Sunday, March 08, 2020

FOUR-WEEK REVIEW, WOMEN’S DAY, ”GUVRMINT” TIME (published 3-8-2020; updated 9-25-2022)

9/25/2022: updated for style and title change only. My words remain the same.

Four-Week Review - a Long Introduction

Week 1: Sunday 2/9/2020 - Saturday 2/15/2020:

Well, don’t we still need even MORE rain? Where’s Noah? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was off work, due to too much rain, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Working two days out of five must have been tough! Ha! I worked each day, sometimes using my ol' truck as a boat, when needed. Friday, of course, was VD (Valentine’s Day). Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to hit a lick at work. I’d told her the day before that I would not send the usual roses to her at work, since I had estimated that the school system might close, again, on that day, due to all the rain. Well, wasn’t she surprised when her roses arrived at work, as usual!

See my next entry, regarding the Bulls Gap Middle School girls’ basketball team that placed fourth in the state! Our niece was a starter on that fine team!

Saturday was partly sunny, finally! We enjoyed a fine get together, with our dear friends, at the home of the one who had attained the grand age of 60 on 2/6/2020. We always have a great time! Ask someone about the song, “Play that Funky Music,” on Alexa, and what happened!

Week 2: Sunday 2/16/2020 - Saturday 2/22/2020:

Monday was Presidents’ Day off work for me. It was sunny and too warm. My ol' truck and I went to check on the home place, in my hometown! That was our first time there since 11/29/2019. We took the 20-year Christmas tree with us. That memorial tree is resting at the home place now. Here are photos of the tree and my ol' truck, who loves to have his photo taken.

I also had a fine visit with the across the road neighbors. They seem to be doing well enough. They are fine neighbors!

Well, the rain came back the very next day, stayed a while, and then turned into “snow” (aka dandruff). Mrs. Appalachian Irishman left work early Thursday, due to early closure by “dandruff,” and went to work late Friday, due to late opening by the same “dandruff.”

Week 3: Sunday 2/23/2020 - Saturday 2/29/2020:

Sunday afternoon: HOUSE MOUNTAIN HIKE #167 is in the books! Can you tell which foot has the “bionic” parts installed? It’s the right foot. I still feel the difference in every step, but the difference is not as much as it used to be. My ol' truck clocked 173,500 miles even, just as we were on the way home!

I took a day off from work on Monday, to see my dentist for my annual cleaning and inspection. “Come back in another year, as usual!” Also, on Monday, I mailed an old fashioned postal letter, to my youngest brother and his wife’s eldest daughter, in tribute to our niece being a part of a fine Bulls Gap Middle School girls’ basketball team that won fourth place in the state tournament, in Smyrna, Tennessee! (I’ll have another post after this one that will have all the details!)

Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to miss work, due to a bad case of the crud. She saw her doctor Tuesday. She went back to work Thursday, after another two-hour “dandruff” delay.

Overnight Wednesday to Thursday, my ol' truck was hospitalized, so that a crankshaft sensor could be replaced. Ok, Nissan, why is the crankshaft fine, but the sensor that checks it is bad and needs to be replaced? Why is there a crankshaft sensor in the first place? It’s a scam to get more money!

Saturday marked another leap year. I did the IGA errand, etc., while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her sister went to Maryville, for a work-related reason, with no pay. That’s “fair.” I hope that they send their school system employer a bill, but I doubt that they will. I would have done so!

Week 4: Sunday 3/1/2020 - Saturday 3/7/2020:

Sunday marks the first day of spring, as if we had any winter. No, spring does not start on 3/19/2020! I’ve explained this to you before!

March came in like a lion, Monday night through Tuesday morning. Middle Tennessee got the damage, with the tornadoes there. This world is not perfect. Tragedies happen, unfortunately. This world is not our home. We are just passing through. Heaven is home. No disasters will be there. Such tragedies here remind us of this, sadly. Thankfully, Nashville sister-in-law and her home were not damaged.

Friday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to take off work, to go back to her doctor. The crud is still with her, unfortunately. I hope it does not turn into the three-month “kick you butt” virus that I endured from November 2012 to early February 2013.

Saturday would have been a fine day for House Mountain #168, but my “bionic” body parts were not up to it. Instead, I found a beach ball near the fence line in the back yard! How it arrived there, I’ll never know. Molly has a new and fun toy! I wish I’d had my phone camera with me! We had fun “hiking” in the yard at least!

Women’s Day/”Guvrmint” Time

Women’s Day: Всем добрым женщинам, особенно друзьям в России, желаю счастливого женского дня! (To all dear women, especially friends in Russia, I wish you happy Women's Day!)

“Guvrmint” Time: Well, the “guvrmint,” once again, forces me to set all the clocks back an hour. The jet lag, or possibly my “bionic” body parts, forestalled my desire to hike “My Mountain” this afternoon. Darn it!

As a boy, I recall Papaw Ferrell complaining about that darn “government time!” I keep up his tradition! After all, my first name was his first name. He did not have a middle name. Mom had a say in my naming too! My middle name of William is from her father’s middle name. His name was Aby William Wood. Don’t call me Bill! I am Marion William Ferrell, in the proud Irish meaning of Marion (Merrion) and Ferrell (Fearghail). I wear my middle name, in full, proudly also!


Well, let’s eat soon dear! I hope you are well enough to work tomorrow. Otherwise, burn a sick day to get better. I assume that my two-day rest of my “bionic” body parts has me ready for another work-a-day week!

Good evening, y'all. Oh, by the way, to my known family and friends, if you ever post a comment here, I’ll set you up to post anytime, without my moderation first. After all, I’m still hanging out here in the backwaters of the Interweb, but I’m working on taking over “Farcebook!"

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