Friday, August 25, 2023

Trip to Sevierville, on 8-24-2023: Epic Failures, but a Good Day (published 8-25-2023; article #428)

8/24/2023, Thursday, photograph, by M. Fearghail.


Greetings, dear reader, and welcome to the 98th article, under the Topic Section “Life (such as it is)!” I'm glad that you could join me. I hope that you stay around, to read and listen awhile. The embedded podcast is in the conclusion.

The rather lengthy short story of 8/5/2023 -- about our Charleston, Missouri, Family Reunion and our Mission Moscow Reunion -- sets the stage for this article. In that article, under the subsection “7/11/2023, Tuesday,” I referenced my phone conversation with Travis. His wife, Kelly, and he were able to attend the recent Polishing the Pulpit event, in nearby Sevierville, Tennessee.

Well, as someone once said, “The best laid plans of mice and men . . . .” I'm sure that you can finish the quote. Apparently, the phrase is an adaptation from a line in To a Mouse, by Robert Burns. To make a long story short, the plans that the other couple and we attempted to make, to get together, never did work out. The four of us were frustrated, since we were within about 30 miles of each other, but we couldn't arrange our get together.

Meeting Attempt -- Epic Failure

Attempting to “take the bull by the horns,” I thought that I'd make an impromptu visit, on the final day of the Polishing the Pulpit event. That was yesterday. My 2006 Frontier was ready for a good stretch of his legs. I arrived at the Sevierville Convention Center, where the event was being held, just as it was ending. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was aware of my plan. I thought that I'd surprise Travis and Kelly.

The convention center was crowded. Cell phone communication with the other couple informed me that they'd had to leave early that morning. I'd missed them. Travis and Kelly, the four of us tried, but fate forestalled our plans -- this time. Perhaps we can arrange another time and location, to get together.

Well, that meeting attempt was an epic failure. Walking around the convention center, however, was enjoyable. The weather was sunny, humid, and warm. I conversed briefly with a few folks.

Dinner Date Attempt - Epic Failure

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman works about three miles from the convention center. So as dinner time (or lunch, as Yankees call it) was approaching, I figured that I'd take my “long-suffering” wife out on a dinner date.

My wife met me at the entrance door. Inside, we conversed with some of her coworkers. I saw her office area and one classroom. I didn't have to walk through the security metal detector, since I was a known guest.

I wish that I'd asked to step through that metal detector! I wonder how loudly it would have beeped, as it found the 25 metal items, surgically implanted in my left shoulder, right knee, and right foot! (The article of 3/21/2021 includes X-ray images of each joint.) If I have another visit, to where my wife works, then I'll plan to walk through that metal detector -- just for fun!

Well, the dinner date attempt was an epic failure. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman wasn't hungry, and she didn't want to have a dinner date, just to watch me eat. That's okay, dear. We saw each other, at your work location, for the first time, since I became a “bionic” man. Thanks for the jaw kiss, as I was leaving!


You ask, “Where's the podcast?” It's on Appalachian Irishman - Podcasts (YouTube), as “Trip to Sevierville, on 8-24-2023: Epic Failures, but a Good Day (published 8-25-2023; episode 17).” Yes, the podcast title is the same as the title of this article.

I hope that you've enjoyed this virtual trip to Sevierville, of yesterday, with me, dear reader. It's life, such as it was. The trip included two epic failures, but I enjoyed the day. My truck had wanted a good stretch of his legs. I did too.

On the way home, I stopped at a grocery store, to eat dinner and to buy some potatoes (for me primarily) and peanut butter (for my wife). The robot checked me out, at the deli. A live human being checked me out at the register. The cashier and I exchanged humorous comments. The robot didn't talk back to me, when I argued with it. The folks around me enjoyed a good laugh.

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