Sunday, October 06, 2019


Well, “hear I sot,” close to supper time, a ramblin’ on, as usual! Howdy, to all my “millions” of readers, who gave up the “Farcebook” scam to join me here!

I do not want to “hit a lick” at work tomorrow. How many of us, honestly, do?

10/1/2019 was the usual, after work, monthly chiropractor adjustment. It followed my monthly deep tissue massage, on Saturday, 9/28/2019. I may be making s-l-o-w progress. We’ll see.

10/5/2019, Saturday: what do you know? I may have forced the two Internet banking accounts to talk to each other and to transfer the green stuff, when I tell them to! It’s a win, so far! Also, I voice mailed my youngest brother, in Russian, on his landline twice and on his cell phone once. No reply yet. I assume that his family and he are plinking and plunking along okay. (I’m 1.25 hours away, so I don't know.) Oh, how ‘bout my “Dawgs?” They beat them “thar” “Vowels,” into the ground, on their home field! “Dawgs,” you might want to start at full speed, even against a weak opponent, in the future. You’ve started slowly twice now. Get serious! (I have to tell my “Dawgs” a thing or two also!) Lastly, well, what do you know? We had a bit of thunder and some rain over night. Is fall coming? We’ll see. Recently, we broke heat records, from 1884. Papaw Ferrell was four years old then. I wonder what he did to cause “global climate change” back then? I need cool, fall weather, to hike!

10/6/2019, Sunday: since yesterday, I’ve tried to impose myself into an upcoming debate, regarding Christ’s second coming. (See my 10/5/2019 article.) Some people just have too much free time on their hands! Come soon, Lord, come soon! I took a good Epson salts soak this morning, just “for fun!” One of these days, maybe, my muscles and the various muscle tissues will quit their pulling and tugging and leave me alone! Otherwise, I endure, day by day! Let’s go hike a ridge! It ain’t fun, moving about like a fine tuned race car, with a busted suspension. I suppose that I will keep doing so, until I die or the Lord returns. Return, dear Lord, soon!

Hey, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, I’m gettin’ hungry! When’s vitals? Y’all keep turnin’ right and goin’ straight out there, ya hear?

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