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Sunday, September 18, 2022

9-17-2022 Football Review: Georgia Bulldogs compared to TN Vols (published 9-18-2022; article #358)


In yesterday's article, I'd joked about how Dad, if he were still alive, would “devil” me, by rooting for the South Carolina “Game Chickens,” while I rooted for my Georgia Bulldogs. The idea for this article came to me, while taking my morning shower. I often get ideas for articles, while taking a shower. Could someone tell me why that happens? (Insert smiley face emoji here.)

The TN Vols (or Vowels, as I often call them) played their football game, against a “high school” team, after my Dawgs whipped the “Game Chickens.” Let's review the two games and compare the recent history of the two teams!

9/17/2022 Review

Georgia vs. South Carolina, 12 PM

The Georgia Bulldogs (9/18/22 AP/Coaches #1) beat unranked South Carolina, in Columbia, 48 to 7. I had the game on two TVs and on desktop computer by live stream internet! During halftime, I published my article, hauled trash, and bought a couple of items at Advance Auto Parts. The game was a joy to watch! I blinked, or was on errands, and missed a few Georgia touchdowns!

I felt a little sorry for the unranked “Game Chickens.” They tried, but they were no match for my Dawgs. The Georgia Dogs website article, “No. 1 Georgia Dominates South Carolina, 48-7,” 9/17/2022, 4:00 PM, has all the details.

Georgia dominated completely. Great win, Georgia! GO DAWGS! An SEC road win is always good.

Tennessee vs. Akron, 7 PM

The Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) (9/18/22 AP #11, Coaches #12) beat an unranked and totally outclassed “high school” team – The University of Akron (Ohio) Zips – at home, 63 to 6. Yes, Zips is their name. The game was on streaming services only. We didn't stream it.

The UT Sports website article, “No. 15/16 Volunteers Zap Zips, 63-6,” 9/17/2022, has the details. Yawn. The Vols destroyed their second “high school” opponent this season, as they should have.

Before TN “Vowels” fans get too excited about the victory, the Go Zips (yes, that's the name) website lists the Zips' win - loss record, by year. The Zips' last winning season was in 2015. In 2020, they were 1 win, 5 losses. In 2022, they were 2 wins, 10 losses.

Also, remember that Florida (9/18/22 AP #20, Coaches #22) comes to town next Saturday. I remember, when I was a Vols fan, too many bad games, when Florida beat Tennessee.

Recent History

From 2015 to 2021, Tennessee had:
     four winning seasons (2015: 9/4, 2016: 9/4, 2019:
          8/5, 2021: 7/6)
     and three losing seasons (2017: 4/8, 2018: 5/7,
          2020: 3/7).

In those same seven years, Georgia had winning seasons every year: 2015: 10/3, 2016: 8/5, 2017: 13/2, 2018: 11/3, 2019: 12/2, 2020: 8/2, 2021: 14/1. My 1/16/2022 article praised my Dawgs on their 2021 College Football Championship!

Vols fans have to go back to 1998 for their latest College Football Championship. I remember watching that game on TV, on 1/4/1999 (a Monday). Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were in Tennessee, on our final, annual, six-week furlough from Russia. We were in Nashville, at the apartment of her youngest sister.

The NCAA article, “College Football Championship History,” 1/11/2022, lists champions from 1869 to 2021. Tennessee is listed as national champions in 1951 and 1998. Georgia had national championships in 1980 and 2021.


During the 2017 and 2018 football seasons, I had thought about changing. I kept sipping the orange Kool-Aid. In 2019, however, I gave up on the Vols. I decided to root for the Georgia Bulldogs! The decision was a little strange at first. The strangeness didn't last too long.

Saturdays are much more enjoyable, being a Dawgs fan! I don't have enough decades of life left, to await Tennessee's return to the status it once had – before all the coaching carousel changes started in 2009: Josh Heupel, 2021+ (ongoing, 10-6), Jeremy Pruitt, 2018-20 (16-19), Butch Jones, 2013-17 (34-29), Jim Chaney, 2012 (1-0), Derek Dooley, 2010-12 (15-21), and Lane Kiffin, 2009 (7-6). (Phillip Fulmer, 1992-2008, was 151-52.) On the Dawg side, Georgia has had two coaches, since 2009: Mark Richt, 2001-15 (145-51) and Kirby Smart, 2016+ (69-15, so far).

GO DAWGS! (Well, good luck, Vols. I wish you well.) To my readers, who are still Vols fans, come on over to the Dawg side! You will soon get the orange Kool-Aid taste out of your mouths! I have.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

MY DAWGS WON THE 2021 COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP, 1/10/2022, MONDAY! (published 1-16-22; article #290)


At 3:40 PM, as I begin to finish this article, the snow, in large flakes, is falling thickly. At 36F, the snow was melting as it hit the ground. It may begin to stick later, as the temperature falls. Those highway folks must have enjoyed wasting the salt and brine that they had been using, to pour on the roads, since last Thursday. The rain last night and early this morning washed all the salt and brine off the roads, before the snow started this afternoon. It's just funny, folks! Don't forget to rush to the store for milk and bread, before we are all buried in this “blizzard!”

Conversations usually start on the weather then shift to other topics. How about my Georgia DAWGS!

The Crow I Ate

I concluded my 12/31/2021 article by stating:

The second semi-final game (No. 3 Georgia vs. No. 2 Michigan) starts about 7:30 PM this evening. I expect Georgia to lose, so they don't have to lose to Alabama, again, in the 2021 Championship game (Monday, January 10, 2022). Georgia let Alabama beat them, on 12/4/2021, Saturday, in the SEC Championship game. Yes, I am still not over that loss!


12/31/2021 was the Orange Bowl (one of 39 2021 bowl games played actually, which is way too many). MY DAWGS beat Michigan, 34 to 11. That was a great game! I watched it all!

Unfortunately, earlier on 12/31/2021, Alabama (#1) had beaten Cincinnati (#4), 27 to 6, in the Cotton Bowl. On New Year's Day, I began to dread the national championship game, on January 10, 2022, between Georgia and Alabama. (On 12/4/2021, my DAWGS let the dreaded Tide beat them, in the SEC Championship game.) I needed more faith! I ate crow, gladly, on 1/10/2022!

Georgia Bulldogs - 2021 National Champions!


Bulldogs Capture National Title With 33-18 Win Over Alabama, January 10, 2022.” If you click the link, you will see all the amazing details that I know! (Photograph by Tony Walsh.)

That was Georgia's first national title, since 1980 (when I, as a young man, didn't care for Georgia). The game was at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here are the statistics, from the website, if you click the link (above).

              1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final

Georgia    0   6    7    20   33

Alabama   3   6    0      9   18

Team Statistics

Game Stats      UGA   UA

Total Yards        364    399

Pass Yards        224    369

Rushing Yards  140    30

Penalty Yards   10-70  7-57

1st Downs         20      22

3rd Downs        4-12   9-20

4th Downs        0-0     0-1

TOP                 28:29 31:31

I watched the game, on 1/10/2022, Monday, until about 10 PM – since I work for a living. (These championship games should be played on Saturday!) At 10 PM, the score was Alabama 9, Georgia 6. I awakened, to hit a lick at work (from home) the next morning, to be pleasantly surprised!

I WILL buy the DVD that shows the entire game! My DAWGS came alive in the third quarter! They became “super DAWGS” in the fourth quarter. My DAWGS beat the “Darth Vader Tide” by 15 points. (That's a stomp, plus one point. A stomp is a win by 14 points.)



The Gospel of Mark, chapter 9, verse 24, states, in NKJV, “Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, 'Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!'" Read the context, to find the more profound concept.

I should have had more faith in my DAWGS, on 12/31/2021. I will not make that mistake again! GO DAWGS! I have faith in you!

DEAR LORD, I have ultimate faith in you! Do you, my reader, understand? I hope so! If not, contact me, on my Contact Form!

Sunday, December 12, 2021



On 12/12/2021, Sunday, the summer storm in winter, of yesterday, has provided cool, crisp, and sunny weather – a normally warm winter day in east Tennessee. My 12/11/2021 article mentioned the summer storm in winter.

This is the second of my three other articles. My 12/5/2021 article mentioned the three, on which I have been working. Y'all help me find a work-at-home writing and/or editing job, please! I need help! I am trying!


The Nations Online Project had an interesting article on the nation of Georgia – located in the southern Caucasus.

Gudauri, a popular ski resort on the south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. Image: Paata Liparteliani. Taken on 1/13/2011. Via Flickr

The most infamous person from the nation of Georgia was Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili (12/6/1878 Julian calendar - 3/5/1953). He was born in Gori, Georgia, when Georgia was part of the Russian Empire. I hope that I have whetted your appetite to learn more, by your own research! Here is a hint! Read the A&E Television Networks LLC,, article on him.

The nation of Georgia has a website ( Do NOT click the link, unless you have perfect Internet security! That website is NOT secure.

The 12/4/2021 SEC Championship Game

My University of Georgia (a USSA state on the southern border of Tennessee) college football Bulldogs (Dawgs) were NOT secure, in the 12/4/2021, Saturday, SEC Championship Game.

On Saturday, 11/27/2021, the Tennessee Vols college football team beat the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors,” 45 - 21.

At least my Dawgs won the SEC East. They had been ranked #1 in the nation, undefeated (11-0), until their first loss of the 2021-22 season, against the was #3 ranked Alabama “Dark Red Elephants,” which had been 11-1 (lost to Texas A&M on 10/9/2021).

On 12/04/2021, Saturday, at 4:00 PM, the SEC Championship Game started, in Atlanta, Georgia. My Dawgs lost to the “Dark Red Elephants,” again, as usual, 24 - 41. My was #1 ranked Georgia Dawgs were stomped (by 17 points) by the was #3 ranked Elephants, again, as usual, sadly. I watched the first half only. I saw the stomp coming. At halftime, I started watching Gunsmoke.

The conclusion is obvious. My Dawgs are about at the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors” level against the Tennessee Vols. I was and have been disappointed.


As the college football bowl games approach, the Elephants are ranked #1. My Dawgs are ranked #3. Michigan is between them.

Who cares about the 12/4/2021 SEC Championship Game? I watched the first half. I watched Gunsmoke, to avoid watching the second half. Go Dawgs! I still follow you! I'll get over your SEC Championship Game loss. Will you?

What will happen, in the 2021-22 College Football bowl games? We will see. Go Dawgs!

Sunday, November 14, 2021



My “11/11/2021, VETERANS DAY (published 11/11/2021)” article (Thursday) included the “bet” – with apology to our Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000) – that I had made with my only veteran brother.

Which brother won the “bet?” Read on, to find out!

11/13/2021, Saturday: Georgia Bulldogs 41, Tennessee Vols 17

The unranked Tennessee Vols (my second favorite SEC college football team) lost, at home, on their homecoming, to my number one ranked Georgia Bulldogs (my favorite SEC college football team)! It was a 24 point win! It was a stomp! It was four points shy of having been a double stomp! My Georgia Bulldogs website has a PDF file of the game statistics. (Click “View Full Screen.”)

I'd like to see the Vols win, instead of lose, unless they are playing my Bulldogs! I do not have enough decades left to live, to see the Vols become competitive, for an SEC championship, or even a national championship. My Bulldogs remain, consistently, in the hunt. This year may be their year. We will see.


My youngest brother called, during the game. He doesn't care about college football anymore. I paused my very vocal, as Mrs. Appalachian Irishman can affirm, expressions. The eldest daughter of his wife and he has a high school basketball game at Gibbs High School, on the birthday anniversary of Granny Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell (11/30/1882 - 6/11/1971), coming up on 11/30/2021, Tuesday. If power is in our bodies, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman will attend that game, to support the Cherokee High School girls basketball team, which includes our niece!

I had been waxing quite eloquent! I had the Bulldogs radio broadcasters on my home computer radio. I had our TV on the game (muted). It was great! The Vols (SEC 3-4, overall 5-5) caused my Bulldogs (SEC 8-0, overall 10-0) a little trouble in the first quarter only. My Bulldogs won another one! Ten wins and no losses! Best defense in college football! Go DAWGS!

My veteran brother called my cell phone (which was off), just as the game was ending. His voice mail stated: “Go DAWGS! Woof, woof, woof!” I called him back today, leaving him a voice mail. I hope he calls me back later today!

My veteran brother has his various “whatevers,” as gifted to him, by his eight-year service in the Air Force. He endures. I have my “whatevers,” as gifted to me, by the uninsured female, who failed to yield to my right of way, on 3/29/2016. My brother has endured his “whatevers” longer than I have.

My veteran brother and I had a little fun! Who knows? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I may still buy his folks and him a dinner or supper later this year. We will see.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

11-6-2021: WINS for GEORGIA DAWGS & TENNESSEE “VOWELS” (published 11/7/2021)


11/6/2021, Saturday, was an excellent day for anything outside. The 28°F morning low brought a good freeze. Regrettably, the sun, in the clear, blue sky, warmed to the high of about 68°F – too warm, for this Appalachian Irishman. Moscow, Russia, 11/6/2021: low 46°F, high 49°F. The low here was lower than Moscow, Russia, on 11/6/2021. 

November normal lows and highs: Moscow, Russia, 29°F and 35°F; here, 39°F and 58°F. Source: It ain't “global climate change,” y'all! It is variations in weather patterns! Anyone can track the historical weather patterns, over decades or centuries. The earth is in a SLIGHT historical warming pattern cycle, NOT a slight historical cooling pattern. I will NOT waste my time further. Anyone, with any sense and without a hidden agenda, knows. Enough talk on the weather!

My Georgia Dawgs Won – as Anticipated

My #1 ranked (AP/Coaches) Georgia DAWGS stomped the unranked Missouri Tigers, 43 to 6 – a double stomping! A stomp is a win by at least 14 points. A double stomp is a win by at least 28 points. The win was a double stomp, with an additional nine points.

The game started at 12 PM. I watched a little of it, before I had to haul trash. After, my '06 Frontier enjoyed another good hand washing and exterior detailing at Synergy Auto Wash, in Halls. (My “SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 (Published 9-12-2021)” article mentioned the truck wash. I didn't mention then, but do now, that the usual price had increased from $13 to $18, on 9/11/2021. A dollar ain't worth much these days.)

I thought that I would return home, to watch the last of the game. The various delays, caused by many folks being out and about, prohibited me. Local radio stations didn't carry the game, of course. I don't have, and won't buy, a satellite automobile radio system. I watched the highlights on the “Interweb.”

What did Mrs. Appalachian Irishman do, you ask? She did the Tractor Supply run, for Molly doggy! Then, she took our '08 Honda Civic to get an oil change. I had noticed oil drips in the pan, in the garage, under her car. The oil pan plug was stripped out enough to drip. The car got a new oil pan drain plug. What was the cost, you ask? You do not want to know. A dollar ain't worth much these days. Next, she shopped at our local IGA, spending more than she would have preferred, as “new normal” usual. (Same theme: a dollar ain't worth much these days.) Finally, as usual, she visited a while with her folks, who live about three miles away from us.

Them Tennessee “Vowels” Won – as a “Miracle!”

Some spiritual folks use “miracle” very loosely. A miracle involves setting aside natural law. Many examples are in the Bible (e.g., Jesus raised from the dead, etc.). I almost died on 3/29/2016. Search by topic, My "Bionic" Life 3/29/2016+, if it works. (I need to fix that search setting.) At times, folks have said that my 90% death, as I call it, was “a miracle.” NO IT WAS NOT! I was, by some degree of providence, fortunate – or unfortunate. My “Light at the End of the Tunnel” book, once published, will include details – as a side track chapter.

Let's get back to the “Vowels!” I call them “Vowels,” since one, now gone, Tennessee basketball head coach, who was a Yankee, pronounced “Vols” as “Vowels.” It's just funny!

The unranked Tennessee (TN) “Vowels” beat (wk. 8 ranked #15 AP/#14 Coaches) Kentucky (KY) “Wild Kitties,” in Lexington, Kentucky, 45 to 42! I watched the game (7 PM start). I was amazed! I had predicted KY 49, TN 42 – in a loss by offensive shoot outs. Neither team had much defense, as I had predicted.

The score was already TN 45, KY 42. KY had 4th down and 24 yards to go at their 34 yard line, with 55 seconds left in the 4th quarter. I had expected the “Vowels” to stop them, but wait: KY quarterback Will Levis passed complete to Izayah Cummings, for 28 yards, to the TN 38 yard line, for a 1st down! Next, however, KY had four incomplete passes and turned the football over to the “Vowels” on 4th down and 10 yards. The “Vowels” ran out the clock, by three victory formations.

Way to go, VOLS! Yes, I will give them credit. I may start saying “Vols,” instead of “Vowels,” now that they have beaten a ranked team in the SEC. I'd rather see the Tennessee VOLS win than lose. I still like them well enough. They are my second favorite college football team. I do not have enough decades left in life, to see “them VOLS” return to their former glory – unless they surprise me. If they do, I will let you know.


The TN VOLS host my Georgia DAWGS, on 11/13/2021, Saturday, at 3:30 PM – the TN homecoming game.

I predict that my DAWGS will grant the VOLS a homecoming game loss – by at least a stomp. Does anyone want to bet against me? I didn't think so! (Sorry, Mom, I know that I should not bet.) As the sun goes down, I'll wind down. I'm glad that we are back on normal time! Don't worry, Elmcroft at Halls, I ain't ready for a rocking chair yet!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

10/16/2021 CRACKER BARREL “BRUNCH” REVIEW (written 10/23/2021; published 10/24/2021)


My 10/17/2021 article – “SATURDAY, 10/16/2021: USPS EMAIL - DAD IS GETTING JUNK MAIL HERE TODAY!” (published 10/17/2021) – had mentioned that I would write more about the “brunch” that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had with a good friend (JC), the day before, at a nearby Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Since my Georgia Bulldogs have an open date, on a college football Saturday, I will write more about our 10/16/2021 “brunch.” This is the first article of my trifecta.

The Brunch Conversation

The last time that my good friend and we had visited in person was on 1/20/2020, Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The “global pandemic” (a redundancy that I've heard folks on TV state) was in its infancy. Corony Myopia Psychosis hadn't started yet.

On 10/16/2021, my friend was already waiting inside the restaurant. He had arrived earlier. We arrived at 9:59 AM, a minute early.

I wore my Georgia football T-shirt that I'd worn for Rogersville Heritage Days. See my ROGERSVILLE HERITAGE DAYS, SUNDAY, 10/10/2021, article. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman wore a PINK Tennessee Vols (or “Vowels,” as I call them) T-shirt! I know the colors of the TN “Vowels!” PINK is NOT included! We were a husband and wife divided, by SEC college football!

Before entering, I enjoyed a humorous conversation with a couple, who were decked out in their TN “Vowel” attire. Once inside, having met JC and before we were seated, another man and I engaged in “Vowel Nation” verses “Dawg Nation” humor.

I'm sorry, “Vowel” athletic supporters. I don't have that many more decades left – to wait in hope that the “Vowels” will become a good college football team again. Saturdays are more enjoyable as a “Dawg” follower! (I don't use “fan.” “Fan” is short for fanatic. A fanatic is someone who is extremely or overly enthusiastic about an interest or activity.) I just like “them Dawgs!” I would rather see the “Vowels” win than lose, unless they are playing my Dawgs!

The art of entertaining, pithy, humorous, serious, and deep conversation is almost lost – except for those who retain or learn the ability. Those who are intelligent, well-informed, well-educated, and of gifted personality understand what I mean. Of course, the dumbing down of America has been going on a few decades. My Irish gift of gab (or blarney) has always enjoyed a good conversation – well, since I overcame my shy stage finally, as a junior in high school.

The weather outside was warm, cloudy, and rainy. The conversational weather inside was warm and bright! “Brunch” lasted about two hours. Folks began to arrive for dinner (or lunch, as the Yankees call it).

We may have dropped a fork or two on a plate, but we never dropped the conversation! The three of us conversed on a variety of topics, with intellectual humor and sarcasm, such as on: “poly-tics” (i.e., many blood suckers), the transition of the USA into the USSA (on 1/6/2021), education in socialist schools (Mrs. Appalachian's topic of vivid vocality), economics, history, meteorology, sports, theology, and our “lives, such as they are.”

My friend and we hope that another year or so doesn't go by, until we meet in person again. My friend sends his email commentaries on various topics to several, including me. We exchange emails at times. We do keep in touch.

I have to wind down this first of my trifecta, on SEC football. The following are from the documents that I had created at the start of the season, updated weekly.

2021 GA Bulldog Football Schedule

(GEORGIA was #5 preseason AP & Coaches)

09/04/21 Sat. Clemson (#3 AP, #2 coaches)     W 10 - 3!

  Charlotte, NC 7:30P. Georgia became #2 AP/Coaches!

09/11/21 Sat. 3:30P  Home   UAB                     W 56 - 7

09/18/21 Sat. 7P       Home   South Carolina    W 40 -13

09/25/21 Sat. 12P     Away   Vanderbilt             W 62 - 0

10/02/21 Sat. 12P     Home   Arkansas (#8)      W 37 - 0

10/09/21 Sat. 3:30P  Away   Auburn (#18)        W 34 - 10

     NOTE: unranked TX A&M beat was #1 Alabama

        41 - 38, SO GEORGIA BULLDOGS ranked

        #1 on 10/10/2021!

10/16/21 Sat. 3:30P  Home   Kentucky (#11)  W 30 - 13

10/23/21 Sat. OPEN DATE (same date TN “Vowels” were stopped by AL Elephants)*

* Note: I had written this on 10/16/21, by my prophetic certitude!

 2021 TN “Vowels” Football Schedule – if you are interested

Coach carousel is Josh Heupel (“He Fell”) now, for a while, as long as he lasts.

09/02/21 Thu.    home    Bowling Green     W 38 - 6

09/11/21 Sat.     home    Pittsburgh            L 34 - 41

09/18/21 Sat.     home    Tennessee Tech  W 56 - 0

09/25/21 Sat.     away    Florida (11)          L 14 - 38

10/02/21 Sat.     away    Missouri               W 62 - 24

10/09/21 Sat.    home    South Carolina     W 45 - 20

10/16/21 Sat.    home    Ole Miss (13)      L 26 - 31 (7:30P)

10/23/21 Sat.    away    Alabama (5)

The three of us had to have “brunch,” on 10/16/21. I had to get back home, to watch my Dawgs (#1 in the nation) beat the Kentucky “Wild Kitties” (#11 in the nation). That was fun to watch! I watched some of the TN “Vowel” game against Ole Miss. I regret how my TN “Vowel” friends felt. I had hoped, in passing interest, that the “Vowels” could win. Some “fans” tarnished the reputation of the University of Tennessee, by tossing various items onto the field, near the end of the game. I had been watching Star Trek, original series, at the time, so I missed that childish drama.

My Georgia Dawgs took Saturday off. I will regret to learn, by how many points the Alabama “Elephants” stomped the TN “Vowels.” I may watch some of the game.

10/24/2021 update: the final score, last evening, was TN “Vowels” 24, Alabama “Elephants” 52. I updated my 2021 TN “Vowels” Football Schedule document. Football is played in four quarters – not one quarter, unfortunately for the TN “Vowels.” The “Vowels” won the first quarter, 14 to 7. The “Vowels” lost, by an exact double stomp. (I use the definition of “stomp” that my friend, JC, created: a stomp is a loss by 14 points. So, a double-stomp is a loss by 28 points – such as TN 24, AL 52.


On 10/23/2021, I wondered when Mrs. Appalachian Irishman would get home. It was 4:42 PM, as I typed this sentence. Oh, wait! I heard the car!

I'll move on the the second of my trifecta. Y'all take it easy out there!