Saturday, September 21, 2019


Hey, the last title was pretty good! Why not stick with the pattern? Ha!

Howdy, to my “millions” of readers! Ha!

9/17/19, Tuesday, work-a-day (Dad’s birthday, in 1927): wife of my youngest brother and he went to Knoxville, for her 9/4/19 (Papaw Wood’s birthday, in 1901) left foot surgery follow up. Here’s a photo youngest brother took of his wife’s left foot in surgeon’s office. Ain’t it a “purty” foot?

Well, sister-in-law is allowed to place weight on her surgically repaired, “bionic” left foot but not to walk on it yet. That’s, at least, better than my 2016 “fun:” 3/29/16 didn’t die by idiot who failed to yield to my right of way; unaware of what was going on left shoulder and right knee surgery; and when I knew what was going on, 4/13/16 right foot surgery! We are making progress here! (I wonder if the Good Lord cares, in the short-term. He cares and knows the long-term.)

9/19/19, Thursday: it was work-a-day for me. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman took a day off, to take her father to a medical appointment, etc. I remember when I did that for Mom and Dad, back in the day. Remember these days, dear! You honor your father, as you did your mother before she passed.

9/20/19, Friday: why did our mower guy mow today? It’s been too hot, too dang hot! It has not rained all month! Why the heck did you mow? Do I need to fire you and start mowing myself? I can do it! I have power in my body, such as it is! I’d rather take the easier route by paying another to mow for me right now. We’ll see what happens! (By the way, I suppose “Algore” was right on this “global warming/climate change bovine excrement! Ha! Why is Greenland called Greenland, when it is not very green now? I could ramble on with proof, but I won’t, today!)

9/21/19, Saturday, today: for me, it was the usual: once-a-month haircut, good truck wash (but I treated my new, ‘ol truck to one last Saturday!), and Tractor Supply. I found/bought almost everything needed for Molly “puppy” today! (Get the Milkbone “doggies” in the plastic bottle in stock!) I found/bought the last pecan log they had in stock! (Last month, there was none. I gave the empty box to and informed the clerk! Two months ago, none; I informed the clerk!) I have a once-a-month, Tractor Supply pecan log! Here’s the photo!

How ‘bout them “Vowels” today? They got their backsides handed to them, again, as usual, by Flor-I-Da! Ha! I hope that MY Georgia Bulldogs do much better, against them thar fake Irishmen, at 8 PM, this evening!

Oh, side note on world disasters and USA politics, crap happens! That’s why “this world is not our home; I’m just a passin’ through.” Politics? It’s from poli (many) + tics (tics) = many tick suckers!!

Y’all keep turning right and going straight out there, ya hear?

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