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Initial Introduction

On 12/16/2020, a rainy Wednesday, at 3 PM on the dot, I had begun to write. I will continue to write topically. Sermons are either topical or textual. I remember. I hope that you were staying dry and that you will enjoy my topical “life, such as it is,” update.

By the way I have set up my website, so that you may sign up for e-mail messages, when I post an article. I will not know who you are. I will not know your e-mail address. It's completely safe -- better than “Farcebook” on identity protection. I signed myself up to receive e-mails for my own articles! I can’t see, on my own website, that I signed myself up! I just get an e-mail (one only so far, for the 12/13/2020 article), when I post an article!

Since my 11/22/2020 article, within the context of my 12/13/2020 article, the following has been “life, such as it is,” to this date. Warm up a cup of coffee, and read a while!

12/20/2020 Introduction Continued

On 12/19/2020, Saturday, I had continued. On 12/16/2020, I had written my initial section, below, about Mom. On that date, I had been forestalled, by my efforts to repair our microwave. A technician had arrived. The 2003 microwave is toast (pun intended). We'll get another microwave. Otherwise, our Sharp “Half Pint" microwave that we’ve had since the 1980’s is in the kitchen. It had been in the basement, in protected storage. It still works. We can still “zap" stuff!

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I will finish and publish this article, finally. “Life, such as it is," is interesting at times.

Mom (11/24/1932 – 12/27/2000)

If you search “Mom," you will find several articles that I've written about Mom. She would have been 88 years old, on 11/24/2020, if she’d lived. On that Tuesday, I was working, at the office, instead of at home, in the insanity of my schedule. I remembered.

On 12/28/1999, Mom, as we found out later, did not have the flu. The cerebellar hemorrhage -- caused by her arteriovenous malformation, a birth defect -- had leaked, not ruptured completely, which would have killed her. I’ve written about the details in the past.

On 12/27/2000, Mom “went to see Jesus," as she had stated, before she passed. I’ve written about the details in previous articles. On 12/24/2000, I was with Mom at Holston Valley Medical Center. I had signed the papers, to bring Mom home to die, with hospice care. (That was the hardest task in my life.) Before the ambulance, which I followed, came to transport Mom home, she had stated to me (on that late Christmas Eve afternoon, as darkness was falling), “You all must let me go. I want to go see Jesus.”

Last Christmas, 2019, we had the 20-year Christmas tree. I wrote about it, with a photograph. This year, we do not have a Christmas tree.

Mom, I love and miss you bunches. I’ll see you again, at Home.

Thanksgiving: "Mask Mafia" Compliant

My youngest brother and his family stayed home. They developed their appetites, by clearing and burning leaves. That's a chore. I've helped my youngest brother a few times in the past. Their many trees produce many leaves.

My next to youngest brother did come here to eat Thanksgiving supper (6 PM) with us. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was happy that we had a guest.

Her family, living three miles away, were “Mask Mafia" compliant. They enforced compliance on my long-suffering wife. I “enjoyed” listening to them “video conference” most of the afternoon. I interjected a pithy comment at times. That was not much fun.

I should have gone hiking! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman should have gone also!

My youngest brother and his family drove down from my home town, to visit us, on Saturday, 11/28/2020. The "Mask Mafia" could not stop Ferrells from standing against Corona Myopia Psychosis, even if we were sitting mostly, while talking and enjoying seeing each other face-to-face, with no masks (either physical or otherwise)!

New Desktop Computer

In March 2005, we got our desktop computer, from the Computer Depot LLC, my now former "computer guy." The total cost was $1,112.17. They had been my “computer guy,” as needed, for upgrades and one repair. The desktop has been a faithful servant. It still works. The 2 GB RAM, however, is too slow for the demands of Windows 10. I had called, with e-mail follow up, to my former "computer guy." I had assumed that we'd do business again. I awaited a call or e-mail reply, with their details. Crickets chirped. I left voice mail, with my interest in doing business, if I could get an e-mail or phone reply. Crickets still chirped. I fired my former "computer guy."

Data Tech 11 became my new "computer guy!" On 11/27/2020, Friday, after the initial phone conversation and e-mail follow up, I bought and brought home our new desktop computer, with 16 GB RAM. The total cost was $678.83. The new desktop is great! The only trouble that I had was fighting "Microcrap," as I transfered files and programs from our old desktop to our new desktop. I won the technology war! My computer guy could have done it, but I wanted to.

I recommend highly Data Tech 11 to anyone who has computer related needs. Check out the website! They offer other types of services also. On 12/7/2020, Pearl Harbor Day, I mailed a postal letter to the owner, Michael Jesenick, with my highest praise and recommendation. I hope that he uses my letter to promote his business, as I encouraged him to do.


On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, 11/29/2020, I visited the homeplace. I did my usual tasks. I called our across the road neigbors and spoke with them a while. They were taking it easy indoors. The next two photographs are from the homeplace.

The homeplace is doing well enough. My new ol' truck still likes to get into a photograph!

Granny Ferrell (11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971)

Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, Granny Ferrell, had a heavenly birthday, on 11/30/2020. I worked at home that day, in the insanity of my work schedule. I remembered.

Granny, I love you. I remember. I’ll see you again, at Home.

Bionic Breakthrough?

By the way, winter began on 12/1/2020. I know. I am right. On 12/4/2020, Friday (a work at office day, based on the bureaucratic whatever schedule), my "bionic" right foot step began to feel almost like my normal left foot step! The right step is not exact yet, but I have been feeling profound improvement, beginning that day! Since 6/16/2016, when I took my first three steps with the rolling walker, I have seen gradual improvement. 12/4/2020 was a significant "step." I amost cried! (As a man, I knew better.) The last time that I cried was in early 2000, face on the floor, at the apartment, begging God to restore Mom to good health.

My "bionic" left shoulder and right knee are showing signs of good improvement also. Of course, the "crossover reactions," as they are called, are also "talking" to me. I deal with it all. I am going forward, slowly, every so slowly, in my ten-year recovery process, which started on 3/29/2016.

12/12/2020 Saturday Chores

I do the usual chores on Saturdays. 12/12/2020, Saturday, added three extras. My last new cold virus compliant haircut was on 10/24/2020, seven weeks previously, instead of the usual four. I needed a haircut. My fine barber, at Tony's Best Clips, Facebook, gave me another fine haircut. We had a great conversation also.

Next, my new ol' truck got a handwashing at Synergy Auto Wash, Halls. The rain held off well enough. $13.00 is a great price for a hand washed exterior plus tire clean. (I always give a good tip.)

Finally, he got an oil change at Halls Express Lube. (He was happy.) Since the 8/22/2020 oil change, we'd racked up only 1,835 miles, but it had been almost four months since that oil change. The oil change location is a mask free zone. No employee or customer has contracted the new cold virus there. The old oil came out almost as clean as the new oil.

My “Adoptive” Sister

My “adoptive” sister, in Missouri, sent me an e-mail, on 12/14/2020 (a work-at-home day). Her daughter's birthday was that date. (Why didn't I remember?)

First, I called my “adoptive” sister. We enjoyed catching up by phone. (Yes, I was wearing a mask, to not transmit any asymptomatic new cold virus germs that I may have to her.) I talked with her age 90 mother also.

Then, I called her daughter. She's getting a bit of age on her now, but she is holding up very well! That was another fine conversation. It had been a while!

My Brothers

My next to youngest brother calls about every other weekend. He had called last weekend. He's getting along well enough.

I thought that I'd get House Mountain hike #175 yesterday, 12/19/2020, after hauling trash. My youngest brother called, just as I was about to take a shower. We had a long conversation. His family and he are enduring Corona Myopia Psychosis well enough.

As I was about to drive off to haul trash, my next-to-eldest brother called. (I'm the eldest.) He left voice mail. I returned home, after trash hauling, to call him, instead of going hiking. He has a new caregiver who is from Russia! He passed his phone to her. We started in Russian. We switched to English. We finished in Russian. She passed the phone back to my brother. That was fun! He called it his Christmas gift to me!


Well, it took me five days, from 12/16-20, to get this article published. "Life, such as it is," does happen.

The Christmas gift to the world was the immaculate conception of Jesus. He was born of a virgin. He became a man. He lived and died as a man. He was resurrected as Jesus the Christ. The Word had become flesh. He lives, still eternally. He awaits all who have accepted his free gift, who are living in honor of it.

Our 2019 Christmas tree was the 20-year tree, marking the Christmas tree that Dad and I got for our apartment, while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and Mom shopped. There is no 2020 Christmas tree. Mom became ill, on 12/28/1999. She "went to see Jesus" on 12/27/2000. We didn't have a Christmas tree in 2000. We will not this year.

I trust that you all have accepted the Christmas Gift. If not, send me an e-mail! I'll help you accept it! My e-mail is in my profile.


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