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How to Stop Illegal Alien Invaders? Here's a Spam Email Analogy (published 1-26-2024; article #453)


Welcome to the 68th article, under the topic section “Poly-Tics (Greek "πολλά," many, + "ticks," blood suckers).” (The previous 67 articles were four in 2006, two in 2009, two in 2013, five in 2020, thirty-two in 2021, seventeen in 2022, and five last year.) I don't like writing these type of articles. At times, I feel the need to do so. This is one of those times.

As the above photograph proves, advocacy groups want no nations and no borders. John Lennon's 1971 hit song, “Imagine,” dreams of no countries. Such advocates imagine impractical fantasies, and their agenda promotes the nightmare, of a godless, humanistic, and socialistic “utopia.” Their pipe dream worldview is not the biblical worldview. The majority of citizens, in every nation, however, wants secure borders. A nation, by definition, must have known and secure borders. Look on any world map.

Why is it so hard to stop the illegal invasion, at the USA southern border? I don't know, but I do know. This article will explain, by analogy.

I asked the question, to the artificial intelligence entity, known as Bing. Bing's answer, on 1/25/2024, was ambiguous, to say the least. Anyone, with common sense, knows the answer. Of course, that excludes the current executive branch, of the federal government. The Biden administration lacks common sense, and, even worse, I suspect their pipe dream agenda. The conclusion will explain.

The Illegal Alien Invaders

This section is about two invasions. The first part highlights the well-known illegal alien invasion, at the southern border, of this once great nation. The overwhelming invasion is ongoing.

The second part is about the illegal alien spam email invasion, into my email software's inbox. That temporary invasion lasted, from 10/27/2023 to 12/31/2023. The invasion, while aggravating, was short-lived.

The USSA Southern Border

What southern border? A border is a boundary that establishes a limit. It is a barrier that blocks, intends to block, or governs entry. If the established requirements are met, then a person is granted legal entry. Living in Russia, from 1994 to 1999, my wife and I obtained new visas, annually, to continue our legal alien (expatriate) status, in Russia.

This once great nation does not have a southern border. Various media outlets continue the storyline, on a daily basis. One, of countless, sources is “America’s southern border has become a global crossroads,” The Economist, 1/18/2024. The article encapsulates well the invasion, at the southern border, and it states, “America’s northern border has proved porous, too.”

Recent news has been focusing on the actions, of the federal executive branch, to prevent the state of Texas, from securing its southern border. By a five to four margin, the so-called United States Supreme Court ruled, in favor of the executive branch. Sources: Supreme Court of the United States, Docket 23A607, title “Department of Homeland Security, et al., Applicants v. Texas,” 1/22/2024 and “Supreme Court Allows Biden Admin to Remove Texas Border Wire,” The Daily Signal, by Katelynn Richardson, 1/22/2024. The second source states that the Supreme Court decision, on 1/22/2024, by a five to four margin, allowed the Biden administration's Border Patrol, to remove the border wire, which Texas had set up, to secure it's southern border. Two so-called conservative members of the Court (Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Barrett) joined the three so-called liberal members of the Court (Justices Sotomayor, Kagan and Jackson), to make the 5-4 decision. Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh opposed the decision.

Texas is trying to secure its southern border. The federal government is fighting Texas, to keep the southern border open! The asinine absurdity of this astounds me!

Meanwhile, earlier today, I received the weekly email, from US Senator Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee. The subject is “The Blackburn Report: Ending The VA's Prioritization Of Illegal Immigrants.” The first sentence states, Over 1 million veterans are waiting for a claim to be processed, while taxpayers are shouldering $94.3 million in medical care for detained migrants.” The online article is “Blackburn To Biden’s VA: Putting Illegal Immigrants Above America’s Veterans Is Unacceptable,” Marsha Blackburn, US Senator, Tennessee, 1/17/2024.

Yes, up is down, and down is up, in this once great nation! Why not prioritize medical care, for illegal aliens, while citizen veterans wait their turn? That seems fair and logical -- only when pigs fly backwards, north, for the winter!

The overwhelming invasion is ongoing. It will not stop, or be stopped, soon.

My Email Border

I thought that my email border was secure, since only a few spam emails were trickling in, at times. It was easy, to block and deport the few.

An illegal alien spam email invasion, however, started, on 10/27/2023. Multiple spam emails invaded daily, like illegal aliens, invading the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America) southern border. The daily total of invaders, often from the same domain, varied, from none (very rare), to well over fifteen. On some days, over two dozen illegal invaders crossed my email border. The peak was on Sunday, 12/17/2023, when 53 spam invaders crossed the border illegally!

The aggravating email invasion was short-lived. I was determined to stop it and to secure my email border.

A Spam Email Analogy

In contrast to the USSA southern border, I started building a strong spam email filter! The construction period was from 10/27/2023 to 12/31/2023 -- just over two months.

During that period, I blocked a total of 332 domains (which included an uncounted number of emails, from each domain) and certain specific emails. Also, I reported several spam email domains, to the proper online authorities.

Now, the strong spam filter blocks almost all of the illegal alien emails, from even crossing the boarder, into my inbox. Any illegals that slip through go into the junk email folder, from which I deport them. I add those illegal domains or emails, into the spam filter.

My determination, to secure my email border, continues. My email border is secure again. The spam filter is working. I strengthen it, as needed.


So, why is it so hard to stop the illegal invasion, at the USA southern border? I don't know, in that this once great nation has the personnel and equipment to do so. The border was being secured, under the previous federal executive branch.

I do know, in that the current federal executive branch appears to be purposefully hapless. It does not demonstrate the desire, to secure the border. It seems to accept and even encourage the human tragedy, as collateral damage, to advance its nightmare, of a godless, humanistic, and socialistic “utopia.” That pipe dream worldview is not the biblical worldview.

My spam email analogy explains how easy it could be, to secure this once great nation's southern border. The will, to do so, is all that is needed. For a sampling of my previous public statements, on this porous topic, please see the following three articles.

'If I Were the Devil' – Inspired by Paul Harvey” (7/22/2022): the podcast transcript includes the following.

If I were the devil, I would open the border wider – for all illegals to cross. Bring in all, who yearn for handouts, bus rides, cell phones, and places to live! Bring in terrorists, stalkers, rapists, criminals, murderers!

"Illegal Analogy: 5-14-2006 article on 8-5-2022 podcast" (8/5/2022): the article references the original article, of 5/14/2006, and links to the 8/5/2022 podcast, in which I spoke my written words, of almost 18 years ago now.

Illegal Border Crossing: Molly is Guilty!” (10/22/2022): the argument by analogy includes the comment: “The socialists think that they are adding more socialist voters. They continue to transform this once great nation into the Socialist Utopian Oblivion that they desire.”

Let's see if anyone can find out how many illegal aliens vote, illegally, in the next presidential election. Let's see how many mysteriously found and so-called votes appear, out of nowhere, just in time, to be counted, to turn red states blue.

As a point of integrity, I do not support and will not vote for Donald Trump, in the next presidential election. He has too much baggage. I am a constitutional conservative, who has a biblical worldview. That makes me a fiscal conservative also. If such a candidate, who is a true Christian, runs for president, then he or she will have my vote. I plan, Lord willing, to vote -- even if only for myself.

Where is the truly Christian constitutional conservative, who can get my vote, in the next presidential election? Could someone please stand up!

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