Monday, February 02, 2009

All Redefined (published 2-2-2009)

Well, the neglected old friend, whom you don't see as often as you should, but who will be there for you any time, needs some attention. The Appalachian Irishman, as a good friend, just sits out there on the Internet, awaiting my notice. Well, here is a short entry.

For the thousands out there, who await longingly my every article, check out the link, in the title, above. The author of All Redefined is a friend and former coworker, who, with two others and me, braved the treacherous climb up House Mountain, just over a year ago. She is standing in the middle. We enjoyed a great hike. The date was 12/1/2007. Where was I? I took the photograph!

Check it out! All Redefined is a good website!

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