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The 6-27-2024 Presidential Debate: Twilight Zone Reality (published 6-30-2024; article #483)


The first article from Tuesday, June 25, described my alternative reality dream. I was awakened to the current political reality and nightmare in this once-great nation, which is fast becoming a banana republic.

Last Thursday evening, at 9 PM EDST, I decided to watch the first of two scheduled presidential debates. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman wisely chose to go to bed, since it was her usual bedtime. Molly (our ol' puppy) had already bedded down. Alone, I sat in the living room and watched. The debate was somewhat entertaining, as my muffled laughs and snide remarks to no one indicated.

This 71st entry in the "poly-ticks" (Greek πολλά, many, and ticks, blood suckers) topic section contrasts three televised presidential debates: Trump-Biden on 6/27/2024, Nixon-Kennedy on 9/26/1960, and Reagan-Carter on 10/28/1980. One is different from the other two. Can you pick which one?

The Trump-Biden 6/27/2024 Presidential Debate

Dad used to call CNN the “Clinton News Network.” Inspired by his humor, I call it the “Communist News Network.”

CNN is on YouTube. Last Thursday evening's debate may be watched online at “CNN Presidential Debate: President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump,” CNN (YouTube), 6/27/2024. The caption states (with my redaction added in red):

President Joe Biden and his predecessor, former President Donald Trump[,] meet in the key battleground state of Georgia for their first debate of the 2024 election cycle, moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

The debate lasted one hour and 38 minutes. I watched the entire debacle.

My muffled laughter and snide remarks recalled the old joke, “How do you tell if a politician is lying? His or her lips are moving!” I mumbled “hogwash” enough times to wash several dirty hogs. Both candidates told whoppers.

Speaking of mumbling, that's about all the current president did, when he wasn't clearing his throat. On numerous occasions, his garbled sentences trailed off to somewhere unknown to the listening audience, his opponent, the moderators, and me. At least the former president spoke clearly, and he seemed to have his wits about him. The lips of both candidates were moving. Both stretched or spun their versions of “truth” into lies.

The Nixon-Kennedy 9/26/1960 Presidential Debate

Going back to when I was only two months old, I found a short segment of the 9/26/1960 Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate. Source: “From the archives: The first Nixon-Kennedy televised debate,” NBC News Digital, 9/26/2019. The caption reads:

On Sept. 26, 1960, the first televised debate between then-Vice President Nixon and Sen. John F. Kennedy was broadcast. Watch NBC News’ coverage from that day.

Only a four-minute and 33-second segment of the debate is included. I watched the entire segment. I suppose that my father and mother watched the entire debate on an old black-and-white television, which drew signals from an aerial antenna.

The complete debate, lasting almost 59 minutes, is found at “First Kennedy-Nixon Debate, 26 September 1960,” John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, last updated 2/9/2024. I watched only the opening statements by each candidate.

With an apology to our ol' puppy, I didn't have a “dog in the hunt” back in 1960. My father and mother did. The intelligent eloquence of both candidates was obvious. These were two statesmen.

The Reagan-Carter 10/28/1980 Presidential Debate

Moving forward to when I was 20, I remember the 10/28/1980 Reagan-Carter presidential debate. Source: “1980 Presidential Candidate Debate: Governor Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter - 10/28/80,” Reagan Foundation (YouTube), 4/23/2009. The caption states:

The full-length 1980 Presidential Candidate Debate between Governor Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter on 10/28/80.

The debate lasted almost an hour and 35 minutes. My parents and I proudly voted for Ronald Reagan, who won in a landslide. The statesman-like demeanor of each candidate was evident. I enjoyed re-watching the debate.


Of the three debates cited, can you distinguish which one is different from the other two? I thought so.

Thursday evening's presidential debate shows how this once-great nation has slipped on a banana peel. According to “Presidential debate (September 10, 2024),” Ballotpedia, ABC News will host another presidential debate on September 10. Lord willing, assuming that Donald Trump isn't in prison for his felony conviction or that President Biden hasn't resigned or been declared unfit for office, I may watch that upcoming debate. I still have several hogs to wash.

I enjoyed reading “The 'presidential' debate,” Professor Harold Black’s Webpage, 6/28/2024. (The article from 5/29/2024 recommended his website.) I agree with Dr. Black. Calling last Thursday's debacle a “presidential” debate was a stretch. Dr. Black gave an “F” grade to the winner and an “F-” to the loser. His conclusion is that he would vote for his friend's dog, Sammy, a Labrador retriever. Unfortunately, Sammy isn't running for president.

I wish that another conservative were running for president. For example, I would vote for Dr. Alan Lee Keyes (born 8/7/1950). He sought the Republican nomination for president in 1996, 2000, and 2008. Bill Clinton was reelected in 1996. George W. Bush was elected in 2000. Barack Obama won the election in 2008. Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, Sr. (born 9/18/1951), would garner my vote. He ran for president in 2016, when Donald Trump was elected. Most recently, Tim Scott (born 9/19/1965), the current U.S. Senator from South Carolina, ran but dropped out of the 2024 Republican presidential primary. I may write in a vote for him.

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