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Texas “Christian” University Is Not a Christian University! (published 6-29-2023; article #420)

7/1/2023, Saturday, addendum: The section “The Literal Swarm of Waspers” is updated as follows. It was a swarm of yellow jackets! They looked like yellow jackets, but they weren't aggressive, like yellow jackets. (That's why I'd called them waspers.) Despite my declared victory, of 6/28/2023, a few yellow jackets kept trying to return to the hive. I fought them off daily. This morning, however, the kind and godly owner of Mitchell's Pest Control used his “nuclear bomb” equipment, to send every last yellow jacket to meet its Maker! The total victory is accomplished today! To local readers, I highly recommend Mitchell's Pest Control! They serve the Counties of Knox, Anderson, Campbell, Scott, and others counties that are near Knox County. That fine business becomes the ninth recommendation, under “Business Recommendations: northeast Knox County, TN.”


Greetings, dear reader. I trust that you are well.

No matter how hard that I try, the ungodly swarms keep coming! Strong will forces me to publish this fifteenth article on the topic of “Worldviews in Conflict.” This is the third article on that topic this month. (The articles of June 5th and June 13th are the first two. The Cracker Barrel, apparently, decided to hide behind its rainbow rocking chair and not reply to the June 13th article.)

I'd rather write an uplifting or humorous article. My strong reaction to the shocking news, however, forces me to write.

This article begins with a touch of humor! First, it tells the tale of our literal fight with the waspers! That experience inspired the analogy of an “ungodly swarm of waspers.” One ungodly wasper, from one swarm, is exposed. The conclusion will caulk all swarms of waspers! I hope that this article helps you to laugh and to feel righteous anger. Spiritual caulk will keep out the ungodly waspers. The caulk is free. It's found in the Bible.

The Literal Swarm of Waspers

On the south side of our house, a framed glass door opens from the living room onto the deck. On each side of that door is a window that matches the size of the door. We have a nice southern view!

This true “life, such as it is,” story happened yesterday. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman noticed it, early in the morning. She heard a buzzing sound, coming from the lower corner of the window, on the east side, that faces the deck. Days before, Molly, our ol' puppy, had sniffed something, while she and I were on the deck. So, yesterday, once the sun was up, I stepped onto our deck. I saw the swarm of waspers! They had started a nest on the lower, right corner of the east window. A small crack, where the wood trim joins the aluminum base, was the entrance and exit point.

With wasper killing spray, caulk, and caulk gun, I secured and sealed the wasper nest! I caulked the entire aluminum base area. No more waspers!

That's the true and funny story. It motivates the analogy, next.

The Ungodly Swarm of Waspers

The following is but one wasp from one swarm. Sadly, millions of such wasps are abuzz, in thousands of ungodly swarms, in this once great nation.

TCU's “The Queer Art of Drag” Course

A good friend and I have been exchanging emails recently, along the general theme of worldviews in conflict. His email reply of yesterday (Wednesday, 6/28/2023), included a reference to the article: “Sexual criminality is deeply tied to gender ideology,” on Washington Examiner, by Dr. Debra Soh, 6/27/2023. The article is about a former New Hampshire state representative, who is “transgendered.” He (not “she,” since he was born a male) was arrested, last Thursday, for distributing child pornography. Good. The chickens came home to roost, for that degenerate.

I decided to review other articles on the Washington Examiner. I was shocked to find the following: “Texas Christian University offers drag queen class to explore ‘queer worldmaking,’” on Washington Examiner, by Breccan F. Thies, 6/23/2023. This is a spring 2023 course.

Going straight to the “Horned Frog's” mouth, I found “The Queer Art of Drag,” on Texas Christian University (TCU), AddRan College of Liberal Arts, Department of Women & Gender Studies. This is the actual spring 2023 course that Texas (so-called) “Christian” University is offering! That web page states:

Interested in learning more about the queer art of drag? We've compiled a list of resources, worksheets, tutorials, and scholarship to help you get started, based on the syllabus for WGST 30903: The Queer Art of Drag.

That web page includes, “Read Full Syllabus Here.” I read the syllabus, with morally sickening displeasure. On page two of the syllabus, the “Course Description” states, “The gender binary is enforced through compulsory norms, harassment, and violence in service of a white-cis-hetero-patriarchy.” (Propaganda! There are only two genders, male and female!) Under Learning Outcomes, the fourth outcome states, “Students will develop a drag persona and create a virtual drag performance that demonstrates their understanding of drag as critical performance practice.” (Shocking! The syllabus actually states that students will perform in drag!) Under “Bathroom Policy,” three options are available: a male bathroom, a female bathroom, and an “all-gender bathroom.” It states, in part, “Please use the bathroom that feels safest and most comfortable for you. You will not be penalized for taking a longer trek to the all-gender bathroom.” (Again, there are only two genders, male and female!)

Needless to say, I was shocked! How could a so-called Christian university divest itself of biblical morality that brazenly?

TCU's Heritage

Again, straight from the “Horned Frog's” mouth, TCU's About, Mission & History web page states (with my emboldening added for emphasis):

TCU’s story began in 1869 when brothers Addison and Randolph Clark dreamed of creating a college where men and women could acquire a classical education and develop character.

The Clarks forged an affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to “adopt” their school, giving it a new name and ensuring its future. . . . The relationship with the Disciples would continue to be one of heritage and values.

TCU began as a family endeavor -- an enriching place of spirited belonging for men and women of character to acquire a liberal arts education and strive to serve the greater good.

Nearly 150 years later, we are still that place.

No, TCU is notstill that place,” as it was, when it started, in 1869. The founders of the university, in 1869, would be shocked, if they could know about TCU's current course on “The Queer Art of Drag.” TCU, despite its name, promotes an ungodly and anti-Christian worldview.


I don't have a “dog in the hunt.” We don't live in Texas. We don't know anyone, who attends TCU. To readers in Texas, you may wish to express your views to TCU. The address and phone are: 2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76109; 817-257-7000.

Should Texas (so-called) “Christian” University change its name? Yes, in fairness, it should. Rename it, for example, to “Texas Crossless University.” (It could still be TCU.) I'm not the only one, who thinks this way. An article from 2016 is: “Is it time for Texas Christian University to change its name? The school’s association with Planned Parenthood reveals its true worldview.” On World News Group, by La Shawn Barber, 8/31/2016. Another article from earlier this year is: “Is TCU a Christian School?” On Unhindered Truth, by Ryan Gilbert, 1/1/2023.

At the close of his second letter to the young evangelist, Timothy, the apostle Paul wrote:

But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:14-17, NIV)

Yesterday, the caulk sealed the wasper nest. The waspers are no longer swarming around us on our deck. Ungodly waspers swarm around us daily. Just use the spiritual caulk of God's inspired word, the Bible, to seal them out of your minds. I'm still shocked that Texas (so-called) “Christian” University has devolved into such an anti-Christian worldview. I'm using the reading of 2 Timothy 3:14-17 as spiritual caulk, to keep TCU's ungodly swarm from buzzing in my mind. It worked.

All that we, who affirm the biblical worldview, can do is to keep sealing out the hordes of ungodly waspers that try to invade our minds, by dwelling on and using biblical caulk. We can also share the biblical caulk, to those, who have the wisdom to hear. That's what this article is trying to do.

Share the caulk, y'all! This once great nation needs it!

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