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Sunday, October 08, 2023

Tribute to KCSO Deputy Tucker Blakely (published 10-8-2023; article #433)


The article of last Monday, on sports, was published, at 3:41 PM, before I'd learned of the sad news. This article, the 39th under the "freedom” topic section, honors an outstanding member of the thin blue line. The young man died, last Monday, due to injuries sustained, late the prior evening, while in service to Knox County, Tennessee, residents.

Late last Sunday evening, about 11:15 PM, Knox County Sheriff's Deputy, Tucker Blakely, age 29, was one of the deputies, who had responded to a domestic disturbance, in Knoxville. Shots were fired. The perpetrator died at the scene. Deputy Blakely, injured severely, was transported to a local hospital. He passed away the next day. Tucker Blakely was also a veteran of the United States Army.

Local television news stations conveyed the sad news, to my wife and me, at 6 PM, last Monday evening. We were saddened profoundly. The obituary for Deputy Blakely is found at: Tucker Carmichael Blakely (July 22, 1994 - October 2, 2023), Mynatt Funeral Home, Inc.

Tributes to Deputy Tucker Blakely

This section first shares the tribute to Deputy Tucker Blakely, by WBIR TV. My tribute follows.

WBIR TV Tribute

Several articles honor Deputy Sheriff Blakely. Of those, I wish to cite the following, for this section. Please read “KCSO Deputy Tucker Blakely honored during celebration of life: The deputy was revered at the sheriff's office for his passion for working as a law enforcement officer. He leaves behind a wife and a 5-year-old child.” On WBIR TV, by Madalyn Torres, published 10/4/2023, updated 10/6/2023. The first four paragraphs state:

East Tennessee honored and remembered the life and legacy of fallen Deputy Tucker Blakely during a memorial service on Friday.

The day of remembrance began at 8 a.m. as people lined the procession route and hundreds of officers from agencies across East Tennessee drove to Clear Springs Baptist Church along Emory Road.

A celebration of life was held for Blakely on Friday, Oct. 6, at Clear Springs Baptist Church. Doors opened at 10 a.m. for people to pay respects to Blakely as he lied in repose, and officers conducted a "Sea of Blue" at 11:00 a.m. by turning on their cruisers' lights.

The celebration of life began at 2 p.m. You can watch the full stream from that ceremony below or at this link.

About halfway, the article reads, “Blakely was responding to a domestic situation at a house in West Knox County when he was shot Sunday night. He died at the University of Tennessee Medical Center on Monday.”

The final paragraph states, “The last Knox County deputy who was shot and killed in the line of duty was Detective James Kennedy, in March 1984.”

The church building, where Deputy Blakely's service was held last Friday, is only a few miles from our house. The article, cited above, includes the link to the service. The full service is viewable at “Watch: KCSO Deputy Tucker Blakely's Celebration of Life,” on WBIR Channel 10 (YouTube), 10/6/2023. The service was two hours and three minutes.

Tucker Blakely's wife, Katarina, spoke with sad eloquence. His father spoke, in honor of his son. Several others spoke also. I watched the celebration of life, last Friday.

My Tribute

I can't begin to comprehend how that I would have responded, if, in 1965, my father had passed away, at age 38, when I was age five. I wonder how my father, mother, brothers, wife, other family, and friends would have endured, if, in 1989, I had died, at age 29. (The driver, my guide and translator, and I could have died, in India, in 1989, if the roadside bomb had detonated.) I hope that my wife would have remained strong, if, in 1993, I had passed on, at age 33, in the seventh year of our marriage.

Tucker Blakely's young wife and five-year-old son honored him, by the strength that they showed, during his funeral service. His father epitomized strength and character.

The thin blue line separates the dark and wicked evil from the good, in this fallen world. Sadly, evil can and does, too often, violate that line. Officers, troopers, and sheriff's deputies, while protecting us, sacrifice themselves, while holding that thin blue line, when the wicked evil take them from us.

Deputy Sheriff Tucker Blakely died, at the hand of the wicked evil, while he was holding firmly the thin blue line. I did not have the honor of meeting brother Blakely, but I look forward to doing so, once I join him, at our everlasting Home. His eulogy affirmed that he is my brother in Christ.

The deep red ocean of Christ's shed blood separates unsaved sinners from saved sinners. The saved do not practice a life of sin, and we live out the grace of Christ, which indwells us. The unsaved are welcome to cross the deep red ocean, to join us, on the saved side.

At the final judgment, the gulf will separate everlastingly the saved from the unsaved. Heaven will be the permanent home of the saved. Everlasting torment will be the abode of the unrepentant dark and wicked evil.

The dark and wicked evil, who took Deputy Sheriff Tucker Blakely, is enduring everlasting torment, even now. Brother Blakely is, even now, comforted by everlasting joy, in paradise. We, who remain, will miss him. We will see him again. He awaits us. May his parents, wife, son, family, and friends be comforted by this thought. Final justice has been and will be served. Dear Lord, bless, by your grace, the family of Tucker Blakely, with these thoughts. In Christ, our Lord and Savior's name, amen.

The fifth article, of 12/9/2022, in the ongoing “Christian Evidences” series, under the heading “The So-Called 'Problem of Evil,'” contains a complete statement on the dark and wicked evil that is in this fallen world. Final justice will be served.


As I began writing this article, my mind drifted back to two articles, which I'd published in 2021, as tributes to two fine officers, whom I'd met. The first article published on 5/8/2021. The second article was on 6/12/2021. I also recalled the two articles, of 9/12/2021 and 3/20/2022, that mention and honor Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss.

This article honors the thin blue line. It also honors, loves, and cherishes the deep red ocean. I trust, dear reader, that you do also.

Sunday, July 03, 2022

7-4-2022: “JULYTH” OR INDEPENDENCE DAY? (published 7-3-2022; article #338)


Well, howdy, y'all! I trust that international readers are doing well. I hope that national readers are doing fine also. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are getting along well enough. Life, “such as it is,” keeps on rollin'!

On 7/3/2022, about 1:35 PM, views on this website, for the last 30 days, were from the following nations: United States (or USSA) 1.04K, Russia 402, Germany 176, China 123, Canada 84, France 69, Sweden 66, Netherlands 60, Ukraine 47, Indonesia 41, India 35, Poland 33, United Kingdom 30, Singapore 8, Turkey 8, Georgia 7, Pakistan 7, Austria 6, Belgium 6, Other (not specified) 119. Where are the views from Ireland? Come on, Ireland!

In June, the monthly view total was 2,395. Six articles were published. Three are now in the “Worldviews in Conflict” section. I created that new topic section today. Lord willing, I plan to write additional “Worldviews in Conflict” articles, to expand that very important section.

Could July the Fourth be called “the Fourth of July,” “Independence Day,” or “Julyth?” This article is serious, includes satirical humor, and ends with a serious stand. To national readers, have a happy “Independence Day,” for the right reasons, tomorrow!

June the Nineteenth” (6/19/1865)

The article of 6/21/2022 questioned, satirically, whether 6/19/2022 was Father's Day or “Juneteenth,” or both. I stated:

I have known and continue to respect the historical origin of “Juneteenth.”

I wish that the historical day could be called “the Nineteenth of June” – not “Juneteenth.” We call the Fourth of July, “the Fourth of July” – not “Julyth.”

To hear or read “Juneteenth” still hurts my ears! The day, however, is honorable, as that 6/21/2022 article mentioned.

The Image by Wynn Pointaux from Pixabay, in the 6/21/2022 article, was a free image of the Pan-African flag, with “Juneteenth” written on the flag. The Pan-African flag is red, black, and green. Source: “On Flag Day, Remembering The Red, Black And Green,” by Leah Donnella, editor on NPR's Code Switch, 6/14/2017. The NPR article explains the meaning of the colors. I read the article. This note corrects the 6/21/2022 article – on the flag that I used.

The official “Juneteenth” flag is blue and red, with a star, a burst, an arc, and “June 19, 1865” in white letters. Source: “The Juneteenth flag is full of symbols. Here's what they mean.” (By Harmeet Kaur, CNN. Design by Will Mullery, CNN. Updated 6/17/2022). The CNN article details the origin and meaning of the flag. It is a good article. I read it.

“Juneteenth” is, apparently, a word – according to “ol' man Webster.” Source: Merriam-Webster, Definition of Juneteenth. To say “June the Nineteenth,” however, just sounds better to my ear!

Fourth of July” (7/4/1776)

Searching “ol' man Webster” (Merriam-Webster) for “Julyth” finds “the word you've entered isn't in the dictionary.” I wonder if I need to help ol' man Webster add “Julyth” to his famous dictionary! My sarcasm has been saying “Julyth,” for a few weeks. I'm trying to coin the word! Please help me!

I took the above photograph on Thursday, 10/28/2010. It was my 72nd hike on House Mountain. I was at the middle bluff, looking northwest. That hike was the first, as mentioned in the article “Four Hikes in Four Days!” (published on 11/14/2010). Eventually, the flag pole and the flag were gone. I think that the owner removed them, for some reason. I regret not seeing that flag.

U.S. History (Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium) contains sixty major sections, from Native American Society on the Eve of British Colonization to “Toward a New Millennium.” The website is a compendium of American history. I read several sections.

No nation is perfect. The history of every nation includes immorality. This once great nation is no exception. This nation has been wrong in its treatment of native Americans, Irish immigrants, negro slaves, unborn children, and so forth. This nation has resolved or is resolving many of its evil actions. No person or nation will ever attain perfection. (Jesus, the Christ, as God incarnate, was the only perfect man.) The founding fathers ensured that this nation was founded on moral principals – even as some of those men failed in areas of morality. This imperfect nation does not always honor the moral principals, upon which it was founded.

The agenda of the socialists is to destroy the good that our founding fathers did, by ranting constantly about their imperfections. Imperfect people, however, can still accomplish good. Their good must not be rejected, due to their imperfections. The socialists are not following the foundational moral principals of this nation.

The final subsection in U.S. History is “The End of the American Century.” The conclusion reads:

Will the 21st century also be an American century? Or will the United States be eclipsed by new superpowers like China or the European Union? Only time will reveal the answers.

In the meanwhile, the United States will rely on its history of increasing democracy and respect for human rights, its dynamic diversity, and the innovative character of its people to seek new solutions to whatever problems may arise.

The USSA is in its declining years as a nation – following a pattern similar to other once great empires and nations. The decline can be reversed. I pray to God that the “new solutions” will be based on the biblical worldview. We will see.

The home page of The National Flag Foundation, under “Let's Reunite America,” states:

Our Flag was born in 1777 through the power of a revolution. Out of that revolution came its meaning – liberty and justice for all – as a birthright for every American.

“Liberty and justice for all” is from the The Pledge of Allegiance. The foundation of this nation is “liberty and justice for all” – despite this nation's imperfections. The foundational principal still stands.


Will you rise, as you read, to pledge with me?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I call this once great nation the USSA (Un-united Socialist States of America). The nation is falling, not standing. If this nation were as one, under God, then there would be “liberty and justice for all.”

Many national readers STAND with me. Others need to STAND on the moral foundation that our founding fathers created (despite their imperfections). So, let us all STAND together, on the founding principals – otherwise, we shall all fall.

National readers, y'all have a safe and happy “Julyth” tomorrow – ya hear? Y'all are welcome to share this article, on Independence Day!

Thursday, May 12, 2022



My fourth and final article, of 5/8/2022, was “MOTHER'S DAY ON VE DAY (published 5-8-2022; article #321).” This article focuses my thoughts on VE Day in Russia, with remarks on the 2022 Slavic War: the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

The inspiration for this article is “Откройте и закройте ящик и дверцу шкафа.” I will explain, in the conclusion.

VE Europe 5/8/1945 or 5/9/1945?

Some folks, in this once great nation, were aware that 5/8/2022 marked the seventy-sixth anniversary of the German surrender to the Allies – VE Europe. Russia was an ally, despite some uneducated folks, who think that Russia was part of the enemy Axis nations.

My 5/8/2022 article (mentioned above) linked to the article, “V-E Day is celebrated in America and Britain,” by Editors, last updated May 3, 2022, original published date November 16, 2009.

Russians have continued to celebrate VE Day, on May 9th, annually. I wonder why this once great nation does not celebrate on May 8th annually. The lack of celebration in this nation is regrettable.

Why do Russians celebrate VE in Europe Day a day late – on May 9th, not May 8th? The time zone was the difference. Germany surrendered on 5/8/1945, at 11:01 PM. Russia was already into the early hours of 5/9/1945. has a good article that explains. See "Why Does Russia Celebrate V-E Day on May 9? If the Nazis surrendered May 8, why do the Russians celebrate on May 9?” by Michael Y. Park, 4/29/2022.


On 5/9/2022, Monday, I heard a few, uneducated, TV broadcasters state that 5/9/2022 marked the anniversary of “the Russian victory over Germany, in World War II.” I had to laugh! First, Russians call World War II the Great Patriotic War. Second, Russia, alone, did not defeat Germany. The Allies (including Russia) defeated Germany.

By the way, World War II did not end completely, until 8/14/1945, V-J (Victory in Japan) Day, when the Japanese surrendered. On 9/2/1945, Japan signed the surrender documents, on the USS Missouri. The information is common knowledge. I learned it in grade school.

2022 Slavic War: The Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

My articles of Tuesday, March 8, 2022, and Sunday, March 20, 2022, include my comments on the 2022 Slavic War (as I call it).

Since 2/24/2022, various legitimate media sources have continued to provide an abundance of details on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The tragic loss of life, injuries, damage, and chaos continue daily. The ongoing conflict is demoralizing, as an understatement.

Russians are divided. Some favor the war and side against the Ukraine. Others despise the war and side with the Ukraine. Other legitimate (not propaganda) media sources and friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) provide me with valid news.

No nation is without fault – in many areas – for many items. The demise of morality is global and has been ongoing for decades – if not centuries or millennia. The Ukraine is not without its faults – neither is Russia.

I see media sources that fault the Ukraine, for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Some media sources fault NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Some media sources fault Russia, and Vladimir Putin particularly, for the invasion.

I know individuals who fault Vladimir Putin. I know one individual who has stated, “this time Putin is not the villain.” That individual has a reasoned opinion. I do not agree. I respect the intellect of the individual – not his opinion.

History of the Ukraine has an in-depth article on “History of Ukraine,” by The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. The article contains links to many other website sources, for additional reading.

The Ukraine, for centuries, has had the unfortunate geographic location that has been ripe with various aspects of control. Since December 1, 1991, the Ukraine as been an independent nation – with various difficulties and achievements that the article documents.

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine (the 2022 Slavic War) may have been the fault of several. Vladimir Putin is the main villain.

The Moscow Times Serendipitous 5/12/2022 Email

I had started this article yesterday. I'm glad that I waited, to publish, today. I am on The Moscow Times mailing list.

Today, at 12:49 PM, I was one of many, who received an email, “Letter by Michele A. Berdy, Arts Editor and Columnist.” While in Moscow (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999), Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I especially enjoyed reading her columns on Russian language! They helped educate us, in the rich nuances of Russian words, word use, and sentence structures.

The 5/12/2022 email letter linked to Michele Berdy's The Moscow Times article, "The Dots Were All There. We Just Couldn’t Connect Them.” By Michele A. Berdy. Updated April 6, 2022; reprinted by permission of POLITICO LLC, Copyright 2022 POLITICO LLC. The Politico article, by the same title, is by Michele A. Berdy, published 3/27/2022, 06:55 AM EDT. I suggest highly that you “sit and read a while, with a cup of coffee,” that article. I did, except I sipped on water.


How did “Откройте и закройте ящик и дверцу шкафа inspire this article, you ask? On Friday, 5/6/2022, my non-bionic right shoulder had started giving me fits. I suspect a crossover reaction (as the medical folks call it) from my “bionic” left shoulder. My middle back “fun” started on 4/25/2022. I've had chiropractic adjustments on 4/28/2022, 5/5/2022, and 5/9/2022 – not the usual monthly “tune ups.”

When I opened a drawer or cabinet, with my right arm, my right shoulder “talked to me” enough. The expression “open and close the drawer and cabinet door,” in Russian, came into my mind. I could say everything, in Russian, except “drawer.” Somewhere in my brain, the Russian word for “drawer” was hiding. I had to find it! I did! It is “ящик!” I had to use the Interweb to find the word that was locked in the deep folds of memories. Check out the Language Drops search for “drawer” in Russian, at “What is the Russian word for 'Drawer'?” Other, similar, Russian words are listed. I knew the other Russian words. I remember “ящик” now! I found it, hiding under a fold of memory, in my brain!

Russia needs to close its open “drawer,” on its invasion of the Ukraine. That “drawer” should never have been opened. Vladimir Putin is the villain.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

2022 SLAVIC WAR: THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF THE UKRAINE – DAY 25 (published 3-20-2022; article #309)


On International Women's Day (3/8/2022), I wrote, “2022 SLAVIC WAR: THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF THE UKRAINE (published 3-8-2022; article #300).” I wish that my 300th article had not have had to be a sad one. It was.

This article marks day 25, of Russia's invasion of the Ukraine. The various media sources are filled with the daily and sad details.

The Moscow Times

When Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I lived in Moscow, Russia (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999), we enjoyed picking up free copies of The Moscow Times. We probably still have paper editions, in basement storage. You may sign up for weekly emails from The Moscow Times, to see their articles. That online and print media source has not been shut down – yet. If you wish, you may contribute to their work.

I will reference one The Moscow Times article, among several informative articles. It is, “‘My Father Said I’m a Traitor Who Should Be Shot First’: War in Ukraine Splits Russian Families,” by James Beardsworth, updated March 15, 2022. The internal conflict in Russia is often generational. The Russia media, which Putin dictates, are propagandists – not neutral commentators.

That article contains a link to a BBC News Russian website article titled, “Поддерживают ли россияне войну в Украине? Смотря как спросить,” 8 марта 2022. That article has several very good details. I think that you can get the English translation. I didn't try.

That BBC Russia article links to the website Do Russians Want War? (English version). That website contains volumes of good information. The “about” section contains the following.

The research project "Do Russians Want War?" has been designed by a Russian oppositional politician Alexei Miniailo and the like-minded (sociologists, analytics, data-analysts). Our aim is to speak up on how the war with Ukraine is being perceived in Russia. To give reliable, truthful, verifiable information, we hold regular polls, focus groups, social media research. We analyze the results, discuss them with the best Russian independent researchers and share them with you. We plan to release updates every couple of weeks.

The Do Russians Want War? (website) links to a TAZEROS LLC website that contains a very detailed informational dashboard. The website has information on several subjects – not only the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.


I hope that the 2022 Slavic War will end, in peace, soon. Brothers should not fight brothers. Vladimir Putin and his minions need to go directly to the Hadean Realm as quickly as possible – before even more die. The Ukraine was not without its faults. The Ukraine, however, does not deserve Putin's atrocities.

Dear Lord, I have the will but not the power. Will you use your omnipotence to stop this Slavic War? I pray, in Christ's name. Amen.

SSG. RYAN KNAUSS - THE WHOLE IN THE WORLD RE-VISITED (published 3-20-2022; article #308)


The first four articles today were either boring or very funny. This and the final, next, article are serious. I hope that you are still with me!

This article is my further commentary, to my 8/29/2021 article, “THE WHOLE IN THE WORLD (Published 8/29/21, Sunday).” I have seen the memorial before. Yesterday, I paused, to take two photographs. The memorial is near the northern entrance to Weigels Store #39, where we buy the cost of a brick of gold gasoline.

The Two Photographs


No further commentary from me is needed.


The above photograph catches the flag almost fully extended, by the wind, blowing from the west.


My 8/29/2021 article did not mention SSG. RYAN KNAUSS, by name. I state his name now. Our small community was still in shock, when I wrote that article. Folks are getting along, now, well enough – despite all the bad news that we see and hear.

Yesterday, at one errand, I passed an older man. He was wearing a Vietnam Veteran cap. I stopped. I said, “cap.” He understood. I looked him in the eyes. I said, “thank you for your service. Welcome back.” He said, “thank you.” We parted, as we continued our separate errands.

SSG. RYAN KNAUSS, I did not know you. Thank you, for your service – and for your ultimate sacrifice, for this country. I wish that folks in this once great nation would live in honor or your sacrifice.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

11/21/2021, Sunday: HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY? (published 11/21/2021)


At 5:33 PM, as I begin this typing, darkness has fallen, over My Mountain (House Mountain) and here. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has the dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming done, as usual. She had returned, from visiting her folks and her Food “Crappy” store purchase. (It's the Thanksgiving-eat-too-much insanity that is starting.) I had called her, at her folks, to warn them and her, about my youngest brother's call earlier. The Ferrell clan may, once again, disturb the Gordon clan plans, for Thanksgiving (11/25/2021). We will see.

My 11/22/2020, Sunday, Article

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, I published my article that I wrote, on 11/21/2020: “November 21st Chronological Historical Notes: 1970 (Papaw), 2015 (Molly), 2016 (Truck), 2020 (House Mt. #174).”

Today, I would not change one word. My current editorial self agrees with my previous editorial self. It's what I do.


I hope that y'all enjoy reading what I wrote, about this time, last year. The weather was cloudy today. The red sky, yesterday morning, brought good hiking weather yesterday, when I prioritized my haircut, my good truck wash, etc. The clouds came today. The rain will come either later today or early tomorrow. I predict it. I am a mountain man. I know the weather signs.

Do y'all see the signs of the times? I do. In the temporal, the USSA is about gone, folks! As various other world powers have fallen, over the centuries, the USSA is about to fall. We are in the last days of the USSA, before it falls. Well, I hope this once great nation recovers, to become the USA again. We will see, in 2022 and in 2024 – election years.

In the everlasting, I ask, “are you returning soon, Lord?” I hope so! I may go Home, before He returns. I may not. Either way, I am ready! Are you? I hope so! If you are not, and if you would like to converse with me, on this spiritual topic, please email me (as you can find on my website). We can “talk” awhile. Just have some coffee ready!

At 5:50 PM, this typing, I'm getting hungry enough for supper. Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there! I'm off here, to eat soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

11/11/2021, VETERANS DAY (published 11/11/2021)


Happy Veterans Day, Thursday, y'all! I hope that y'all are doing well enough out there! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are surviving life – such as it is.

We were both off work today. I had thought about getting House Mountain hike #179 today, but the crisp and clear days turning into cloudy and windy today. I decided to take it easy. My work (at home Monday through Wednesday but at office Thursday and Friday) insanity has become insanity gone wild! I am resuming my search for work-at-home editing and/or writing jobs, so that I can retire from my current job. We will see what happens.

Calls to Two Brothers, a First Cousin, and “Gator”

I am the eldest of four boys. My brother, who is next to eldest, is a veteran. I always call him on Veterans Day. We saw each other on on 7/3/2021. My 7/5/2021 article wrote about it. I had left him voice mail, on 9/6/2021, Labor Day. He was, apparently, very busy. I reached him by phone today! We talked almost an hour! He seems to be doing well enough. He was in Operation Desert Storm. Most likely, the various immunizations he had to take caused his illness, which he has had for a few decades. The VA seems to be doing right, well enough, in its slow and bureaucratic manner, by him. He remains a Tennessee Vols fan. I follow the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia invades Tennessee, on 11/13/2021, Saturday, to spoil the Vols' homecoming college football game. If the Vols win, in a “miracle,” then I owe my brother and his folks a dinner or supper, at the location he picks. Sorry, Mom! I know that I should not bet, but this is a sure win! If my Bulldogs win, my brother doesn't have to do anything for me. We will see what happens, on Saturday! Go DAWGS!

My next to youngest brother called me back, on our first cousin's phone. (I had left messages on both numbers.) He and I spoke a few minutes. I had a good conversation with our first cousin. (He is 15 years older than me.) We talked about the good, bad, and ugly in life. I'm glad to know that he is doing well enough. Eventually, as we conversed, we will join the everlasting family reunion, at Home! Come, dear Lord, come soon! Otherwise, we will get Home, in time.

About 5 PM, I called my good friend and brother in Christ, “Gator.” (I have written about him before. Search “Gator.”) We were grade school and high school friends. We graduated high school together. He is still my friend. We see each other every now and then. We call each other every now and then. His family and he are doing well enough. He still works, very hard, for a living. I hope to see him, around Thanksgiving week. We will see.


Veterans Day started as Armistice Day, on 11/11/1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. The USA Congress passed a resolution in 1926, for an annual observance. November 11 became a national holiday in 1938. Unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day honors all American veterans — living or dead — who served the USA honorably during war or peace.

Have you ever read “War and Peace,” by Tolstoy? I have, in English, not fully in the original Russian, as an apology to my weakness. I wonder if the 1/6/2021 start of the USSA will end in war or peace. Either way, folks in the USSA (1/6/2021 start) NEED to HONOR USA VETERANS TODAY! I have done so. I feel better, by having done so.

That's all.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

MY 10/23/2021, SATURDAY, SHARING & COMMENTARY on “THE BLACKBURN REPORT,” of October 22, 2021 (published 10/24/2021)


This is the final article in my trifecta. About 7 AM on 10/23/2021, I saw the weekly email (sent 10/23/2021, 2:11 AM), for the 10/22/2021 “The Blackburn Report.”

Conservative folks around here are proud to call Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn a native daughter. She is much better than Senators we have had before (e.g., Lamar Alexander and Al Gore).

I will link to articles and comment. It's almost supper time! Will I get this done soon? We will see! 10/24/2021 update: I did not! Last evening, I had to eat supper, get Molly (“ol' puppy”) inside with us, relax, and watch TV (Tennessee double-stomped by Alabama, Gunsmoke, Star Trek, etc.).

10/22/2021 “The Blackburn Report”

Blackburn, Marshall, Colleagues Introduce Legislation To Halt Viral Gain Of Function Research (10/19/2021 article). Well, good. It's almost Halloween. The USSA needs to stop helping the Chinese create more virus monsters!

Blackburn & Blumenthal To Hold Hearing With Snapchat, TikTok & YouTube On Social Media’s Impact On Children (10/19/2021 article). Well, good. Parents and/or grandparents need to keep those young 'uns off the Interweb – unless supervised! Young 'uns should be outside, playing, as I did, in my childhood!

Blackburn, Cotton, Colleagues Fight For Free Speech On College Campuses (10/20/2021 article). When did the once great USA become a nation where folks had to “fight for free speech?” I stand. I speak. I write. I will not back down. God gave me the right to free speech, not the former USA or the current USSA!

Blackburn, Sullivan, Colleagues to President Biden: Stop the Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates (10/21/2021 article). The folks that affirm the right to kill babies in the womb argue that a woman has the right to her body – without factoring the right the unborn baby has to his or her body. Neither the USSA nor President Biden will force anything on me that violates my God-given rights – as a still free man, in a once free and great nation. I have “the right to choose.” Folks, whose employers require either the new cold virus vaccine or termination, need to stand! All employers (government included) need to be sued, if they terminate employees, who choose, as free people in a once free and great nation, NOT to be vaccinated against the new cold virus. I never thought that I would see such a sad situation, in this once free and great nation.

TN Senator Marsha Blackburn's “News”

The following were not in the 10/22/2021 Report. They are found in the “News” section.

I just heard, on 10/23/2021, at 6:15 PM, “alright, Georgie!” I'll stop, eat supper, converse with Molly inside a while, then finish this article. 10/24/2021 update: well, that had been my plan last evening!

Blackburn, Cruz, Lee, Raise Concerns Over Conflict Of Interest With AG Garland’s Son-In-Law Running Organization Promoting Critical Race Theory (10/23/2021 article). The following is a direct quote from the article:

U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Mike Lee (R-Utah), all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Attorney General (AG) Merrick Garland raising serious concerns and questions over a possible conflict of interest between AG Garland, whose son-in-law reportedly runs an organization that works with schools to promote critical race theory, and Garland’s recent memorandum directing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to pursue parents who oppose critical race theory.

Possible conflict of interest” should be DEFINITE conflict of interest! Critical race theory (CRT) is one, of several, known means, by which the “Socialist Utopian” propagandists are “transforming America” into the USSA – the once free and great nation. They are trying to finish the transformation.

ICYMI: Blackburn Exposes Border Crisis On Fox Business With Maria Bartiromo (10/12/2021 article). A few folks are trying to stick their fingers into the dike, to stop the overwhelming flood of illegal aliens, who continue to invade this once great nation. I wish them well. I support their efforts. Nothing will change – until a constitutionally conservative is elected President and the House and Senate are under conservative control.


I cannot keep up with the warp speed digression of this once free and great nation, into “Socialist Utopian” oblivion. (I need to learn to speak Mandarin.) Details and news stories happen so quickly that I can't keep up. I have reached the point of not caring. I will continue to stand on the Solid Rock, as a free man, in a once free and great nation.

I came across a couple of interesting details, to add, in conclusion. First, the Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has been on “paternity leave,” since his “husband” and he adopted two newborn children. The supply chain chaos is ongoing. (The news is everywhere. I will not cite sources here.) If this once great nation didn't need to import so many goods from other nations, then the supply chain would not be such a problem. Two men cannot “marry.” One man cannot make another man pregnant, to have their children. Two unmarried men, who claim they are married, should not be able to adopt children. I stand for biblical-based and conservative values. I will not change. The Solid Rock does not move or yield.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I enjoyed picking up copies of The Moscow Times, when we lived in Moscow, Russia (10/1/1994 to 9/30/1999). The Moscow Times had a 10/22/2021 article on Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent remarks: Putin Rails Against ‘Monstrous’ West in Valdai Speech. (It is in English translation.) Putin was a USSR KGB agent. He should not be trusted, without evidence to support what he says. I suggest that you read his words. He affirms several common sense and moral values, in a pithy manner. He states other diatribe and propaganda. I found some of his comments, about the USSA (former USA), to be rather humorous and correct.

What do you know? Today (10/24/2021, Sunday) is United Nations Day! Are y'all celebrating? I didn't think so. I happened to glance on my home office desk calendar, to notice.

My trifecta is done! I almost hiked House Mountain today, but I had to get these three articles published. I had to replace (for the second time) the passenger-side sunvisor in our 2008 Honda Civic. My “favorite” sister-in-law needs a mirror, to put on her makeup, when it is Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's turn to drive. (They commute to and from work together.) I need to get outside, to enjoy this too warm but sunny weather. See y'all later! I'm off of here!

MY FRIEND WROTE the USERS MANUAL for the ARPANET; AL GORE DID NOT CREATE the INTERNET (written 10/23/2021; published 10/24/2021)


This is the second in my trifecta. My friend, JC, had never mentioned the following to me, until I read his email!

Ten years before folks had wide use of the Internet, my friend wrote, over several months, the Users Manual for the ARPANET. It was during his early years in the U.S. Air Force. He emailed about it Friday evening. I saw and read his email this (Saturday) morning. I enjoyed doing some research early that morning, while drinking coffee and awaiting breakfast. (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman makes me a country breakfast on Saturdays and Sunday. Thanks, dear!)

ARPANET – the Ancestor to the Internet

ARPANET is Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. It started in the late 1960s.

You are welcome to click the link to the U.S. Department of Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) – to learn what I did. I had never heard of ARPANET before!

Several websites have factual details. The Internet Hall of Fame has a good article: A Brief History of the Internet (by Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf, David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Daniel C. Lynch, Jon Postel, Larry G. Roberts, Stephen Wolff), published 1997.

My good friend, JC, in his early U.S. Air Force days, wrote the Users Manual for ARPANET! My friend is one, of many, who pioneered the eventual creation of the Internet! That is impressive!

My good friend will appreciate that I place his verified (by his credible word) contribution to the eventual creation of the Internet into the context of my next section. I must engage in “poly-tics” a while!

Al Gore Did NOT Take “the Initiative in Creating the Internet”

On 3/8/1999 (when Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were still in Russia), Al Gore – now former Senator from Tennessee and former Vice President – stated to CNN's Wolf Blitzer: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” (Source: the link here, and below, to The Washington Post.)

The Washington Post fact checked Al Gore's statement: “A Cautionary Tale for Politicians: Al Gore and the ‘Invention’ of the Internet,” by Glenn Kessler, The Fact Checker, 11/4/2013.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, the Defense Department commissioned the ARPANET in 1969. Al Gore was age 21 (born 3/31/1948). He was attending Vanderbilt University law school. Eventually, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives -- eight years after ARPANET was created. See has at least two interesting articles on the invention of the Internet: Who Invented the Internet? (updated 10/28/19, original 12/18/13, written by Evan Andrews). The Invention of the Internet (updated 10/28/19, original 7/30/10, written by Editors).

To his credit, however, Al Gore was one of 33 total 2012 Internet Hall of Fame Inductees. He was one of the nine, who were inducted as Global Connectors. See Al Gore took initiative to help create the USA government's spending of taxpayer money to enhance the already-existing Internet. See his Inductee page:

Conservative folks around this part of Tennessee are not proud to call Al Gore a native son of Tennessee. He is a member of the “Socialist Utopian Propagandists.” He does not represent Tennessee conservative values.


When someone asks you if you know about ARPANET, you can now answer “yes.” I can also. In fact, go around the next few days, asking folks if they know about ARPANET – just for fun! I may do so.

Thanks, JC, for your email Friday evening. It made for good reading Saturday morning! I'm proud that you had an early role in helping create what would become the Internet – as opposed to Al Gore, whose lie on the topic is known!

Sunday, October 10, 2021



The Rogersville Heritage Days Festival started in 1979 – as well as I can remember (when I was age 19). 2021 marked the 42nd Heritage Days (at my age 61). Aside from my “bionic” body, I still feel about the same as I did, at age 19.

Saturday, 10/14/2017, had been the last time that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I walked Main Street on Heritage Days weekend. (My “bionic” right foot didn't take the pounding very well, but it took it.) It was also the birthday (age 8) of the youngest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife. We had a good day. I didn't take any photographs.

We visited my youngest brother and his family on 10/14/2018, Sunday. We didn't walk Main Street, for Heritage Days. We did eat at the (used to be) Sagebrush. It was rainy and cloudy all day. On 10/12/2019, Saturday, we visited my youngest brother and family. It was a cloudy day. We all ate at the Green Tomato Grill, but we didn't walk Main Street, for Heritage Days. Heritage Days weekend 2020 (10/9 - 11) was rainy. The “Corony Myopia Psychosis” was in full swing. It was raining “Corony” that day.

Heritage Days 10/10/2021

I told y'all yesterday that we might be at Heritage Days today! We were. We at dinner (lunch, as the Yankees call it), at the place where the Pizza Hut used to be, with my youngest brother and his family. We visited the homeplace. Then, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I, bravely, walked Main Street, on Heritage Days!

The center of Main Street is at the traffic light (green, at the time). The court house is to the right (south). The view is looking east. Heritage Days 2021 drew a good crowd this year.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, took the above photograph of me. The court house is behind me. How did I get that gray-headed? It's better to turn gray than to turn loose! Go Georgia Bulldogs! I told various “Farcebook” friends, who are friends in real life also, to look for me, wearing that T-shirt – if they were there at the time. We didn't meet anyone, whom we knew. I did meet a man, about my age, who works for WRGS – Rogersville's AM/FM radio station. We talked a bit, as we walked. He's a good guy.

Yes, the unknown woman behind me wore a mask. We saw one other wearing a mask. We were glad to see folks living as free people – in a once free and great nation. Appalachian heritage, stubborn and strong-willed as it is, will endure and overcome the “Socialist Utopian” agenda, in the USSA (or USA, until 1/6/2021). (I've written about it.)


Well, y'all keep living as free people, as our God-given right, in the USSA! Don't spend too much of that Monopoly money. A dollar ain't worth much these days. Heck, a $20 bill ain't worth much either. A $100 bill might buy you $10 worth of stuff – as $10 did 60 or so years ago. (I've written about it.) Okay, I'll get off my “soap box!”

As I wind down, in the evening, Molly doggy had been indoors with us. (She's resting for the night in her basement condominium now.) Gunsmoke had been on TV. (I found an old western afterward.) Work-a-day starts tomorrow. Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there! Ya hear? Well, it's dark now. I wonder when the light will return to this dark nation. We will see – maybe.