Saturday, June 03, 2006

Marriage Melee (published 6-3-2006)

A marriage melee is raging in our country. On the right, knights gather in defense of marriage as the recognized union between a man and a woman. On the left, hordes pound their shields, shouting that two men or two women have the right to marry.

As Mason said to Dixon, “We have to draw the line somewhere!”

Logically, if, by definition, marriage is not the recognized union between a man and a woman, then it can be anything! The slippery slope will prevail. The line will be redrawn continually.

Today, two men or two women may marry. Tomorrow, a man may marry several women, or vice versa. Next week, a group of men may marry a group of women. Next month, a group of men may marry each other. A year from now, a man may marry his dog – or his truck! Who is to say what is wrong?

To argue “there are no absolutes” is an absolute contradiction. Absolutes must exist, in logical reasoning and in the law.

Marriage is by definition the union of one man and one woman! Anything else is a perversion.

Bring on your “logic” to prove me otherwise!

What say you?


MYSTIC said...

No disagreement here. ASK the ROMANS.

M. Fearghail said...

Sixteen years have past, since I published this article. On 11/9/2022, my website analytics showed that this article had at least one view, in the last 24 hours. I had wondered what I had written.

On 11/9/2022, I updated the title (to add date published) but DID NOT CHANGE ONE WORD in my original article. I never replied to Mystic and Terry Frank, whose websites are no longer active.

Sadly, the moral decline, of this once great nation, continues. The “mid-term” elections were yesterday (11/8/2022). Will this nation return to the biblical values, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? We will see, but I doubt it. See my “Worldviews in Conflict” Topic Section.