Monday, May 25, 2020


Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, quite bravely, ventured into man world with me today! We visited the homeplace, in Hawkins County. My new, ol' truck took us.

Before arriving at the homeplace, a man needed to eat, and a woman could “eat a bite.” $13.15, counting tax, to eat at “Burger Dink”? Really? I knew that you wouldn’t believe me. Here’s the proof, not counting tax!

Dad used to say, “a dollar ain’t worth much now-a-days, boys.” I believed him then. I believe him now. The last time that I ate fast food was 7/6/2020. (I wrote about it.) That was “Burger Dink” also. Once or twice a year won’t hurt me!

Bellies fuller and billfold lighter, we ventured forth.

The above photo is the work that a 77-year-old well driller/repair man, and his grandson, did, on 5/1/2020 (May Day). Our fine neighbor, across the road, had done all the work digging, etc. The blue pipe section replaced the original pipe section that Ferrell’s Well Drilling had installed, in 1974. My Dad, Earl Ferrell, had drilled his own well (with the casing, pump, well housing, tank, etc.). Mom and Dad had planted four trees, near the well housing, for us four boys. Roots finally chipped a spot in a section of the original pipe. Forty-six years for that original section wasn’t too bad! The rest of the pipe is still sound. Dad would have been proud!

Our fine neighbor saw us and came by for a visit. His wife and he are doing well. They have a line from the well also. (Dad and he had made an agreement.) He figured that he owed me for the nominal cost, for the above pipe work. I figured that I owed him for all the work that he did! We laughed and shook hands. We’re even, but I still think that I owe him. He’s a fine neighbor!

The above photo is from the back yard, looking northeast. The grapevine still stands, is alive, and is beginning to bear fruit. There’s my new, ol' truck. (I think that he drove himself up a bit to get into the photo! I didn’t know that he could do that!)

The grapevine was a cutting from Granny and Papaw Wood’s grapevine, from their home in Bean Station. After Papaw passed, in 1983, Granny moved in with us.

The yard had been mowed not many days ago, by T&C Lawn Service. It looked fine, as always. Behind me, two men, each on a tractor, had just finished the first hay cutting. The field looked fine, as always.

After Mom passed, in 2000, Dad had said, before he passed, in 2008, “I’m trying to keep things going here.” So am I, Dad, so am I.

Memorial Day Memories

The “Fearghail” (aka Ferrell) clan had many fine memories, on Memorial Day, and other festive times, over the years. On Memorial Day, we always remembered the reason for the day.

As for me and my house, we are thankful to those who kept us free, by their ultimate sacrifice for freedom. “Hero” is a word that is utilized far too often today. Those who gave their ultimate sacrifice might not have called themselves heroes. They probably thought that they were just doing their jobs.

Let’s get the right job done, America, in tribute to those who made Memorial Day memorable. We owe them.

Sunday, May 24, 2020


Howdy, y’all, out there in Interweb land! (I track readership totals, so I know many are reading. I can’t see who you are. I can see only numbers. Your identities are safe here, as opposed to “Farcebook,” which knows too much about us. Post a comment every now and then, if you want to do so!)

Corona Myopia will NOT win! I override it! This is my FINAL article, on the topic. I have proved my points several times, in several articles. My points are fact, not opinion, as anyone skilled in common sense and logical reasoning knows. If you disagree, challenge me to a formal, public or written, debate!

The Corona Myopically Obsessed Stay Obsessed

On Thursday, 5/21/20, a man -- who had married a lady, by my ceremony officiating, a few decades ago -- posted, in part, as a reply to my 5/20/20 article: “this was pointed out by a friend after tracking my ‘biased’ posts and explaining what was wrong with each one. Incidentally, his recap of my post were [sic] inaccurate in most cases.”

Really? Corona Myopia is showing. My recap was ACCURATE. I did NOT explain the inaccuracy in EACH post. (Hence, your term was “recap.”) By the way, that “mini debate” was a fine “howdy do,” after these few decades with no contact.

The man had also posted, with no remarks, Tennessee State Annotated Code 58-2-107, as if the Code validates him. The title of that Code is “Emergency management powers of the governor.” "Emergency" is defined as:
“an occurrence, or threat thereof, whether
natural, technological, or manmade, in war
or in peace, that results or may result in
substantial injury or harm to the population,
or substantial damage to or loss of property;
provided, that natural threats may include
disease outbreaks and epidemics.”

“Substantial“ is not defined in the definitions section, which is a mistake in the Code. The Code refers to “an emergency beyond local control,” with various details and limitations. The Code appears to have the idea of military invasion, man-made or natural disaster, etc. -- true “emergencies” (by common definition).

As I’ve written before, regarding this new cold virus, the number of cases is not KNOWN. The number of recoveries is not KNOWN. The number of DEATHS is known (by constant media focus).

As of 5/23/20, 2020 COVID-19 deaths in Tennessee were 329 and in Knox County were still five, via Tennessee’s website.

As of early morning, 5/24/20, there had been 26,894 deaths in Tennessee in 2020 (the number keeps rising), which does NOT include COVID-19 deaths.

329 divided by 27,223 means that 1.2% of 2020 deaths in Tennessee (at that moment in time) had been by a new cold virus. 98.8% of deaths had been by something else. NOTE: I’d still like to see the 2020 deaths by all other factors, not just a new cold virus, but I can’t find them.

For national, as far as the CDC shows, for weeks ending 2/1/20 thru 5/16/20, with a 5/22/20 update (including various stipulations):
Total deaths: 922,510.
COVID-19 deaths: 73,639 (actual, “probable,” or “presumed” cause). I calculate 7.98% of total deaths.
Pneumonia plus influenza deaths: pneumonia 89,555 plus influenza 6,253 is 95,808. I calculate, for pneumonia, 9.7% of total deaths. I calculate, for pneumonia and influenza, 10.38% of total deaths.
NOTE: no OTHER causes of death are parsed out. I wish that the CDC would parse out other causes of death.

COVID-19 is a new cold virus. Pneumonia and influenza are viruses. Each, unfortunately, can cause death. The country seems to have cycled thru the seasonal influenza (various viruses). I hope the country is cycling thru this new cold virus and the pneumonia viruses.

I speculate that the Tennessee ‘guvrnor’ thinks that death totals by this new cold virus are his, subjective, definition of “substantial” harm from a disease outbreak or epidemic. (Again, case and recovery numbers are NOT relevant and are NOT known.) What type of “executive orders” will the ‘guvrnor’ issue, for other “substantial” harms caused by ongoing or cyclical disease outbreaks -- such as from cancer, stroke, obesity, heart disease, influenza, pneumonia, ad nauseum?

Further, to conclude the “mini debate,” as I referenced on 5/20/20, one scholarly source indicates that many “restrictions” do no better than few “restrictions,” for the 50 states. The green, red, blue, and gray colors are here. (Tennessee is barely visible, underneath West Virginia and Texas; all three green.)

Finally, the man ignored my remarks, regarding the consequences to the economy, health, religious freedom, etc., that the ‘guvrmint’ action on a new cold virus caused. I suggest -- as a means of further education, on many topics, not only related to a new cold virus -- the reading of The Patriot Post (which once had been named The Federalist). Here are one or two articles, to begin the education.

Saturday, 5/23/20, Free Actions

Yesterday, as a free man in a once free country, I did chores. I hauled trash. I bought “doggies” at the Tractor Supply. My new, ‘ol truck had an oil change (with only 1779 miles since 2/11/20 oil change). I got gas (first time since 4/18/20).

Various employees were wearing, not wearing, or sometimes wearing masks. Various customers were either wearing or not wearing masks. I passed a man who had his mask under his chin. I saw a couple. One wore a mask. The other did not. I didn’t bother to keep count. Many folks were out and about shopping, etc. I speculate that, maybe, 10% were wearing masks. No one spoke or judged me, for not wearing a mask. I judged none. One sales lady brought up the subject. Her mask had been on and off, at various times. She expressed my thoughts. We agreed. We didn’t judge those who wish to wear masks.

While driving about, I heard a national broadcast, on the local AM 760 radio station. I heard their position, regarding the ‘guvrmit’ restrictions on religion, etc., during this new cold virus. I said “amen” more than once! We would have been in full agreement, if I had been on the air with them.

Corrie Ten Boom

A very dear friend had cited, on 5/14/20 (on the date that Uncle Bobby was born, fittingly), the following valid quotation:
“If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed.
If you look within, you’ll be depressed. But if
you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest.”

My friend has a calm spirit that comes from her trust in the Lord. Her spirit continues to be a safe haven, when I get my Irish up. Thank you, dear friend!

Corrie Ten Boom faced a far more difficult life challenge than we will ever face. Corona Myopia will pass, even for the most bullheaded. In the everlasting perspective, Corrie Ten Boom had a far worse challenge. We have a new cold virus challenge now. In the everlasting perspective, this blink of an eye, on a speck of dust, world is boot camp! Let us move on toward Home, shall we?


6/8/20, Friday, note: V-E Day was observed on May 8, 1945, in Great Britain, Western Europe, the United States, and Australia. It was observed on May 9 in the (former) Soviet Union and New Zealand. I trust that y’all remembered

Memorial Day is tomorrow, 5/25/20, Monday. I trust that each of you will REMEMBER why we REMEMBER.

6/6/20, Saturday, future note: June 6, 1944 was D-Day. It was called “Operation Overlord.” I trust that you WILL remember.

7/4/20, Saturday, future note: Independence Day is to remember -- as a man running for president had said, in another context -- “you know; the thing.”

To conclude, I quote the final words of this article:
“The American spirit in 2020 still shouts,
‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’ as
Patrick Henry did in 1775. No exception
for COVID-19.”

What will be my next topic? It will NOT be Corona Myopia! Thanks, y’all, for reading!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Howdy, y’all, out there in Interweb land!

This afternoon work-at-home-a-day was very light. I did a bit of study, while paying attention to any new work that might come my way. It did not.

Corona Myopia Obsession

I found a classic case of Corona Myopia, from someone whom I know. From 5/17/20, Sunday, to 5/19/20, Tuesday – three full days, I counted this person’s nineteen total articles on the Interweb. The volume indicates Corona Myopia obsession. (It could be the thought of saving the less enlightened. I speculate only.) The person must have plenty of free time. I will not reference each of the nineteen articles. I will summarize instead.

5/17/20: the theme was: (1) the economy could, in speculative theory, be even worse, without all the forced restrictions. (2) “Social distancing” works. (A link to an article gave Hancock County some attention.) (3) Masks work. No guilt, judgment, or fear mongering were intended, of course. (4) Religious freedom may, or may not, be restricted for a while, legally, based on one lawyer’s opinion.

5/18/20: the theme was: (1) COVID-19 deaths are, possibly, under-reported. (2) Karma fell upon a husband and wife, who were against restrictions, but who both contracted COVID-19. (I hope that they, and his wife, in particular, recover well.) (3) One lawyer’s opinion is that state and federal ‘guvrmint’ has the right to violate our constitutional rights, in times like these, for a while, at least.

5/19/20: the theme was: (1) too many evangelical Christians (but I thought Christians were Christians) are gullible to online conspiracy theories, in the context of COVID-19. (Well, not this Christian, who is a Christian only.) (2) The ‘guvrmint’ mandated shutdowns (state and federal), quarantines, mask wearing, etc., are working. We must keep them in place; otherwise, another outbreak, as in China, may occur. (3) COVID-19 deaths are six percent of KNOWN cases. (Of course, the six percent of KNOWN cases is a scare tactic that is used often. It is an invalid method. The number of cases is NOT known. Who knows how many have, or have had, this new cold virus, but who have, or had, no symptoms? The math is a division of a fairly accurate number into an unknown. It’s NOT valid. The division of the COVID-19 deaths into the total KNOWN DEATHS is valid. I’ve written on this earlier.)

I am not judgmental, but the Good Lord said that I might be a fruit inspector. I inspected. I found Corona Myopia Obsession.


My current rebuttal, to a degree, will be overarching, not to each little detail.

First, I found a 4/5/20 Savannah Tennessee “The Courier” article that speculates that stay at home orders are either constitutional or not. My copy of the US constitution and the Tennessee constitution indicate that no executive order power exists. Of course, ‘govrmint’ could have suggested, in wisdom, that we the people do or not do certain things. We the people, in wisdom, could have gone along. That’s not what has happened. That’s not what is happening. The news media is ripe with the details. I’ve posted a point or two about it.

Second, states with few restrictions are doing better than states with more restrictions, in the COVID-19 counts. The link has scholarship behind it.

Third, “the U.S. unemployment rate exploded to 14.7% in April after more than 20 million jobs were lost to the coronavirus, but that is just the official number. The real jobless rate was at least 20%.” The link is here.

Finally, “’this is a surprise, overwhelmingly the people were at home.’ Cuomo said 66% of the people were at home, which he said was ‘shocking.’ He said those sickened were disproportionately older, starting at 51 years old and minorities.” The 5/6/20 link, one of many you will find, is here. I found a link that stated 80% of new cases were people at home.

Of course, I could continue my rebuttal. My other articles contain my previous commentaries.


It’s been almost 30 years, since my last formal, public debate. The individual is offered to meet me in written debate, via this website. We must first agree to a proposition. I will negate the following proposition that I now propose:
“Corona Myopia must continue, until we must learn to speak Mandarin.”

Does the individual agree to argue in the affirmative? (My tongue is placed in cheek firmly, of course.)

Let’s get over Corona Myopia, America, and get back to more work, before Corona Myopia kills the economy!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

UNMASKED – SOCIALISM & CORONA MYOPIA (published 5-17-2020)

I decided against House Mountain hike #171 this afternoon. Under the “any excuse is a good excuse” mantra, the weather is too warm and humid for my preference today. I could blame it on my left shoulder to left hip muscles “fun” that I’ve been enduring lately, but that would be a cop out. I’ve sweated many a T-shirt to the point of wringing it out by hand, after several hikes. I leave a spare T-shirt in my truck, into which I change, after having taken off the one that I soaked in sweat.

Let’s play the unmask game, instead!

Socialism Unmasked

On 5/11/2020, Monday, I saw a post by a grade school and high school friend that referenced a Bernard (i.e., Bernie) Sanders chart, which compared (the socialistic enough) healthcare cost in America to other (even more socialistic) healthcare costs in other countries. The chart indicated that America isn’t doing very well. (At this time, I will not take the effort to find the chart or to investigate the numbers on the cart.) The implication is that America needs more socialism in healthcare.

Well, that’s fine, if you drink the socialism Kool-Aid. I remember Dad telling us how much he had to pay the doctor and the hospital, each time, after each of us four brothers was born. He also told us how much the health insurance cost was back then. To him, the costs were reasonable and affordable. Dad said that medical costs and health insurance started going up, after the government started getting into healthcare, more and more. Dad was wise. Dad was right.

Take the time to investigate what people in other nations pay in total taxes. Compare that to what they pay for healthcare. Do the math. It’s easy enough, if you invest the time and effort. I will not do all that work in this article. I might do it in a later article. Nothing is free, except God’s grace. Someone pays for the healthcare, in some manner, every time.

Take the time to investigate the plethora of factors that has driven up and is driving up the cost of healthcare and health insurance in this country. There are many factors. The intrusion of government, with the various and usually unnecessary rules and regulations, is one factor.

The solution is easy. The Hippocratic Oath drives healthcare professionals. The free market, based on constitutional principals, drives healthcare costs and keeps them in check.

Bernard “P.” Sanders (aka “Fife”) believes in socialism. Let’s see him practice what he preaches! Perhaps, he will DEMONSTRATE his verbal diatribe, by getting by on a LIVING WAGE and by SHARING his “way too much money” with the less fortunate. Hey, Bernie, I’ll take a cut of your pie!

Corona Myopia Unmasked

I do not wear a mask when I’m out and about. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman does not either. We, out for our anniversary yesterday, did not wear masks. Other folks are wearing masks, either by choice or by employer mandate. I do NOT judge those who wear masks. THEY MUST NOT judge me. At least in Tennessee, the “right to chose,” to mask or not to mask, is yours –for now.

I have started to feel the negative, social peer pressure (via TV, radio, social media, etc.) to wear a mask. If I don’t, I’m not as loving or caring as the mask wearers. That is their implication. That is their manipulation. They are judging me falsely. They need to STOP it!

It’s all part of Corona Myopia, of course. The “guvrmint” is causing Corona Myopia.

TN Department of Health: The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has created an unprecedented health and economic crisis for Tennesseans.” Unprecedented health crisis? That is an exaggerated overstatement, to say the least!

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Unified Command, Tennessee State Government has the REALITY. First, I bypass the number of cases. How do they KNOW the number of cases? The number of cases COULD be far more than their known numbers. Many could have had COVID-19 (a new, hence the word “novel,” cold virus) without knowing it, since they had no symptoms. Second, I bypass the number of recovered. Again, how do they KNOW the number recovered? Folks could have had a mild case of it, gotten over it, and not been counted!

I look at the number of deaths. I regret the loss of life, for ANY reason. The number of COVID-19 deaths in Tennessee, as of today’s date, is 295.

On 5/17/2020, at 5:02 PM, the total number of 2020 deaths in Tennessee is

25,647. That number does NOT include 2020 Tennessee COVID-19 deaths. That web link shows 294 2020 Tennessee COVID-19 deaths, off by one number from the prior web link of 295. Thus, 25,942 total 2020 Tennessee deaths, at this entry.

COVID-19 deaths are 1.137% of total 2020 Tennessee deaths. I wish that Corona Myopia didn’t keep state number crunchers from parsing out the reasons for the other 25,647 deaths to date, but it does.

Let’s “dig a little deeper in the well, boys!” Tennessee has 95 counties. COVID-19 deaths:

-- 53 counties: NO deaths. (Hancock County has not had a COVID-19 case.)
-- 9 counties: 1 death in each county.
-- 9 counties: 2 deaths in each county.
-- 7 counties: 3 to 8 deaths, varies by county. KNOX COUNTY: 5 deaths.
-- 4 counties: 10 to 19 deaths, varies by county.
-- Davidson County: 41 deaths.
-- Sumner County: 41 deaths.
-- Shelby County: 85 deaths.

The rifle is still better than the shotgun, to hunt a squirrel, or to kill a new cold virus. The “guvrmint” needs to pick up a rife and stop using a shotgun.

To all mask wearers, wear your masks! To all non-mask wearers, we are just as loving and caring as the mask wearers! Don’t let the mask wearers intimidate you!

Mask wearers, we know your opinions. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELVES! By the way, non-mask wearers, DO NOT make fun of mask wearers! To both, “judge not lest you be judged.” I rest my case! Good evening, y’all!


In the 5/10/2020 Mother’s Day article, I referenced my “stealth mission,” on 5/9/2020. Yesterday was Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's 34th year of “long suffering” with me. (I speculate that she thinks otherwise.)

Several years ago, her mother had given her a pearl ring. A few years ago, the original pearl fell out and vanished. I had surprised her with a new, replacement pearl. Well, that replacement pearl had fallen out but did not vanish. I had been holding on to it, for the proper timing. Ah, wedding anniversary was proper timing!

On 5/9/2020, Saturday, I made a “stealth mission” to Fountain City Jewelers, to re-attach the pearl. In true Ferrell fashion, I was able to acquire the restored ring yesterday – just in time! Ain’t I a fine husband, dear?

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had a late lunch or early supper at Litton’s. (I think city slickers call that brunch. No, wait! That’s a late breakfast. What do you city slickers call a late lunch or early supper?) Of course, the employees were all wearing masks. Tables were spaced farther apart. We had a fine meal. The waitress shared my sarcastic sense of humor. We had a good time. Our COVID-19 compliant 34th wedding anniversary is one to remember!

Well, dear, I’m glad that you have been so “long suffering” to endure me as your husband all these years! The Ferrell in me doesn’t drop the “l-word” very often. Actions speak louder than words. I love you, dear.

Yes, yes, my readers are wondering why I have no photos. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, apparently, is still trying to get an appointment with her “barber,” or whatever you ladies call a barber. She thinks that she needs a haircut and whatever else her “barber” does, so I didn’t take a photo of her. By this means, I still get to eat her cooking at home!

Friday, May 15, 2020


My good friend and fellow patriot, J.C., sent an e-mail today, regarding Dr. Fauci’s YouTube site, on which he had stated that mask wearing is not beneficial. YouTube censorship has removed the site, effective either yesterday, after my previous post, or today. Did my 5/14/2020 post cause YouTube to remove that website post? Interesting!

The link that I referenced, in my 5/14/2020 post, was to Today, a day later, when I click my own link reference, I get: “this video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.” It says to click the link to learn more. I clicked the link. The link is here (unless YouTube takes it down). So, YouTube thinks that Dr. Fauci’s verbal statement, regarding how wearing a mask is not needed, violated their policy? I hope that Dr. Fauci files a lawsuit against YouTube! It’s free speech violation, in YouTube at least, and Corona Myopia insanity, of course.

Today, I found a still valid reference, in audio-video and transcript, to the exact same statement, by the so-called Dr. Fauci -- of approximately two months ago – in which he stated that mask wearing is not needed. (I speculate that his doctorate degree is from Cracker Jacks!) He’s a joke, of course. YouTube is a joke, of course. The reference is: “Tucker Carlson: We Didn't Appoint Fauci Dictator During This Crisis,” on RealClear Politics, by Tim Hains, 5/13/2020.

Okay, I’m done for now. It’s supper time. Let’s eat, dear! By the way, if I eat Friday fish dinner and drink my usual buttermilk, am I in violation of God’s unpardonable sin? The Good Lord has forgiven me before. I hope that He does so again!

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Uncle Bobby

My mother’s younger brother, uncle Robert Allen Wood, was born on 5/14/1939. He went Home on 1/18/1941. I have written about him elsewhere on my website. Uncle Bobby, wait on me a while longer! I’ll get there! Tell Granny and Papaw Wood, Mom, Dad, and so many others that I’ll see y’all one of these days! I love you, and I miss having never met you yet.

Corona Myopia – to Mask or Not to Mask?

My good friend, J.C., sent other “good job as always” e-mails today. The latest one inspired me to write.

Police assaulted a mother with her child, near the subway, for "not fully wearing her mask." The Twitter link is here. It’s insanity, of course. This is only one example. Here is a more credible source, on the same event. The NBC New York link is here.

By the way, there is a historical comment by Dr. Fauci, regarding no need to wear a mask. The valid YouTube link is here. I wonder if Dr. Fauci has ever apologized for his “fatal error.” I do not see him wearing a mask, when he’s on the various TV channels, ad nauseam, on a daily basis.

“Gaggle” search by “General Michael Flynn unmasked,” if you want to have a little fun. The political powers are fiddling while the USA economy burns, apparently.

My question: to mask or not to mask? General Michael Flynn is unmasked. Dr. Fauci said don’t wear a mask. He says now to wear a mask. I’m confused.

To all you folks out there in social media land, who are posting about wearing masks, as a means of negative peer pressure, I say, BE CONSISTENT! When the influenza annual cycle comes again, in 2020, 2021, 2022, ad nauseam, you MUST CONTINUE to wear a mask, even after this new cold virus (COVID-19) is old news. Otherwise, BACK OFF!



I miss my Uncle Bobby. I will meet him for the first time, one of these days. In the mean time, this short-term INSANITY will go away, eventually.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

MOTHER’S DAY 20th, HOUSE MT. #170, SEMI-FREE MAN, & CLEARING CORONA MYOPIA (published 5-10-2020)


Hello, to everyone out there in Interweb land!

Mother’s Day 20th

I hope that you are having a great Mother’s Day, are surviving Mother’s Day, or are enjoying being pensive on Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day marks two decades, since my brothers and I were last able to celebrate with Mom. Mom “went to see Jesus” on 12/27/2000. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her family are on year three, since my mother-in-law passed. It gets easier, dear. I know. By the way, my Mother's Day, 5/14/2017, article was an important day to me.

 House Mt. #170

Since I have power in my body, what else could I do, on a fine, cool enough, and clear Mother’s Day? I attained House Mountain hike #170, for my grandmothers (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, Lula Frank Amos Wood), my mother (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell), and my mother-in-law (Phyllis Ann House Gordon).

This is another, usual, photo from the west bluff, looking east. I touched my rock, to check my time, at 34 minutes, again. This must be my “bionic” “new normal” (pun intended). I did not count the number of people and groups that were there or that arrived there. I haven’t seen that number of folks at the same time, on the west bluff, in a while! Good! I conversed with several. Many folks were just outside the range of my phone camera on this photo.

I waited until I had a moment of solitude, to take this photo, on the same west bluff area, but looking west this time. In the now vacant area, several folks in groups had been enjoying the day on a ridge!

Yes, you know my new, ol' 2006 Nissan Frontier. He still wants to have his photo taken! Thursday, 4/16/2020, was the last Synergy Auto Wash, where fine folks do hand washes, that my truck has needed, aside from a “country boy” hand wash, when a little rain got us, while hauling trash, on Saturday, 4/25/2020. To work from home means that I walk five seconds to my home office. My new ol' truck doesn’t need to endure the weather. He’s happy!

Semi-Free Man

As a free man, in a once free country, I feel as if I have become “semi-free.” Why?

Yesterday, the folks at my every-four-week deep tissue massage had re-opened, after the ‘govrmint’ had closed them illegally. They had postponed my 4/11/2020 massage, due to forced and illegal closure. Yesterday, I was able to get my eleventh massage, finally. (I had signed up on the one-year plan, on Friday, 7/5/2019. My still recovering muscles have been showing improvement.) Of course, I knew that they would force a mask on me when I arrived. I didn’t know that they would take my temperature, force me to wash my hands, sanitize my hands, and sanitize my hands again, after the massage! It was insanity, of course. I did it all, since I wanted a massage. How many others have been in need of “elective” surgeries, medical appointments, therapy appointments, etc.? I am just one of many.

After my massage, I went on a stealth mission (for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman). You will find out more, in my next article! While on that mission, I happened to notice that my good barber had his open sign lighted! Good! I parked and walked to the locked door and knocked. He was just finishing his current appointment. He’s following the illegal “executive order” that “allowed” him to be a free barber, in a once free country.

Thus, on a fine, sunny day, I dropped the tailgate of my new ol' truck and relaxed a few minutes! (The barber shop is not visible, to the left.) It is, apparently, still illegal to wait in the barber shop, for your turn. I had not called ahead to book an appointment. I had happened to be driving by to see my barber open. My barber closes at 2 PM, on Saturdays. I had arrived about 1:45 PM. He finished his current appointment and then he “worked me in” for a fine haircut!

I have become a semi-free man in a once free nation!

Clearing Corona Myopia

While I was out and about yesterday, as a semi-free man, I learned, from a very credible source, that the State of Kentucky will fine a resident for not wearing a mask – even if a person is mowing his or her own yard, on his or her own property! It’s insanity, of course!

My credible source told me that she was mowing the family yard, on family owned property, on 5/2/2020, Saturday. She was not wearing a mask. She, apparently, was engaged in an illegal act! An officer saw her. The officer gave her a $500 ticket. Her court date is on 7/1/2020, Wednesday, which is three days before Independence Day. The story drips with irony. My credible source will stand in court to defend her rights, as a free human being. She will win.

Via “As state works to reopen economy, 37,000 Tennesseans filed unemployment claims last week, lowest since March,” on Nashville Tennessean, by Cassandra Stephenson, published/updated 5/7/2020, here are five quotes (with my red added for emphasis).

. . . economists expect April's jobs report, which will be released Friday, will be the worst on record with an estimated unemployment spike of between 15 and 20%.

The onslaught of claims has overwhelmed the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

. . . Tennessee stands to lose an estimated $5 billion to pandemic-related closures this year . . . .

On April 27, restaurants in most counties were allowed to resume serving dine-in customers at half capacity. Retail stores and gyms were also allowed to open with reduced capacity last week. (Notice “allowed.”)

Salons, barber shops, nail spas and massage therapy services were permitted to re-open Wednesday at 50% capacity, with strict guidelines to accommodate social distancing and maintain the use of protective face coverings, among other things. (Notice “permitted.” Apparently, this is how I have become a semi-free man.)

As of 5/10/2020, 6:47 PM, via TN Department of Health, Epidemiology and Surveillance Data:

    Tennessee – 243 total deaths.
    Knox County – 5 deaths.
    Shelby County – has had 68 deaths, the highest in
      any county.
    Most counties – deaths are single digit (0 to 9).
    Many counties have had zero deaths.
    By far, the majority of deaths are in the age 61 and
      over population.

The website has much more information.

I target shoot. A person must have good vision to target shoot. I have hunted. A hunter knows that you don’t use a shotgun to hunt a squirrel. You use a small caliber rifle.

The ‘guvrmint’ folks are not good hunters. They have used a shotgun to kill a squirrel. They MUST clear their Corona Myopic vision, by using a rifle, in a constitutionally correct manner, to kill COVID-19, not the state economy.


I have cleaned my verbal weapon for now. I feel better. Don’t you?

Tune in again for more information on my stealth mission of yesterday!