Thursday, March 21, 2019

HOUSE MT. #156, Saint Patrick's Day: 7 Humans and 3 Dogs! (published 3-21-2019; updated 7-21-2022)


Well, well, my last article was on 6/14/2017. My how life goes by! Here I sit, plunking away again, finally, on 3/21/2019. Earlier today, my “long-suffering” wife had a medical appointment. It was for a minor problem that is resolved, thankfully. Both of us have a day off work. That's good! It gives me time to write.

My 6/14/2017 article was about my 5/14/2017 Mother’s Day hike on House Mountain (hike #138). As of Sunday, March 17, 2019, St. Patrick’s Day, I have hiked House Mountain 156 times. That is 20 hikes, so far, since I acquired my surgically installed “bionics” – metal pins and screws, in left shoulder, right knee, and right foot!

(I had to pause writing for a few minutes. About 3:30 PM, my “long-suffering” wife came back from visiting her folks, who live about 3.5 miles away. I'm back now!)

House Mountain #156

The following two photographs are from House Mountain hike #156, on 3/17/2019, St. Patrick’s Day Sunday! This was the first time that I have had seven humans plus three dogs hiking with me! The seven humans were my youngest brother, his wife, and their two daughters; our niece; and my wife and me. The three dogs were Molly (our doggy), my brother’s dog, and our niece’s dog. Enjoy the photographs!

By the way, life rolls on, day by day!

Dear Lord, let me die soon and easy, to go Home! My “bionic” joints are aggravating me too much!

What, Lord? Not yet?

Okay. Whatever.

I'll continue to endure my ongoing recovery. Hiking helps.

The photograph below is near the west bluff. Five humans and two dogs made it that far! (My wife, our niece, and our niece’s dog turned back at the first of the six switchbacks on the hike up.) By the way, a goat was on the bluff, as we came near it, on the hike up. My youngest brother, in manful form, chased off the “dangerous” goat!


The photograph below is at the parking lot – after the complete hike, by five humans plus two dogs! I see two Nissan Frontier trucks! Mine is the 2006, behind Molly and the information sign. My youngest brother’s is the 2017, on the left side, with tailgate showing.


We “rock ‘n roll” through life, by God’s grace, if He cares! Well, He does care. Sadly, God's providence allows bad things to happen to good people.

If the uninsured chicklet had been a few seconds faster or slower, on 3/29/2016, then she would not have hit my 1995 Nissan pickup and me. Providence allowed the event.

I get mad, at times. I think, “God, if you care, why didn't you prevent the uninsured chicklet from killing my truck and almost killing me? A few seconds earlier or later would have helped!”

God allows bad things to happen to good people, in this temporal realm. He knows that the good folks, who are saved by his grace, will have joy, in heaven, our everlasting home. I continue to endure, with that thought in mind. Hiking helps – especially with family, on St. Patrick's Day!

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