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Norris Dam State Park: Hike #22 on 4-19-2023 (published 4-21-2023; article #406)


Greetings, dear reader! Yesterday, in warm and sunny weather, I only ate dinner (or lunch, as the Yankees call it) at Zaxby's and bought seven items at Lowe's. The chicken sandwich, fries, and small drink cost $8.73, including tax. The Lowe's pre-tax total was four florescent bulbs ($43.92), two “micro” air filters ($22.97), one “maximum” air filter ($22.97), and “assorted O rings” ($3.36). Well, you can figure the cost, adding 9.25% sales tax. “A dollar ain't worth much these days.”

At least one of the O rings fit my ol' canteen! The cap had needed a new seal. (My “bionic” right foot “enjoyed” pounding around that big box store, on concrete and tile, but it got over it.) The O rings purchase leads into this fiftieth article on the topic of hiking.

On Wednesday, a warm, sunny, and windy day, my 2006 Frontier and I visited Norris Dam State Park! The article of 3/31/2023 (about House Mountain Hike #179, on 3-29-2023) included the section “Hiking Records: Grand Total of All Hikes, Since 4/23/2000.” I'd mentioned twenty-one hikes, so far, at Norris. Wednesday was hike twenty-two, so far, at that state park. It also marked 232 total hikes, in various locations, since 4/23/2000, when my hiking record started.

I know. I am sandwiching in another article, before publishing the seventh article in the Christian Evidences series. I haven't lost interest in that series! The draft is mostly complete. Let's first hike Norris, shall we? Let's hike!

Norris Hike #22, on 4/19/2023

Norris Dam State Park has about fifteen trails that cover about twenty-one miles. I've hiked most, if not all, of them several times. Searching this website, by “Norris,” finds several previous articles with photographs. The one-way drive takes about thirty minutes. That's why I don't hike there as often. House Mountain is only seven or ten miles from the house, depending on the route.

Wednesday, at Norris, I decided to hike the short and “civilized” loop trail that leads up from, behind, and back down to the observation parking lot. It took more time to drive to the park than to hike the trail. The trail starts up, as a rough service road, to the water tower. Poison oak was all along the trail. I paused at the water tower, briefly, to supply the ground with some moisture and to read some of the mildly interesting graffiti. I continued, as the service road became a trail, to the top of the hill.

I paused, near the top, to view the scene below and to the east. The following is the first frame of my video, which I started at 1:43 PM. The sun is behind me. The temperature was in the low 80's Fahrenheit. I sweated enough.

I had the moment in time to myself. Two or three vehicles were in the parking lot, below me. The lake was calm, with no boats visible on the water. The wind, however, was coming from the west, behind me, at a good clip. Enjoy the view!

Norris Podcast

The eighth episode of Appalachian Irishman - Podcasts, on YouTube, is “Norris Dam State Park: Hike 22 on 4-19-2023 (published 4-21-2023; episode 8).” The strong wind muffled some of my audio, when I panned the view, with my “semi-intelligent” phone. I panned a little too quickly, at one point. I hope that you don't get dizzy watching that part!

As I'd said in the audio, being there “was better than working for a living.” I was “working,” by enjoying a hike, in my retirement!” Enjoy the video!


Even a short time in the woods is better than not being there. Getting out into the woods, even on a “civilized” and short hike, is relaxing. The views are great. A man has time alone, with the Good Lord.

That's about all. This is the Appalachian Irishman, signing off.

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