Sunday, June 09, 2019

LIFE CHANGES – HUNT DOWN THE SOB! (published 6-9-2019)


I didn’t mention this before. On the Sunday afternoon of 5/19/2019, the “long-suffering” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, her two sisters, our niece, and I ate dinner (or lunch, as the Yankees call it) at “O’Chuck’s.” It was for our thirty-third wedding anniversary, on 5/16/2019, which had been a workday for us.

Just after we left the house, for our anniversary dinner, a fine neighbor -- a man, age 70, and in good shape -- had a major heart attack, without prior symptoms! He lived, thankfully. He returned home from the hospital, on 6/2/2019, with no surgery or permanent heart damage! He’s still around! Thanks, Lord, for sparing our good neighbor!

On Memorial Day, Monday, 5/27/2019, I called a fine Hawkins County neighbor, also age 70. He’s facing an upcoming surgery, on 6/17/2019, that should correct his problem. May it be so, Good Lord!

Later, on Memorial Day, I called my youngest brother. He was sickly. The next Saturday, 6/1/2019, I called him again. He had and is still recovering from double pneumonia! He still had a 101.9-degree fever! He’s endured the missed work and doctor appointment “fun.” He is getting better. Please help him recover fully, Lord!


6/2/2019 photograph, by my sister-in-law, of the white Ford POS, after the SOB hit the blue vehicle, in which my family were riding.

After I published the article on 6/2/2019, later that afternoon, my youngest brother’s wife and their two daughters were almost home from an errand. My youngest brother was still recovering at home. A SOB (not a swell ol' boy) -- a tall, thin, white, short-haired, male (not a man), driving a white Ford POS (piece of stuff) -- was in their northbound lane, at an “S” curve. The SOB hit them head-on! Airbags deployed. Thankfully, the three family members sustained only minor airbag injuries. The SOB got out of the Ford POS and took off running to hide. He has not been found yet! The highway patrol, hopefully, is still trying to find him. The car that he was driving belonged to someone else.

The Morristown Citizens Tribune newspaper and the WCYB Bristol, Virginia, TV station had articles on their websites. The Rogersville Review, as of this date, does not have an article yet. Way to go, hometown newspaper!

This article is my online means of getting out the word! Look for the SOB, as described above! If you see him, please call the highway patrol or 911!

The SOB should be in jail! I have no forgiveness. The Good Lord has no forgiveness. The SOB could be forgiven by all -- if he would man up, turn himself in, ask for forgiveness, pay his fines, and serve his time in jail! He may have gotten away with his “hit and run,” literally running off on foot, if law enforcement can't find him. He will not be able to hide from God at the final judgment!


Ok, I’m done. Good evening, y'all. Life rolls on, such as it is.

I had to get this off my chest and in writing. Yes, I am righteously indignant. There is no sin in righteous indignation.

God, I'm sorry for using “SOB” and “POS!” Thank you for forgiving me.

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