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“Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” Update: My Rant on “Guvrmint” Time (published 3-12-2023; article #393)

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Greetings to each local, regional, national, and international reader – especially to you, dear reader. On this cloudy Sunday afternoon, I might as well get this off my chest. My Irish dander is up today.

Why? Aside from the usual aggravations of stagflation and taxes, which Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I endured yesterday, my Irish blood is boiling – due to “guvrmint” time.

The loss of an hour of sleep didn't bother me. Having to set fourteen timepieces ahead one hour aggravated me enough. “Fourteen?” -- you ask? Yes. They are two watches, clocks on two vehicles, DVD player, landline phone, stove, two microwaves, three alarm clocks, and two light timers. That's fourteen.

In a sense, this article is a follow up to my article of last year: “SUNSHINE PROTECTION ACT OF 2021" (published 3-19-2022; updated 3-20-2022; article #303). Reading that article again today, I feel anew the shock and frustration that inspired the tone in that article. I would not change a word.

Who wants year-round “guvrmint” time? Who wants the sunrise to be after 8 AM, from November 3rd to March 5th every year?

The purpose of this sixty-fifth article on “poly-tics” is to educate folks who want year-round “guvrmint” time. Writing this article will soothe my Irish temper. I have to stand with Papaw Ferrell, as the conclusion will indicate.

Tennessee's 'Guvrmint' Time Law of 2019

Since 5/21/2019, the Tennessee “guvrmint” has had a law on the books. That law states that, once the federal “guvrmint” passes year-round “guvrmint” time, then the Tennessee law will go into effect.

See Tennessee General Assembly, HB 0247. The “Bill History” and “Summary” buttons contain the details. The “Votes” button shows how each representative and senator voted.

On election day, 11/8/2022, I had the pleasure, once again, to converse with Representative Dave Wright, while he was outside, at the voting location. We spoke in pleasant, humorous, and spiritual agreement on several mundane political and deeper religious topics. My only disagreement with our fine representative was that he voted in favor of the bill, which I have cited.

Regrettably, the switch is already set, in Tennessee. If the federal “guvrmint” passes the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021,” then the switch turns on, in Tennessee, for year-round “guvrmint” time.

Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” -- My Rant

As my 3/19/2022 article stated:

How can the USSA federal “guvrmint” protect sunshine? Only the Good Lord can do that!

Daylight Savings Time” is a lie! It does not “save time!” It only moves the sun forward one hour.

That 3/19/2022 article indicates that the bill passed the US Senate, on 3/15/2022. Today, the same source -- S.623 - Sunshine Protection Act of 2021, 117th Congress (2021-2022): Actions Overview -- indicates no further action. The US House has not yet taken action, as the “Actions” button indicates. I hope that the US House keeps fiddling, while Rome burns, on this.

Daylight “savings” (“guvrmint”) time ended on 11/6/2022. It started today, 3/12/2023. Please keep those dates in mind. Standard time is a little over a third of the year. “Savings” (“guvrmint”) time is from today, until 11/5/2023. “Guvrmint” time is almost eight months, or three-fourths of the year.

Please see Sunrise and sunset Knoxville (Tennessee): January 2023. This is for the eastern time zone. Previous and following months can be viewed by clicking the button for the selected month and year. The information below is from the website, by month and year selections.

For November 2022 -- on savings” time -- sunrise was as follows, for the first five days: 1st 7:59 AM, 2nd 8:00 AM, 3rd 8:01 AM. 4th 8:02 AM. 5th 8:03 AM. On 11/6/2022 – on standard time – sunrise was at 7:04 AM.

For December 2022 – on standard time – sunrise was incrementally later, from 7:28 AM, on the 1st, to 7:46 AM, on the 31st. If “savings” time were year-round, then sunrise would be from 8:28 AM to 8:46 AM, incrementally. (Add an hour to standard time sunrise.)

For January 2023 – on standard time – sunrise was incrementally earlier, from 7:46 AM, on the 1st, to 7:37 AM, on the 31st. On year-round “savings” time, sunrise would be from 8:46 AM to 8:37 AM, incrementally.

For February 2023 – on standard time – sunrise was incrementally earlier, from 7:37 AM, on the 1st, to 7:08 AM, on the 28th. On year-round “savings” time, sunrise would be from 8:37 AM to 8:08 AM, incrementally.

For March 2023 – on standard time – sunrise was incrementally earlier, from 7:06 AM on the 1st, to 7:01 AM on the 5th, to 7:00 AM on the 6th, and to 6:53 AM, yesterday, on the 11th. Today, 3/12/2023, the start of “guvrmint” time, the sun rose at 7:51 AM.

As is clear from the data, if we were on year-round “savings” (“guvrmint”) time, then sunrises after 8:00 AM would occur from the 3rd of November until the 5th of March. (Again, add an hour to standard time.)

Yes, of course, if “savings” (“guvrmint”) time were year-round, then the sun would set later, by an hour, daily. I understand the rebuttal to my rant. Year-round “guvrmint” time, however, would cause early risers to lose even more and late risers to win even more.

For example, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman -- bless her heart, being <deleted by Mrs. Appalachian Irishman> years younger than me – still has to work for a living a couple or so more years. She leaves for work about 6:20 AM, to arrive early and to avoid morning traffic, since her teaching/vice principal job starts at 7:30 AM. The one-way drive is about 40 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Since March 1st, when the sunrise was at 7:06 AM, she could leave, just as the pre-dawn was bringing a little light to the darkness. This week, my wife is on spring break. On 3/20/2023, however, when she returns to “hitting a lick” at work, the sunrise will be at 7:40 AM. So, she will return to leaving for work, in darkness, as she does during most of the school year, except for a few days in August and March.

Where's the rant?” -- you ask? Here it is! “Guvrmint” time discriminates against early risers, such as my wife! School-aged young 'uns face the discrimination. Folks who start work by at least 8 AM endure the discrimination.

Who wants, for example, school-aged children to await the school bus, ride the bus, and be at school – when it's still dark – with sunrises after 8:00 AM from November 3rd until March 5th?

An online search of “daylight savings time and traffic accidents" finds several sources that agree with educated common sense. Travel to work, to school, or for any reason -- in morning “rush hour” darkness -- indicates a higher probability of accidents, injuries, and deaths. Several online sources indicate credible studies, which conclude that year-round standard time is safer. I agree.


Guvrmint” time discriminates against early risers. It benefits folks who are late risers – who work later shifts or who are lazy. Folks who work later shifts have my respect. Lazy folks have my pity.

As a note on the plan, as stated in my 3/19/2022 article, I contacted the offices of both US Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty. Senator Blackburn's office did not reply to my voicemail. A staff member of Bill Hagerty and I had a beneficial conversation. Neither Senator replied directly to my emails or postal letters. US House member Tim Burchett and I exchanged encouraging emails. He did not reply to my postal letter. I emailed and called News Talk 98.7. The email had no reply. A call screener and I spoke only. I was unable to be on the air, due to timing.

The conclusion to my 11/7/2021 article is a fitting conclusion to this article:

Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) hated “guvrmint” time, as he called it. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, Papaw!

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