I promoted the Dawgs to my favorite team. I am not a “fan” or “fanatic” (extremely enthusiastic) about any sports team. As I have written, in several articles that mention college football, I had decided that Saturdays are much more enjoyable, as a follower of Georgia football. I don't have enough decades left in life, to await the return of the Vols to their former greatness.

Okay, the Vols are doing well this year. I'm happy for them! I have written, however, about the Vols' “coaching carousel,” since Phillip Fulmer – most recently on 9/18/2022 and 10/19/2022.

I wonder when Josh Heupel, who is doing well as the Vols' current head coach, will leave the Vols and return to his alma mater, to coach for the Oklahoma Sooners. This article is my prediction that he will – in a few years.

On Friday, 11/4/2022, I received a text from a former work colleague, which expressed the desire to see the Vols beat the Dawgs, the next day. I haven't replied yet. I thought about replying, after the game yesterday. I may reply tomorrow. Fridays were casual days at the office. Before I retired, I often wore my Georgia football T-shirt on Fridays. My colleague wore Tennessee football T-shirts. We enjoyed the humor in the rivalry. We are both Christians, so the ongoing rivalry is temporal.

After the game, I saw a post by a friend from my hometown. He used explicit and colorful metaphors to deride folks, who were born and raised in Tennessee, but who support a football team in another state – such as I do. This paragraph is my reply to him. What is my reply? “Yawn. Laughter. Your reasoning is subjective and inflamed by the Vols' loss to Georgia. You are welcome to keep your opinionated anger to yourself. I suggest that you stop drinking so much orange Kool-Aid. Your eyes look a little blurry! Do you have enough decades left in life, to await the Vols' return to greatness? Yes, they are doing well enough this year, but why are you angry and why am I happy? I don't throw a hissy fit when Georgia loses. Where are your priorities? I still love you, in Christ.”

Finally, a good friend emailed several of us today, on the Vols' loss yesterday. A sentence in his email included his humor on the loss: “The Vols were kidnapped, and a bunch of look-alikes took their place for the Georgia game.” My friend's email made several serious points. I liked his humorous point (cited) the best! He wasn't mad. He knows that I follow Georgia first then Tennessee – in college football.

By the Way - “Govrmint” Time Ended!

Getting of the mundane topic of college football, I had “so much fun” – setting back an hour 14 different time pieces – early this morning. Whew! At least we are off “govrmint” time finally!

Starting tomorrow, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman will be able to leave for work, with a little bit of early morning light forming – instead of driving to work in full darkness. For early risers, this is better – and safer.

The addendum to my 3/19/2022 article cited a valid source, to prove that – if “govrmint” time were year-round – then the sun would not rise until 8:47 AM, from January 1 through January 11 – of any given year. The addendum includes: “Do you want school-aged children arriving at school in the dark? Do you want to work almost an hour before the sun rises? I did not think so!”

I'm glad to be done with “govrmint” time once again – until next spring.


College football season is enjoyable. It's drawing near the end. Three games remain in the regular season. The “thousands” of bowl games will start. The College Football Playoff will determine the national championship team. As a Dawgs follower first, I enjoy Saturdays better that I would – if I were a Vols follower first. (The Vols are my second favorite team, y'all!)

I hope that my hometown friend knows the Good Lord personally. He may. His post of yesterday contained colorful adjectives that my glib Irish tongue prefers not to use (except in rare moments of anger or frustration). The Good Lord forgives my tongue, after I apologize to him. I also apologize to others who may hear me, but it's usually me talking with myself, when only God hears me.

Now that I have this sports article finished, my mind shifts to my third article, in the Christian Evidences series. I plan to write -- in answer to the question “Does God exist?” – that the teleological argument, alone, proves that He does.

My mind dwells on more profound thoughts – not on college football. I hope that yours does also.