Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fencing (published 2-3-2009)

A fencing team in school? Wow! What progress! I wasn't offered a class in fencing in high school. A good friend and former coworker informs me that his daughter is on a school fencing team. They are going out of town to pick up supplies.

Ah, the Appalachian Irishman remembers running a fence line back in high school, without any school training. The cows had knocked down a large section of fence, and the rest of the line needed to be restrung anyway. So, my buddy, Bill, and I helped Randy and his Dad run a new row of barbed wire.

Mind you, this was not in a flat pasture. It was on a steep hill in the woods. (Yes, cattle can get into the woods.) As we ran the wire, Bill had the spool above me on the hill, and he was running it down to me, where I was setting postholes. Well, sir, that spool got away from Bill. I looked up and saw barbed wire spinning off the spool, as it headed straight for me! Having a bit of mountain goat in me, I jumped out of the way, before the wire could shred me. What fun!

I'm glad that my friend's daughter is learning how to fence in school. But, why can't they go to the local Coop, to buy the supplies? You know, wire, nails, hammer, posthole digger, etc.

Oh, it's another type of fencing? Never mind. What is this country coming to? Remember, don't bring a knife, or sword, to a gunfight!

What say you?

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