Sunday, April 21, 2019

Good Friday – Passover 4-19-2019

Good Friday was on 4/19/2019. As it happens at times, the date was also the first day of Passover. (See my 4/13/2019 article.)

Well, 4/19/2019 was rainy and windy, so, in wisdom, I did not go to the homeplace, to fire live rounds for target shooting.

Instead, yesterday, 4/20/2019, the “long-suffering” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I drove to the home of my youngest brother and family (wife and two daughters), in Rogersville. The four female folk did female folk things.

Doug and I, in his new-to-him Nissan Frontier, went to the homeplace. The weather was cloudy, windy, and off and on rainy, but not as bad as the day before. We stood back upright Granny Wood’s grapevine support that had fallen a few months ago. The grapevine is still living. Doug planted flowers in the flowerbed, near the front porch, in memory of Granny Wood and Mom.

Afterward, as a light rain began to fall, we both did a little target shooting! (That morning, I had predicted that rain would fall as we started to shoot.) I shot my new, replacement Ruger LCP for the first time. We only fired a few rounds, but we shot well. I shot better than I thought that I would, after my over three-year “sabbatical” from target shooting!

Unfortunately, I forget to take any photos. The photos are in my mind. It was a fine day.

I have checked off another goal. I have replaced my Ruger LCP and gone target shooting again! A next goal is to be able to run as I once did, before having the surgically installed metal in my left shoulder, right knee, and right foot. Lord willing, by my shear determination, I WILL do that one day!

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