Sunday, August 23, 2020

SUNDAY, 8/23/2020, SUMMARY

Well, I see a blank canvas. Shall I paint on it? I shall!

The Mundane

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is “enjoying” working again. My former “favorite sister-in-law” and she had been teaching, at the same school, for years. They had carpooled, by each driving, on average, 2.5 days a week. Former “favorite sister-in-law” has decided to enjoy the new cold virus psychosis, by taking a possibly temporary retirement. Well, at least she’s cooking dinner for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, who doesn’t now have to cook, after work. Will an every other weekend fill up of our car be next?

On 8/17/2020, Monday, we finalized the firing of our former, Texas, mortgage company, and we replaced it with our local bank mortgage, at a lower interest rate refinance. Let’s just get this house paid off, dear! We’re working on it. It won’t be too much longer now.

Last week, 8/17-21/2020, I did the same job, by working at home, on Monday and Tuesday. I then did the same job, by driving to and from the office, on Wednesday through Friday. This week, 8/24-28/2020, I work at home, on Monday through Wednesday, and at the office, on Thursday and Friday. On Monday, 8/31/2020, however and supposedly, I am to endure my last work day, at the office. From 9/1/2020, until the “cows come home,” I go live, working from home fulltime. Well, I’ll see. The bureaucratic insanity of my “govrmint” employer has no limits, especially in the context of this new cold virus. I am still, however, a working man. (I hope you enjoy the song.)

Yesterday, Saturday, 8/22/2020, was entertaining! I did my chores, which included a new cold virus compliant haircut! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman did her chores. Our car, with her driving, got an oil change, at 12:16 PM. Our new ol' truck, with me driving, got an oil change, at the same location, at 12:44 PM. She beat me by 28 minutes! Neither one of us had conversed beforehand, regarding the oil changes. We each had happened to figure it out, after we had started our separate errands and chores. Don’t worry! I beat Mrs. Appalachian Irishman! I checked out at the Tractor Supply, for Molly's doggy treats and food, at 1:03 PM. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman checked out at the CVS, at 1:05 PM. I beat her by two minutes!

By the way, the Tractor Supply provided free masks. The oil change location was a free American mask free zone! I garnered a free mask, which they offered, at Tractor Supply. As I entered, I stated, loudly, “Mask off; mask on!” As I left, I stated, loudly, “Mask on; mask off! I am now a free man, in a once free nation!” The sheep around me did not comment. I stood and still stand! By the way, you’d better start learning Mandarin. I am. I will not get into the poly-tic (many ticks) conversation now. That will wait until a future article! I have far more everlasting thoughts now!

The Everlasting

From 1994 to 1999, as many readers know, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I did mission work in Russia. We got to know a fine man. He and I are still friends and brothers in Christ. (Oh, we are “Farcebook” friends also.) Via “Farcebook,” recently, he informed me of Warren Christian Apologetics Center. I am glad to know that Dr. Thomas B. Warren’s heritage is continued! Decades ago, in my early study of apologetics, Dr. Thomas B. Warren’s debates and victories, against atheists, were formative. Doctor and brother in Christ Thomas B. Warren has been at Home a while now. His legacy continues. I recommend you to the website.

Brother Warren, I will enjoy letting you know that your ground-breaking work assisted me greatly, in the conversion to Christ, of several atheists, in Russia. Through me, the Lord helped other atheists move closer to theism. I hope that someone followed the ground that was sown, to convert them to Christ. We will enjoy a fine theological conversation, once I join you at Home, brother!

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