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Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care: Recommended (published 11-13-2023; article #441)


Hello, dear reader, and thanks for dropping by, to read a while! I trust, in the Lord, that you are well. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are okay. The conclusion will explain why the car window hand crank, in the above image, is used in this article.

Welcome to the 99th article, under the “life (such as it is)” topic section! This article -- of special interest to local Knox County, Tennessee, readers -- recommends highly Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care. The business is listed, as “Auto Service,” under the section “Business Recommendations: northeast Knox County, TN.” If you scroll about all the way down, on the right of the screen, you'll find that section. Nine businesses are recommended.

Local readers may have heard the Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care radio commercials. Phil Williams, on Newstalk 98.7, has been recommending these good folks. That's how I heard about them. I hope that they were able to fix up Phil's old truck!

The Left Window Trouble

Previously this year, our 2012 Nissan Sentra had three outpatient visits, at Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care. Our Sentra received new tires and a couple of important repairs -- which our previously recommended auto service had missed. They showed me the problems. I'm glad that they found them. I don't know how that our previous auto service or I had missed them. Our 2006 Nissan Frontier had only visited, until his left window trouble started.

The article of 10/26/2023 is about my 182nd hike on House Mountain, on the day before. Driving, I'd rolled down both windows a little, to let in fresh air. The left window went down and up, as usual, but I'd noticed an abnormal sound.

That Friday, while hauling trash and recycling and buying groceries, I'd tried those newfangled electric window buttons, to crack the windows a little, as usual. The right side worked, but my side didn't. At least the window was up, and it was not raining or cold!

Left Window Fixed & Right Window Trouble

It was time for my 2006 Nissan Frontier to have an outpatient visit. Last Wednesday, the good folks, at Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care, replaced the left window motor and regulator assembly. The left window rolls down and up quickly and smoothly now! My ol' truck also got an oil change.

By the way, I'd searched online, to find instructions, to do the job myself. For example, I watched “How to Diagnose and replace a 2004 - 2009 Nissan Frontier Power Window Motor.” On Poorboys' Little HomeStead / Papaw's Place (YouTube), 3/22/2021. It's about 22 minutes in length. The feller -- who looks about my age, wearing overalls and a cowboy hat -- got the job done. I'd say that it took him longer than 22 minutes! I decided that I'd rather pay the labor cost, to let someone else have all the “fun.”

The owner of Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care has a Bigfoot crossing sign, at the door to his office! I stopped by, to comment on the sign. He invited me in, to see his Bigfoot collection. He shared his story, of years ago, when some guys and he had gone camping. Local readers will have to stop by, to see if he will share “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would say. I shared my Bigfoot story. It's written, in the 10/18/2023 article, and spoken, in the podcast of the same date.

Driving to the appointment, the right window rolled down and up, as always. It was a bit slow, but it's been that way, ever since I got my new ol' truck, the day after Thanksgiving, in 2016.

Before fixing the left side, Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care has suggested that I also replace the right window motor, since it was slow. I'd declined, reasoning that “if it ain't broke, don't fix it.” The technician had even checked the right window, after he'd replaced the left motor. It had rolled down and up slowly for him.

After I'd cranked my truck, to leave, why did the right window motor decide to stop working? It's Murphy's Law and the luck of this Appalachian Irishman! Who says that God doesn't have a sarcastic sense of humor? Before walking out to my truck to leave, I'd told the folks, at Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care, that I'd be back -- hopefully in several months -- to have them fix the right window motor, if and when it quits. A man can always live in hope.

Well, moments -- not several months -- later, I walked back into the business, to share my luck of the Irish! The joke was that the right side decided to quit working, once it knew that I was ready to leave. The next appointment was two days later.

Right Window Fixed

Well, last Friday, my ol' truck and I returned to Knox Horizon Compete Auto Care. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove our Sentra, since our car was needing an oil change.

Have you even taken your wife on a date, to Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care? That's what my wife and I might just call it. We waited, in the spacious waiting area. I even changed the TV channel, to an old western movie! The free snacks and bottled water eased our hunger and thirst. The popcorn popper, enclosed in glass, reminds me of a movie theatre. A coffee maker is handy. They could add a soft drink machine, for those who want a Coke with their popcorn.

The wait time wasn't too long. We watched the misting rain fall, as we glanced out the large windows. I enjoyed conversing with the employees. Several of them and I share the same sense of humor. I even joked about getting a discount, for setting the time on one of their clocks!

Leaving, our Sentra felt better, after the oil change. Our Frontier was glad that the right window rolled up and down. It's as fast as the left window now, not slow as it had been. That right window motor must have been about to go out, for a long time.


This articles does recommend highly Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care. Vehicle maintenance and repair costs are not what they used to be. Everything is higher. Given that reality, their costs are reasonable, in this “new normal” economic reality. They do quality work. These are honest and trustworthy folks. They want to serve customers, as they would want to be served. That's a good Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12).

So, why is the image of a car window hand crank in this article? I'm glad that you asked. Is it that much harder to hand crank a window up or down? It's not my truck's fault that he has those newfangled electric window buttons! That's how most all vehicles are being made.

Give me an old-timey truck window hand crank any day! Well, I do like the air conditioning. I'll keep that. I'd rather drive a straight shift, but I'm used to the automatic transmission. Why do vehicles have tire pressure sensors? I can check the tire pressure with a gauge!

Thanks, Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care. We'll be seeing y'all again, hopefully for only regular oil changes, every 3,000 miles. (Yes, I know that this new oil can last 5,000 miles, but I'm old school!)

Y'all take it easy. Thanks for stopping by to read a while. This is the Appalachian Irishman, signing off for now!

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