Sunday, September 29, 2019


Let’s keep the title pattern a goin’ a bit. Reckon? Why not?

Sunday, 9/22/2019, was “cat dog” surprise! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman informed me, without my choice, that she was going to get “cat dog” to stay with us, so that we could “cat dog sit” -- until “favorite” sister-in-law did afternoon errands. Well, Molly (our doggy) and I survived, once again! “Favorite” sister-in-law came, got “cat dog,” and rescued Molly and me!

Monday, 9/23/2019: what do you know? At the end of work, we had a little, puny, pop up shower! The drought it over! Not!

Wednesday, 9/25/2019: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a one-year follow up appointment, for one of her several 2018 medical appointments that were “fun.” The 2018 series of medical stuff involved: what happened to you? We don’t know. You may have eaten something that didn't agree with you. You are fine! Come back in a year, if you want to. She wanted to, apparently. What do you know? She’s still fine! That’s the way to get out of a day’s work, dear! Proud of you!

I almost forgot! Also, on 9/25/2019, for some unknown and totally illogical reason, the State of Tennessee bureaucracy, in it’s infinite ability to be completely incapable, send me an e-mail rejection, regarding an application for a state job -- to which I NEVER applied!

It’s state bureaucracy in its finest level! Don’t get me started on federal bureaucracy! The federal “govrmint” folks drone on about nothing, on the 24/7 news channels, which I watch rarely. One of these days, we all had better learn to speak Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, or Russian! (But wait! I speak Russian.)

Thursday, 9/26/2019: after work insanity, as usual, I drove home in a good little pop up rain. The closer I came to home, however, the less rain was falling. I found one or two rain drops in the yard. We are making rain progress here. I need to continue my evening rain dances in the back yard.

Friday, 9/27/2019: while stuck (at red, three times) by the only Gibbs traffic light, on my way to TGIF work insanity, I happened to notice that my new, ol' truck was at 169,000 miles exactly and at 135 miles on my last 9/21/2019 gas fill up! To this Appalachian Irishman, it’s worthy of a note. Therefore, I have so noted.

Saturday, 9/28/2019: on the way out, for hauling trash, monthly deep tissue massage, and getting gas, I saw two good neighbors, husband and wife, out walking. I was in a hurry, spoke briefly, and called the man after arriving home. That’s a way that we keep in touch, in our good neighborhood.

The monthly deep tissue massage was my fourth. It will be followed by my monthly chiropractic appointment (on 10/1/2019). I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe, in a few or several more months or years, the soft tissue damage that is still recovering will recover fully -- to the way it was before 3/29/2016, when my body had the drastic evil inflicted upon it by the idiot driver. We’ll see.

Y’all keep turnin’ right and goin’ straight out there, ya year? Until next time, WHEN THE HECK IS IT EVER GOING TO RAIN A LOT AND TURN COOLER? I NEED to start my fall hiking! What was going on back decades ago, when it was this hot at the tail end of September, when there was no “global climate change?” Now, that just opened a can of worms!

Saturday, September 21, 2019


The title of my most recent article was pretty good! Why not stick with the pattern? Greetings, to my “millions” of readers!

9/17/2019, Tuesday, workday, Dad’s birthday, in 1927: My youngest brother and his wife went to Knoxville, for a follow-up appointment, after her left foot surgery, on 9/4/2019. (Papaw Wood was born on 9/4/1901.) Below is a photograph that my brother took, at the surgeon's office, of his wife’s left foot. Ain’t it a “purty” foot?

My sister-in-law is allowed to place weight on her surgically repaired, “bionic,” left foot but not walk on it yet.

That’s at least better than my 2016 “fun.” On 3/29/2016, I didn’t die, when the uninsured driver failed to yield to my right of way. I was unaware of what was going on, during my left shoulder and right knee surgeries. I knew what was happening, before my right foot surgery, on 4/13/2016. We are making progress here. (I wonder if the Good Lord cares, in the short term. He cares and knows the long term.)

9/19/2019, Thursday: It was a workday for me. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman took a day off, to take her father to a medical appointment. I remember when I did that for Mom and Dad, back in the day. Remember these days, dear! You honor your father, as you did your mother before she passed.

9/20/2019, Friday: Why did our mower guy mow today? It’s been hot -- too dang hot! It has not rained all month! Why did he mow? Do I need to start mowing myself? I can do it. I have power in my body, such as it is. I’d rather take the easier route, by paying someone else to mow. We’ll see what happens.

By the way, I suppose that “Algore” (Al Gore) was right, on global warming and global climate change -- or bovine excrement, as I call it. Why is Greenland called Greenland, when it is not very green now? I could ramble on with proof, but I won’t today!

9/21/2019, Saturday, today: For me, it was a usual day -- monthly haircut, good truck wash, and Tractor Supply. (I'd treated my new, ol' truck to a wash last Saturday also.) I found and bought almost everything that we had needed, at the Tractor Supply, for Molly “puppy!” Get the Milkbone “doggys,” in the plastic bottle, while they're in stock!

Thankfully, I also found and bought the last pecan log that the Tractor Supply had in stock! Last month, there were none. I handed the empty box to and told the clerk! Two months ago, there were none. I informed the clerk. Today, however, I have my monthly Tractor Supply pecan log! The photograph is below.

By the way, how ‘bout them “Vowels” today! They got their backsides handed to them, again as usual, by Flor-i-Da! I hope that my Georgia Bulldogs do much better, against “them thar” fake Irishmen, at 8 PM, this evening!

As a brief side note, on world disasters and USA politics, excrement keeps spilling out. That’s why “this world is not my home; I’m just a passin’ through.” Politics? It’s from poly (many) and tics (tics). That is many blood suckers! That's my brief side note.

Y’all keep turning right and going straight out there, ya hear?

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Well, howdy, y’all! (I had me another cold shower, as usual, this morning!) I hope that y’all are okay out there – plunking along in life, such as it is!

9/1/2019, Sunday: it’s the official (for those who have sense enough to know) first day of autumn, but it’s still too (globally warm) hot, dang hot! I need cooler weather! I need to hike! Well, I digress.

That afternoon, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I got together, with three dear friends, for a great time as always! We ate at Chili’s. We got a table upon arrival. We were served our drinks and salads, for those who had ordered salads.

After almost an hour of waiting on our main course orders, I informed the guy who had seated us, that we had seen others arrive, be seated, and get their main course orders, before us. We were still waiting! What do you know? In quick fashion, we had our food! The “server” (aka waitress) did NOT get a tip! Also, a manager came by, apologized profusely, and offered free desserts (which we declined). I thought, “I’ve seen truly hungry people in India and Russia, to whom 'hungry' people in this country cannot compare. This is nothing.” I said, with no acknowledgment of the apology, “We just want to eat.” Despite that bit of “fun,” we, as always, had a great time together!

9/2/2019, Monday, Labor Day: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I did NOT labor!

9/3/2019 note: Mom and Dad’s wedding was on 9/3/1959. I was born, ten months later, on 7/17/1960.

9/4/2019 note: Papaw Wood’s birthday was on 9/4/1901. On that day, my youngest brother’s wife had outpatient surgery on her right foot, to repair damage. She now has metal in two toes.

Her outpatient surgery was better than my 36-day hospitalization in 2016 (with 25 pieces of metal in three joints) and better than our good friend’s 12/5/2017 left foot surgery (metal stays in), with four-day hospitalization. We are making progress!

My youngest brother's wife has a follow up appointment is 9/17/2019. Dad was born 9/17/1927. Okay, Lord, we understand your sarcastic humor on this! Isn’t this enough?

Also, on 9/4/2019, our good friend’s aged mother broke her right arm. She’s doing well enough, in a nursing home, for now.

9/8/2019, Sunday: I ain’t sayin’ nary a "thang" more about the “Evil Empire” beating my Steelers! My Steelers coffee cup, placed strategically in the living room, was not turned correctly. Their loss is MY FAULT! I’m sorry!

9/11/2019, Wednesday, workday: is the date, 9/11, enough to write?

The above photograph was taken on 9/11/2015, as a tribute. I found it on Successful Culture – A 911 Tribute. Apparently, no colleague remembered. I did.

On that day, at the office -- during our weekly, “parroting session,” waste of time meeting that requires 10 or 15 minutes of agony -- my colleagues' priority was to plan our too far off to care, annual Christmas eat out shindig.

Everyone wrote down a dining suggestion on paper. (The above image was mine. Yes, I took the photograph.) I had the dubious honor of selecting the dining location. I had a one-in-eight chance to pick my selection. I did so -- McDonald's! That was funny! Of course, I picked another paper, for another choice, to satisfy the women. By the way, the Christmas shindig is set for Friday, December 13th! This week has a Friday the 13th – in two more days, on 9/13/2019! What could go wrong? I am not triskaidekaphobic.

9/13/2019, Friday: the full moon occurred just after midnight, on 9/14/2019. Whew! We had a break on that at least. I am not triskaidekaphobic.

9/13 - 9/14/2019: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was paid on 9/13/2019, for the first time, after her summer vacation, when "School’s Out for the Summer" (YouTube)! I was paid that day also.

On 9/14/2019, what do I find on the kitchen counter? I see her 7/31/2019 Kohl’s card charge receipt, for her $100 and change clothing purchase! She’d told me, in the summer, that she’d need to buy some clothes – to replace, as I suppose, the clothes that she’d bagged up to haul to a donation location. I never did see a receipt, so I'd figured that she hadn't bought clothes.

Also, on the kitchen counter, I found her 9/13/2019 debit card payment receipt to Kohl’s, for her 7/31/2019 charge – with no late fee included! Once again, you tricked me, dear! Kohl’s card charge of 7/31/2019 is paid by debit card on 9/13/2019! A man just doesn’t understand! That’s okay, dear. You shop vacuumed the basement alone this weekend. I’ll keep you!

9/14/2019, Saturday: what do you know? Them "thar" Tennessee “Vowels” won a game finally! It must have been due to Friday the 13th, followed by full moon the next night! Another bad “Vowels” team has another bad coach. That’s why I’m a GEORGIA BULLDOG fan! Go Dawgs!

9/15/2019, today, Sunday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman’s youngest sister and our niece (daughter of my wife's middle sister) borrowed my binoculars, to take on a Grand Canyon vacation that starts this coming Friday. Okay, y'all have fun with my binoculars! Do not lose them! I’ve had them for decades.

Now, I’ll make a brief comment on politics and the state of morality and idiocy in this country and in the world. This country and the world continue to degenerate, to the eventual end. Any questions? I’m ready to go Home. Are you?

Oh, by the way, who are the three “trustedinstaller.exe” guys that have been in locations in my “Windows” folder since 7/13/2009 and 11/20/2010? Why do they install stuff? Why should I trust them?

Y’all keep turning right and going straight out there, ya hear?