Sunday, February 28, 2021

Socialist Tools: Race, Gender, “Money Tree” Economics, & “Politically Correct” Speech (published 2-28-2021)

6/4/2023, Sunday, addendum: This author updated the title of his second article on 2/28/2021, to better reflect its content. Otherwise, I didn't change the wording. Over two years have passed. The content of this article is even more timely and current. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.


See the article from earlier today. At 4:20 PM, I will start writing about “poly-tics.” Note: “poly-tics” is from “poly” (many) and “ticks” (blood suckers). Previous articles have joked about that.

This second article today focuses on the socialist tools of race, gender, “money tree” economics, and “politically correct” speech. Don't let the socialists' tools distract you! Their tools are how they are deceiving this once great nation and driving it toward “Socialistic Utopian Oblivion!”

Socialist Tools

Race: I thought that skin color did not matter but that the content of character did. A wise man said that a few decades ago.

Why is there so much noise about skin color? Why is there so little focus on the content of character?

What is “systemic racism?” I was raised by the maxim, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” I was raised properly. I know it.

What are reparations? Do blacks (i.e., people of color, as if red, yellow, and white are not colors) need reparation? What about the Irish? “No Irish allowed.” My ancestors faced that prejudice. What about Irish reparations? After all, March is Irish History Month.

Race is a socialist tool. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.

Gender: I hear that the socialists want to allow boys, who think that they are girls, to play on girls' sports teams. Really?

Do you have an “innie” or an “outie?” If you have an “innie,” you are a girl. If you have an “outie,” you are a boy. God created male and female in His image. A very vocal minority has confused His image. The truth, however, is absolutely “boy or girl.”

Sadly, this is more than about sports. Socialists think that bathrooms should not have gender distinctions, that churches that follow God's law should be in danger, and that freedom to speak on this topic should be restricted. It's coming, folks. Wait for it.

Gender is a socialist tool. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.

Economics (i.e., “money tree”): Apparently, “demorats” and “republican'ts” both think that money grows on trees. The “economic stimulus” debate is hot right now.

On 1/11/2021, I published “Status of a Once Great Nation.” The article links to the US Debt Clock. At 4:50 PM, the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America) national debt is $27 trillion, 965 million, and chump change dollars. The debt increases every second. Check that website, if you are bored.

From where will come the 1.9 trillion in “stimulus” money? This once-great nation is broke. National debt has been higher than the debt-to-GDP ratio since 2013. See “Status of a Once Great Nation.” Today, those historical remarks have reminded me.

I assume that the USSA has a “money tree” somewhere. Otherwise, await the continuing higher cost of everything, as inflation leads to recession.

Economics (i.e., the “money tree”) is a socialist tool. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.

Politically correct” speech: I retain my God-given right to be free. That includes, among other freedoms, the freedom of speech. The “politically correct” movement, which started decades ago, is winning. Various media outlets have reported the recent news. I will not waste time, by delving further into the details.

By the way, where is my Parler account? Oh, there it is! It's back. My website is still here. The socialists have not taken it down yet. If they do, I will continue to speak, verbally and in writing, on other platforms. I will not be defeated. I stand.

Politically correct” speech is a socialist tool. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.


Well, at 5:40 PM, I'm done. I'll keep writing, if you keep reading. I heard Half Pint (our microwave's nickname) warming up supper. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had started a Sunday stew in the crock pot (or crack pot, as I call it). I wonder what Half Pint needs to warm. We should not have any leftovers. I heard potatoes being mashed. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman fed Molly (our doggy) her supper. Molly was lazy today. I don't blame her.

I'll stop now, to explore this domestic point of suppertime curiosity. Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there, you hear?



In my vanity, I was curious. I had to find out. Forgive my vanity.

Readership History

I own this website, Appalachian Irishman, until the socialists try to take it away from me. I will still have the God-given right to speak freely. The socialists may attempt to end that freedom. If so, I will go down, after having fired every written and verbal round. (That's my sarcastic, political humor, y'all.)

Analytics show me all-time viewer statistics. The internal link is Blogger Stats All Time, which only I can see.

The first article published is “HOW TO PRONOUNCE "APPALACHIAN" (published 3/6/2006; inaugural article).”

Analytics show annual view totals from June 2010 through January 2021. I see this month as well. Analytics do not go back to the initial article. The following list shows annual view totals by year. Only the last seven months are shown in 2010.

06/2010 – 12/2010: 3,207 total
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Views increased from July 2020 through December 2020. Interestingly, on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, total views were 1,036. That was the most in one day, from 9/1/2020 through 2/27/2021.


Thanks, y'all, for stopping by for coffee more often! This online platform does not generate income. It is a free speech platform, as my public journal and commentary.

What do I know? First, “If you write, they will read!” The number of articles published, by year, in reverse chronological order, is:

2020 (55)
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I didn't publish articles in 2007, 2015, or 2018. I started writing and publishing more articles in 2019 and 2020. “If you write, they will read.” That's my new maxim.

Second, what happened in July 2020? Well, I have written about it. What happened on January 6, 2021? I have also written about that. The official start of the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America) was on that date.

Finally, it seems that viewers enjoy the articles on “poly-tics” the most. I may, if I can tolerate it, write more on the topic, but don't cross your fingers in hope! Writing those types of articles drains me. I have enough willpower to write them. We will see.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

2/27/2021: 'LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS,' UPDATE


I wonder when we will ever get rain! It is too dry! The dust bowl is starting. We need rain!

Of course, I am joking. The last rain changed to sunny, but too warm, for a few days. That has changed to yet another rainy and too warm “winter” weekend. By the way, spring starts on 3/1/2021, not 3/20/2021. We have one more day of “winter.” Spring, as I hope, will be cooler and dryer than “winter” has been. Of course, spring could toss in a good snow or two! That would be good.

Life, Such As It Is

Side note: I finally posted my article, on the new cold virus, on 2/23/2021, Tuesday. I added an addendum, by my comment, today. It was a side note. The socialist propagandists still use the new cold virus, for their nefarious purposes.

Monday, 2/22/2021: it was a rainy day. I was working at home. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, continues to drive to/from her vice principal/teacher job, in Sevierville, daily. (Her sister, who has Corona Myopia Psychosis in spades, still “teaches” from home. Of the 30 educators in the school building, sister-in-law is the only one who “teaches” from home, as per Mrs. Appalachian Irishman.)

My dentist office had voice mailed and texted my cell phone, on 2/19/2021, Friday, while I was at work, at office, sadly. (I had been in the crapper at the time, taking a leak.) His office gave me notice: my 2/22/2021, Monday, at 9 AM, cleaning appointment is still set.

I had kept the reminder card, since my last annual cleaning. I didn't care. I had my left, upper crown done – 8/13/2020 (temporary filling), 9/21/2020 (temporary crown), and 10/19/2020 (permanent crown set in place). (I have written about it.) They had checked all my teeth. My teeth are fine. I brush and floss three times daily.

On 2/19/2021, after work, I had tried to call and leave voice mail, for my dentist, to say that I ain't coming! His voice mail system did not work, apparently. On 2/22/2021, his assistant called my cell phone (while I was working at home). She wondered if I was in their parking lot. I educated her, very quickly and politely.

I may set an annual cleaning appointment for a date and time in July of this year. Yes, I had some fun!

Tuesday, 2/23/2021: the rain yesterday turned to sunny and too warm. It was the work-a-day usual. I published my last article. (See the above side note).

On 3/29/2016, almost five years ago, I acquired my “bionic” left shoulder, right knee, and right foot. (I have written about it several times.) I was age 55. On 2/23/2021, Tiger Woods, at age 45, acquired his “bionic” right leg area, as best that I can understand. He may have left leg “bionics” also. He made the national news. I did not. One article, for him, is here. I have written my own articles, for me. They start here.

Tiger Woods is 15 years younger than me. He is famous. I am “infamous.” He has about ten years, until he reaches the point that he doesn't notice much difference – if he does all that he can do to help himself recover. I am almost at the five year mark – doing all that I can do to recover. I have about five more years to go. I am ahead of him. I could help him, if he would call me. That's my sarcastic humor, y'all!

Wednesday, 2/24/2021: I worked at home, in the insanity. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman worked to/from, as usual. She'd had told me, on 2/23/2021, that she was NOT going to get a "Corony" shot, at 5:30P today. Today, she arrived home at 5:47P, after having called me. I had no clue why the delay. She didn't tell me, by phone. Upon her arrival – after I'd swept out the garage and played with Molly doggy a long time – she informed me: she had the "Corony" shot, a little earlier than 5:30P. I had already started warming up the left over stew. Well, good, dear! I hope that you don't grow a new ear!

As of this entry, she is not growing a new ear. I assume that her sister will “man up,” to get her “Corony” shot. Afterward, her sister will have no excuse, to continue “teaching” from home.

Thursday, 2/25/2021: on 12/25/2003, Christmas Day, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were with Dad (who was still alive) and other Ferrell family, at the homeplace. My youngest brother and his wife presented us with Smokie. She became our “little kitty cat.” We had Smokie, until her passing, on 2/25/2015. She had lived almost 12 years. Smokie had been ill a little while. It was a form of feline cancer that the veterinarian could not cure. About 4 AM, while still dark, on 2/25/2015, we buried Smokie, under the back deck. We had been up with her most of the night. We had known her end was near. The temperature was about 15 F.

2/25/2021, I remembered. It's easy to remember. Dad joined Mom, on 1/25/2008. The dates are the same, plus one month and seven years, for Smokie. I wonder if Dad, Mom, Smokie, and the dogs who have gone on (Bandit, Wendy, Buddy) are having a great time. Smokie was a good kitty. All good dogs go to heaven. Good kitties do to. I know it. I can verify it, by logical reasoning.

Friday, 2/26/2021: well, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I survived another work week. The rain was coming. Oh, by the way, Molly doggy is doing wonderfully well. You should see me, as Molly and I play “doggies” outside! You should see us as we play “got 'ems,” when she is inside, every evening. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman should video record it!

Molly and I, however, were robbed of hiking House Mountain together, except for the few times that someone was with us, to help me. Molly and I hiked several times, before my 3/29/2016 “fun” started. We haven't hiked but a few times, when someone was able to help me. We were robbed, Molly! Eventually, we will hike with Bandit, Wendy, Buddy, and even Smokie – in the everlasting hiking realm.


Well, as I had told a neighbor earlier today, I have occupied my time, by this article. The rain held off enough, while I hauled trash. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman did the usual visit to her folks and IGA shopping. She added the Dollar General Store shopping, just for “fun.”

At 5:52 PM, I'm signing off, for now. I'm still working on my next article. It will be on the recent “poly-tics,” in this once great nation.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021



I had started writing this on 2/21/2021, Sunday, before House Mountain hike #176. I had wondered if 2 people attained age 21 on 2/21/21. I like my number play humor.

I had decided to take another effort to educate those who are still afflicted by Corona Myopia Psychosis. I do not have the Myopia. We all have the Psychosis. Some do not have the Myopia. I will attempt to clear the Myopia for those who have it.

The Data (2/21/2021)

(1) TN State Government COVID-19 Unified Command (via:

All end dates are Saturday. COVID-19 death totals are cumulative. I broke down the quarterly COVID-19 deaths.

TN 2020 COVID-19:

01/05/2020 (Sun.) - 03/28/2020 (2020 1st quarter; 12 weeks): 6 dead.


     03/07/2020: 0 cases (the date the data started to show).

     03/21/2020: 1 dead (the first death that shows).

06/27/2020 (2020 2nd quarter; 13 weeks): 584 dead – 6 = 578 new deaths.

     Note: 44.46 average deaths per week.

09/26/2020 (2020 3rd quarter; 13 weeks): 2,374 dead – 578 = 1,796 new deaths.

     Note: 138.15 average deaths per week.

12/26/2020 (2020 4th quarter; 13 weeks): 6,443 dead – 1,796 = 4,647 new deaths.


      357.46 average deaths per week.

     6,443 total 2020 deaths in 51 weeks = 126.33 average deaths per week.

TN 12/27/2020, Sunday, to 2/20/2021 COVID-19:

8 full weeks: 11,115 dead – 4,647 = 6,468 new deaths


      51 new deaths on 2/20/2021.

      808.50 average deaths per week.

TN 1/1/2021, Monday, to 2/20/2021 COVID-19:

11,115 dead as of 2/20/216,907 dead as of 12/31/20 = 4,208 dead in 2021, so far.

(2) TN IndexMundi (key COVID-19 numbers below match the numbers above)



TN 2021, as of 2/21/2021, 10:18 AM ET:

9,578 non-COVID-19 deaths (so far; the number keeps increasing).

+ 4,208 COVID-19 deaths (so far).

      Notes: this is 2021 COVID-19 deaths: 11,064 2/19/21 + 51 on 2/20/21 = 11,115 so far.

     - 6,907 12/31/2020 cumulative total = 4,208 2021 COVID -19 deaths (as of 12/20/21, Friday).

= 13,786 total 2021 TN deaths, as of 2/21/21, 10:18 AM ET.


(3) TN 2019 TOTAL DEATHS:;jsessionid=311A2150206900156684CFE45AB8

2019 total TN deaths 71,935

For the life of me, I could not find 2020 TN total death number. It is not there yet.

Observations from the Data (2/23/2021)

First, the average COVID-19 deaths per week are continuing to increase. The “mitigation” efforts either are hogwash and are not working or are saving the lives of countless others, who could have been included in the death totals. I suspect hogwash. I will not reference the valid science that refutes the pseudoscience that the socialist propagandists use. True science refutes the false science.

Second, the propagandists have won. The USSA is, as of 1/6/2021, an official “socialist utopia.”

Finally, I hiked House Mountain #176, Sunday, 1/21/2021. I have written about it. Why did I start this article? Why does anyone care, about the new cold virus numbers, etc., anymore? I don't know, unless it fits the socialist propagandists' agenda. They won. The historical USA lost. Several of us, not the majority, apparently, still STAND, as once free people, in a once free and great nation.


At about 5:22 PM, on 2/23/2021, Tuesday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, Molly doggy, and I are “livin' la vida Rona!” It ain't fun. We endure.

Keep on enduring, in the former USA, my friends! I may have another article on “polytics” in a day or so. Wait for it.

Monday, February 22, 2021

HOUSE MOUNTAIN #176 (Sunday, 2/21/2021)


On 12/30/2020, Wednesday, I had managed to get House Mountain hike #175 done. (I had taken vacation time off work.) Seven weeks have gone by. I hadn't hiked, for various reasons. The main reason was the too warm and wet weather, on those seven weekends. Other reasons exist. I blame myself for my “weakness” a time or two.

I almost hiked Saturday. In my laziness, I had decided to let the mud dry another day. That's my excuse.

House Mountain #176

Well, my mountain was still muddy enough, in the usual areas. On Sunday afternoon, 2/21/2021, I completed House Mountain hike #176. I hope you enjoy the photographs and my comments.

I started up at 1 PM, on the dot. I chose the easier east trail, because I wanted to reach the middle bluff faster.

The above photograph is about 15 minutes from the middle bluff. I decided to take the photograph, since I do not think that I have taken one at this spot in a while. The area is not too hard.

Farther up, the final switchback is still hard enough for my “bionic” knee and foot, especially in the mud. Hikers, over the years, have cut the switchback and eroded it, which makes it harder. I had to place left knee in the mud, to secure my position, to climb up. I do not have to do that, if it's not muddy. I have taken a few photographs of that switchback in the last year or two. You can find them, if you search my articles.

It took me 59 minutes, to 1:59 PM, to get to the ridge. I used to do it in about 40 minutes. My foot and knee do not slow me down that much! The mud slowed me down. Also, I talked with a few folks, who were hiking down, as I hiked up. I have the gift of the gab!

At 2:12 PM, I reached the middle bluff. (The time is the same before and after my “bionic” joints.) The above photograph catches some snow that is still in the shady spots. Do you see the snow? The angle of the sun wasn't good, for the angle of my image. My eyes saw the snow more clearly.

I am looking northeast, in the above photograph. Most of the middle bluff is to the south, in the photograph. I still enjoy the view, even after all these years of seeing it.

As I was leaving, I met a couple, who had arrived after me. The man and the woman both had “bionic” joints, as I do. They are both younger, by a few years. We talked “bionics.” They hike. I hike. They endure. I endure. They have endured more years than me. I'm only almost five years (from 3/29/2016) into my endurance. The couple inspired me.

From 2:30 PM to 2:45 PM, I walked back west, along the ridgeline, as I followed my own path to the middle bluff that was behind me now. Yes, I stopped to talk with a few hikers!

I hiked down the same east trail that I had hiked up earlier. The downward hike was from 2:45 PM to 3:59 PM. No, I am not that slow! I met a few more hikers, who were going up.

Notably, I met a group of three. The man was age 82. He is Mr. W., as I write now. I know his first and last name. Two others were with him. Mr. W. is a man of God and a brother in Christ. Recently, he was diagnosed with the same illness that my father-in-law has had for a couple of decades or so. They are the same age – 82. Mr. W. had to wait on the other two. They could not keep up with him! Mr. W. inspired me.

At 3:59 PM, I finished my hike. It was almost three hours, minus one minute. I have been noticing that my right knee and right foot seem to be doing something differently – possibly better. Of course, my left shoulder seems to be doing something possibly better, since 2/6/2021. My hike down was easier today. I feel something different in my knee and foot. I assume that it is progress. Give me another four or five years! I will make more progress, to the point that I don't notice much anymore!


The above photograph is my new 'ol truck. He loves to have his photograph taken. We were lucky, at arrival. A person who had this spot was leaving. I waited. We took the spot! Folks were parked everywhere! The lower lot was full. The spots on the side of the road were full. Folks were improvising parking spots.


At 5:58 PM, 2/21/2021, the time of this sentence, I might not get this article published until tomorrow. I'm hungry. I hear our Half Pint microwave warming up something. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has two minutes to say, “it's ready!”

Wait for my published post, on 2/22/2021. I can. Okay, on 2/22/2021, Monday, I published, finally. It's close to supper time. Time is 6:03 PM, at this publication.

Saturday, February 20, 2021



Why didn't I just go hike today? Low temperature was 10 F this morning. The high reached a balmy 42 F, approximately. The high pressure system is in control now. Well, I might hike tomorrow! I blame it on my own laziness or my “bionics.”

A few days ago, I figured out that -- of a person's twelve main joints (i.e., neck, left and right shoulders, left and right elbows, left and right wrists, hip, left and right knees, and left and right ankles) -- I have a quarter (i.e., three of the twelve) that are “bionic” (i.e., left shoulder, right knee, and right foot). Why the heck have I been complaining these almost (since 3/29/2016) five years? That's a “bionic” joke, y'all!

Life, Such as it Is, from 2/14/21 Sunday through 2/20/21 Saturday

2/14/2021, Sunday, was VD Sunday! That's Valentine's Day. I hope that y'all had a fun VD day. It was cloudy and damp. That means no hike.

2/15/2021, Monday, was Presidents' Day. I was off work, as a state employee. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, as a county (Sevier) employee, had to hit a lick. It was still cloudy and wet. No hike. I did the best that I could.

2/16/2021, Tuesday: I worked at home. It was “fun,” in my sarcastic style. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a “snow” day off work – paid. The low was 24 F. The high was 28 F. That's a mild winter day, in Russia. Also, our niece attained age 35 on this date. She was born in 1986. After work, I called her cell phone. I talked with “Uncle,” her son. He said that his mother would call me back. She did not, as of this entry. Well, “Uncle” said that all is well there.

2/17/2021, Wednesday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a two-hour “snow” delay, due to no snow. I continued my work-at-home. The low was 21 F. The high was 41 F, balmy.

Rush Limbaugh died, at age 70. One of the many links is here. He was from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We lived nearby, from 1986 thru 1994, before Russia (1994 - 1999). I remember. The USA lost a champion. The USSA had a "victory." He did well, in the political realm, by his radio show, etc.

I saw a video, on a TV station, where he had indicated that he had been saved, by God's grace, through his faith response. I hope so. If I, as the meager Appalachian Irishman, could have his audience, I would talk about the Good Lord's free gift offer often, in the context of historical, philosophical, political, etc., conversations. Rush didn't do that. I would. I don't have the platform that he had.

218/2021, Thursday: it was rain to clouds. The high was about 42 F, balmy. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a “snow” day off. What snow? I had an offer to work at home. I did. I won, for a change. Also, I had been hearing about “catch the wave” on a local radio station. I inquired, finally. An age 30 something man and I talked, after having exchanged e-mails. The “wave” folks want $4,050 from me, to “heal” my “bionics.” Insurance does NOT cover it. I turned down “the wave.” If the age 30 something man wants to hike House Mountain with me, I would enjoy that – if he can keep up with me.

2/19/2021, Friday: the weather was sunny, finally. It was 30 something for the high, balmy. We both “hit a lick.” I drove to/from the office, as my only day this week. The reason why is in the minds of the state bureaucrats. Their logic escapes me. I did it.

2/20/2021, Saturday: see my introduction. Why did I not hike today? I am a “coward.” The low was 10 F. The high was about 42 F, balmy. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman spent about $1,000, for her “haircut.” (It's a joke, dear. I know it was $135.60.) A haircut should NOT cost that MUCH, unless it's every three or four months. Tony's Best Clips charges $20, for my every-four-or-five week haircut. He used to charge $12, before the new cold virus. I know. At least Molly, doggy, and I had several minutes of fun outside, in the yard, after I'd had hauled trash and gotten gas.

Have y'all notice how the price of gas is going up? Remember, these are the “good” days, in the early USSA days. It will get worse soon. I know it. I am a political prophet. Mark my words.


It's 6:15 PM, at the time of this typing. When is supper ready, dear? You are 15 minutes late.

I'm 10-10 on the side. “It's ready,” she just said.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

2/13/2021: TONY'S BEST CLIPS


Do you remember, when the USA was a free nation, that you could walk into your barber's shop, on any given day, even on a Saturday, to get a fine haircut? No appointment was needed. I do. I had been doing so for years.

Well, the new cold virus and the transformation of the USA into the USSA stopped that last year, at some point. Since last year, I have been calling my fine barber and friend, at Tony's Best Clips, to set a haircut appointment, usually on a Saturday. (If you search articles on this, from 2020, you will find the historical comments.)

Tony's Best Clips

This website has views from several countries. I see number of views and from which nations. Viewers span the globe. For viewers in “Knoxvegas,” Tennessee, you will do no better than to visit my barber and friend, Tony.