Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Howdy, y'all! At 3:30 PM (on the dot), as I begin to write, I see that my readership totals are: today 256 readers (so far), yesterday 342 readers, and this month 8,197 (so far, as we wind down a year).

12/26/2020, Saturday: My truck and I, after hauling trash, tried to get to House Mountain, for my hike #175. The ice on the roads that we tried stopped us. We did have four days of winter, from 12/23 afternoon through 12/27/2020.

Instead, I played with Molly, our doggy, in the snow covered yard. We had six inches of snow by Christmas Day. I'd taken the above photograph, on Christmas, at 9:07 AM. The view, from our back deck, looks southwest.

Molly doesn't care for catching snow balls in the air. She doesn't care for attacking a snow man. She used to enjoy that in her “childhood” years. At age five now, she did enjoy her usual “exercise” toys! The half-gallon plastic milk jug is still her favorite! I called my youngest brother. His family and he are still snowed in.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had permission from the “mask mafia” to visit her father's older sister – about five easier miles away. Her aunt, cousin, niece, and she were present, wearing masks, of course. The 12/25/2020 gift exchange took place a day late. Afterward, the one-day-late Christmas “live video conference” happened. She had stated, after the Thanksgiving “video conference,” that this would not happen at Christmas. It did. The “mask mafia” won. I avoided it.

12/27/2020, Sunday: Mom “went to see Jesus,” on 12/27/2000. That was twenty years ago. I remembered. I opened my yet unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel.” I re-read what I have been writing, off and on, since 8/22/2002. I wrote more. I remembered. I hope that I publish my book soon.

12/28/2020, Monday: Mom's yearlong suffering, before she went “to see Jesus,” started on 12/28/1999. I have written about it on this website before. My book has my written, but yet unpublished, words. I remembered.

Molly, at age five, had her annual doctor appointment, at 9 AM. Molly had her usual annual injections and check up. Her doctor said that she is going great! After, we walked around in the “dog park” outside her doctor's office. She took a big dump, near a tree! Good girl, Molly! We returned home.

I wrote on my book more. The weather was cloudy and turning warmer.

12/29/2020, Tuesday: This is my second day of personal leave from work. I am off work tomorrow also. We are off New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I have my work “brain” (i.e., computer) here. On 1/4/2021, Monday, I will use my “brain” to work at home. Before my “temporary retirement,” which started on 12/24/2020 and ends on 1/3/2021, I had no indication of any other plan.

Molly had her annual check up yesterday. She is first. I am next. Today, I had my annual physical, at 8:15 AM. My fine primary care doctor told me that I'm doing great, despite my “bionic” joints. When he checked my heart, he told me that I have a heart like a cross country runner. It beats slowly but hard on each beat. I reminded him that, at my initial visit, years ago, he had told me that I have an athletic heart and that I would live forever. I had told him, years ago, that I hoped not! We both enjoyed a fine laugh! Of course, we both wore our masks. Our masks did not mask the fact that my fine doctor and I are friends. I hope that his wife and he will hike House Mountain again. I met them once. It was their first and only hike. I hope that he calls and takes me up on my offer!

Our refrigerator needed help. A repairman had arrived just after I had gone to see my doctor. I arrived home, just as he had finished. Our refrigerator just needed a little work, to unclog a water line. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had been at home, before my return, so she took care of business.

I wrote on my book more. I almost went on hike #175 today. It has been sunny and too warm. The mud is drying. I will wait until tomorrow or Thursday. The mud, from the winter we had (12/23 – 27/2020) needs to dry more. I expect that the rain won't come until late Thursday.

I think that I will write on my book more. I will create a topic section called “Light at the End of the Tunnel” for my website as well.

This was just a little update today. Thank y'all for reading. We're winding down 2020. I do not think that 2021 will be much better. The Corona Myopia Psychosis will continue another year, as the propagandists spur it on. 2022 may be a better year. I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, but that is my prediction. I hope that I am wrong. Either way, this once great nation is bound and determined to be driven, by the propagandists and socialists, into destruction. In a few decades, this once great nation may be restored, but not in my lifetime. I wish you God's blessings, in the New Year, and day by day.

Oh, before I get off here, what do you think? Is Outskirts Press a good enough company that I could use to self-publish my book? There are many options. The cost of my book will only be so that I can break even. I don't want to earn any money. I only want to get my words in print, for folks here now and for future Ferrell and other generations.

By the way, at 4:37 PM, my readership total today (so far) has gone from 256 to 270. That's 14 more readers in an hour and 37 minutes. Thanks, y'all, for “stopping by with coffee,” to read a while!

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