Friday, December 13, 2019

TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA: 12/7/2016, Homeplace Visit & Rolling Walker Gone! 12/7-8/2019, Two Hikes in Two Days! (published 12/13/2019; updated 10/3/2022)

10/3/2022, Monday: I updated the title, added the section titles, and added a few sentences, to explain the photographs. I didn't change any original words or sentences.


Well, happy fear of the number 13, especially if it falls on a Friday, y’all!

Today, on the dreaded Friday, December 13, 2019, I took a day off from the bureaucratic, psychobabble, work-a-day world! I “enjoyed” the need to see my chiropractor at 10 AM. Then, at 11:30 AM, I “enjoyed” lunch at a local eatery with my work colleagues, who thought that the round trip, from work in a next-door county and back, was a great idea. (I, of course, did not, so I took a day off! I ate with them anyway.) Afterward, I got my every-four-week haircut, from my fine barber of many years.

Finally, in the still pouring rain, my ol' truck and I got in “the barn” for the rest of the day. So, here I “sot” writing to my “millions” of readers, once again!

12/7/2016: Homeplace Visit & Rolling Walker Gone!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 75th Anniversary, Pearl Harbor Day

Wednesday, 12/7/2016, was my first drive, in my new, ol' truck to the homeplace, since my acquisition of three “bionic” joints! I wrote about it, in my article of 12/8/2016, which includes the same photograph, as below. My new, ol' truck still had the dealer tag.

Also, on 12/7/2016, I gave back the rolling walker that a good neighbor, Stan, had loaned to me. I did NOT need it ANYMORE!

My 12/8/2016 article was despondent and pensive in nature. This article is not!

Saturday, 12/7/2019, House Mountain Hike #162!

Three years passed. I published 37 articles, between 12/8/2016 and this article today.

Saturday, 12/7/2019, was my House Mountain hike #162! (Hike #26 since “bionic” body parts.) Enjoy the photographs!

The above photograph is at the west bluff, looking southeast. I'd hiked up the ridge. I took off my shirt, so my sweat-soaked T-shirt, still on me, could dry.


The photograph, above, is is near the west bluff, heading back down. The view is southeast. A man has to stop to take a leak somewhere!

The above photograph is on the west trail, below the ridge line. I'm looking east and heading down.

My new, ol' truck still looks the same! He likes to have his photograph taken after these hikes!

Sunday, 12/8/2019, House Mountain Hike #163!

On the next day, Sunday afternoon, 12/8/2019, I hiked House Mountain again, for hike #163! Yes, two hikes in one weekend! The temperature was too warm both days, but both days were sunny. I had to get into the woods, since I still have power in my body! My spirit will always have the will. One of these days, I won’t have the power in my body, but not on that weekend! Enjoy the photographs!

The above photograph is on the west bluff, looking southwest. Again, I had to remove my outer shirt, to let my T-shirt dry, while still on me.

The above photograph does not do justice to the steep rocks that I must climb up and navigate down, on the trail below the ridge line. I’m going down here, looking east. Going up is easier, about the same as before “bionic” body parts. Going down is as a “lame mountain goat,” not the “mountain goat” that I was before “bionic” body parts.

The above photograph is a few steps farther down, looking eastward. It is more realistic of the challenge. Do you want to try to go down at this “gravity defying” spot? I do, every chance that I get!

My new, ol' truck told me to photograph the information board, instead of him, so I did. The left side, middle photograph, with the snow, is one that I’d taken years ago. I had been on the middle bluff, on the north side of the mountain. The photograph looks west.

A park official – years ago, when they were improving the parking area – had asked me to submit a few photographs. She picked the one that you see on the information board. My name is on the photograph. I touch it after every hike.

Of course, recently, some idiot(s) shot holes in the board and shot yellow paint balls on it. I’ll hunt them down myself and “educate” them if I can! I am sending this photograph to the State of Tennessee folks, to see if they can stop the idiot(s)! Leave my photograph and the information board alone! You got paint, on the protective plexiglass, over my photograph, but you didn’t put a hole in my photograph! Yes, my “Irish” is up on this one!


Good evening, y’all! I hope that your Friday the 13th was not too bad! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I survived.

This Friday the 13th (12/13/2019) was wet and rainy. My “bionics” endured the day. Writing this article, with memories of two hikes in two days, helped.

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