Tuesday, August 18, 2020

HOUSE “DOCTOR:” from 5/30/2020 START to 8/18/2020 FINISH (published 8-18-2020)


Y’all have some fun with this one! It should be entertaining. Seriously, the work is done, by a good contractor and his good sub-contracted employees!

Four Rejected

On 5/30/2020, a Saturday, I started the process. The work needed was: pressure wash house and driveway, restore our seventeen-year-old back deck, and do a bit of touch up exterior paint.

I offered the work to five, count ‘em five, contractors. I fired the first young man, by mutual agreement. Why he didn’t want to visit, inspect, look a man in the eye, and then estimate is beyond me. His “new school” way of doing business did not fit my “way-it-should-be-done” business style!

I fired the other three, for various reasons that I know. One of these three actually came, inspected, looked Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me in the eye, and then promised his estimate. We never received his estimate. I hope he’s okay.

New Look Home Improvements LLC

Today, Tuesday, 8/18/2020, I made the second and final payment, to the fine owner, Steve, of New Look Home Improvements LLC! Click the link, if you need his services! I recommend his company!

On 7/27/2020, a Monday, his crew had started the work. As of this entry, the work, as agreed, is done well enough!

Good job, Steve (the owner)! I enjoyed meeting and getting to know you and your crew: Greg, “Vern,” and Eddie. I met a few of the other crew, or saw them, but I didn’t have the pleasure of catching their names.

Please give our greatest appreciation to all of your crew for a good job done well enough. You, as the owner, did a good job!

By the way, I look forward to your future work for us. The fake shutters, on the front windows, need fixing or replacing. After a few months of seasoning, the non-composite wood trim (only) -- on our new, 25-year, guaranteed, composite wood deck -- can be sealed.

After a few months, I’ll converse by email and phone with you. We can arrange the future details. May the Good Lord bless you and your family, your crew, and the family of your crew!


I’ll be 80, when the deck will need to be replaced again! Will I live to be 80? What will life be like then? Will we still be living in the same house?

The Good Lord knows. I trust in Him.

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