Sunday, September 29, 2019


Let’s keep the title pattern a goin’ a bit. Recon? Why not?

Sunday, 9/22/19, was “cat dog” surprise! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman informed me, without my choice option, that she was going to get “cat dog,” to stay with us, to “cat dog sit,” until “favorite” sister-in-law did afternoon errands. Well, Molly (our doggie) and I survived, once again! “Favorite” sister-in-law came, got “cat dog,” and rescued Molly and me!

Monday, 9/23/19: well, what do you know? At the end of work-a-day, we had a little, puny, pop up shower! The drought it over! Not! Ha!

Wednesday, 9/25/19: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a one-year follow up medical appointment, for one of her several 2018 appointments “fun.” The 2018 series of medical stuff involved: “what happened to you? We don’t know? You are fine! Come back in a year, if you want to.” She wanted to, apparently. What do you know? She’s still fine! That’s the way to get out of a day’s work, dear! Proud of you!

Oh, I almost forgot! Also, on 9/25/19, for some unknown and totally illogical reason, the State of Tennessee bureaucracy, in it’s infinite ability to be completely incapable, send me an e-mail rejection, regarding an application for a State job, to which I NEVER applied! It’s bureaucracy in its finest hour (at least at the State level)! Ha! Don’t get me started on federal bureaucracy and on all the federal “govrmint” folks that drone on about nothing on the 24/7 news channels that I watch rarely, when nothing else is on TV! One of these days, we all had better learn to speak Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, or Russian! (But wait! I speak Russian! Ha!)

Thursday, 9/26/19: after work-a-day insanity, as usual, I drove home in a good little pop up rain, but the closer I came to home, the less rain was dropping. I think that I found one or two rain drops in the yard! Hey! We are making rain progress here! I need to continue my evening rain dances in the back yard!

Friday, 9/27/19: while stuck at the only Gibbs center “mega metropolis” traffic light (red, of course, three times!), on my way to TGIF work-a-day insanity, again, as usual, I happened to notice that my new, ‘ol truck was at 169,000 miles exactly and at 135 miles on my last 9/21/19 gas fill up! Now, to an Appalachian Irishman, that’s worthy of a note here. Therefore, it is so noted. Ha!

Saturday, 9/28/19: on the way to hauling trash, monthly deep tissue massage, and getting gas routine, I saw two good neighbors, husband and wife, out walking. I was in a hurry, spoke briefly, and called the man after arriving home! That’s the way we do this in our good neighborhood!

By the way, Saturday was my fourth, monthly deep tissue massage that is followed by my usual monthly chiropractic appointment (10/1/19) upcoming. I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe, in a few or several more months or years, the soft tissue damage that is still recovering will recover back to the way it was before 3/29/16, when my body had the drastic evil inflicted upon it by an idiot driver. We’ll see.

Y’all keep turnin’ right and goin’ straight out there, ya year? Until next time, WHEN THE HECK IS IT EVER GOING TO RAIN A LOT AND TURN COOLER??? I NEED to start my fall hiking! What was going on back decades ago, when it was this hot at the tail end of September, when there was no “global climate change?” Now, that just opened a can of worms! Ha!

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