Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Devil's Nose Mountain, Hawkins County (published 3-7-2006; 2nd article)

Ah, so relaxing – the view from the eastern bluff of Devil's Nose in my beloved Hawkins County! Get away from the trappings of modern life and wonder how you would have lived 150 or 200 years ago! The crunch of the leaves underfoot, the smell of the cool fall air, and the beauty of the clear autumn sky invigorate the soul – making the struggle through the briars not too aggravating.

Yes, yes, my
inaugural article (of yesterday, 3/6/2006) was a bit salty – overstatement for effect in my political persona. But this true Appalachian native enjoys the woods – hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. He yearns for simpler times, when family lived and farmed together. You knew your neighbors, and they honestly cared for you. Times were hard, yes, but modern conveniences would not have been missed then – since they weren't around. People worked with their hands, staying better fit than today's "couch pizza." (The potato, being an Irish staple, gets a bad rap. It is rather nutritious!) Churches were not mega, big business conglomerates but small, rural spiritual families.

Okay, okay, I am romanticizing a bit, yes, but do you not feel the temptation to go back? What say you?


Anonymous said...

Some health specialists say that pizza is not entirely unhealthy, assuming it is thin crust with proper toppings. And some of us appreciate indoor plumbling.

M. Fearghail said...

You know, I need to get a job as a 'critic' or 'specialist!' They must make lots of dough, besides being overly crusty, because everyone cites them! For example, C(see) BS News always gets in their 'balanced,' liberal slant by citing unnamed 'critics.'

So, is it politically incorrect to say 'couch pizza,' or must we Appalachian Irishmen keep taking it on the chin with 'couch potato?'

I don't know what 'indoor plumbling' is, unless it is some new, liberal perversion, but I do understand indoor plumbing. Of course, it has its good points, but taking a leak up on a ridge with a view of the mountains and valleys around you beats sitting down on the throne to read another page in 'Uncle John's Bathroom Reader' anyday!

MYSTIC said...

From pizza to political perversion in such a short time frame and I was just enjoying the view of the mountain....stick to that and drop the political hype. The libs aren't going to listen anyway.

M. Fearghail said...

Winding mountain roads, even gravel, have quick, sharp curves, so just hang on!

Hype or reality? Remember, the people didn't listen to the prophets of old, but they spoke anyway.

Thanks for the sage comment.

Carl said...

My grandparents live in the Devils Nose in the 1960's. I visited there every summer on the family vacation. As a kid I did not enjoy the beauty of the area but what does a kit know? It was interesting that the people who lived there knew whos car that drove up the road and more importantly knew everyone else that lived there. The small country church, where my grandmothers funeral was held was very nice and I remember the bell tower. Does anyone know if you can still drive into the area?

Unknown said...

Although I am loving all the postings, I still need a final word on the correct pronounciation of the third A.

As a true native of Appalachia, I pronounce it the correct way...with a soft A (sounds like "sat.") Since I now reside in Washington, DC, I have to abide all the mispronounciations (a long A).

Settle this for all of us, once and for all.

M. Fearghail said...

Thanks for the inquiry, Beverly.

Your pronunciation is correct, with the last 'a' soft.

Just listen to how this wimpy, not-from-around-here man, if he can be called one, mispronounces the word. It's a laugh!

Unknown said...

Carl, you can drive in! It is beautiful! Today was my first day up there and even tho we didn't have a lot of time it was peaceful and fun!