Sunday, July 25, 2021

WHAT WAS THAT 7-20-2021 PHOTOGRAPH THAT I HAD TAKEN? (Published 7-25-2021)


Howdy, y'all! My readers total about 200 to 300 a day, on average, which is not bad. I can see total readers by nation and date. I can't see the details of each reader. My readers are secured confidentially here far better than on “Farcebook!” I hope that my articles are helping my readers. My total readers have dropped a little, into the 100 to 200 daily range, recently. That's due to my laziness! I've been writing nine to twelve articles a month, since January 2021. I've written only two this month, until today. I'm sorry, y'all! I'll try to do better!

The Dog Days of Summer (Sidetrack)

I hope y'all are enjoying the dog days of summer! (I'm sorry, Molly, our ol' puppy!) Well, I'm talking with my USSA readers mostly. As the wise man said, “It's hot! It's d-hot!”

“Dog days of summer” refers to the sun having the same location as Sirius (Greek “Σειριος,” meaning "scorcher"). Sirius is the brightest star visible from Earth. Sirius is part of the Canis Major constellation (which means “big dog” in Latin). That's why folks call Sirius the Dog Star. Sirius aligns with the sun from July 3rd to August 11th every year. That's why folks call July 3rd to August 11th the “dog days of summer.” I've heard this and learned this decades ago. The Farmers' Almanac is my source, to back me up! Y'all believe the Farmer's Almanac, don't you? I thought so! Remember, Sirius is the star. SiriusXM is a way to listen to the radio! It's a big difference!

As we, here in the eastern USSA, endure the “dog days of summer,” we also see the smoke in the air. The smoke is coming from the fires in the western USSA. Our “local yokel” Knoxvegas TV new shows have been talking about the smoke and “air quality index,” since 7/22/2021, Thursday. Here's one and another “local yokel” link. I'd seen the smoke before 7/22/2021, but I can predict my own weather – by being outside, looking, feeling, and smelling – better than the “local yokel” weather folks, usually.

Yesterday, by my check, the temperature in Corrytonvegas, about 5 PM, was 91F or 33C. The humidity was high. The grass and trees are showing signs of needing rain badly. The wind may bring in a little rain, maybe. For my international readers, the temperature yesterday in Moscow, Russia (where we lived from 1994 to 1999), about 5 PM, was 58F or 15C. The link is here. My English readers will need to translate the Russian on the website. I just read the Russian.

I would have rather been in Moscow, Russia, enjoying 58F yesterday, than in Corrytonvegas, enduring 91F with smoke and humidity! Either way, I can take it. I ain't breathing hard! I like cold weather. I tolerate hot weather well enough.

Y'all please excuse my sidetrack, in this section. I had to blow off a little Irish blarney! Let's move on to the main topic of this brief article!

7-20-2021 Post-It Notes

On 7/20/2021, Tuesday, at 5:51 PM, I posted a “Farcebook” tease, for this article today! Hey, “Farcebook” friends (in real life, not just on “Farcebook”), here is my revelation of what I had written on those Post-It notes! I've read your comments, trying to figure out what the Post-It Notes have written on them!


I'd taken the photograph (above) with my trusty Samsung not “semi-intelligent” cell phone camera, on 7/12/2021, Monday, at about 5:20 PM. I was in our spare bedroom, where Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's furniture is. (It was her bedroom furniture before she became Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. We still have it.) She had placed the sewing kit, three spools of thread, and the two stacks of clothes on her old bed several weeks ago. My clothing to the left had been in her closet for over a year.

The Post-It note on my clothing to the left reads, 7/12/2021, Monday, 5:23 PM. Please stitch us on our holes! We have been waiting over a year! My items calling out for stitching are two sweat shirts that I've had for decades and a short-sleeve shirt that I've had many years. I don't give up on old clothes – if they can be fixed! So, now you know!

The Post-It note on my long-sleeve shirt to the right reads, 7/12/2021, Monday, 5:24 PM. Please give me away, to a size large man! Christmas of 2020 was “virtual,” for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's side of her family. “Favorite sister-in-law” had given me a size large long-sleeve shirt for Christmas. It had been in a box since Christmas 2020. I had forgotten about it. I had thought that it was a doggy present that Molly would not have liked.

Several days ago, I had opened it, to remember it was a size large shirt for me. I have NEVER worn a size large shirt! My shirt size is 32 long (as I have long arms). That is a size MEDIUM or possibly small. A size LARGE is way too big for me! I ain't that hefty, y'all! I hope that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman gives away that size large shirt to Goodwill or someone! I tried it on. It's a nice shirt. I like the colors. It's way too big for me!

Hey, “favorite sister-in-law,” you had only seen me on “YackTube” or “Zoomy” computerized video “conference,” from 7/19/2020 through 5/30/2021. You had seen me in the flesh on 7/18/2020 (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's birthday) and on 5/31/2021 (Memorial Day). Did you think I had gotten hefty, by seeing me on those “conference” videos? The camera can add 10 or so pounds, as folks claim. I'm still the same size! I'm just “devilin'” you, “favorite sister-in-law!” I love all my out-law in-laws, including “favorite sister-in-law!


This little article took two days, on and off, to write. Since 3/28/2021, I have and still have six “working documents” (3/28/2021, 5/29/2021, 6/12/2021, 6/19/2021, 7/17/2021, and 7/24/2021) on various topics! I need to get around to publishing at least a couple of articles or so, from my “working documents!” I may get to a couple more – depending on how this work week goes – before July is gone.

I'm still working at home Monday through Wednesday and at the office Thursday and Friday. It is an insane schedule that I have endured since February. To quote a colleague, “It could be worse.” My reply, to my colleague has been, over the years, “it could be better. This is reality!” My reply drives speculation to the hard surface of life reality!

I think that I will put in my retirement notice tomorrow. The details will be bureaucratic insanity gone wild. While that is going on, I think I can find another fulltime job – working from home fulltime and doing something that I actually enjoy or can, at least, tolerate better! We will see.

I'll start working on another article, from my “working documents” stack now. Y'all take care out there! Thanks for stopping by to read a while!


M. Fearghail said...

It is OFFICIAL! Today, 7/27/2021, I retired from my State of TN job, effective 8/31/2021! I WILL MOVE ON TO GREENER PASTURES! (I don't know what DHS will do without me, in Union County. I assume that they will survive. I DO NOT CARE! I WILL MOVE ON!) It is fitting. Mom went to the hospital on 12/27/1999, before she went HOME, on 12/28/2000. My timing was by chance -- or providence. I do not know. The Lord hasn't told me yet.

Unknown said...

I checked in on you Marion… congratulations

M. Fearghail said...

Lee, thanks for checking in. I backed off, for now. My 8/8/21 article ( has the details.