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Paint & Cut Shop Versus Barbershop: It's a True Story (published 3-22-2023; article #398)

“Old cars in restoration workshop,” published 6/4/2020, by Egor Vikhrev, on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License.


A next-door neighbor has a detached shop, in which he restores old vehicles. I've been in his shop many times, over the years. His shop looks a little like the one in the above image, but nicer.

To an Appalachian Irishman, these shops are called paint and body shops. Old vehicles go in, and classic showroom vehicles come out. Those shops can also spruce up dings, dents, and paint, for a newer vehicle that had a boo-boo.

How does a paint and body shop bring up the difference between a paint & cut shop and a barbershop? Well, this humorous article will explain.

Paint & Cut Shop

The “long-suffering” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and one of her sisters use the same beauty parlor. (They are called salons now.) Her sister had an appointment for a “paint and cut” yesterday. My wife had her appointment today.

Why don't they go together?” -- a reader asks. They use the same “stylist” (barber). A “paint and cut” (fancy haircut and dye job) takes at least two hours. They can't ride together, to see the same “barber,” on the same day, since one would have to wait a couple of hours, while the other one was getting “painted and cutted.”

I used to call it their “high dollar haircut” place. Yesterday, I was inspired to rename it their “paint and cut shop.” The shop is actually called Salon Yeager.

That's a fancy, yuppie website, folks! Watch that young lady walk in and be greeted! It's like a little movie! Various women are enjoying wonderful “paint and cut” experiences, in the shop and hanging around in beautiful, yuppie locations outside!

The service menu warns that prices shown are starting prices. Among the services, I need to ask: what is a Balayage color? What is a Brazilian Blowout specialty hair? What is a Ouidad haircut? I've never needed a chin wax, especially since I have a beard.

My wife's paint and cut shop, from home, is a one-way drive of 28 minutes (19.3 miles). The usual “out the door” cost is in the mid-to-upper $100 range, depending on how much paint is needed – for that one small patch of gray hair on a corner of her forehead. Dear, take me up on my offer. I'll get some brown paint and paint it for you, at no cost, except the paint!

At least my wife's high dollar haircut, at the paint and cut shop, happens about every two months or so. I'm glad it's not ever four to six weeks, like my haircuts.


Now, let's contrast my wife's paint and cut shop to my barbershop. I've written about and have recommended Tony's Best Clips. (See “Business Recommendations: northeast Knox County, TN.”) From home, the one-way drive is 15 minutes (8.8 miles).

Tony is both a master barber and a cosmetologist. His website is concise, informative, and practical. Thankfully, it does not show a movie about some feller walking into his shop. My positive comments are found, on his website, by selecting the “Read More” button, under “Testimonials.” Also, the title of my 2/13/2021 article includes the name of his barbershop.

Before the new China-made cold virus, I usually just walked in, on any given Saturday, for a haircut. No appointment was needed. I'd usually waited a few minutes for my turn, talking with Tony, other fellers, or reading an outdoors magazine. If I were lucky, not many other guys were waiting. Since the new cold virus, however, Tony cuts by appointment. I call, arrange the date and time, and get another great haircut!

The perfect haircut takes a few minutes only. (A real man doesn't paint his gray hair. See Proverbs 16:31; 20:29!) About twenty years ago, when I started going to Tony for haircuts, the cost was in the single digits. Over the years, inflation has taken its toll, as on everything, especially lately. Tony had to start charging a low double-digit cost for a haircut. (He has to have enough for a Happy Meal at McDonald's! That's a joke that Tony and I know.)

Hey, dear, as I've said before, Tony can cut and paint your hair! He's a cosmetologist also! I've seen his prices on cut and paint. It's less than your yuppie salon – and closer to home!


Yes, I know. I should be working more on my next Christian Evidences series article. I needed to write the article of yesterday and today first. This Appalachian Irishman has to enjoy a little writing humor at times.

As I close, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is just over an hour into her two-hour paint and cut. I wonder if either her sister or she will read and comment on this article. We will see. Of course any male reader is welcome to comment. Any female reader, who is brave enough to comment, will receive my graciously sarcastic response. (I have to warn them, guys!)

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