Tuesday, June 21, 2022

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 'FAVORITE' SISTER-IN-LAW! (published 6-21-2022; article #335)


Well, at 4:11 PM, as I began to type, the coolness of the morning was gone! The thermometer was punching 92F and getting hotter – so much for wearing that jacket!

The “My Other Websites” section includes the link to “Appalachian Irishman - YouTube.” I have only two episodes, so far. My first episode was on 5/26/2022, when I did a “free commercial” for Data Tech 11, my computer guy! I wanted to let my local readers know about his excellent prices and outstanding customer service!

Happy Birthday, “Favorite” Sister-in-Law!

My second episode, today, is for my “favorite” sister-in-law. Today is her “I ain't saying the year” birthday! I was “at the beach,” when I made the recording.

The episode is “Happy Birthday to 'Favorite' Sister-in-Law! (published 6-21-2022; episode 2; 1 min. 38 seconds).” I'm just glad that she did get up early enough to milk the cows this morning!


I have to have some fun! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her family have known – and have been putting up with – my sense of humor, for a few decades. “Favorite” sister-in-law was my target of humor this morning – and now!

Hey, “favorite” sister-in-law, I wouldn't “devil” you with my humor, if I didn't love you. I love all my in-laws. I reckon that they tolerate me well enough!

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