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Hilary Catastrophic Disaster: Clickbait Warning! (published 8-20-2023; article #427)

6/23/2020 photograph, by Anne Nygård, on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License.


The title warned you! Did you click anyhow? Apparently so, since you are reading this sentence. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “clickbait” as something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink, especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.”

Don't worry! This article contains no malware or malicious intent. The title is clickbait, in that it may be of “dubious value or interest,” unless you share my sense of humor! Welcome to the 107th article on the topic of “Humor,” dear reader!

Recent television news is responsible for this article. Some news captions brought out my sense of humor!


Recently, news segments, on various television stations, were captioned along the lines of the two website articles, below, which I have selected for this commentary. I couldn't find the website versions of the televised segments that I saw.

The first is “Flooding disaster threatens Southern California as Hilary takes aim” (on AccuWeather, by Alex Sosnowski, senior meteorologist, published 8/16/2023, updated 8/20/2023). Hilary aims to cause disastrous floods in Southern California? I wish that Hilary wouldn't do that. Why would she want to do so? Thankfully, we don't live in that neck of the woods. I hope that no one is injured or killed.

The other is “Hilary expected to bring catastrophic, life-threatening flooding to US Southwest” (on ABC News, by Nadine El-Bawab, Kenton Gewecke, Dan Peck, and Meredith Deliso, 8/19/2023). Again, why does Hilary want to threaten the southwest, with catastrophic and life-threatening floods? What did that area, of this once great nation, ever do to her, to deserve her anger? I hope that Hilary doesn't injure or take life.

Did the writers and editors of those two columns, among others, forget to add a word to the titles? By not adding “hurricane” to those titles, this Appalachian Irishman's sense of humor was sparked!


Y'all may remember the former first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She still makes the rounds, on certain media outlets.

As well as I can tell, she has online platforms, on at least a couple of websites: The Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Onward Together. Listing those websites does not connote agreement with their content.

To converse with the former first lady -- twelve years older than me and far more well known than I am -- on the topic of worldviews, would be interesting. She could define and present arguments in favor of her worldview. We might have some general points of agreement, as most folks do. I would have to ask questions, to unpack the shaded layers of her insinuations. She could ask me questions. I would use sound and valid logic, to disagree with her overarching worldview and to affirm the biblical worldview. Yes, it would be interesting.


I disdain clickbait, which is on so many websites. This 427th article is my first and only use of clickbait. I apologize. I won't do it again.

The clickbait is that there is only one “l' in Hilary, the name of the current hurricane. There are two “l”s in Hillary, the first name of the former first lady.

This article hopes that, in God's providence, hurricane Hilary causes no deaths or serious injuries. Some property damage may occur.

This article also encourages the former first lady, Hillary, not to cause further catastrophic disasters, to this once great nation. It asks her to please follow the biblical worldview, in its entirety, without twisting certain aspects of it into her unbiblical agenda. I can unpack this concluding paragraph, if any commentator wishes to ask me to do so.

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