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Valentine's Day, Truck Visits Car: My Wife was Surprised Too! (published 2-14-2024, article #455)

“Truck Visits Car,” photograph by M. Fearghail, on 2/14/2024, at 12:21 PM


Happy Valentine's Day greetings, dear reader! Today's warm and sunny weather was excellent, for a day trip! My 2006 Frontier wanted to visit Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's 2012 Sentra. I went along, for the ride.

Welcome to the 120th article, under the “family” topic section. Last Saturday's article concluded, by stating:

By the way, I heard recently that, if you cook a raw, unpeeled potato, with soup beans, the potato draws out what causes gas, from eating soup beans. You throw away the potato, afterward, and by no means eat it. I may have to try that, unless my “long-suffering” wife decides to do so. I know how to cook soup beans.

In the freezer, for well over a year, have been an unopened bag and a half empty bag of frozen breaded okra (or okry, as we say, around here). In the pantry, for about the same duration, has been an unopened bag of soup beans (which some folks call pinto beans). I'd been deviling my “long-suffering” wife, about not having fried okry or soup beans, in over a year.

Last Sunday, for supper, my wife made soup beans, mashed taters, and fried okry! Adding a few slices of red onions and a glass of buttermilk, that's been my favorite meal, since childhood. I was raised, on soup beans and mashed taters. By the way, a raw, unpeeled potato, cooked with the soup beans, does draw out what causes gas!

I had to return the expression of love. My truck also wanted to visit our car.

Truck Visits Car

My truck hadn't been anywhere, since last Thursday -- when he took me, to haul garbage, give him a good hand washing, shop at the Tractor Supply, and fill his tank with gas. Today, he insisted on getting out of the “barn” (garage)!

My truck really wanted to go all the way to Sevierville, Tennessee, to see our car. He'd last visited her, in Sevierville, on 8/24/2023 (as the 8/25/2023 article recounts). More recently, he'd taken my wife and me, to that area, last Christmas Eve (as mentioned, in the 1/5/2024 article), when we had an enjoyable visit, with family, who were vacationing in a cabin.

My truck and I left, about 10:40 AM, and returned, about 1:30 PM. As the caption, above, states, I'd taken the photograph, at 12:21 PM. My ol' truck had a good visit, with our car. Both vehicles appear to be smiling, in the image. Don't you think so?

My Wife was Surprised Too!

I'd already made a stealth call, to the secretary, at the school, where my wife teaches. My truck and I arrived, at the school building, just before noon.

Beforehand, I'd tried to find the florist shop -- where I've ordered delivery flowers, to my wife, at her job, over the years, for Valentine's Day and our anniversary -- but I never found it. The shop wasn't answering calls. They must have been busy, preparing and delivering several floral arrangements!

A local store offered better and tastier options! As noon was approaching, I bought my dear wife two boxes of SweeTARTS and two Hershey's chocolate bars. She can't eat roses, but she does enjoy those two types of sweets!

Having arrived, at the school building, I made another stealth call, to the secretary, who planned to tell my wife that a visitor was awaiting her, outside the front door. The new principal, however, met me and invited me, into his office. Yes, I went to the principal's office!

He fetched my wife and brought her to me! I wish that I'd had a camera with me. Her surprised look is etched in my memory!


This article wishes a happy Valentine's Day, to every reader. Personally, it's a happy Valentine's Day entry, for my dear wife. Happy Valentine's Day, dear! Thanks for finally fixing soup beans and fried okry, for supper, last Sunday! This Valentine's Day is better than last year!

On Valentine's Day, last year, my “long-suffering” wife drove me, in our car, for my “roto-rooter” appointment. The article, of 2/15/2023, is about my Valentine's Day “Roto-Rooter.” The 8/15/2023 article placed that “roto-rooter,” in my rear view mirror! Please pardon the pun!

Yesterday, the folks, who “roto-rootered” me, last year, left voice mail, in an attempt to schedule an appointment. I did not and will not call them back. My exhaust system works quite well. No sale this year!

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