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WAS SUNDAY “JUNETEENTH,” OR FATHER'S DAY, OR BOTH? (published 6-21-2022, article #334)


Well, howdy, dear readers! On 6/21/2022, Tuesday, about 9:26 AM, as I began to type, the weather was a cool 67F, with crisp and clear sky. I may need to wear a jacket! I had become accustomed to last week's temperatures in the mid 90's. By the way, today is “favorite” sister-in-law's birthday. Earlier this morning, when Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had called her, I chimed in, by asking her if she had milked the cows yet! I think that she figured out my humor.

What day was Sunday? Was it “Juneteenth,” or Father's Day, or both? I was confused!


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I have known and continue to respect the historical origin of “Juneteenth.” has a good article. See “What Is Juneteenth? Juneteenth commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States,” by Elizabeth Nix, updated 6/17/2022, original 6/19/2015.

General Lee had surrendered to General Grant, on 4/9/1865. News then, however, did not span the globe, or the nation, in seconds – as it does now.

The article states that “Juneteenth” is a shortened word for “June Nineteenth.” June 19th, 1865 was the date, in Galveston, when federal troops took control of the state of Texas. That action secured the freedom of the enslaved people in Texas.

While I honor the history behind the term “Juneteenth,” the saying of the word is awkward to my ear and confusing to my mind. June has the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. I ask, in jest, “Which day is Juneteenth? It has to be one of seven days! I wish that the historical day could be called “the Nineteenth of June” – not “Juneteenth.” We call the Fourth of July, “the Fourth of July” – not “Julyth.”

The “Fourth of July” (1776) and the “Nineteenth of June” (1865), however, are both important dates – to remember independence declarations – from Britain and from slavery in Texas. Ireland declared independence from Britain, on 1/21/1919. Ireland became independent, on 4/18/1949. See "Republic to Republic: Ireland’s international sovereignty, 1919-1949: An exhibition of documents from the collections of UCD Archives,” by University College Dublin Archives, on Google Arts & Culture.

I hope that my national readers enjoyed a good “Nineteenth of June,” on Sunday! Yes, I will start the national trend, by this article! Start saying the “Nineteenth of June!” It sounds better to the ear!

Father's Day

Image by Hannah Edgman from Pixabay

Last year, I “talked with” my Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008), on Father's Day, in my article, “DAD, DO YOU REMEMBER THE 2003 WATER WELL CONVENTION? (Happy Father's Day, (6/20/2021).” I wrote my “About Me” section on 3/6/2006, when I published my first article (which still gets views almost daily). That section contains:

Raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, of hearty Irish stock, under the godly influence of my mother and the independent, fiery temperament of my father.

Dad certainly could get his dander up! So can I! Dad could and I still can blow off steam then relax, after “getting it out of our system.” Hey, Dad, I'll see you at Home – eventually.

On Sunday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I visited her folks. Her Dad was there. We had a good time of family togetherness. I wished my father-in-law a “Happy Father-in-Law's Day!” I've done that for a few years. He still seems to like to hear me say that.

I enjoy conversing with my father-in-law. We talked about farm work in the hot weather. He talked about cutting wheat and oats, when he was a boy and a young man, on his parents' farm. He talked about thrashing wheat. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, her sisters, her cousin, and our niece heard the conversation.

I wish that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her sisters would start a website journal, to record their family heritage articles and photographs. I have offered to help. Before my article today, my “Topic Sections” showed that I had 101 listings under “family” and 74 under “heritage.” I hope that a next generation of the Fearghail clan will continue my website, after I go Home. Family heritage is important and needs to be remembered in written and/or recorded form. I wish that I had video recorded Dad talking. He went Home, on 1/25/2008. I didn't start this website journal and commentary, until 3/6/2006. I didn't have enough time to “learn the ropes,” to do video recordings. I know how to do that now.

Before leaving, my father-in-law asked if it was Father's Day or “Juneteenth.” My response was a humorous point of confusion – on “Juneteenth.” I stated that I knew the day was Father's Day. I speculated, in jest, that “Juneteenth” could have been either the 13th to the 18th or that day (19th). I wasn't sure! I think that he enjoyed my humor.


Yesterday morning, while preparing this article, I came across the 6/16/2022 Newsweek article, “Black Boys Need Fathers. This Juneteenth and Father's Day, Let's Commit to Them,” by Patrice Onwuka, Director of the Center for Economic Opportunity, at Independent Women’s Forum; 6/16/22 at 1:28 PM EDT. Further research found Independent Women's Forum: Center for Economic Opportunity. Patrice Onwuka is the Director. I read that 6/16/2022 article. Patrice Onwuka wrote a very good article.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are both glad that we were raised by godly parents. She still has her father with her. Children do better – morally and financially – when they are raised by godly parents. All the “societal studies” that affirm this fact are mere repetitions of the inspired record.

I suggest that you read the God-inspired Old Testament book of Joshua, chapters 23 and 24, to understand the context of Joshua 24:15. Joshua, the leader of the nation of Israel, was near death. Chapter 24, verse 15, includes his affirmation:

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Men who sire children need to become fathers, who serve the Lord and who lead their family (wife and children) in the service of the Lord. Families will be restored. Society will be restored. This once great nation will re-focus correctly on the biblical worldview. I pray to the Good Lord, now, that men will be godly fathers, that mothers will be godly mothers, that their children will be raised to honor them and God, and that, consequentially, this once great nation will be restored to godliness.

This is my written sermon for the day. Tune in again. I may record a podcast sermon, one of these days!

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M. Fearghail said...

Correction: see my article, “7-4-2022: 'JULYTH' OR INDEPENDENCE DAY? (published 7-3-2022; article #338),” on the “Juneteenth” flag that I used in this article. The flag in this article is a free image of the Pan-African flag, with “Juneteenth” written on the flag.