Sunday, December 01, 2019

FIRST DAY OF WINTER WANDERINGS (published 12-1-2019)


Well, howdy, y’all! The reason for the title will be evident later. Keep reading!

I missed a point, in my last post, regarding 11/21/2019, the anniversary of Papaw Ferrell’s passing. On 11/21/2016, Monday, I arranged the purchase of my new, ol' truck. On 11/25/2016, Friday – the day after Thanksgiving and Mom’s birthday (same day of week in 1932) – Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I got my new, ol' truck. I liked the timing of it.

Wanderings (“Life, Such As It Was”)

Thanksgiving, Thursday, 11/28/2019: My youngest brother, his wife, and their two daughters came here for Thanksgiving dinner. They arrived a couple of hours before we ate, at noon. (Noon, by the way, is the scriptural time to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Grace extends to 1 PM, but not later!) We had a fine time together! They left a little after 3 PM. Then, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I drove, separately, again, as usual, to her paternal aunt’s home, for the Beckner/Gordon/in-laws Thanksgiving supper. (Ok, so if it’s Thanksgiving supper, the scriptural start time is 5 PM to 6 PM.) We ate, again, at the 5 PM scriptural time. I left a bit earlier, to get home, feed Molly doggy her supper, and to get Molly inside for the evening. We had a good time. I helped “cat-dog” be a dog out in the yard a while! For hiking, Thanksgiving was the best day to have done so. My “bionic” body, however, did not feel its oats.

Friday, 11/29/2019: on the cloudy day, I drove to the homeplace, for the first visit since summer. I did what I needed to do. After about two hours, I drove home by means of Main Street. Now, that was a great day! My youngest brother burned leaves, in his yard, so we missed each other. About 7 PM, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and Molly doggy were both hard asleep on the couch. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was worn out from her holiday cooking, etc. Molly was just worn out. So, what did I do? Enjoy the photo!

 Saturday, 11/30/2019: Granny Ferrell was born this day, in 1982. Well, the overnight rain had ended by morning. The next rain hit at 2:30 PM. It lasted the rest of the day and into the night. Before the rain hit, I did the usual haul trash and get gas routine. At the dumpster, I was behind a Vietnam veteran and his granddaughter. I got out, walked to him, looked him in the eye, shook his hand, saying “thank you!” The veteran expressed his thankfulness. We “man hugged.” I had a tear well up, as I walked back to my truck. Afterward, I joined Mrs. Appalachian Irishman for a visit with her folks, five cats, and one “cat-dog.” (Don’t ask! It’s usually three cats and “cat-dog.”) Being who I am, I had to place a Band-aid on “favorite” sister-in-law’s car. (It had received its injury on 11/18/2019.) Here’s the photo!

After I arrived home, being hungry, I opened and ate a can of Vienna Sausages! I had three cans. Now, I’m down to two cans. Give me a couple of years, and I’ll have the other two cans eaten!

Sunday, December 1: the rain has ended. The sun is out. The wind is blowing. The weather pattern knows that today is the first day of winter! I know it. Do you? Winter does NOT begin on 12/21/2019! That the solstice, not the start of winter!

Well, my next to youngest brother was supposed to have been here 37 minutes ago, at this mark of time, while typing. I guess that I’ll stop now, to call him, to see why he’s not here yet. He’s probably on “Ferrell time;” you see.


Tomorrow resumes the five-day, hit-a-lick, workweek. Perhaps, I’ll get House Mountain #162 on December 7th, Pearl Harbor day. 12/7/2016 was the first time, post insertion of “bionic body parts,” that I'd driven to see the homeplace, in my new, ol' truck. I must endure a work-a-day week first, before I can get to #162.

I’m 10-10 on the side!


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