Sunday, May 14, 2006

ILLEGAL ANALOGY (published 5-14-2006; updated 6-26-2022)

We have a large, fine home with plenty of room. It is the envy of many in the neighborhood.

We regularly invite our neighbors over for the evening or to stay the weekend. They ring the doorbell and come in through the front door. They conduct themselves politely and properly. They leave willingly, when it is time to go. On occasion, an invited neighbor acts out of turn or over stays his welcome. He is not invited back.

Many in the neighborhood face difficulties in their own homes. We invite some of these neighbors into our home, not as guests, but as new family members. We take them in willingly, and we would take in more, if we had additional room. These neighbors are grateful, agree to obey the rules of our house, take on our last name, study our family heritage, and leave behind adherence to their old homes. We celebrate when we are able to help such neighbors!

Lately, however, some neighbors have tried to sneak in through a back room window. They do not have the dignity or courtesy to wait to be invited in through the front door. We ran them out at first, but they returned. So many started coming in! We couldn’t stop them!

Mother wanted father to increase security around the house, to keep out these uninvited neighbors, but father saw that some of them were cleaning the house, taking out the trash, mowing the yard – doing chores that house members did not want to do. So, he allowed them to keep sneaking in. Mother kept telling father that these neighbors were eating our food, using our medical supplies, and hurting us physically, but father didn’t care. He just noticed how the uninvited neighbors washed his car so well.

Some of the family even argued that we must allow these uninvited neighbors to come in, because we are so wealthy and they are so needy. “Why can’t we go to their homes and help them? Why can’t their own fathers and mothers help them?” I asked, to which I received no reasonable reply.

In time, these uninvited neighbors demanded that we take care of them! They wanted us to change our last name to theirs! They demanded their “rights” as equal members of the family! Our once well kept home is now in need of repair.

Why can’t these uninvited neighbors just wait to be invited in by the front door?


MYSTIC said...

Thanks for the visit. You are welcome anytime. YOU are an invited guest, just don't make a mess or we will have to Nationalize the Gaurd and patrol the blog. You wouldn't require me to speak the ole Irish would you? Will I have to educate you and give you free medical care and pay for your lawyer too? Hmmmmm!

RWGames said...

Should we invite the whole world's population of 6 billion to come to the U.S. without any restrictions? That is apparently what the airheads of this world are saying.

TB was stamped out in the U.S., but now is making a comeback because we have no border security. I've heard that a 1/3 of the prison population in California is made up of illegal aliens. If true who do you think is paying for this?

Why is health care and education so expensive today? Could it be because there are a lot of freeloaders involved?

Is this why as an American citizen you have to wait for hours in the emergency room because it is flooded with those who have come here illegally and have overwhelmed the infrastructure of the country? Or is this why schools have to have additional staff to handle all the kids who can't speak English?

Cheap and illegal labor is good for somebody, but overall how does it affect the economy and is it good for everybody? When you are a 40 something year old American carpenter who can no longer find work because your competition comes here illegally and works for low wages, is this a good thing for America? For some Americans it may be, but for others it certainly is not.

And if these illegal immigrants are so productive and good for the economy, why is the economy where they came from so terrible? In other words, if they are that good why couldn't they build a great economy where they were at? Most come from Mexico and most of the citizens there are dirt poor.

This is not to say there are not any good people who came here looking for an opportunity and do work hard and make a contribution. There are many who do manual labor at a cheap wage. But if the family is on social services, paid for by you the taxpayer, how cheap is the wages being paid in reality?

It is to say that we as Americans don't seem to have the desire or will to enforce our own laws regarding immigration. Therefore whoever wants to move into our "house" will do so, whether they be a person with infectious diseases, a thief, a murderer, a rapist, or whatever. And most of those types are looking for an "opportunity".

An open door policy with no real restrictions or accountability can lead to problems for your household or your country.

But those who don't think so should propose that we eliminate the INS. That way they could come out fully in support of open borders and if that is what we are going to have then let's at least save some money by eliminating this useless government agency.

M. Fearghail said...

On 8/2/2022, Tuesday, I realized that I didn't reply to and thank Mystic and RWGames. Mystic still has two websites, but his last photograph article was on 7/4/2014. Mystic wrote several comments on several of my articles – years ago. I wrote several comments on his websites, again, years ago. I hope that he's doing okay. RWGames has no website, but his 9/27/2006 comment was an article in itself!